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I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the characters. They are doing a life sentence to their original owners. Enjoy part one of how I met my dancing flame. Danny who would normally be doing something however, stayed by Sam side. This was happening due to Danny being affected by a love spell that she originally intended to hit both Danny and Sam. However, due to Sam wearing the Fenton Phones, she was left unaffected by Ember's mind controlling music. But I could be wrong I will give it one last shot.

Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul by Amorye reviews Sometimes all you need is some chicken soup and sweet kisses.

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Early Christmas present for all you DxE lovers. Can dreams create a bond between people, let alone ghosts? Sequel to Danny's boot. Seven years is a long time, even when your a ghost, and Danny has made a big decision. Now if only anyone knew what it was. And what's with this box he's suddenly obsessed over?

Danny Phantom Fanfiction (The Halfa Familes) Read a long Ch. 1: Ember

Danny's boot by Griff Valdez reviews Sequel to Danny's revenge. Danny's encounter with a certain ghostly vixen causes more then a few complications. Can he sort them out and make peace with his friends at the same time?

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Danny x Ember. Set during double cross my heart. Danny's jealously leads him to pull a prank on Sam and Gregor, but things take an interesting turn when a certain ghost girl shows her face.

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Rated for safety. Beyond the Shadows by Dragoon reviews Draconum is free of his curse, Danny and Ember are together, life is good, but an old enemy joins forces with a new foe and even the power of Draconum cannot stand against them Sequel to The Overlord Of Shadows.

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I know it's short but I must begin somewhere And whaddya know Unexpected by soultaker78 reviews Sequel to Lust. Danny and Ember face a new and unforseen problem in their relationship.

The Overlord of Shadows by Dragoon reviews They trapped him for what they had hoped to be eternity, but now he is free again and all creation hangs in the balance. Will Danny Phantom be able to save his world or will everything, even time, fall to the power of shadow? And every end only designs one thing.

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A new beggining. You feel that there was something missing. Here it is!

Danny and Ember are enemies, in this fanfic it all changes, Ember and Skulker's relationship decided to go to Splitsville because Ember found out their relationships been a lie and Danny gets a new girlfriend, a new girl from his class? That he thinks he doesn't know. DxE. Suddenly, Danny stirred. Ember, startled by his sudden movements, jumped back in surprise. His blue eyes fluttered open, blinking a few times before focusing on Ember, and they went wide. Danny saw Ember, looking very healthy, sitting across from him on the floor. A blush was evident on her face as she looked back at him and then looked away. Danny has to tell his friends about Ember and him. Can he do it alone? Read on and you'll find out! Danny walked home from school alone. He was so happy. He and Ember had been dating for almost three weeks, and he couldn't wait to get home and meet up with her.

The girl got yet another snowball that she hid in her back and carelessly threw it at his face. He spits the snow out of his mouth while glaring at the blue haired teenager who was smugly looking down at him.

Danny shrugged "I don't know but I don't think it matters since neither of us is getting any sleep tonight". She quizzically gazed at the boy "Why ask me, I'm your guestshouldn't I be asking you that?

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He chuckled "Normally that would be the case but I think since you started this meeting you should be the one to finish it".

Ember raised an eyebrow "You're just saying that because you have no idea what else to do, right? So I really have no idea what to do next". Early the following morning both of them were walking down to the Fenton Portal, Danny limping while Ember groaned in pain.

Danny walked towards the console, pushed a few buttons to open the portal so Ember could go home. Ember walked towards the portal but just as she was about to jump in, she turned around and gave the boy a passionate kiss on the lips.

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Which was right in the nick of time, since Jazz just entered the lab at that very moment, only to be greeted by the sight of her little brother in ghost mode and in his underwear. Breakfast for the Fenton Family was like any other day, except Danny was sleeping on the kitchen's with a half eaten sandwich on his hand and his parents weren't building any sort of ghost catching device, believing that this morning was meant to spent as much time as possible with their children. Jazz on the other hand was just getting the morning paper, she still hasn't gotten any sort of answer out of her brother but soon enough she wasn't going to need one out of him.

After lying to her parents about seeing a ghost on the streets which they undeniably couldn't resist to go after, she and her brother were alone.

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Jazz narrowed her eyes, waiting for some sort of answer from her brother "Well? How did this happen? As if the devil was taunting him, his cell phone ranged, he reached for it and saw who was calling him.

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Plus I love to torture you all from time to time. Well do review and tell me watcha thought. Plus I want to wish all my readers out there a Merry Cristmas.

Invader Johnny Signing Off. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Danny and ember dating fanfiction

Cartoons Danny Phantom. The halfa grabbed his hurt appendage as he hissed in pain. Danny turned his legs into a ghostly tail.

In an annoyed tone he asked "What? Ember felt sympathy towards him, "Listen, the thing is, everyone in the Ghost Zone is celebrating and I usually don't do much for the holidays since I'm Jewish" Danny blinked "You are? Distrust But he sighed and said, "I don't see why not. And thank god no! The diva looked at him as if he were crazy "Uh no, not really".

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She giggled good naturarelly "Sureeeeeeeeeeee it's not" Danny grumbled something that sounded like "I hate Santa" "Listen, I knew your family is full of weirdoes with you being the weirdest but the fact that two adults actually waste time on such a thing?

Hilarious" "It's more embarrassing than anything else" Danny admitted. I mean he may not be perfect but he means well" Ember grabbed some water and drank it but not before giving the halfa a bottle of water for himself. But now he was going to think more about this. She snorted coldly "Don't even know why they didn't leave me with my grandparents in the first place" Danny awkwardly puts his hand behind his neck "Um, I had no idea" Realizing she had unintentionally given away part of her past life to her enemy she menacingly said "This conversation stays between us It was Midnight when Danny decided to go home "My parents are going to kill me!

He said in a mixture of surprise and suspicion "You can do that? Ember smirked "Exactly" "Exactly what? Danny slapped his forehead "I really hate this day". Ember snickered while she got her guitar out, setting the buttons to do her desired action. I know you don't trust me and the feeling is mutual but I don't break promises" He crossed his arms "I don't think you will but I'm still watching you" Ember opened her mouth, planning to say some cruel remark but stopped herself, without him knowing it, the ghost boy had given her an opening to mess with him.

Danny and Ember are enemies, in this fanfic it all changes, Ember and Skulker's relationship decided to go to Splitsville because Ember found out their relationships been a lie and Danny gets a new girlfriend, a new girl from his class? That he thinks he doesn't know. First fanfic cheers! Anyway, I decided to do a Danny x Ember fic cause I thought they would both make an awesome couple. I did it all in Oneshot, so be sure to check it out, enjoy it and please leave a review. Ember said before pulling Danny toward her, and beginning a make out session between the two of them. Like on the stage with the roles now reversed Danny proceeded to kiss Ember back causing the same effect to happen to Ember's flaming mane. However, unlike the first kiss they shared on stage Ember slipped Danny some tongue exciting him to no end.

At that moment without meaning to the rings came forth and turned human. After a few minutes she pulled away. Ember laughed "I don't know what's more fun beating you up or watching you squirm" He glared daggers at his "guest".

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Ember blushed "Like hell I do! The redhead yelled "MOM!

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Soon enough footsteps where heard and none other than the Fenton parents where in the lab. If she is not your girlfriend why were you kissing her a minute ago Danny? Danny raised an eyebrow at the blue haired girl "Ma'am?

Notes: In this story there will be a different take on the (sort of) enmity between Danny and Ember and to top it all off this slightly AU, so you can all expect a few surprises in this X-Mas one-shot. Also, Danny is sixteen in this story while Ember is eighteen and finally Danny and Sam ARENT dating. Danny awake and find himself in the future and married to Ember McLain but this isn't just an ordinary time fourteen year old mind found itself in the future and inside his twenty two year old body,he has no memory of what happened or how he ended up in his need to know what happened which sent him in the future and will learn more about his older self. Ember broke up with her boyfriend. She goes to Amity Park to relax and finds Danny singing and playing the guitar. Ember wants to be with Danny? Does Ember get her wish, or will Danny just push her aside? What happens when Sam finds out about Danny and Ember? What ancient evil wakes to destroy this time? Danny and Ember are both Read and.

Danny's eyes widened in horror and sharply looked at the one who shot the energy. Ember strapped her guitar to her back and mockingly bowed at the boy "Your welcome dipstick" "What what did you do? The dead girl was watching the snowflakes falling while Danny silently ate some leftover turkey. Danny landed in front of the girl who groaned. Danny who saw it coming this time dodged it and triumphantly yelled "HA!

Danny growled "This isn't over! After several seconds of awkward silence, the boy wrapped his arm around the older teen's waist. So I really have no idea what to do next" "I don't even celebrate the holiday and I'm the one running the show" Ember dryly commented "And I think that reeks" "How does that reek?

I think you're going to like what I have planned" He lifted Ember bridal style, phasing them both into his house.

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The hero whispered into her ears "Consider yourself Ember McLaid " That was all the information the dead teen needed. Ember grinned "I did say you needed to get laid" "So you still run the show" Early the following morning both of them were walking down to the Fenton Portal, Danny limping while Ember groaned in pain. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously "Yeah sorry I got After several beeps, the portal opened.

As she parted, he looked at the ghost with puzzlement "What was that for?

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