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However, he still goes on match. Is this guy bad news or should I just relax and be fine with the fact that he still logs on to match. As such, some of the comments which I have preserved bring up points that I have since addressed in this revision. Right off the top, you mentioned that you and he have agreed to be exclusive. How clear was his side of the agreement to being committed?

The primary purpose of gag is not dating. It kind of does matter. Once you're happy in a committed relationship there should be no reason to leave dating apps sitting around on your phone.

I don't think it's crazy to not want to see that.

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It's also not crazy for him to not do that. If he's not meeting girls from the site, it's literally no different from cruising Facebook or Instagram or the Pretty Girls sub.

What's the difference? He's just seeing what else is out there, same as you. Either that, or he's not quite as happy as you think he is. The difference is that the singular purpose of a dating website is to date.

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Why the hell do I need to be fine with that? I have absolutely no use for apps and websites and subscriptions that allow me to spend hours browsing for attractive members of the opposite sex. You just described yourself. You are not your boyfriend, and he is not you. Males and females are not the same. It's way more normal than you seem to want to believe. And either he will change his habits or he won't. And if he does, he does.

And if he doesn't and you think it matters that much, break up with him.

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I admit it seems like if you choose the second thing then you likely didn't care that much for him in the first place, but hopefully it won't get to that.

Luckily I'm not in the position of having a boyfriend who thinks it's appropriate to have dating apps on your phone while in a committed relationship. But, hypothetically speaking, I think it's ridiculous to act like that's normal or necessary. Anyone who is going to be like "Sorry, but I'm keeping my dating app" probably isn't cut out for a serious relationship in the first place.

I'd be pissed. What's the point of talking to him if you've already decided the outcome? Pointless behavior. No she doesn't, not if she's going to dump him. The reason you'd want to know why is so you can make a decision, if you've already made the decision, there's no point. Like I said.

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Kkaos she deserves too know. She said right in her post that she saw it when he showed her the phone and the she wasn't going through it.

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Read the full question first next time. We met online, and developed really good chemistry very soon, maybe a little bit too fast. I deleted my account from the app and removed the app from my phone he knewhe said he deactivated his account. I trusted him, so I never checked with him if he still has the app.

Jan 08, † Here, 11 women open up about what it was like to discover their partners were on dating apps. 1. "I noticed my boyfriend of three years becoming distant and not being as open with me as he. Mar 27, † "Using dating apps when you are in a new relationship can harm the connection because the fantasy of being with Mr./Ms. Perfect Profile can be more alluring than the process of learning to Author: Laken Howard. I trusted him, so I never checked with him if he still has the app. But the other day, I saw the app was still on his phone, when he was showing me something on his phone. (I never checked his phone) How would you react if your gf/bf has dating app on their phones after you two are in a relationship.

But the other day, I saw the app was still on his phone, when he was showing me something on his phone. Vote A.

Apr 08, † If he has such a disregard for your feelings, then he isn't going to be the most compatible partner for you in the long run. Remember, online dating is still new and it changes all the time. As a result, the social norms and expectations we have for dating before changes right along with the technology we're using. Oct 05, † Flaunting your online dating profile in your significant other's face is a dick move. These dating apps are dangerous, man. The point is, you don't like dating apps. Aug 07, † But when those unique dating situations suddenly become your present reality, you still feel like a deer caught in headlights no matter how many books about polyamory or open relationships you may have read. Step 1: Acknowledge the issue. I've been dating a guy I met online for almost six months, but he won't delete his online dating profile.

We need to talk. Vote B. Vote C. Vote D.

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Share Facebook. Boyfriend of 6 months still has dating app on his phone, what should I do? Add Opinion. Munchykin Xper 4. Definitely a we have to talk situation if that was me because it would constantly be on my mind and make me paranoid.

Boyfriend still has dating apps

I would definitely talk to him. If he shows me his profile is deactivated. CyclopsFawn Xper 5. I would definitely sit him down in person and ask him about it.

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Ask to see if he's been sending messages or flirting with girls since you've been dating. If he's not then he won't have any problems clearing his name and showing you. It's not being distrustful at this point.

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He has a dating app and that is definitely a reasonable thing to question and ask for proof over. But don't snoop on your own, and don't ask him over text because then he can delete things. Do it in person.

Oct 10, † Them being on dating apps still could be a matter of your relationship being undefined as exclusive as well. If any of the above occur, have a conversation with your partner about your boundaries Author: Elana Rubin. Jan 16, † Why is your boyfriend still on a dating app? Occam's razor: the most obvious answer is usually the correct one. This is something that you need to address with him-now rather than later. I have seen this very scenario repeat itself countless times. A girlfriend (or boyfriend) can usually tell it the profile is real in any number of ways - if the profile has exact details about height and weight, the writing style that was used,'s just a temptation many men can't avoid and usually a big clue about what's going on in the mind of the person who is still active on a dating.

Show All Show Less. CyclopsFawn, I think that's the right way to handle it.

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I ber you are in control in the relationship. You dont know me to know how i form opinions. Xper 6.

Maybe he deactivated it but still has it on his phone just in case you two break up? You should ask him to remove it if it bothers you. I'm sure he'll understand. But in this kind of situation you have every right to check his phone in my opinion.

Be clever.

My Boyfriend is Still on Tinder?!

The fact that app is on his phone gives you a license to find out. Thanks hahahmm, so I know I didn't overreact. Logorithim Influencer. It's bad that he said he removed the app when he didn't, but you should talk about with him.


He should be willing to fully assure you that he hasn't actually used it or cheated on you. An overly protective phone owner is probably someone who is not wanting you to see those apps on his or her device.

Think about it: If you get a funny text from a friend or family member, or see a great meme, you want to share it with your partner. Because you have nothing to hide. It could be due to them forgetting to delete the profile instead of just deleting the apps been there!

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Masini says if you ask them about why they still have the app and they delete it immediately, they probably did actually forget to delete their profile. But there also could be the chance that they are intentionally on dating apps, and someone you know could've spotted them on the app.

Them being on dating apps still could be a matter of your relationship being undefined as exclusive as well. If any of the above occur, have a conversation with your partner about your boundaries and priorities in the relationship.

Oct 11, † Now, I confess that I think I still have a profile on a dating site or two (don't judge). As a former dating blogger, I started profiles on some sites to try them out and write reviews so there are simply just dating sites that I don't remember about.

From there, it's up to you whether you want to swipe left or right on your partner for good. By Elana Rubin. You don't necessarily need to spring for a couples' massage right before you have the talk, but it's still a good idea to approach your partner at a time when neither of you are stressed, irritable, or preoccupied.

Don't tack this conversation onto another issue mid-argument, and don't ambush your partner post-sex when you're all cuddled up and lovey-dovey.

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Choose a neutral time and place to have the conversation like during a walk in the park on Sunday afternoon so you'll both have clear heads and will be better able to articulate your thoughts. I know it can be tempting to have an imaginary conversation with your partner to calm your nerves before the main event, but if you spend hours thinking things will play out a certain way, you're almost definitely going to be disappointed with the actual results.

This part is crucial: don't beat around the bush. If you know what you want moving forward, express that to your partner in words instead of dropping hints that they may or may not pick up. Preface the conversation by saying something like, 'I'm really enjoying getting to know you, and I want to make sure we're on the same page about our relationship going forward.

Don't just get so caught up in expressing your feelings that you forget to take your partner's feelings into consideration, too.

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