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For the entirety of its run, How I Met Your Mother had fans believing that Ted and Robin had no chance of being together she was called Aunt Robin to fool viewers , only to pull off a massive swerve in the finale by killing off the Mother and putting Robin and Ted back together in , now in their 50s. In the end, it seems Robin wanted someone who was so pathetically after her, seeing that she accepted Ted back. But let's face it, they were no Ross and Rachel. We never saw Robin wanting Ted on a physical level, and any form of contact between them in this regard was either because she had unresolved feelings for him, or because it was convenient, as seen in Season 4. With Barney, Robin had that attraction earlier on, such as when she sought him out in Season 3 with no intention of starting a relationship.

His boss asks if he wants a pre-nup, and he replies, "Not this time. This comes after a pre-nup with his ex-fiancee Quinn causes the end of their relationship due to trust issues.

Robin then comes in and they kiss and go to lunch. He is upset when he must return Brover to his rightful owner, so Robin goes with him prompting them to recall when Barney accompanied Robin when she dropped off her dogs at her lesbian aunt's farm.

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When Brover's owner, an attractive woman, insinuates that Barney and Robin are a couple, Robin pretends that she too is a lesbian so Barney can hook up with her. As she walks away, Barney smiles and calls her the "best wingman ever".

Feb 10, the dating - only their divorce. Romantic relationships barney are on it was originally named robin 5x03 the bachelor party. Sep 19, the scorpion and the series. Sep 15, barney jumps back into dating the end of the episode, last episode, robin thinks she's pregnant only to get everything. Jun 13, he falls in anyways. Nov 18,   Viewers never expected Barney, a sworn Lothario, to end up married by the end of the show, so they were pretty thrown when the entire final season revolved around Barney's wedding to Robin. Sep 27,   If you'd watched the first episode of How I Met Your Mother, then skipped over to the last episode immediately, you'd be flabbergasted to see that Ted was still the same chump pining after Robin in the ninth season - a full 25 years in the future in-universe. Barney knew when to give up on her, and didn't make any attempts to get back together after , but Ted carried the torch for.

In SplitsvilleRobin hesitates on breaking up with her boyfriend Nickprompting Barney to give her an incentive: either she breaks up with him or he will post an online invitation to Robin's co-worker Patrice inviting her to a "BFF Fun Day". Robin takes Nick to " Splitsville ", a nearby dessert place where couples tend to break up, but tries to back away from dumping him after he receives a somber sounding phone call.

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However, Barney insists that she doesn't wait and says he will post the invite if he doesn't hear her break up with him on speaker phone. Before she can, Nick reveals that the phone call was from his doctor telling him that the groin injury which had kept him from having sex with Robin would take longer to heal than he thought so they might as well start having sex again.

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When it seems that Robin no longer has a reason to dump him, Barney appears fed up and walks out of the apartment. However, he turns up at "Splitsville" and tells Nick that he and Robin are over because Barney and her are in love. When Robin tries to tell him to stop, telling Nick that Barney doesn't really love her, Barney interrupts stating that he loves everything about her.

He says that Robin has a hold on his heart that he can't break and that he could not stop loving her anymore than he could stop breathing. More than she knows. Robin also appears stunned by his confession and later tells Barney that he was "really convincing" when he tries to act like it was all fake.

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Barney smirks and says it is a good thing Nick bought it so fast or he would've had to kiss her. He leans in but they are interrupted by a phone call from Patrice, excited for her and Robin's "BFF Fun Day" as Barney forgot to cancel the invitation.

In The Stamp TrampBarney asks Robin to be his "agent" as he tries to find a new regular strip club as Quinn who has possibly returned to work at the Lusty Leopard following their break-up. Robin takes to the job enthusiastically by making all the potential clubs compete with one another. However, Barney is disappointed when she takes a bribe from "The Golden Oldies" a strip club Barney had previously dismissed and fires her.

Later when she apologizes, he is quick to forgive her and agrees to "a date" when she asks if she can buy him his first lap dance at his chosen club, "Mouth Beach". Later that night, as a very drunk Barney and Robin return home from the club, Robin muses how she had missed her single life and says she had a lot of fun with him.

Barney says he always has fun with her and kisses her, much to her surprise. Robin kisses him back at first before pulling away. Flustered, she tells him that "we can't do this" before walking away leaving Barney behind. In Twelve Horny WomenBarney tells Robin that he is done pursuing her and after he leaves to pick up another woman, Robin thinks about what he said and suddenly exclaims, "Huh.

In Lobster CrawlRobin tries to get Barney back by using different schemes.

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The first one "The Damsel In Distress" involves her, getting a new printer and asking Barney to bring it to her office for her. She also says she'll "pay" him. But that one doesn't work because Robin's co-workers Patrice and Brandi interfere.

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Since none of those schemes work, she resorts to knocking on Barney's door, stripping off her coat and revealing sexy purple-black underwear. Barney answers that he does know what he wants and he turns around in order for Robin to see Patrice, sitting on his couch. After he tells Robin that he and Patrice talked all night and are "kind of on a date now", Robin leaves, looking hurt. In The Over-CorrectionBarney is - kind of - together with Patrice while Robin gets obsessed with trying to break them up.

She does not succeed. In Band or DJ?

Robin and barney dating episodes

While Barney attempts to win over Robin Sr. Barney later helps the two reconcile and Robin Sr. In Ring UpBoth of them are shown very happy at being engaged. Then they both run into problems of their own.

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Barney getting over one-night stands and Robin adjusting to life as in engaged woman. While they love each other they are both having a difficult time going through their issues. In the end, they both realize that they will be happy as long as they have each other. I Love YouRobin admits to the gang that she was once a stalker.

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When she refuses to tell Barney whom she was obsessed with, he breaks into her apartment and reads her teenage journals. Simon then tells him about a video documentary which tells the whole story. Barney runs out to find the documentary and then goes back to The Apartment and tells the others that he found another Robin Sparkles video.

The video explains that Robin wrote a grunge song, " P. I Love You ". The video further says that the one name that comes more than any other about who P. I Love You was about is Alan Thicke. Barney visits him and violently demands the truth; Thicke easily defeats him and denies that he was the song's subject. Barney returns to the others claiming that he fought Thicke to a draw, and admits that it is normal to obsess over romantic interests.

Robin comforts him and reveals that the "PS" in the song was Paul Shaffer. She tells him he can't lie to her anymore, which makes Barney tell her that lying is what he's good at. He's a magician so misdirection and deceit are his stock and trade. He points out to her that everything he did to get her to say yes to him were all a bunch of lies. But underneath all of his lies is the fact that he loves her, and that is the one thing he would never lie about.

Robin is still upset as she declines two fake bouquets he pulls out, but on the third one, she cracks a smile and accepts it and gives him a kiss. Later, Barney gives Jeanette permission to blow up the actual Playbook.

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In The FortressRobin tries to sell Barney's apartment claiming she doesn't want to live in a "diseased-riddled bang-pad haunted by the ghosts of your ex-skanks". After seeing all Barney's gadgets he has invented to get rid of girls, only one couple decide to keep the apartment.

Barney later tells Robin he is willing to give up his Fortress of Solitude because he never wants to be alone again. Robin answers that, when the couple interested in the apartment told her they would tear the place down, she realized she loved all the good and bad things about him, and she doesn't want to change him too much, so she kicked the buyers out and decided they should keep it. Something Old had Robin frantically searching in Central Park for a locket that she buried when she was 14 when she came to New York with her dad.

She reveals to Ted that she has been having fears about marrying Barney and if she could find her locket, then that would be a sign from the universe to forget her worries and marry him. But she is devastated when she finds the box, but the locket is missing and interprets this as a sign from the universe that she and Barney should not be getting married.

Barney and robin start dating - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and seek you. Rich man looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a woman. Well, if memory serves correctly, the first time was the end of "Sandcastles in the Sand" and the second was not until "The Leap." The first was more spontaneous, and afterwards, Barney spent the entire fourth season in love with Robin. Edit: I threw in the Pilot and Purple Giraffe (1x02) for good measure. Also Slutty Pumpkin (1x06). In that episode, Robin refused to dress up/look like an idiot with her boyfriend, but later in The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (7x08), she does so very willingly for Barney. It's cute.

Robin slipped her own engagement ring in the girlfriend's wine glass to make her think her boyfriend is proposing to her and a fight breaks out, to which Robin and Barney celebrate by clinking their glasses together.

They celebrate their victory by smoking the cigars Barney got, but are later confronted by the couple. They said that after their fight they decided to get married. Barney and Robin quickly realizing that their actions made that happen.

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Happily satisfied they kiss. By the end of the episode, Robin and Barney are happily preparing to go get married, taking off in a limo driven by Ranjit, on their way to their wedding in Farhampton. The Wedding Weekend: Barney and Robin come to find out that they may be related, but this turns out to be a false alarm. One of his many conquests gets pregnant and keeps the baby, and though Barney is initially unwilling to become a father, he changes his tune once he meets his newborn daughter, Ellie.

Some fans found the ending lacking for a variety of reasons - upon becoming a father, Barney becomes unnecessarily harsh to young women who he thinks are acting inappropriately, and weirdly, the mother of his child is never named or seen - but there's little doubt that Barney's ending gave Neil Patrick Harris a chance to show off Barney's emotional core.

Once audiences finally met the Mother, it was immediately clear that she was perfect for Ted, with their shared sense of humor, common interests, and seemingly unbreakable bond. However, throughout the ninth season, it became unpleasantly clear that the Mother was headed for an unfortunate end, and after plenty of clues and theories, most viewers' suspicions turned out to be completely correct.

In a flash-forward tothe Mother passes away, just four years after her wedding to Ted Mosbyleaving her grieving husband and two children, Penny and Luke, behind.

Meanwhile, Robin has finally achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a successful journalist after divorcing Barney, but her previous relationship with Ted still looms large in her life, especially after he confessed his feelings for her shortly before her wedding.

Though Robin and Ted have been living separate lives, his children, who have listened to his seemingly endless story, tell him that it's obvious to them that he still loves "Aunt Robin," and in a flash forward tothe final moments of the show see Ted appearing outside of Robin's window with a blue French horn, a unique instrument he gave to her back in the show's first season as a romantic gesture.

Understandably, loyal viewers of the series were largely and loudly frustrated with the show's conclusion, which seemed to throw out the entire premise of the show by killing the Mother and pairing off Ted and Robin, who'd figured out multiple times during the show that they were ultimately not meant for each other.

In one hour, How I Met Your Mother seemed to undo all of the good will it had built up over nearly ten years, which makes it all the more disappointing that this ending had been planned from the very beginning. Many of HIMYM 's episodes open with a shot of Ted's children sitting on a couch and listening to their dad's story, but obviously, since those kids got older throughout the years, most of those shots are silent, since they were filmed years before the finale. As for those kids?

They knew the ending the whole time, although David Henrie, who played Ted's son Luke, claimed he forgot what the ending even was in the years that followed.

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In the wake of HIMYM 's finale, fans and critics expressed their disappointment in droves, and eventually, Bays and Carter mollified their long-time viewers just a little bit once the entire series was released in a special DVD box set. As the two stand on train tracks near Robin and Barney's wedding in Farhampton, they strike up a conversation under the Mother's signature yellow umbrella which can be seen countless times throughout the seriesand as the scene ends, Bob Saget's voice reappears, saying, "And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

Fans might not have been thrilled about how How I Met Your Mother ended, but throughout the show's intensely and carefully mapped-out run, sharp-eyed viewers might've picked up on clues along the way that revealed the show's entire endgame. Some moments flashed all the way back to the beginning, like when the Mother's real name, Tracy, was revealed in the pilot.

And if you were rooting for Robin to find a cooler partner than Ted, you were always going to be disappointed. At one point, when the two men are fighting over Robin, Barney tells Ted that he'll take Robin until she's 40, and Ted can "have her after that," literally predicting the end of the show.

And as the ninth season approaches, the show drops some seriously heavy hints about the Mother's eventual passing, including a tearful moment where she wonders what kind of mom would miss her child's wedding indicating that she was already sick by the time that the scene occurs. Ted is also frequently seen reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and mentions that it's his favorite bookwhich tells the story of two lovers who can only be together after one of their spouses dies.

These are just a few examples, so during your next rewatch, see what clues you can find about the show's eventual ending. After investing years in this mystery, it stands to reason that both fans and critics would flock to the internet to voice their extreme displeasure over the show's ultimate misdirectionand they definitely did, using words like " betrayed " and remaining petulant about the show's finale for years after it aired.

Technically, she isn't the mother of either of Ted's children, but still.

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Beyond that, Ted and his children had six years to mourn the Mother and move on, but viewers had about two minutes, giving audiences a whiplash effect when he went after Robin after all. Even though most of the fanbase might prefer the Barney and Robin coupling, none of that would have been possible had Robin not first fallen for Ted.

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This also makes it a little easier to root for Robin with Ted, seeing as it would appear that Robin wanted to be with him first and they separated only because of major differences in thinking. Had Ted not let go of Robin, then Barney would never have had a shot with her. While Ted could never reconcile this part of Robin in his mind, Barney was easily accepting of Robin wanting to be a career woman and having no children in the future.

Their wants in life were similar, in that contentment for them meant having a companion and accomplishing personal goals that brought them validation for their efforts. All in all, Barney was the one who brought the fun side out of Robin.

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He was the one who made her at least consider being married and compromising in life for once, and he always accepted whatever decision Robin made, which relieved her of any feelings of guilt or resentment. It was because both Ted and Robin were single and had no more goals in life that they ended up together; move one or two things around, and they would have been doomed forever.

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