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Have you ever heard about yahoo boys? Yahoo boys are named so after one of the hugest Internet companies on the planet - Yahoo! Instead of getting a legal job, many young people in Nigeria dream of becoming a yahoo boy. Keep on reading the article to get to know how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria. For Nigerian law, yahoo boys are people who carry out fraud.

This page will show you how to set up your Google Hangout profile and start chatting. You need to decide on which gender you are going for either female or male. In most cases choosing to be female works faster and it is being used to trap men, you can also choose to be a male it depends on your goal and your targets. As it may, many people are now aware of the yahoo scam which can make your client decide to have video chats with you.

The fact is that you must find a way to prove yourself genuine as far how to become a successful yahoo boy is concerned. Yahoo boy formats are the ideas that you need to employ to collect money from your client. Most of your clients will be so smart that they can smell lies from start. To learn how to be a yahoo boy, there are Yahoo boy formats that you need to know as a yahoo guy and this is where there is a job.

I will list some of them here for you to learn. It is not a must that you make use of the above formats. You can create your own based on the level of you and your clients. Make sure the chemistry of the chat between you and your client is very strong before requesting credit card details.

If possible, you can just request their account details to send them money. Once they send you money, you can then transfer the account number to a hacker, and they will start it up from there. I was just a friend they could talk with and little by little, they started having feelings for me.

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They were forced to confess their feelings for me, while I smiled behind my computer. A few days later, I would request their address to surprise them - of which I later ordered a flower from Amazon and transferred to them. The end result was that they would also do the same for me via western union or Payoneer.

This is one of the sweetest ways to scam any client. All you need is just to make them trust you and like you to the point of handing you all their details. Then you can decide to hack it or do anything you want with the card.

Jul 14,   With this trick, a Yahoo Boy can buy goods worth USD and issue a cheque of USD. What the Yahoo Boy is interested in is not the goods he claimed to be interested in but the excess money that will be sent to him after the cheque must have been cashed. 3. Another trick used by Yahoo Boys to swindle foreigners is called Come and Carry Format.

But for now, these are some of the ones I can mention. Maybe I will list others later. This is my own yahoo dating billing format that I use to collect money from my clients. Sometimes I also use my normal face to try my luck on Facebook and most of them also helped me out with small dollars.

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I had to add this one because of the way EFCC is going around and catching yahoo boys with ease. I will show you several methods that will allow you to stay safe without getting caught. Don't read for just yourself, share with your friends - because you love them. I graduated at age 23, made my First Million age 24, Established over 6 Businesses before age I know I can make you rich if you always visit this blog.

You will end this year a Millionaire. I will give you ideas of several businesses you can start - Legal or Illegal. I don't play by the rules; Life isn't fair, so you shouldn't be fair too. I download the cloning app and they say that I should buy the premium version of app cloner should I buy. Boss man help me out. Where can i download the cloning app please Thank you! Please i really want to do this Gee business, but i have little or no ideal. Please i have some usa credit card, but i dont know which platform to use them and how will i use them, please i need your help.

Can I talk to u personally about some stuffs that I have been doin but having problem with how to finalise it if so please add me on whatsapp Hello sir, am happy to be on the play form, I have an atm card with no details how do I go about it bro. I need more tutorial from expert pls Sir.

I just wrote about it here. Yahoo Format to collect money from your clients. He has been to the bank but insists I give him a bank account not western Union. Can we really chat in private? Sir thank you your tutorials have touched me massively but do you still have the secret book please just give me more hidden secret.

Please I need a hacker too. I get some accounts he could help me with. Morning bro, pls I need the voice cloning app. How can someone open foreign dating account online and what are the process you passed when using your real face to collect some dollers from them? I have so many client on facebook but am losing them daily to my identity please lets talk more on this my no.

Is Please sir how can i join the foreign group ,am still new in this businesshelp me out please. Guy I need to contact you for important issues. Good morning bro, please I need the cloning app. Please how do I get it and which one is the best.

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The dating sites you suggested here are very good sites I am using them. How do you see this bro. I create a lot of Facebook accounts but they just get deactivated by Facebook. Is VPN better to prevent this.

So Sad!!! Yahoo Boy Mocks Client After $750,000 Transaction

I need to speak with you, I need some orientation. To those considering doing yahoo, it takes patience and full time dedication to earn big. Also always think of how to invest no dull am o You can always delve into forex which requires time to learn but the good news is that you can trade forex without really knowing everything about the jargon with the help of a reliable robot. I download the cloning app and the say that I should buy the premium version of app cloner should I buy I need your help.

Pls bro I am a beginner and I want to learn the business, pls teach me I am from a very poor family background no one to help me.

I am living in a small hut that will soon collapse. Pls help me out!!! Anytime I open facebook or any site like metme immediately they are going to log me out, Please what can I do.

Sir, this is a nice post thanks for enlightening people out there. How can I get to change my email to a foreign one?. How to get foreign pics. Pls how to create a web site. I need the money as a yahooman and i join group on whatsapp and email as a yahoo man. I wanna be a respected yahoo boy just add to social handle especially whatsapp moi number is below Boss mikebush please send me your contact I have some issues to discuss with u privately or message me on WhatsApp with this number Am new here boss and i know i will be bless with your teachings here i need your help to turn up sir.

I need your help sir. How can I open cloning app sir This is my WhatsApp number How do I go about the issue of foreign cell phone number? I need an answer,THnks. I need info on this. I am new in the work.

News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel. Schoeller wrote that "sexual harassment is the price of admission for women into the good ole boy club" and "if you're gonna cry like a snowflake about it, you're gonna pay the price." A petition to remove Schoeller as a lecturer from UWM has amassed more than , signatures, but the university said "legal reasons" concerning her right to. These are the apps that will help you complete your job as a professional yahoo boy. Cloning App; Grammarly; Dating Apps - you can download them via Google play store; VPN (Virtual private network) Chrome incognito App; This is my own yahoo dating billing format that I .

Am new in to the system I need voice cloning app Sir I want to ask some I hope iPhone can handle the stuff? Please i need your help like seriously I will do whatever you want Just please help me out please I tried to open to all the site but am experiencing some difficulties Please chat me privately. Hello boss, I appreciate on the websitewould like to have you private on WhatsApp, bass to have your number for immediate adding you on WhatsApp. Please I need the cloning app and I want.

Hello bro Thanks for the hints. Kindly add me upon on your whatsapp group with this number: Senior boss please i need a master like you to master me well the business. Pls add me up online WhatsApp. Hello am from Ghana and i have been hearing a lot about the yahoo business i really want to join and i need formats can anyone help me out?

Hello Mike bush. If you have Plse help me with one if I cost Plse make it affordable. I glad for your informations on makings money.

U can contact me on whatsapp for easy chat Boss, i see that u dont reply some comments here, pls reply me am actually a fresher, a newbie in this stuff, if i pay the 2k for the course, will i be trained to be a guru?

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God will help you bro as you DAT help your nabour but what u want is just to give me a site and how to become client friend and much of format thanks God will help you. Maximum respect to smartlazyhustler.

God bless you bro. I really educated on this article on how to become a successful Yahoo boy I am new here, so how do I start pls your help. Please send what you need.

Yahoo boy dating app

Boss,av been looking 4 some1 to teach me cos am new abt gee stuff but no1 even giving up a little bit bt tank God 4 2day baba,av read a lot about all articles u wrote but i till need more of ur assistand baba please add to group 4 better explanation Am new here am Bella someone is asking me for money saying that they are from US and he will help join yahoo is that a scam and they barely want to talk on voice or video call asking me to send dollars. Hello boss how can we meet in person cos I really need more trading on it but I know I will pay, just for me to learn and no more on it.

Am happy for this group. Please what I need is lotto formats. I will pay for it if I can get it please I need it seriously you can message me on Boss Mike how can I get sure betnaija number so I can win in millions?

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Pls help. My phone is good now. Bruh thanks for this information, really you are doing a great job ,I will appreciate if you mentor me to become successful in this street, thanks and great work. Please add me to the WhatsApp group Am Audu James from Abuja pls add me on ur whatsapp group platform I need ur mentorship, Here is my whatsapp number They with require the OTP or Paypal. Bro i have comment my peoblem in all you pkst but i have not have you feed back I have 2 accbot 5 mill But i dont no how to use it sir i have try all my best sir help me sir.

Please mike i seriously need your help, i told you i do work military dating but i have not gotten responds from you this is my whatsapp number. Bro willing to pay for it cloning apps for voice face and so on. I want to know how to do video calls with clients to gain their trust. Here is my number please add me up on WhatsApp my GOd bless our hustle. Hello boss I really need your help on step by step garid to do this and also get yr secret book am seriously desperate on it pls just reply me boss pls my WhatsApp no pls boss I am expecting from u.

Boss am still waiting for you pls am serious for hustle I need to make money boss pls God bless you. Please can you educate me on how i can use it to make purchase online or how i can use it to transfer money into my account.

apologise, but

An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who has been conducting a little homework on this. And he actually bought me dinner simply because I discovered it for him lol.

If you want to be a Yahoo boy and learn how to make fake video, and female voice call, dating pics, and video, US WhatsApp number, and dating accounts, you . Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox. Sign in and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email. Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you've ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. Jul 26,   Nicknamed "yahoo-yahoo" after the international web portal and search engine, this perfidy has become a way of life for the young con-artists. Many of these fraudsters - dubbed "yahoo .

So let me reword this. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to talk about this topic here on your internet site. Everyone around me is a gee, but very few are making it. Bro, thanks for everything but I just want to start the business,I need guidelines in-to-topls boss this my WhatsApp Please i need someone who can teach me work I have no experience on this at all I have meet many but no one is ready to help I can do any thing you ask want me to.

I have given serious people the book. I no get time for plenty talks. If you are unserious, I will know and ignore your email. Send again. Boss, I really need your help in this present because I have no body to teach and put me through. I am new in the system. Bossplease add me up and put me through abeg. Boss, I really need your help at this present time because I have nobody to teach and put me through. I am a beginner in the game!!! Boss I sent you an email, I would really appreciate if you can reply me, I really need help to lift me to the next phase of carding.

I know that I am smart enough to pull this through if I follow your guidelines.

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I am a lady and a graduate but circumstances have pushed me into doing gee. Be your own boss in the hustle. Get ate learn new jobs or work like cc top up, bank loading, cracking, also trade your bitcoin, iTunes gift card, Amazon gift care or any gift card dm me on WhatsApp now so I can add you to our group so you will be ated.

I know this may sound anyhow to you but I just gotta be sure. I can do this through your guidelines Because am in the game before but not as smart as this All I need from you is more guidelines Like talk to you about what have discuss with my client and replies.

Illegal Hustles. All the Yahoo Format Book.

authoritative point

Share Tweet Pin 49 shares. First Name First Name. Last Name Last Name.

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Your email input your email. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Please how do you download the cloning app? Where did you downloaded the Cloning app. Contact me on whatsapp Please how can I get the format book. Devid emeer. Micah Job. Buraimoh Joe. Thank god. I will add u up. Simon hassan.

Whatsapp me Join foreign groups, contribute and send your clients private messages. Theddus flow. I need your whatsapp number or the book and also your guidelines. Chinedu Emmanuel. Oga boss please add me Dominic micheal.

You can download it from Google. Olia Isaiah. Echenwune Chukwuma. Really nice write up. Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole. How can I get a client. Format for requesting for money. Any of the runs bankers in your bank will help you pick the money. Please,can we chat in private I really need this.

Contact me via WhatsApp. Pls I just started. I need help to make some cool cash. Pls help me out. Pls can someone help me I want to be a Yahoo boy Fist thing to do.

How do I download the cloning app bro. Nana Kwasi. Hello Chairman, I am Mike. I want to buy the format book. You know how to contact me. I do I get the format book? How should I download VPN app.

I want start g work plz help out. Need the cloning app. How can I convert my number to international number. You will have to pay for that.

Quite yahoo boy dating app consider

It is done with a software. If you can pay, then you contact me. Uzor stanley. Please i really i need thing help me to link up. Please how do i hook up with a hacker i have the account details. I will talk to someone for you and I will get back to you. Harrry mark. Hello boss,you are doing wonderful work here. I need the voice cloning app.

Jun 08,   Before we look at the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria, let us define the term "Yahoo Boy" as used in the Nigerian society. Disclaimer: TheNigerianInfo doesn't support or advise people to take part in any form of online fraud as this "hustle" as it is popularly called has brought nothing but problems (directly and indirectly) to. Yahoo boys are named so after one of the hugest Internet companies on the planet - Yahoo!, because many scammers often use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes. Instead of getting a legal job, many young people in Nigeria dream of becoming a yahoo boy. Keep on reading the article to get to know how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria. yahoo yahoo isn't so good, but I would show you how to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria without the use of juju or yahoo plus rituals. The yahoo boys website, dating format, yahoo boys apps, military dating format, and the yahoo boy billing format.

AJUKA sanity favour. Francis Ugorji. I always send out ideas. Just hold on and keep visiting the blog. Thanks for coming around. Boss how do i get your formats book.

As a civil Engineer, i need an idea on yahoo. Boi blingz. Good day sir Sir please i really need to speak to you. Mario De Great. Please I need the materials. Go to play store and download a free VPN. It will surely work. Paul Jason. It is also another option. Have you called her g or omoya, if not try it. Pls I need the cloning app and USA number.

Pls i need the cloning app,how do i get it? Rossy frsh. Ayangbayi Christiana Opeyemi.

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Am a lady I need am too. Pls can one plus it without consequences. I started online fraud in my second semester of level [a session comprised of two academic semesters in Nigerian universities] as an impostor via online dating. Then I looked for the profile of people that live in developed countries. But if it is in Nigeria, I look for people who live in places like Port Harcourt, Abuja [luxury suburbs].

I always posed to them as a big man who needed a wife. Sometimes I posed to them on how my wife disappointed me and took away my property and children.

However, what I do mainly now is to transmit misleading information online for people to send their bank accounts [details]. They may stand at ATM galleries to feign assistance to vulnerable users - illiterates, the old and the physically challenged - and later swap cards to defraud them.

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The fraudsters carry out their attacks mostly on weekends and mostly outside the state where the account is domiciled. Banks are mostly non-functional on weekends.

This means victims will be unable to ask their banks to stop illegal transactions on their accounts until Monday morning, when the banks open for business, even though they receive debit alerts over the weekend. These networks revolve around banks, security agencies, co-fraudsters and, sometimes, families.

The common means of collecting fraud money in Nigeria is through the banks, mostly through the Western Union money transfer. Through compromised banking staff, fraudsters use fake identity to access funds. This is because the fraudster would have used a foreign name and would not have a recognised identity card in that name.

For successful execution of fraud, an insider within the bank is important: the banker facilitates payment without attracting the attention of security agencies. They also get their share of the loot. The instability in the Nigerian banking sector may have created an uncommitted workforce.

Working in an insecure establishment makes workers vulnerable. More than 2, bankers have lost their jobs due to economic recession in the country. A large numbers of casual workers are deployed to man key positions in the banks. This makes way for criminal opportunities. They see internet fraud as a creative outlet in a country like Nigeria. Plus, the proliferation of internet service providers in Nigeria has made it even easier for scamsters to commit internet fraud.

It is now as simple as buying modems and surfing the internet within the confines of their privately rented apartments on campus.

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