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Password reset instructions sent to your email. Are you wondering about oil rig scams? While there are legitimate individuals who work hard on oil rigs, this is unfortunately an occupation that scam artists weave into their lies. The farce is exposed when they ask for money and wire transfers. Follow along as we explain how these types of scams work, who gets tricked, and how to protect yourself.

Anyone who has spoken to him please add a comment. I didn't get to the scam. No need when told the US government assigned someone to work on an ExxonMobil oil rig. These people are so thin with their details and stories. This story is made to be questioned to trip them up on their lies. Says his name is Tim Brian Seth - big red flag. Father died when he was young and mom worked two jobs to put him through college. Only now she has had a stroke. Thank God I saw this because he was really endearing however he did have a stranded foreign way of putting words together.

He would not talk on the phone and only wanted to text. I feel like an idiot. So glad I found this. Just FYI he uses the line "love means accepting someone as they are, yadda yadda. The oil company appears to not exist even though it has a website. He goes from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.

He has a US Passport so you can see he is "verified" on a fake website. He objects and thinks it's funny. Okay I say, keep it, sell your flash Mercedes instead. He has a fake company identification and a U.

His company email is Gmail. All these names are one person.

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He supposed to be contacted in dolphin drilling in Norway and working on a Poland Rig. He took over one year period and took all my savings and house and disappeared on me. Please be aware of these name on online dating.

But I'll eat a broom if it's real. Now he wants me to buy him a poison card from steam so he can solve his problems with the bank. About steam?! He wants to transfer the money himself so he can come. I wouldn't trust him. And only look down on him. These people are really good at what they do. These people are organised and a vulnerable woman would suffer emotionally and financially if she met them.

Thanks to the editor for creating a page for me to post a mini case study of an oil rig romance scam elsewhere on this site. I visit LinkedIn from time to time to check connection requests and jobs someone thinks I'd be perfect for. Whoever is sending me connection requests on LinkedIn: Thanks, but no thanks. Jul 02, Rating Re: Thomas Donald by: Anonymous Sounds very familiar to the guy that scammed me and he tends to use Thomas a lot in his various names.

As I mentioned many times before, he uses the real Captain Thomas Madsen profile. Very good looking with a beard and a mustache. It's the most used fake profile for romance schemes.

Look at the Facebook link below to the real Thomas. Has a dog named Striker. He is an older man with a neat groomed mustard and beard. I have spoken with him a couple of times on the phone, he has pretty good English but sounds Nigerian. Sounds like Fredric to me though. Jul 02, Rating Fake LinkedIn Profiles by: Anonymous There are many fake profiles created on LinkedIn; sometimes having the same name, same first name or surname for example, Mark David, Mark Thompson When you receive an invitation to connect, do not accept before checking the profile s thoroughly.

Google search for the name and you will be surprised to see many similar profiles with variations. Use Google photo search, Bing image, TinEye etc. Scammers use photos of celebrities, politicians, other people. Some intentionally did not put any profile pictures. Some used company logos like Shell to make other members accept the connection requests.

Many profiles associate themselves with oil companies as contractors, engineers, directors, managers etc. Some even identified themselves working at Shell Contractors! If you see a common connection or connections, it does not mean that they know the person. Read the profile fully. Some have obvious misleading or fake information. Some put videos or activities to appear to be related to their occupations.

Report and block the profile on the more If you find a suspicious profile, you may do it on an anonymous viewing mode so that the con artist would not be able to identify you. Jul 02, Rating Show us bank Info by: Anonymous They show us their multimillionaire bank account to keep the scam going.

I can hear them laughing even seeing this people still go along and give them their money. They are making fools of us. The guy that scammed me was going by the name of Thomas and used the Thomas Madsen fake profile. Anyway after he confessed he was Nigerian, he told me his real name was Fredrik. Yeah Fredrik sounds like a Nigerian name.

This has me wondering if this is the guy you have been talking to. He was very sweet and very good English skills etc etc. Pennywise my bank allow them to take it out and five different payments and then again 9 different payments without my permission. I was just curious how my bank allowed them to do that to me as isn't that called money laundering and I had nothing to do with that and I said my name wasn't on there but it was my account in my routing number so it's my bank at fault for allowing them to withdraw all that and five different payments and 9 different payments without my knowing.

I did not allow anybody to get permission to take money out of my account then they tried to ask me if I knew anybody called Brad or worked for anybody and I have two places and then they tried to tell me it was some kind of kingpin in Nigeria that did it but it was not stolen money or anything like that they just let them put it in and take it out in 5 different payments and nine different payments What would you do if you were me.

I really don't know but this is like the second time they had kept money that went into my account.

Oil rig worker, lives in Texas, currently working off shore California. 60 yo, turning 61 this year. Widower, wife died in auto accident 7 years ago. No kids or family. Born in NY but raised in Belgium at Strong accent, says it's Dutch. Met on Words with Friends. Anyone with similar man? Dating Site For Oil Rig Workers, top free dating iphone apps, hiv dating sites ireland, les site de rencontre gratuit en france sans inscription. Gestern | A Innsbruck Fuss Erotik. Hallo, ich bin eine blonde, schlanke Sie von 30 Jahren. Ich suche hier jemanden der ebenfalls eine Vorliebe fur. Much scripting goes into these oil rig dating scams, as the false lover will use love poetry and plan events that lead to a relationship. A scammer can have many victims at a time; 10 even 20 depending on the size and abilities of their team, and the ease of their target.

I've never heard nothing from nobody about anything they just shut up and it to me it's like laundering money but I don't know. I don't know anything I'm real stupid as I'm not technologically smart but I would appreciate some help from somebody thank you.

Widowed with wife died of cancer 5 years ago after 25 years of marriage. Grown up daughter name PEggy. Said that a cashflow problem and asked for Eur 30k, after 1 week chat.

remarkable, very useful

Didnt send, and got surprised why on earth he should ask such money from someone overseas, so troublesome, as he said he has so many friends. When rejected, he was persuaded to send a smaller amount. I fooled him back with my sweet words and then blocked and reported everywhere I could.

Jul 01, Rating Another scum bag gmail by: Anonymous Scottagent gmail. Stay away from this one, big time scammer scum bag. He invested all of his own money, lives on a houseboat and it's taking longer than anticipated to complete the job!

When the job is completed he will receive a large sum of money. He's due to finish the job soon but is short on pocket money for meds and other things.

Poor guy! He will send you wonderful photos of whomever!! He is a widow with a daughter who lives with his brother in California. Can I pick him up at the airport and we will travel together to California.

Yeah right!! He's very flattering and speaks with a wonderful accent!

The dating site for oil rig workers idea

Don't be fooled or flattered! He says that to all the girls!! Be careful ladies, he's very charming! Jun 30, Rating Re. Out on a vessel owned by shell in North Sea. His bank account was frozen. Showed me his account details and had over 25 million in it.

It's a scam so get out and don't pay him any thing. He will get angry and call you names. Just ignore him and block him. They pay money for your details and for that script that they use. Jun 30, Rating Engineer by: Anonymous Fake LinkedIn Profile: Mechanical Engineer, University of Birmingham, Shell; into contracts and investments Initially single then claimed to be divorced after few weeks; after 2 months, mentioned having a 6-yr old daughter who died from a fall years ago; ex-wife likes shopping, spending lots of money, went with his best friend No one to help him, can't trust anyone, has a yr old mom who helps less privileged people; his bank account was frozen, reached max amount for wiring money overseas Claims to be rich sent video of counting lots of US "money is not important", would like to have a faithful wife; told me "I would like to marry you.

Your husband is the luckiest man. I wish I am the luckiest man. Make your husband happy just for me. He would be awake between 2 to 4 a. UK time!? Insisted that he wanted to come by ship despite international travel bans! Pretended to be very caring about our family note: He wanted to be part of our family because he is very lonely.

He even said that he was praying for us. He asked for our photos in the UK most likely he will use them. Asked for money to help him secure his project in Indonesia; initially to repair excavator and asked for bigger amount then 'used' the money for a deposit instead because machine would not last; would say "It money will go a long way. I will pay you in cash. He wanted me to borrow some more about US and sell my jewellery if I have! Found the recipient's social profile and saw how the money is being spent!

Find a woman or man on a dating site; Make them fall in love; Collect money from them. An Oil Rig Engineer. But while doing this - just like the dating format, you must be an engineer working in an oil rig somewhere around the world. Since you work on an oil rig, it will be difficult to have access to a credit card right now. Asides.

Can't find his email ad on SocialCatfish anymore! Jun 30, Rating Henry Ford by: Anonymous Yesterday he wanted to call me by video chat, I did not accept the call, he wanted to prove to me that he is the man from the pictures.

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I told him to show me his ID, but only excuses came up. I have a friend on the police force and I told him about the case. I wasn't aware that this scam was being used. I went to confront him to stop him from approaching other women. Of course he doesn't write anymore. But I'm also glad he's not stalking me. I detest such people deeply! So everybody take care! The UN don't have staff on oil rigs nor do they ask they pay large sums for leave forms.

The UN is aware of scams where these are used and warn against them. Don't pay if you've not met Kyle Andreas He sounds like a good scam. All good oil rig scams show they have money. But when they ask all are unable to access their bank accounts for very poor or unspecified reasons.

I'm not aware of any bank that limits account access for a wire transfer.

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In fact, read this thread at length and a woman has posted her bank's risk management prevented her from doing a wire transfer. They didn't suspend her account. His story sounds very suspicious so don't send anything if you've never met in person. Trip him up on his story. Ask for ID or emails from his company account.

He won't be able to do it. What he said is almost laughable at this point!!! Talk about a SCAM!!!! Jun 29, Rating Kyle Andreas by: Anonymous This guy has approached me on my social media for the longest but I kept ignoring him. But for some reason I gave in and started talking to him and he says he works in the ocean as an engineer in the oil rig. He has a tattoo on his right forearm.

Une Dating Site For Oil Rig Workers visibilite etendue de Dating Site For Oil Rig Workers votre profil: En creant votre profil sur Meetic, celui-ci est visible sur les declinaisons locales de notre service utilisant la meme plateforme sous differentes plus d'informations sur les modalites de visibilite etendue de Dating Site For Oil Rig Workers votre profil, cliquez ici. He says he's a subcontractor engineer on an oil rig. This means he works as an independent contractor on the rig. He likes to volunteer information like that the oil rig is in the North Sea. And after a short while he asks to continue the chat via Google Hangouts or e-mail. Widower or divorced. He's either a widower or divorced a long time ago. Gratuit Oulfa convivial et gratuit (Totalement Non payant) est un site de rencontre gratuit a %, de qualite, exclusivement dedie aux femmes et aux hommes qui sont a la recherche de l'amour. Oulfa sur votre mobile Accedez gratuitement, sur votre compte Oulfa Dating Site For Oil Rig Workers ou que vous soyez. Grace a notre site mobile, et son interface pratique, restez en.

Unfortunately I can't find anything on the internet. He also sent me a picture of his alleged daughter who, of course, lives in a boarding school.

He is 48 years old. Exactly, he needs a certificate from the United Nation to leave the oil rig. He was planning a future together. He probably thought I was stupid. He insists he's Henry Ford. But he can't prove it. He wants to come back to the states and be with me, calls me his wife. He is a widow with no children. Says he is Ask him how David William is since they are both working for the United Nations. What person needs a certificate from the United Nations to leave an oil rig?

That makes no sense whatsoever to me, either. He reminds me of the guy told me two years ago that he needed a permission letter to leave the rig to see his daughter, who was in the hospital and was ill, and he needed money.

It's a scam.

Oil rig worker fakes and facts.

Report and block him. Jun 27, Rating Henry Ford - words with friends by: Anonymous We have now had daily contact for a week. He sent pictures of himself only reluctantly.

Speaking, opinion, dating site for oil rig workers are not right

He says he is widowed and has a daughter who is in boarding school in Washington D. He would like to visit me but needs a certificate from the United Nation so he can leave the oil rig.

He gave me an email address. I knew something was wrong. Nevertheless I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I received an answer immediately.

Question You dating site for oil rig workers something

I should give my name and my country. When I told him that he should pay it himself he said his bank account was frozen. I confronted him with facts but he denies everything. Jun 27, Rating Re: Thomas dickens by: Anonymous No one that is legitimate would use two different names. The contract is fake just like he is. Take my word for it and get out of it now before he scams you for REAL money. The entire thing is bogus.

Read other stories on here and see how they lie and confuse and manipulate. Anyone can draw up fake documents. Go to Dr Phil's website and just listen to the lengths these scammers go to creating fake looking documents along with their fake pictures they've stolen with fake sob stories.

YouTube has many videos also.

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Get out before you get hurt! Jun 27, Rating Thomas dickens by: Anonymous I always asked for a picture from him and its consistent with the picture. He also sent me a photo with his daughter and its the same guy with the one he sent to me. I dont know if he is really telling the truth or not. His name in hangouts is Thomas Dickens but he said his real name is Carlos Morgan. How would I know if the contract he sent to me is real?

He said he's working on an oil rig as a drilling engineer.

Oil Rig engineer for dating scam. by Anonymous (USA) Well he won my heart and prayed for my sick children, and cleaned out my financial life. Suppose to be such a Godly Good Man but, still needs money to get off the rig, etc, etc, but, I'm broke and that wont change. May 10,   Today I found a repeat of the same internet dating scam connected to oil rigs. Two clients now of mine have experienced the dangers of internet dating by meeting online a man younger than them, working on an oil rig or involved in the oil drilling business, who suddenly ran out of money and need it from my client before they can get to meet them. Mar 30,   How Do Oil Rig Scams Work? Imagine for a moment that you're an online scammer. You meet victims through commonly used dating apps like Plenty of Fish and keitaiplus.comg up, you know that the more people you speak with, the better odds you'll have in your quest for easy cash.

Jun 26, Rating Re: Thomas dickens by: Anonymous The guy that scammed me had blue eyes and what looked like a cross but it was a gold anchor. He used Thomas Lindegaard Madsen profile pics. He might be using a different picture now but he is notorious for using Thomas in various forms. He said he has a daughter named Emily Morgan who is studying in saint basil academy.

He also showed a contract to me that he is really working in an oil rig. I dont know if its real or not. How would i know? How would I know if the person I was referring to was also the same that scammed Dianne? He said hes 47 years old. The picture he send has blue eyes and has necklace with a cross on it. Jun 25, Rating James Hutto by: Mel from Stoke Anyone heard from a guy on a rig in the gulf of Mexico by the name of James Hutto, my friend has been corresponding with him for a month, he's supposed to be American born, a widow with no parents siblings or children, he sounds very suspicious to me and I'm worried for her.

He says he is retiring in July and coming back to live in England close to where she lives. Met him on Tinder. Says he was raised in Germany but family moved to US when he was He has 2 kids one 15 year old son in Australia and a 19 year old daughter with her mother in the US. He says there are policies about phone calls, so it is hard to chat on WhatsApp but he says he can when he goes ashore.

Is he real or a scammer. Jun 25, Rating Scammer Chris f walker by: Anonymous Hi just read some of the comments on this character. I was contacted by him 3 weeks ago. Tuesday night he asked me for money to help him pay for a shipment he needs to get sorted so he can get the job done and get of the ship and come to me asap. I'm not interested in romance at all nor in getting married but I played along and kept him hanging on.

He was trying hard. He is expecting me to hand him over a few thousand pounds. Which I have no intention of doing. But he won't know that. He is trying to waste my time but I'm wasting his. So keep an eye for this profile. He asked for the money to into an account of the name Randy Asongo. He actually showed me his bank account details which had 25million pounds in it.

He also convinced me to go to hangouts to continue our conversation. Jun 22, Rating Esteban Giovanny by: a stupid wife Oh girls, let me tell you. I have been married for 16 years and this guy found me on Tik tok where I learned making fun videos to pass some time from my kids. He said all the right things and made me feel so beautiful. He was a millionaire from California, divorced from a ex-wife named Yasmine with two kids, a boy and a girl Emily and Anderson didn't speak with his father because he left them when he was young for an American woman and made a family and his now passed mother, Zana.

He had to work two jobs when he was young just to make ends meet as they were really poor, lived on Mulholland drive and was in the Mediterranean sea on a rig. He wanted me to join Google hangouts. He did ask for phone cards but he also wanted to send me some money 4 million dollars to start a business for him on the coast in which I would reap the benefits. He told me it got sent out of the way and intercepted in customs in Asia due to the Coronavirus and there was a fee to be paid to get it out and on its way.

help you? thank

He told me he was not on social media facebook or Instagram because he was too private for that. He attempted to Facetime me once and I wasn't available.

He sent random pictures and videos so im not entirely sure how he did all these things. I was reading on here and I saw a girl posted about Pimeye so I decided to do it and low and behold Manny Khoshbin popped up.

I have never heard of that man in my life but he is super gorgeous and now I have a new crush. Thank God I didn't do anything stupid as to leave my wonderful, forgiving husband because this could have went so bad. Deep down, I always felt pretty shitty for "talking" to someone else when my guy works so hard and sacrifices for all we have.

He may also even go by Harold, as that was supposed to be his middle name. The real man on the picture is a doctor and is from Brazil. Found it via Image Search. Good thing, he was not asking for money or anything yet, only that I am already falling in love to the man. Wife died in a car accident, with 16year old daughter. Only child and parents are deceased. Machine was broken and need to pay on his own to fix it.

There are evils in this world. I met him on Tinder. First time to use it during this quarantine period. Just this devil. I blocked him in whatsapp. Be careful ladies. Thank you to the admin of this site. Jun 21, Rating Not trusting by: Anonymous I trust no one who to be or is on an oil rig, and is a civil engineer.

I have not been scammed out of any money, but I talked to a guy for about 3 months, then he had an emergency at the oil rig he was on, and he started asking for money. I sent nothing, and confronted him, as I had already read this site, so everyone be safe and never trust anyone whom you never met, no matter how lonely or sad you feel. That guy is fake and a scammer. It sounds to me like this scammer is using different guys' names. Did he claim to be a father of two children, by any chance?

Lovely handsome man, tanned, pink shirt, nice watch, silver background called Brinard J.

Dating site for oil rig workers

Currently in Houston Texas on a rig with a big contract. Not asked me for any money yet, just if i want to join the app Hangout so we can swap photos.

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Says he lived in Germany but strangely speaks no German. Its the broken English that gives it away and the way he always starts 'thats nice' or 'thats great' even even replying to something sad. Playing along for a while so that i can report him to Scrabble and lockdown boredom. Jun 19, Rating I caught him but he doesnt know it! I have friended him under both names and noticed a picture thats in 2 profiles.

Same pic different name. Hes an oil rig engineer. He was also using Thomas as a first name but a different last name. Everything he said to you is basically what he said to me. I would be curious as to what he looks like on the profile pic that he is showing you.

Maybe you can write back and describe him. I know they are changing profile pics all the time but I'd be curious if he is still using the same stolen photo. Don't listen to the stories he's telling you because it's all lies. If you get to the point where you're about fed up with him, ask him why he scammed Diane and see what he says.

Jun 18, Rating Oil rig drilling engineer by: Anonymous Has anybody encountered the name Thomas dickens? I met him on a dating site. He uses hangout to message me. Whenever im asking to video call him he always told that its prohibited on the oil rig. They have a video detecting system right there. They also dont use mobile phone and thats why hes using his computer desktop.

News U. Two others involved in the scheme - Adewale Aniyeloye and Onome Ijomone - earlier entered plea deals and were sentenced in the District of Nebraska to eight years in jail for wire fraud and five years in jail for conspiracy to commit wire fraud, respectively, prosecutors said. Johnson of the Omaha FBI field office. According to the unsealed indictments, as early asUzhu and Aniyeloye would send spoofed emails that appeared to come from legitimate business executives to company employees requesting wire transfers to bank accounts, some of which resided outside the United States, including in Nigeria.

In another scheme, Ijomone and Olorunyomi would develop romantic relationships with U. According to the unsealed indictments, the men would create fake profiles on dating sites to pose as "individuals looking for love" or as financial advisors to those fake accounts.

The men would develop relationships with their victims to obtain funds directly or, in some cases, they would direct their victims to their so-called financial advisor "who would further help convince the romance scam victim about the legitimacy of the proposed transactions," the indictments said. Mnuchin in a statement.

He said he works on an oil rig. Even sent pictures of him and a crew of men if that really is the person I'm talking to. Did not ask for anything until most recently when he stated his phone was about to be shut off and that he has exhausted everything he knows to keep it on. Then he asked me to help him by sending him an itunes card.

I looked it up to see how to purchase one since I'm not an itune customer. I asked him how much were they and he told me. I didn't order the card but told him I did to see his response. Of course he's all in love with me even more now. SMH amazing. Ladies, please watch out for this guy - he's a big liar!!!! I like to use instagram and hangout. He is very light on details about his life.

He is simply an oil rig romance scam. In this I show how he asks for credit card details and a little about an oil rig scammer asking for gift cards for phone and internet data. It ends with him admitting who he really is. All end with me confirming they're in Nigeria. In each a different focus on something to learn from a scam. He has lot's of love with the usual sad story. His contract is with the United Nations He's on an oil rig off Stavanger Norway In his hour of crisis he needs bullet proof jackets for his dying workers.

That is what he told me so it was only going to end one way. He claims to be a year-old technological engineer 42 on July 4 is divorced, his wife cheated on him, he has an 8-year-old son. He contacted me on Instagram. One day he told me enthusiastically that a friend even when days before he told me that he had no friends because they always betrayed him and took advantage of him explained to him about bitcoin and that that same day he invested and earned a lot of money them he invited me to invest in bitcoin.

He said that he would help me create the bitcoin account and that he would link it with his own. I did not do it. Marine Engineer from Los Angeles works on Texas oil rig. Divorced, 2 children. Asked me to download Hangouts and for email address.

Asked for pictures. As soon as I accepted the request, the guy sent me a private message saying that he got attracted to my photo and asked which country I am from. Then he would exchange a few messages. The first one asked if I use a different platform.

The second one asked if we can exchange emails. I said we can just stick to that professional site. He said that it was not for getting to know relationships. Third guy messaged me that he was looking for his ex-colleague and saw my profile and that I was what he was wishing to have in his life.

Be careful! Those guys would want to go to another social platform and get to know the other person and will eventually borrow money using their occupations or sad life stories to earn sympathy, either divorced, widower etc. Jun 15, Rating Broken hearted by: Jenny Cornwall Got chatting to a guy who was the same age as me.

I am 56 and been wed 37 years to a man that we just fell out of love with but we just drifted apart and each day seemed like I chore in life.

I turned to the internet on a dating site and got talking to a guy in America who said he worked on an oil Rig and was lonely and his wife left him with his young son over 25 yrs ago.

Congratulate, dating site for oil rig workers think

He promised me the world and we swapped facial pics and he was nice looking. We started texting then had a lot of phone chats that were so heart warming that I was falling in love big time. We spoke for about 3 months non stop and he told me he was Austrian and sounded like he was from a foreign country.

I told him all about my life and how unhappy I was and he said he would look after me. He didn't ask for any cash or anything. My best friend who I confide in told me to be very careful, but I was foolish and told my husband and he told me to leave as he was fuming with me. I'm living at my friends and now my 2 boys aged 26 and 28 won't have anything to do with me. It was all a lie and now I realise what I had was not that bad in the first place, and now I've heard my hubby has testicle cancer.

What have I done please ladies and gents. Don't get fooled as you could very regret it. I call that site scam. I did a Google search of each profiles images. Oil rig scams are almost the perfect crimes, as all one needs to do is to sit in front of their screen safely overseas, while hunting for prey from within millions of social network users.

For this reason, the scam perpetrators get caught rarely. The unsuspecting victims suffer substantial damage - financially and emotionally. They end up with deep embarrassment that they cannot admit to being scam victims. With over million internet users seeking online dating services globally, there is an enormous chance of being caught by oil rig dating scams. Reports show that victims part with thousands of dollars on one scammer out of alleged love. According to the FBI, of all internet facilitated crimes, romance scams alone stand as the highest cause for financial losses.

Although oil rig scams vary in detail, they have an identical trajectory that they all follow. The oil rig romance scammer will identify the victim; rapidly establish a relationship online; then ask for a small amount of money - perhaps for a birthday gift - testing the readiness of the victim.

Soon afterward, the scammer claims to be in a crisis where they need a massive sum of money and promises to return it promptly.

Several other attempts of borrowing money follow until the victim is unable to send more money, or until they realize it was all a scam.

Oil rig romance scammers usually operate as a team, with specific roles for each member. One of them initiates the conversation with the victim claiming to be a lover. Other times they pose as friends or workmates to convince the victim to send money. Much scripting goes into these oil rig dating scams, as the false lover will use love poetry and plan events that lead to a relationship. A scammer can have many victims at a time; 10 even 20 depending on the size and abilities of their team, and the ease of their target.

These scammers will create fake online profiles on social media, and fill out phony information that will help to confirm their story. They will download pictures of good looking people and pose as them. They will even have photos of family on the page to appear more convincing. This can be done by cash transfer to an account for example in London. London or other big cities are typical addresses for the money transfer.

The payment needs to be sent as fast as possible, so that he can finish his work and finally is able to visit his beloved.

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Once his victim has paid, something else happens and he needs money again and again. All oil rigs have internet connections and telephones. Anyone can easily use video chats. And all rigs have their own supplies. Read more about Romance Scam on our special website. Are you not sure if your Internet friend is real? Then let one of our investigators consult you.

The expertise of our private detectives will protect you from financial and emotional damage caused by an oil rig scammer. Send us a message or call us now:. Have you ever heard of a scam by an alleged oil rig engineer? Scenario: The oil rig in the North Sea If you as a woman are using certain web pages on the internet, it is only a matter of time until you get a message from an unknown man.

This is how the scammer proceeds The photo of the profile shows an attractive man. Scammer use official looking identity cards which are faked or stolen, to gain the trust of their victims.

He quickly goes on the offensive and speaks of a shared future. The only catch in this story: not a single word is true. The money should be transferred as fast as possible To get out of the emergency situation, he asks to send the money to his supplier. After the payment something happens again Once his victim has paid, something else happens and he needs money again and again. But everything is a lie. All the stories are made up. Our advice if you are in contact with an Oil Rig Engineer Never transfer money to strangers.

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