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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Founder: Shiroi Uso - Stories: - Followers: 82 - id: Harry and Tonks. I had to share my love for this couple.

Before this month, it's not like I've lived with him. He re-grew almost all of it overnight. He figures it was unconscious magic of some kind. Since then, he hasn't had a haircut.

Based on how he told it, it sounds like this story took place before Hogwarts. Instead of answering directly, she morphed herself into a recognizable likeness of a feminine Remus. She shrugged and reverted back to her more common form. I've never tried to train another morpher before.

Top 10 Harry Potter Funniest Bloopers

He turned to his wife. He says that she doesn't know yet. The reason I bring this up is twofold. First is his protection. The least I can do is to help in whatever way I can.

Protect Harry Potter at all costs, that's what! Tonks ends up crafting a new identity for herself and infiltrates Hogwarts to fix the future. Pairing: Harry/Tonks. Site:[site] | .

What I was thinking was not only his - well, their - physical protection, but also their privacy. With the whole Boy Who Lived thing, you know the press will be all over it if they get wind of anything.

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If he turns out to be a metamorph, that'll cure the problem. Sooner or later he would have to be seen in public or they'd accuse us of some nefarious kidnapping and brainwashing scheme. Has anyone actually talked to the young man about dating? Remus and Kingsley looked at her blankly.

She rolled her eyes. Kingsley, seeing an out, asked Remus, "Has anyone given him the little wizards and witches talk? He's your grandson! Why don't you give him the talk?

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Find that famous Gryffindor courage and admit that you're the only reasonable choice," Kingsley goaded. Tonks, face solemn, stood and came to a formal pose. She addressed Kingsley in a quiet voice, "Kingsley, I hereby request exemption from the guard duty during his. Kingsley blinked up at her in incomprehension. He suddenly realized that she'd been very quiet during the talk since it had turned away from potential metamorph training.

She turned to Remus and gave a humorless grin. She shrugged. With luck, I can keep this from him. If it gets in the way, we'll deal with it then.

Just be very, very careful whatever you decide. Remus knocked on the door, half-hoping Harry was asleep.

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The light under the door had indicated otherwise and was born out when Harry called out, "Come on in. I was going to go to sleep but couldn't. Too much on my mind after the day I just had, I guess. Doing some revision instead," he waved a hand at the open books on the workspace in front of him.

Between you and Tonks, you've already taught me most of the dueling information in there. Some of the other stuff is interesting, though.

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Usually as a target dummy. I figure it'll be about fifteen grams. I have a nice dark ritual I'd like to try out. Remus rubbed the back of his neck. Three even live here in this house. Er, the difference between wizards and witches. Remus reached into a pocket and pulled out an object that resolved itself into a thin magazine once he'd reversed the Shrinking Charm.

He thrust the item into Harry's hand.

interesting moment

Harry looked down at what appeared to be an informational pamphlet. Remus was speaking. Harry nearly rolled his eyes and did his best to block out Remus's voice. His pre-Hogwarts education may not have been the best, but it did cover the basics, which included health and sex education. Besides, Dean's magazines were very educational in their own right.

He opened up the magazine and was moderately surprised that it had a picture of a witch in her mid thirties completely starkers. She was standing and did a slow turn with an impressive lack of modesty.

The text along the sides told of all the physical differences in dry terminology. The next pages went on to describe some of the venereal diseases that could affect wizards. The last page admitted, somewhat grudgingly, that there WERE preventative methods available to both witches and wizards, but it didn't go into any kind of detail what they were.

Instead, it preached the benefits of abstinence. His eyes were closed, and he looked to be in pain as he recited what almost sounded like a prepared speech.

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With his Mage Sight, Harry noticed a tight swirl of magic on the last page. Visually, there was nothing to mark the spot. Curious, Harry surreptitiously tapped it with his wand, thinking it was a trigger of some sort. It was. Before Harry's eyes, the magazine changed.

Harry potter and tonks dating fanfiction

Beginning at the first page again, Harry skimmed the pages on contraceptives and protection spells, potions, and devices available. Reaching the end of the short pamphlet again, Harry saw that there were now two "buttons". Making a guess, he pressed the lower, new one.

Having vanished from his home life at a young age Harry Potter has been declared dead. On a field assignment for her training Tonks finds a unusual partner and friend while in the field and maybe a even someone more. Honks fic with maybe a few other pairings in the background but mainly Harry and Tonks. Enjoy and leave Reviews. Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. All related data, including stories, reviews, etc., will be deleted as well. However, the interactions between Harry and Tonks are enjoyable enough to read. Just be aware that the story is hardly centric on the pairing. Perhaps to the greatest shame known to the world, Chelseyb deleted all of her fics. She was one of the more prolific Harry/Tonks writers in that particular niche.

Remus finally let out a gusty sigh and opened his eyes. I'll answer what I can or you can speak with Madam Pomfrey if you'd prefer. Harry looked up.

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Remus goggled and blushed to the roots of his hair. He cleared his throat. I believe they had to remove all the bones in her hips first, but it's possible to do. Harry, did you even listen to a word I said? Harry laughed. Once I got to Hogwarts, one of my roommates has some magazines that proved that witches aren't any different than muggle girls. At least in this way. Riddle is dead, the battle won, but the war is not yet over.

Two grieving people have one chance to clean up the MoM for good, the clock's ticking, while caring for a baby half-werewolf. Harry Potter and the Children of Change by T.

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Tanglebrooke reviews A 73 year old Harry dies in a tragic accident and finds himself in his 15 month old body again. Hiding by Optimus Magnus reviews After the death of Sirius Black, the weight of prophecy and the Dursley's on his shoulders, Harry Potter could use someone who understands such burdens.

Little does he know, someone does. Life Goes On by mjlt2 reviews After the events of fifth year, Harry experiences a slightly different summer than what he may have originally expected Patronus Redux by Ra-Horakhty reviews Nymphadora Tonks is madly in love with a certain scar-headed saviour, but when no one else decides to help her rescue him, she takes it upon herself.

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From there things spiral south as Harry is forced to make the ultimate decision: His love or his life? He's rich, in love, and loved by all, but his life is turned upside down as a spiral of events leads to the ultimate battle between good and evil. Tonks - Complete. Harry has one magical ability that is used correctly he will become the most accomplished wizard of all.

Master of Internal Magic by codewarriorace reviews Professor McGonagall decides to intervene directly in Harry's life a month before his eleventh birthday.

Harry quickly masters the secrets of internal magic under her skilled tutelage and the unexpected aid of Fawkes.

Harry and tonks dating - - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for romance in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Visually, there was nothing to mark the spot. Curious, Harry surreptitiously tapped it with his wand, thinking it was a trigger of some sort. It was. Before Harry's eyes, the magazine changed. Beginning at the first page again, Harry skimmed the pages on contraceptives and protection spells, potions, and devices available. Jul 31,   Cassia is the twin sister of Harry Potter. Following the murder of Lily and James, Cassia is taken to Ted and Andromeda Tonks, far away from Harry. 11 years later, the two are accepted into Hogwarts and meet, by chance, at Ollivander's, where the .

Originally 'Harry Potter, Black Phoenix', rewritten with kind permission. Harry tries to get his mind off all the pain he's suffered and one thing leads to another.

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Ron and slight Dumbledore bashing. GreyDark Harry. He's found a way to slowly destroy the earth.

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Now, Harry must unite the world to save it. Tonks, Harry P. Dark Lord Potter Part 1 by The Santi reviews Harry Potter has never known love or even kindness until he is rescued from his relatives by a pair of witches. How will the most talented wizard of his generation respond to those who have mistreated him? Early chapters are being edited. Harry Potter and the Ancient Prophecy by johnmenefee21 reviews A new prophecy has arose in a lost culture.

Now Harry must fight along side of the lost ones to save the world. Manipulative Dumbledore, Multipule Pairings. Brokenhearted by veraklon reviews Alt Univ: After walking in on his girlfriend, Hermione, and best friend, Ron, in bed together, a 16yo Harry leaves to deal with his destiny without them. Tonks convinces him that he can't do it alone. And how does Draco fit in?

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A Ministry loyal woman comes to teach at Hogwarts. Harry's relationship with Tonks is stressed. Pushed to and over his breaking point, will Harry be able to survive the year with his sanity intact?

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