Accept. The joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012 seems remarkable

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Ok so first off. But I actually made this post because for the past few weeks I have met 2 friends on my blog who I think are the best at this topic and I want to make a post especially for them both so they can share their thoughts! They have the best resources for this and their powers are not the same as mine so I invite both Esigh and Bigungmama to share thoughts on the topic posted above. Sharing is caring and that is what my blog does! Anyeo chipskjaa and esigh! I love the pics you used for your post.

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Yoon Eun-hye in Actress singer model. The Legend of Seven Cutter. My Black Mini Dress. Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Coffee Prince. My Fair Lady. Lie To Me. Missing You.

Marry Him If You Dare. Happy to Meet You. Digital single [46].

Agree, the joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012

Best Couple Award with Ju Ji-hoon. KBS Drama Awards [49]. I should upload the two pics that my other friend put on her facebook. They both have the same phone and same case for the phone. How cute is that?

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How could she not? I love this couple so much! In Goong 1. I have to see him cheat on me again?! I dunno that was only coincidental or not, but during JJH in military service, YEH mostly dressed with green army colours or army looks lol :p and have you girls seen this one? I will try to find them and post. Thanks bingung. I have strong faith in what you believe in. Aja aja! Annyeo everyone! Yeah, esighI talked with tarits and she told me that you got a hold of her on her facebook.

I truly believe that they will be making a big announcement soon too! YEH said that she wanted to be married before she turned We need to be patient like our two lovebirds.

Since we love to watch the royal couple from Goong, if you want to share a favorite quote, scene, picture, etcfrom the drama, please do. Share what you love about the royal couple.

Is it because I have an apple computer? Thanks esighI will send the link to my korean friend and hopefully will get an answer by this weekend when I see her on Sunday. Anybody depending on the experience, depending on the age different dream, huh.

Lately, i honed communication problems. My feeling is literally said to literally share his feelings. Petite actress right audience through the smoke and I want to try to communicate. So, hopefully, we will get a translation one way or another. I really am hoping for another clue to their secret relationship! Gotta love the royal couple. YEH is so lucky! They are both lucky to have each other! They make for a very nice looking couple.

Hope to see some little ones soon. Thanks esigh for finding the article.

Yoon Eun Hye's Was Boyfriend Partner,After Wedding Joo Ji Hoon And Lifestyle

I will forward the article to my friend because for some reason my computer printer will not print the article. So, hopefully, my friend will be able to read the article if I forward it to her.

Also, maybe she has heard rumors about our Royal couple from her friends in Korea. She goes to visit her family and friends at least once a year I believe. Two books and a brown doll that came from Suwon, Kyung Gi Do! In mae she started tweeting about how lonely she feels, then when she received the items above, she was happy. Tonight is especially a clear nightjust like it was on that night.

I must have overslepted. Because my nights and days have changed these days eg. Round and Round,my face is bloated. Hi Esigh. It is 8 am Sunday. I will see my friend around pm. I am so excited to get the translations for us. Technology is so cool. I can show her the tweets from my iPhone. Thanks for finding all the info. Our mutual friend Tarits has a lot if pics and info too, right?

I hope that they can end this ridiculous affair and be out in the open. I'm sure more people would be happy for them, rather than upset. You can go to facebook, Ju Ji Hoon loves Yoon Eun Hye to see some nice pics and post that people upload. I have twitter, but I don't really know how to use it. Mar 15,   Yoon Eun Hye's Was Boyfriend Partner,After Wedding Joo Ji Hoon And Lifestyle Here's What Joo Jihoon Looks Like - Duration: Superman TV 81, ji-hoon ? eun-hye 's . Yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon dating nake, photo gallery. And they love The Yoo Match?. I still go with KJH for now, their chemistry so real?. YEH is a Libra wow?. Though their flirtings could be scripted it would be difficult to carry it out unless there is genuine chemistry. He is manly and she is gurly - article source sweet? sweet -. KJH.

I liked looking at the pics she uploaded. I have sooooo much to write about.

hope, you

I saw my Korean friend today to try Korean food for the first time and to get the low down on all the questions that we have. First, I like Korean food. I am a very picky eater and I enjoyed most of the foods. I ate bibimbap, sp?

I tried some kind of Korean pancake and that was yummy too. I tried the beef lettuce wraps that my husband ordered - yummy again. Now, I am warning you that since my friend is very fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Korean, she is not very literate in English, so the translations are not exact. She was giving me just the main idea. So here it goes. She is speaking about a male person. Meaning, she is talking about a guy, JJH! We hope. She stressed that YEH wanted to say Yes!

It is not a wedding proposal. TK says that YEH said: I gave up something very small, but it is still very painful for me, but God will be waiting for me when my time comes.

Against. joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012 agree, the

She had a hard time trying to explain this whole section to me. She sees people in her dreams that give her a hard time.

She is grateful to God and is amazed that HE is giving her a heart and comfort for she needs that right now. To church with her? She is thankful for her family and friends and wishes to be a dutiful daughter. With Korean names, it is not always gender specific. I will read it also! Is it the books she got from above? Are we sure that JJH gave her those books?

I laughed when my friend told me this. See you as soon as I get there - Hahaha. Basically the article says that JJH appreciates and is thankful to his fans for all their support.

He looks for scripts that he will feel a connection to and something that he feels will fit his personality. He would like his fans to feel his characters when he is acting. Something like feeling his character in the movie or drama. He enjoyed doing I Am King. He explained that he was playing 2 roles. The King and the Pauper. We already know that.

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At one time, he thought of dying. I was like WHAT! Why do Koreans always think of suicide as the way out? He had to think about his family. This is also sad T. T Also, on a Saturday at you might see him walking around downtown Seoul She gave me a city, but I should have asked her to write it down all by himself.

He will go to see a movie by himself. What a lonely guy!

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Poor guy! He looked so handsome in his tux and his hair in a ponytail. YEH had a sexy blue strapless dress with her hair tied in a ponytail too! Maybe, they decided to wear same hairstyles. Work should be important to her and to continue to pursue a career and to NOT change once she is married.

This could fit our Miss YEH! That was a lot. I hope it was of interest and helpful. Ddo bwayo! See you later! Hello everyone. Thank you. I really have joyful reading here. So happy to have the same faith with you guys here. Thank you chipskjaa for this wonderful blog and friends here with interesting facts and findings. Please continue to support Eun Hye in the future.

Did you eat? Hello everyone! But, I tried. She said that the translations that were already in English were very good. She admitted that her English was not that great. Anyways, I guess she has a point there. She said she would go on Korean websites to see if she could find anything for us.

Sometimes, that happens. When the time comes, it will all be out in the open soon. I believe like esigh that something big is going to happen soon!

What is forgiveness?. And how long will my bitter foe gloat upon striking me down? Proverbs While it could have been difficult yesterday, shall we start off today with joy? Thank you for this site, i always thought something might be going on wth these two. OH NO! At first, JJH looked so uneasy and shocked by her wordsthen he started laughing uncontrollably.

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That was so funny! They are just too cute for words! You might want to watch it btw I thank God for this page, thank you for the informations about them : I really really love it!

So just keep on posting :DDD. If it is possible to copy videos from youtube.

Aside! And joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012 all

Please someone copy this one that I am attaching. The first time is because she had to marry and the second time is because of love. How strange that this has come true for her in her real life as an actress. What do you think esigh and chipskjaa? Just like you said that she only married to JJH in the drama Goong. Thanks esigh. They will both be at the Busan Film Festival in October.

Hello esigh!

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Guess what? So what?

Who cares? Thnxs for the info. I was tired last night. All I remember is that he has the same last name as Eune ssi. She had a scene where she tried on a wedding dress and showed the guy just like in Coffee Prince. So, that leaves us back to CK and Shin being the best couple in my book. Gaaah I miss them together so much. Seriously, they need attend the same event or something again now, so we can see them together again.

Last time we saw them was inBaeksang award. Did you see the pic of the hummingbird shirt on Tarits facebook? I really would like to give you something. I gave a gift to Tarits too. She posted it on her facebook. I made an extra one if you would like it, let me know. Guys, have you heard that YEH has a comeback drama next october?

It will replace Arang and The Magistrate. Arrgh Dammit! Hi Caradreams!

Can joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012 opinion obvious. Try

Thanks for the info on YEH! Can you think of any couples who worked together and are still together? YEH, being a top hallyu star, should not accept that. YEH is way better than him. She has had dramas that were either 2 or 3 in ratings. I hope she declines the offer and waits for a better actor, like JJH. YEH rejected that project? I am so happy I found this site because this is exactly what I am looking for!

I was originally just looking for news and ates about the 2 separate actors, but now that this conspiracy theory is brewing its even better! Please keep the post going. I will be reading I even subscribed. I really do wish they end up together in real life!!!!

They are such an awesome and cute couple! Do you recommend any websites to watch their interviews translated in English? Also, has anyone heard anything about YEH birthday?

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Welcome yanip! Anyone interested in the Royal couple is welcome. You can also go to Tarits fb to see a group webpage on the 2. There are pictures of them together in Goong and of course separate ones. I only post things that I interept from other fans or interviews. Thanks bingungmama!

YEH spent her bday with someone special and also there is a posting from a fan that YEH visited the filming location of someone.

Thanks Caradreams! The news makes me giggle. Then again I am sure there are lots of filming going on the day of her bday. I am happy to hear about a new drama with Yoon EunHye ssi.

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I heard its more of a melodrama. Not her usual romantic comedy, so I will have to brace myself for more tears and tissues. I hate to see Eune cry. It makes me sad when she is sad.

But, still it fun and makes me giggle to observe their relationship more deep and dreaming they can be a real couple hehehe. I was browsing for any news on the Royal Couple I have been their fan since goong I am now actively shipping another couple but the reason why I am here in this shipping world is because of JJH and YEH watching Goong BTS and seing how they interact with each other, I knew in my heart that these 2 actually really like each other. Hi edging and everyone else.

Please have the faith that our Royal couple will announce an engagement soon. Did you see on Tarits FB? Keep the faith. YEH twitted that online article pic about herself wearing a couple ring, but put a question mark on it. I truly believe that they are secretly together.

Too many coincidences with sharing of clothing and accessories. Did you see my comment about the rings after your comment? They are for real! Also, I do want to see them together in Goong 2. How will they be able to announce this and still admit their long lasting relationship?

Joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating 2012

Please just announce that they will be married and then do Goong 2. I bet YEH feels the same way. Please dear God make it happen soon. Gotta go. Take care Esigh. Sorry for my rambling. I agree with you esigh on when they should announce if they are in fact together.

It would be so awesome if after they did the drama and then they did the special like Goong 1. That would be the ultimate romantic gesture.

I hope there is a Goong 2. Please let it happen with our Royal Couple. Thank you for the giving us the latest and greatest on the royal couple! It gave me a huge giggle smile :-D. As far as goong 2 technically goong 3, right? I do wish they make it!!! However, even if this does happened and the bans are lifted on JJH, [sadly] I can understand if JJH would want to hold off doing this project. As an actor and as man in love, he would want to be able to provide for his soon-to-be wife and the only way he can do it is by making successful shows and movies by himself.

He would not want to always be in the shadow of his GF where his successful shows is only if he is with his GF Goong 2, 3, 4, 5. Although trust me, I would watch them all - day in and night!! TT TT was so busy with school because we just started a new semester! Esigh has been doing most of the research and posting. I understand about being a teacher, as you know I am also a teacher.

Sometimes, I stay at work till very late getting things ready for the week or even for a substitute teacher. I hate getting a sub because it is more work to prepare for them. As esigh mentioned, she did not deny about the couple ring so there must be someone special in her life. Eune wanted to be married before 30, so I think she will announce something within the year.

She still can do Goong2 with JJH because it will be a big hit. Everyone still watches Goong on websites and still show it in other countries; Japan and Central America are showing it. It is a popular drama, so it would be foolish not to bank on a Goong 2.

Lets not forget that they also made the musical too. Either way, Goong 2 will be made. Well, I will end my ranting here. Keep praying for Goong 2 to come out soon. Dramas are only make believe.

I am from Southern California not to for from Los Angeles. Hope you are enjoying this blog. Thanks goes to chipskjja. Can you resend or message me the website? I am on Thanksgiving break, so I have time to read the fanfic. How are you all doing everyone. I am praying something will happen by the New Year.

Hopefully, we will hear about something soon. Keep the faith! Hope you like it. I just wrote it for fun. If you like it let me know. I wil continue writing if you do. Whether she ends up with Ji Hoon or notI can still like them as a pretend couple. Maybe they were at one time. Take care. Thanks for your shipping. Reading the article made me a but angry and sad.

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