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As far as they were concerned as soon as they entered into a relationship they were OFF the dating market, unlike our resident Jezebel MISS Springs who wishes to keep her legssorry options open. How much do you want to bet that Springs is a single mother. Black women stay delusional and guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life, which man in his right mind looking out for his own welfare and observing her dysfunctional behaviour is going to wife this chick up. Black women in their embrace of feminism and misandry find it extremely difficult to nigh on impossible to exhibit any feminine traits and Daphnique Springs is no exception to the rule, she is a typical member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Here is yet another example of this:. To the simps as a washed up single mother Springs has the room make up these kinds of deep space rules and regulations because she knows that they will still worship her believing that one day she will give up the cooch.

The Latest. Codenames is a tricky word game where every clue is a minefield By Clayton Ashley.

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