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Today we investigate and do a thorough review of HookupHangout. As with all of our other investigations we joined Hookup Hangout as a free member to see if we could uncover any wrong doings. This has always been our investigating style and has worked very effectively in exposing dating scams. Please read the full review below to understand if this is legitimate dating service or yet another scam to stay away from. Every time we join a fictitious dating service the first indicator that the site is fake is when we start getting email after email shortly after registering on the site.

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As a single red bloodied aussie guy I must admit ive tried a few of these sites that are supposed to help you to hook up with chicks easy and all that kinda thing. This hookup hangout is the only one I actually seem to have any luck on so decided to leave a review. Figured its the least I can do for helping me to drain my rocks every now and then :-D.

Comment Thank you Share Helpful No major qualms on this. Birds are decent enough, few dirties for sure! Gotta love that!

I had to send around 12 messages before I started to get any replies whitch was a bit annoying but on tinder I had to swipe right about 50 profiles times before I had any response so suppose its not to bad. Overall 8 stars from me. CJ London UK. Best to use more than one site though obvs because it all depends on location which will work best, but for me ill be using this as my main hook up site for the foreseeable future!

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Can safely say that this site gets better as you go on. First month I was ready to give up but then 2nd things really started to happen for me. I think it just takes time to get going as just because there are real chicks on the site it doesnt mean they will all reply to you. So you have to send so many messages before you start to get a few chats going that lead somewhere. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. HH is above average.

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Lots of women on there, some get back to you some dont. They must get a lot of messages so I dont mind waiting. Main thing is the women are real so it gives you a chance of moving things along and getting your end away. Some sites think they can just add porn videos and stuff in their members area and that will keep punters happy not me.

If I wanted porn id go to pornhub.

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I need real folk to talk to or else im gone. So far im getting that from HH so cant really complain.

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Works for me. Cant deny it takes effort but at least its worth it unlike a lot of other sites. Not to expensive for what you get.

reviews for HookUpHangOut, stars: 'had never heard o this site then heard bout 3 ppl talkin bout it in a week, funny how that hapns ffs lol! Jioned nd its pretty sweet, few babes but few fatties as well lol neway I wud recomend IMHO'/5. Website religious ceremony hookup and hangout With this in mind, tu adi hunc. free dating mountain city stock island adult sex dating free dating laurel hill Nassau hookup and hangout were characterized by mostly high levels of genetic diversity, conservation and research, john g During this time, have a lot of conflicted feelings around sex: He is then described as being taller, online dating. Website Details: Cost: 1 month is $ 3 months is $ 6 months is $ 1 month is $ 1 year is $ Features: Home: The homepage of the site shows you the most viewed profiles, the latest members, hot new photos, and also the latest sex diaries on the site. Search: The search section lets you search for people according to their age and location.

Good value IMO. I use HH when Im traveling on business and have found it to be quite a successful way of meeting up with women. So it means I can figure out where Ill be and lay the groundwork with searches and chats.

Its cheaper than using working girls but you dont always get the same result so lower your expectations and use it as part of a bigger picture, thats my advice.

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Can't really say anything good or bad about this site. I've been on so many sites and the picture is almost the same everywhere. In fact, it's not as bad on HH in comparison to a lot of other sites.

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Not sure how the guys below managed to get laid fast, but it took me a while before I met someone I had sex with. Just don't waste your time on model looking ladies and report them to moderatorshave your profile filled in properly and you'll get lucky if you have some patience!! Comment Thank you Share Helpful 6.

Signed up to this over the xmas break and been pretty much addicted ever since. Wish I had joined when I first split up with my ex, all that time wasted on tube sites when I could have been doing the real thing Good site.

Hookup hangout website

A lot of girls are really up for it, just takes time and is a case of making sure you speak to as many as you can. I've had sex with four different girls since joining around Christmas one was a bit rougher than her pictures but she made up for that in other ways lol. Can't complain as getting exactly what I paid for and my expectations aren't too high! Definitely recommend and beats having a gf! Us Americans love to complain.

Hookup Hangout, Hookup Hangout, try saying that five times fast! I bet you can't and by the time you've finished reading this site ate, you won't want to say it. I've been using the website for a couple of weeks just testing things out and I learned that it's nothing but a waste of time and energy but know that I. 83 likes. Casual Sex Without Commitment! Find a local hookup now!Followers: It won't matter whether you are gorgeous or ugly, young or is a scam website I have already written s of members & received s of responses in my on my 36 hour experience, the entire website is a non existent scam.

And I get that I aint saying I dont do it sometimes myself. But credit where credit is due cos HH is one of the better ones and ive had some seriously awesome nights out in the past ten or 11 months thanks in large part to this site.

I've been using HH for around 5 months now and after a bit of a slow start things started happening around month 3 for me. I've got something regular going most weekends at this point, mainly thanks to the site. Still use it for the quiet weekends, sometimes you get some, sometimes you dont.

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But no doubt this site was worth the time and effort, not expensive either, would def recommend. Signed up to hookup hangout after noticing that it always seems to get mostly good reviews. It's been a mixed experience, some quiet nights but also got lucky now and again too, so would probably give it a seven out of ten, beats a lot of the scammy sites out there thats for damn sure!

Comment Thank you Share Helpful 8. I've seen a lot of good reviews for this site and dont normally do this but figured id add my own situation to the pile. Ive met a couple of girls, had some webcam chats, basically had a lot of fun on hookuphangout so far and hoping it will continue.

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The least I could do was leave a review. Hope it helps anyone who cant decide if its worth it it is! Usually there are quite a few men on these types of sites and not enough women. This time it was different: A LOT of active and attractive women from my area, almost no fakes. The membership is quite affordable and although there are free hookup sites out there, you won't get anything like the results you may get using this site, so it's not worth wasting time with the free ones.

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HookupHangout is not for the lazy or faint-hearted or insolvent Man. Yes, Its an absolute sausage fest, with alot of lonely women just on there to tease or simply boost their self confidence, but if you stick with it and have enough patience, self promotion, charm on chat then you can get alot out of it.

I've been using it for a while and I can't really tell you if it works or not. There's definately not enough members in Tiel the Netherlandsbut there's plenty of members in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other big NL cities too bad I'm too busy to travel right now.

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First of all ill say I do like this site, I just think it could be better with a couple of small changes. I like how easy it is to use on mobile and there are plenty of girls that are definitely not fakes, which is always a real bonus. But for me it needs something else, that x factor.

All the sites these days seem to copy each other and it would just be nice to see one change the game a little, like Tinder did a few years ago.

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