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Chapter 3 is here for you all so I hope you enjoy and I would like to thank you all once again for the reviews and for following. Barry groaned in pain, his ears were still ringing from the piercing scream of Silver Banshee's attack in his apartment now here he was, tied in a dark warehouse to a chair. Kara was flying around the city, she was in panic mode as the thought of Barry being hurt by her enemies was too much to bare, maybe they should have never started their relationship but then again I don't think neither of them saw Silver Banshee attacking Kara was wracking her brains on who the hell Silver Banshee was because whoever she was she was pissed! Suddenly a loud scream caught her super hearing and Barry's screams of pain "Barry" she whispered and ramped up her speed straight towards Barry's location. Banshee was taking pleasure out of making Barry suffer, especially seeing as how Kara would be upset, her hatred for Kara grew and grew every minute.

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Action Adventure Drama. The Flash TV Series What if when zoom beats Barry and breaks his back he decides to not take any chances and throws Barry through a portal not caring where it leads or where he will end up.

A Selfish Love by dancox reviews This story starts of on the Flash season 2 episode 6 "enter Zoom" and Supergirl season 1 episode 14 "truth, justice and the American way". What will happen when Barry follows his heart, will he get his happily ever after, or will their be severe consequences.

With Crisis over, the Paragons sit down to discover all the things that have changed in their new world, and its a lot more than they imagined. Explore the new secret histories of Earth-Prime, and discover the stories Oliver reimagined with his final sacrifice. This was something completely different, and totally unexpected. But sometimes, the most unexpected things bring you the happiest outcomes.

Flash family-centric fic starting from S05 onward.

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I suck at summaries. How would their stories be different if they meet up and fall in love before become the worlds mightiest heroes. Worlds Apart by Maroon Smoke reviews A twist of fate sends our very own Barry Allen hurtling into Earth where he wants to stay for the long haul.

After making fast friends with Clark Kent, he's given one mission: protect Kara Danvers as she takes her mantle as Supergirl. On hold. The Injustice Alliance. Season 3 of New Justice series apart of the Millma Verse. Side by Side by knoxgrid reviews Barry was a normal guy with a not so normal past. Kara never considered herself normal.

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Barry wants to prove the impossible. When Kara learned of a bank heist that had hostages involved, she quickly flew and crashed into the building, taking them by surprise. She quickly subdued them and brought them outside to be arrested. She ran into Maggie who was feeling annoyed that she had just charged in and wasted all the time that she was using to try and reason with them. Kara and Mon-El met up with Maggie at Alex's apartment for dinner. Kara believed that she did the right thing in stopping the thieves before they could hurt any of the hostages but Maggie told her that she was being too reckless.

She told Kara that while her methods work on super criminals, many normal human criminals that she was catching were starting to use what was called the 'Supergirl Defense' in order to get through trial. She said that her way of charging in with her powers ended up leaving a giant hole in an architectural landmark and she didn't even ask or look to see if she should get involved. Maggie then warned her that she couldn't punch or fly her way out of everything though Kara believed that Maggie was being a sore loser.

Kara then left. The following day at Catco, Kara ran into Maggie who asked if she'd seen Alex. Kara had believed that she had stayed over with her but Alex had apparently tried to catch up to try and talk to Kara after she left and hasn't been seen since. She also told her that Alex hadn't checked in with the D. Kara then got a call from Alex's phone but when she picked up, a mystery voice answered and told her that he knew she was Supergirl and had Alex.

He told her that Alex would die in 36 hours if she didn't break a man named Peter Thompson out of prison.

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The two went to the D. Kara, Maggie and J'onn went to the prison to visit Peter Thompson to find out if he knew anything. Thompson claimed to not know anything about who would want to have him freed but Kara angrily demanded that he tell them what he knew.

J'onn then told Kara to calm down and dismissed Thompson as he had read the man's mind and found that he was telling the truth. Winn then called and found that visitor logs and surveillance footage show that Thompson had a son called Rick Malverne and he found where he lived.

Kara recognized the name as an old classmate of her and Alex from Midvale and quickly flew there. She found surveillance of Alex in full display and quickly found Rick. Kara told him to let Alex go but Rick told her that he wouldn't do that until she broke his father out of prison like he wanted. Kara took Rick back to the D. Rick revealed that he knew Kara was Supergirl from back in Midvale when she had saved that mother and child from the car crash.

He remembered it and Kara from before she wore glasses and when Supergirl showed up in National City, he had put all the pieces together and knew it was her. He told them that he had been watching them and preparing for all of this for a year.

Kara asked what had happened to Rick, as she remembered that he was a nice person that had a crush on Alex, and he told her that he really had a rotten childhood with an abusive mother. He then had learned about his father Peter who had then taken him away from Midvale and always did what he could to take care of him and even helped to send him to college.

Maggie pointed out to him that Peter killed two people but Rick said they deserved it and if they wanted Alex back then Kara had to free his father within the next 24 hours.

He then let them speak to Alex and she told Kara to not do what Rick wanted as Supergirl was bigger than her. When they managed to find where the signal was coming from, Kara quickly moved to get to Alex though Rick told Kara not to go there.

Kara then flew over but found that it was a decoy and it triggered a trap that made the holding area where Alex was start to fill with water, cutting her time to only four hours. Kara was then approached by J'onn and she told him that she was scared and felt powerless. She then admitted that Maggie had been right and there were things that not even she could punch or fly her way out of.

They then noticed that Maggie was gone and she had went off to the prison to free Peter Thompson herself. Kara quickly flew there to stop Maggie and tell her that she couldn't do this. She then tried to reason with Peter and tell him what his son was doing. She told him that despite what he had done, he had been a good father to Rick but if he killed Alex then he would never get back from it.

Peter then told the two where he believed that Rick had taken her. They went over there and found that Alex's cell was full of water and Kara quickly went and broke through it to get Alex out.

They were relieved to find that Alex had used her training to try and buy them more time to find her. Alex was then taken back to the D. Alex agreed and then punched Rick in the face to the amusement of Kara and her friends. Maggie then thanked Kara for stopping her from making a mistake but Kara told Maggie that she merely reminded her of what she had told her before of not always being able to charge in with her powers and that she had been right. Then they shared a hug.

Kara headed for the D. Alex had jumped out of the balcony as she was fighting the Daxamites and Alex caught her before they headed to Al's Dive Bar as their fallback spot. Kara met up with Winn and James, who had tried fighting some of the Daxamites in the streets. Maggie also found her way to the bar and told all of them that the police had been overwhelmed.

Kara guessed that her cousin was on his way, if not already in National City to help them though Maggie said she didn't see him while she was out there.

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She then saw that J'onn was still out from the device that Rhea had used. They were then visited by Lillian Luthor and the real Hank Henshaw.

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She took a moment to tell them that her predictions had come true and she wanted to save her daughter from Rhea. They offered an alliance to stop the Daxamites but Kara and the others refused to work with her. Lillian's plan was to use a portal that was stored in the Fortress of Solitude to sneak on board the ship and rescue their loved ones before leaving and allowing Alex and Maggie to use the D. The two of them and Henshaw managed to get onboard and Kara was able to take out any Daxamite guards they ran into.

As they looked through the ship, they bumped into both Mon-El and Lena who had escaped and were trying to leave themselves. They then went off to the exit point but only Lillian, Lena and Henshaw had been teleported out of the ship.

Flash and supergirl dating

Kara however had anticipated that Lillian might double cross them so she had Winn place an override chip on Henshaw to take control of him and make him reopen the portal for them.

When it did, Kara told Mon-El that she wasn't going as she had to try and reason with Rhea to stop though he tried to tell her that his mother wouldn't listen. Kara told him to leave and they shared one last embrace before he headed back. Kara then went to the throne room and confronted Rhea, telling her that it was now over. However, Rhea wasn't moved or worried as the cannon had been destroyed and she told her she wouldn't sway her to stop. She then revealed that it was she that killed her husband and Mon-El's father so her words were meaningless to her.

Kara was then surprised by a sneak attack and looked up to see that it was her cousin. Kara was surprised that Clark would attack her but Rhea explained that he doesn't know its her. Her cousin had come earlier to stop Rhea and she had poisoned him with Silver Kryptonite.

Now he can only see her as General Zod and hear her pleas to him as his threats to conquer Earth once and for all.

Kara and Clark started to battle as she kept trying to find a way to reach him. Their fighting spilled into the streets of National City. Kara was finally able to beat and subdue Clark but the strain of the battle caused her to collapse.

They were found by Alex and she took them to the Fortress of Solitude to recuperate. When the Kryptonite was out of Clark's system, he had apologized to Kara but was also awed with the fact that she had defeated him. Kara tried to brush it off as him not being in top form from the Silver Kryptonite but Clark insisted that it didn't weaken his strength at all and he had been fighting as hard as he could.

They then went to try to find something in the fortress' archives about the old wars against Daxam and they found a tradition that they felt would give them a chance to stop the invasion. They all returned to the D. Kara learned that J'onn was still unconscious. They then shared what they found in the fortress, the Daxamite right of Dakkum Or but Mon-El quickly said it was a bad idea. When they saw that Rhea was launching another attack, Kara quickly contacted Rhea and issued Dakkum Or, a trial by combat.

Should Kara defeat Rhea then she and her army must leave Earth. However, should Rhea beat Kara then she and her invasion will be allowed to commence without their interference.

Mon-El tried to talk her out of it, even arguing that her cousin fight in her place against Rhea, but Clark stepped in and told Mon-El that Kara had beaten him which makes her the champion for Earth. She then asked for Clark to help her train for the fight. As they trained, Kara wondered if she really was able to defeat Rhea and Clark argued that she could. Kara then confided that she was scared as she now had everything she could ever want, great friends, a great job and a boyfriend and she was scared of losing it all.

Clark told her that those things were the reason that she would win because she had earned them all and wouldn't allow for any of them to be taken away. Kara and Clark then went to see Cat Grant in getting her help to keep bystanders away from Rhea's fight with Supergirl so as not to have anyone get hurt.

Grant also asked if the two of them would help her talk with James as she had learned that he was Guardian and wanted to talk him out of it before he got himself hurt.

They arrived to find that the two of them had a device that Lex had been working on. It had been designed originally to disperse a trace quantity of Kryptonite into the atmosphere with the purpose of making the Earth uninhabitable for Kryptonians.

Lena had taken and modified it to disperse lead instead so as to make the planet uninhabitable for the Daxamites. However, if it was used then it would expel all Daxamites from the planet, including Mon-El.

Mar 20, - Several years ago, Modern Philosophers, I was certain that my girlfriend was a Superhero. She was absolutely perfect, showed up whenever I needed her as if she just sensed I was in trouble, and I a. May 31,   Kara Danvers of Supergirl and Barry Allen of The Flash struck up a friendship during their big crossover, and some fans have been calling for . "Barry, long time" he smirked and Barry was feeling the desire to phase through the rope to kick his ass like the last time but he couldn't, not without exposing his identity to Silver Banshee and if she knew he was the flash who was dating Supergirl whilst he as himself was dating Kara then she would add 2 and 2 together and come up with.

The two of them returned to the D. Kara argued that they wouldn't need to use it if she beat Rhea. Mon-El told Kara that he would go with her when she faced his mother. They arrived at the rooftop where they agreed to have the battle and Rhea arrived with her guard. The two of them began their battle but Rhea quickly called for her army to begin attacking the city, violating the rules.

Kara told Mon-El to go and protect the city while she stayed to deal with Rhea. Rhea goaded Kara into attacking her which Kara did and it revealed that Rhea had laced her blood with Kryptonite. Kara was weakened and beaten down by Rhea until Mon-El arrived with the switch for Lena's lead device.

Kara gave one last look at Mon-El before she activated it, dispersing lead into Earth's atmosphere. Rhea quickly succumbed to it and Mon-El left his mother to her fate as Kara had told him about how she had murdered her father. Mon-El was starting to suffer under the effects of the lead as well and Kara quickly brought him to his space pod. Kara then gave Mon-El her mother's necklace for him to remember her by.

They shared a tearful goodbye as his condition worsened. Once in pod he was able to safely leave Earth behind. Kara was off on the terrace of the D. He told Kara that he was humbled by her selflessness as he didn't think he would be able to do the same had he been in her position.

He told her that she was stronger than he could ever hope to be. Later, at Catco, she went to see Cat and confided that for the first time. Cat told her to not give up on herself just as Kara heard that there was an emergency. She then made an excuse to leave and didn't hear Cat call her Supergirl. Kara pours all her energy into being Supergirl and begins to struggle with her duel identity as Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El.

Alex finds Kara in her apartment where she says Kara Danvers is a mistake and almost completely rejects her human side. After a break in to steal a piece of Daxamite technology, she unofficially returns to the DEO to help stop the culprit, known as Bloodsport and flies solo to catch him.

Before Bloodsport attacked the Girl of Steel statue unveiling ceremony, J'onn catches her on the roof and talks about his own experiences with a duel identity. After stopping the submarine attacking the ceremony, she re-joins CatCo and stops pushing everyone away.

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While still struggling to cope, Kara begins to recover from her loss. Soon after re-establishing her life, she goes up against the psychic Gayle Marsh who traumatises Kara with her psychic powers forcing her to live her greatest fears and worst memories of leaving Krypton and being stuck in the Phantom Zone for so long with no one around as well as her fear that Mon-El is dead after she sent him away after seeding the atmosphere with lead.

This goes so far as to cause her to feel claustrophobic when Gayle wasn't around. Eventually, her and the DEO catch up with Gayle and with some help from Alex, she rises above her fear and takes Psi down. They soon learn the White Martians seek the Staff of Kolar, a psychic weapon that could destroy the resistance. After J'onn fails to get his father to believe it is him after so long in prison, Kara approaches M'yrnn and convinces him that J'onn truly has returned to Mars.

With M'yrnn's help, the resistance retrieve the Staff of Kolar and give it to Kara and J'onn to take to Earth and keep safe as it is too powerful for anyone to wield. Back on Earth, with some help from Samantha Arias when she receives a leaflet from a cult member. The leaflet leads her to find a cult dedicated to her filled with the ones she had saved in her years as Supergirl.

Led by Thomas Coville, the cult taught distorted teachings of Rao. Soon, Kara stops a disaster set by someone wanting to join the cult and when she confronts Coville as Kara, Coville instantly sees through her secret identity. Coville then attempts to destroy a theatre with thousands of people in hope Supergirl would save them so he could recruit them. Instead, Kara finds Kryptonite in the bomb and while exposed cut herself to prove she is not a god. Coville's followers abandon him and Kara overcomes the Kryptonite to use her heat vision to dig a hole for the bomb to detonate far underground.

When children start to come down with lead poisoning, including Ruby's friend, Morgan Edge blames Lena for building the device that seeded the atmosphere with lead in hope to bring her down. Kara helps investigate for Lena in order to prove her innocence as well as protect her from those who seek revenge on her for the lead poisoning. By tracking the movement of all those poisoned, Kara and Samantha investigate a swimming pool where they find chemicals that when mixed with water mimics the properties and effects of lead, including blocking Kara's X-Ray vision.

After hearing this, Lena goes to confront Edge but is knocked out and placed on a remote control cargo plane filled with the lead mimicking chemicals heading for open water. Kara saves Lena from the crashing plane despite the very real possibility of losing hold of the chemicals but she manages and prevents the chemicals being dropped in the water. After Alex and Maggie break up, Kara borrows J'onn's ship in the form of a car to take Alex home to Midvale where she tries to help Alex begin to get over the break-up which is difficult after what she put Alex through after losing Mon-El.

Overnight, she remembers the first case they solved together and by morning, she is using Kenny's telescope to remind Alex of who they are together. The two finally reconcile and return to National City with Alex driving, as Kara is a "dangerous driver" listening to "The Sweet Escape".

After finding a crashed spaceship in the bay, J'onn, Kara and Winn investigate to find Mon-El on board. After taking him back to the DEO, he tries to escape and Kara puts him in a cell, not sure whether to trust him now. Eventually, Kara takes Mon-El back to the ship where one of the stasis pods malfunction and start killing the occupant.

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Kara helps to break open the pod and finds Mon-El's wife, Imra, inside. After learning the truth, she begins to regress back to her pre Bloodsport state. Kara and Alex spent their night together in Kara's apartmentdrinking wine and missing their former relationships. They agreed that now was their time to sulk, cry, get fat, and be sad. Alex saw an invitation to Barry Allen and Iris West 's wedding on the kitchen island and asked Kara about it.

Kara stated that she wasn't planning on going due to her recent break-up. Alex agreed with her sister, and joined her on the couch. Kara then decided that she was done sulking, and grabbed her Interdimensional Extrapolator out of her dresser and used it. When Alex asked, she stated that they were going to the wedding. In the morning, they could be seen going throughout Earth-1, with Kara flying as Supergirl and Alex on her.

Later, Kara participated in the pre-wedding tradition, such as getting her nails done with Iris, Caitlinand Felicity. However, due to her super-strength and Kryptonian genes, she ended up damaging the nail file.

She lied and stated that she took a lot of keratin, and the other girls chimed in to support this. At the rehearsal dinner that night, Kara and Barry talked about Alex drinking with Sara, and Kara stated that no one could drink Alex under the table. She briefly explained that her sister had just gone through a break-up, with Barry understanding. He then asked bout the lack of Kara's plus one, Mon-El. She told him what had happened.

They talked about Kara accepting that she was not human and that love just wasn't for her. He disagreed with her viewpoint, and told her that he just convinced Oliver that he could have love, and now he had to convince Kara too. He then asked her to sing at his wedding the next day, which she agreed to. Kara then spent the night Joe West 's house with some of the other wedding guests.

She slept on the floor in the living room, and was seen sleep-flying, which Felicity thought was cool. Later that day, she waited outside of the church for her sister, Alex.

When Alex walked up, Kara instantly questioned her about where she was and scolded her for disappearing on a strange Earth. Alex was clearly hungover, and lied to Kara about what she was doing the night before. Sara then walked up and asked Alex how her butt was, as she heard her fall out of bed that morning, and Alex awkwardly stated that she was fine.

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Both girls didn't quite remember each other's names, and once Sara left, Alex looked embarrassed at Kara. Alex then felt bad for what she did, and compared herself to a dirty guy, with Kara telling her that she wasn't.

She was a healthy, single, lady and there was nothing wrong with what she had just done. The pair then walked into the church together and took their places, with Kara standing at a microphone as she would sing shortly. At the wedding when the Nazis attack, she joins the rest of the heroes in protecting the non supers and fighting off the soldiers as well as Prometheus, Dark Arrow and Overgirl, fighting Overgirl above the city.

In the sky she manages to injure Overgirl and return to the church where she thunderclaps and forces the rest of the Nazis as well as Dark Arrow to retreat where Prometheus is captured. Labs track the evil trio down via Overgirl's huge solar signature. Kara joins Oliver and Barry in fighting the trio where they learn the identity of Dark Arrow and Overgirl as Oliver and her own doppelgangers from Earth-X.

As Barry races with Eobard, Kara aids Oliver in fighting their doppelgangers learning of their relationship in the process. The evil trio escape and are tracked again to a warehouse. Half the heroes at S. Labs and captures the last of the heroes imprisoning them in the Particle Accelerator. Kara is returned to S. Labs for a heart transplant with her dying doppelganger while the other heroes at the warehouse are taken to Earth-X.


Iris and Felicity, who remain free, attempt to free Kara but are stopped by Mettalo-X. Just as the surgery was about to begin, the captured heroes from Earth-X return and face off against Mettalo while Oliver faces Dark Arrow to rescue Kara. To save the city, Kara flies Overgirl out of the atmosphere but is knocked out by the force of the explosion but is caught by Earth-1's Man of Steel, Nate Heywood, forming a crater in the process.

After returning from Earth-1, Kara finds that Reign has been terrorizing National City by burning the worldkiller symbol into L-Corp buildings across the city. In the end, Kara decides to be proactive and burns her own symbol into the top of CatCo. Reign answers the call and flies to the rooftop, but before Kara leaves, Alex stops her.

Although she'd been trying to get Kara to embrace her humanity, this new threat scares her, and she asks Kara to be a cold, hard alien for this fight. On top of the CatCo building, Kara sees Reign, who's legitimately hard to recognize as Samantha with the face-obscuring mask, altered voice, and requisite dark lipstick. Reign announces that she's from a time before fathoming, born to cleanse the scourge and deliver the awakening.

Too many people on Earth have eluded judgment, so she's there to dispense it, and she orders Kara to stand down. As the revellers cower, the two women whale on each other, with lots of swinging blows. Then they fly onto a tanker where Reign whips shipping containers at Supergirl before landing in the middle of a National City street.

Supergirl tries to warn people to stay back, but Reign brains her with a chunk of concrete-studded rebar, creating a nasty head wound. Then she tosses a flaming car door at Kara and uses heat vision to blast her onto a nearby rooftop.

By now, Kara's bloody and sporting a black eye. Reign announces that Kara's no god, and she's no devil. Instead, she's truth, judgement, and death, and with that, she lets Kara fall off the edge of the building. Kara plummets to the ground, before slamming into the concrete below in a way that looks fatal. The team races Kara to the DEO, where Alex and the paramedics frantically work to revive her as the rest of her friends watch and worry. Kara is taken to the Legion ship where she is placed in a medical pod by Brainiac Brainy also connects with her mind in order to help Kara recover both physically and mentally, especially after she wouldn't wake up after being healed.

While stuck in her dream world, Kara and Brainy talk about her issues to try and help her break through the blocks keeping her in a coma. With his help she eventually wakes up and aids in fighting Reign at Alcatraz, injecting Reign with concentrated Kryptonite forcing her to retreat. After fighting Reign, Supergirl begins investigating Reign's origins in Kryptonian mythology and find potential information in Jindah Kol Rozz, a dark priestess imprisoned in Fort Rozz, now orbiting a blue star which would strip her of her powers on the prison where prisoners run rampant.

She therefore recruits Imra, Livewire and Psi to help protect her and find the information she needs, unable to take the men as blue sunlight is toxic to them. Reign follows the quartet in her ship and confronts Kara on Fort Rozz, killing Jindah after telling Kara there are three Worldkillers.

Psi helps to protect Kara using her telepathy to incapacitate Reign allowing Kara to escape and the quartet to undock from Fort Rozz and return home.

At a party later hosted by Morgan, Kara helped Lena bypass security guards so she could confront him and record a confession. When Lillian Luthor's drone attacked Morgan out of revenge for Lena, she aided in protecting the party before Lillian showed up with Kryptonite. Despite the Kryptonite, she fought Lillian in the air while Lillian was wearing the Lex-o-suit laced with Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Mon-El and Winn hacked the drone and the suit to shut them down.

With Guardian's help, the recorder with the confession was reclaimed after Morgan stole it in the confusion. After defeating Morgan Edge, Winn found several people who were potential worldkillers.

Kara identified Julia Freeman from a vision she had. She and the DEO converged on her house where Julia's worldkiller persona emerged. The DEO managed to subdue her and took her to a cell to contain her, where she was interrogated by both Kara and Alex.

While Kara tried to appeal to her human side, Alex refused to see the good in Julia after what Reign did to Kara. Julia eventually escaped confinement and ran from the DEO after taking a crystal Winn retrieved from her house.

Kara gave chase and found her in the subway, where she managed to get Julia to re-emerge. At Winslow Schott Sr. While there, the coffin exploded, to which Kara quickly changed and protected the attendants from the explosion, taking Mary back to the DEO for protection.

When flying monkeys attacked the DEO and tried to kill Mary, Kara helped destroy the monkeys and, in the process, found that large, heavy, melee weapons were effective. When Mary discovered a clue as to who was behind the attacks, she took a gun from the armory to face the culprit and was captured. Kara helped to rescue Mary. After the discovery of M'rynn's dementia, M'rynn began to use a Martian process to preserve his memory but the decay and strength of his powers caused psychic bleeds that began to affect another psychic alien, who went on a rampage.

M'yrnn was transported to the DEO in hope of protecting others from the bleeds but another happens, affecting many DEO agents, as well as Kara, who lashed out at Mon-El while he trained her on cape tricks. Eventually, she faced what was inside of her, unlike what M'yrnn accidentally did, and talked it over with Mon-El in hopes of resolving her inner conflict.

After birds dropped from the sky, Kara and the DEO attempted to track down Pestilence but not before people began to get sick at an office building in the city. Before Winn fell ill, he found a possible culprit but when Kara investigated, she found Imra with the suspect dead.

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While there, Kara found scratches on her similar to other victims of the illness, making her human. Imra retrieved the vial with Pestilence's blood which Brainy used to find a cure for the Pestilence virus. The cure saved Alex, Winn, Kara who was infected in the fight and everyone else infected.

The other two worldkillers helped Reign escape and the three disappeared in a blue light. After revealing her use of Kryptonite, Kara's faith in Lena was broken, to the point that she even requested James to break into L-Corp to see if Lena had more Kryptonite.

In the valley, the three fought off Kryptonian demons and found Sam and Julia. They helped Sam regain control but this sent Reign into the valley with them. Reign attacked the three and almost killed Lena, but Brainy pulled them out after receiving a signal from Sam. She then flew to the Fortress of Sanctuary with the Legion, Alex, and J'onn to stop the worldkillers.

In the fortress, the heroes faced off against the Kryptonians with Supergirl facing Reign, just as the eclipse came around. She lost her powers and was injured by the still powered Reign but managed to convince Julia to take back control of herself. Julia fought off Reign and Pestilence leading to Purity and Pestilence killing each other. This ended the eclipse, restoring Kara's powers.

She flew out with her allies before the fortress collapsed. After Lena learnt of Reign's plans to kill Ruby, she approached the DEO to inform them of Reign's intentions and where she has placed Ruby when she found out who Sam was, Lex's mansion. To protect another target, Sam's mother, Kara, and J'onn headed to Sam's home where they lured Reign in the hope of capturing her but instead, Patricia got killed and the duo discovered that Reign now had the power of all three worldkillers.

Lena then approached Kara with her homemade Kryptonite, supercharged to deal with Reign. Later, Kara was seriously angry with her, demanding she turns over Kryptonian elements and the formula. The two squared off about Kara being so afraid of one thing that can kill her while humans are in danger everyday.

After Ruby tried calling her mother, Reign heard the call and headed straight for the Luthor mansion where she attacks Ruby and Alex, who was sent to protect Ruby and keep her company. In the fight, Kara talked Reign out of killing Ruby, using her own moral code against her.

This distracted Reign enough to allow Mon-El to crush the kryptonite into bullets and to shoot Reign with a machine gun, incapacitating her and taking her back to L-Corp.

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While Lena searched for a cure for Sam, Kara was approached by a member of Coville's cult, who now worshipped Reign, with the Book of Rao that may have information to stop Reign.

In the book, she read about Yuda-Kal and the Haren-El and after visiting the cult's deserted HQ, they found what appeared to be a nuclear blast shadow but eventually realized that the cult was trying to make a new worldkiller.

Mon-El volunteered to be kidnapped by the cult in order to locate them. Once he sent a signal, Kara flew to the base and found another cult member becoming a worldkiller. She fought her off but was unable to remove the Harun-El as it is toxic to her, causing her heat vision to mis-fire. However, she managed to reverse the process of the worldkiller creation and restored the cult member to normal.

Taking the Harun-El to Lena in hopes of making an antidote for Sam, Lena found the rock has no power now but with Winn's help, more Harun-El was tracked to a meteor 5 light years away.

Kara and Mon-El borrowed and rode J'onn's ship to the meteor where they found a city on the surface. Kara and Mon-El were shocked to track the rock's radiation signal to a domed city. And not just any city, but Argo City, Kara's hometown. But Kara wasn't thrilled that she had to be in disguise even there. Mon-El told Kara that he can just be himself in the future, with no secret identity as a Legionnaire, yet it was still exhausting.

Then, Kara was overwhelmed to encounter a familiar face: her mother Alura, who was equally gobsmacked that her daughter is still alive. Alura explained that they sent away Kara and Kal-El before they knew that the dome would save the city from Krypton's destruction, and since then, Harun-El, the black rock they seek, has made the newly inhospitable atmosphere livable for the Kryptonians in Argo City.

As such, giving Kara even the small piece she needs to stop Reign would shorten the moments of breathable air for the people of Argo City, hence requiring the High Council's permission.

While they waited for the Council to assemble, the two women spent time getting to know one another and apologizing for assuming the other hadn't survived. Kara was thrilled to see a Dar-Essa flower, which used to be in her room as a child. She filled Alura in on her adoptive family, the crash of Fort Rozz, and the eventual fate of Astra and Non. Alura identified Fort Rozz as one of her many mistakes. Then they're called before the High Council of Argo City, which counted in its membership the dark kryptonian seen in Reign's visions unknown by anyone, where Kara presented her case to the Council.

She convinced the Council that humans have similar ideals to Kryptonians and are being affected by the sins of Krypton which included Reign. The Council voted in favour of helping Kara, including Selina, the dark kryptonian.

Kara and Mon-El fought off Reign while Lena continued to finish the antidote. Mon-El injected Reign with the antidote which split Reign and Sam in two.

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Reign disintegrated and Kara protected Sam's modesty with her cape. After the supposed defeat of Reign, Kara decided to return to Argo City. Mon-El came with Kara, hoping to find help returning to the 31st century using Argo's artificial gravity to bend space-time. While there, a building began to crumble onto Kara.

Talk flash and supergirl dating think, that you

She escaped with her life and saw someone fleeing the scene who she later saw while at dinner. She confronted her suspect who claimed she had nothing to do with it.

Kara's childhood friend Thara vouched for her.

Mar 19,   Supergirl Season 1 eps 18 had the Flash on it. He traveled to Earth 38 and met Kara. Then there was the Invasion event. That was Supergirl Season 2, Flash Season 3, Arrow Season 5 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, all of them were episode 8 f. The Flash, Kara D./Supergirl] [Dr. Caitlin S., OC] El heroe de otra Tierra by Vengador Dragon Barry tras estar probando el estabilizador de taquiones termina atravesando una brecha llevandolo a una Tierra alternativa, en donde conoce a Kara Danvers, juntos tienen como mision, hacer que vuelva Barry a casa, y lograr hacer que Kara recupere lo. Oct 26,   Created by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg. With Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks. The adventures of Superman's cousin in /10(K).

While everyone else put her accusation down to her being on guard due to her time in Earth, Mon-El believed her and gave her his Legion ring so she can fly. In a garden later, Kara was attacked with Mon-El and flew up to see her suspect from the building fleeing.

She captured the suspect who revealed that she is a dark priestess and Selena is their high priestess. Kara then found that J'onn's ship was missing, stolen by Selena and two other dark Kryptonians. In the house, a hologram of Selena relayed her message, explaining that she actually needed Reign and Samantha separated, as Sam was too strong for Reign to fulfill her purpose fully. The house then exploded, but all three made it out safe.

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