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The dawn of dating apps has spawned many new businesses, but perhaps one of the most interesting niches is the dating profile photographer. Left we swipe. Too many zoomed-out snaps? Mirror selfies? So more and more people are turning to specialised dating photography agencies to ensure their pictures will give them the best possible chance of scoring a date. Or at least a right swipe.

The year wasand Tinder was just taking off. A new era of dating was just beginning. After spending some time swiping the apps, UK-based photographer Saskia Nelson realized that when it came to online dating profile pictures, something had to change.

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Nelson decided to turn her uninspiring swiping experience into a business. Six years later, her company Hey Saturday has been a transatlantic success, operating in numerous cities across the UK and US, and growing. While Hey Saturday was once one of the only companies in the dating app photography game, a quick Google search shows dozens of results for similar services.

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In New York alone, a host of online dating photographers, all at wildly different price points. After all, now that many of us have a professional-quality smartphone camera in our pockets we can all snap the perfect selfie with ease.

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Soliciting the skills of a professional photographer seems to be more about about portraying parts of your life that might not otherwise get caught on camera. Some are more challenging than others, but we always try and find solutions that come across as natural in the shots. Professional dating profile images may seem like overkill, but any seasoned online dater will understand the frustrating experience of sifting through a stack of lackluster photos, trying to decide what will attract the most suitors.

She talks with clients and peruses their Facebook profiles to find facts and interests that might stand out. Not having a generic profile, she told NBC News, is the best way to get a potential date interested. How is business? Hoehn is so busy, she said, that she is looking into hiring more writers.

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Everyone Dates Online It's time to get over your aversion to meeting people through the Internet. Inonly 44 percent of Americans thought online dating was a "good way to meet people," according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Compare that towhen a majority of Americans 54 percent were onboard with meeting a potential partner on the Web.

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Conclusion: Online dating is going increasingly mainstream. But that doesn't mean everyone is willing to share their profiles with friends. Instead, many people go towhere they can get honest - and often supportive and constructive - feedback. It might seem harrowing, but profiles are meant for people you don't know.

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At least this way you can get some advice in the process. Follow NBC News. Glassdoor then emails you when new jobs that match your saved preferences are listed. A job search board, this is similar to picking up a newspaper remember those? Choose a location or enter keywords to begin your search. You can save the search parameters and have the job board email you new postings.

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Be as generic or specific as you wish. When you see a job description that interests you, click on the link, and that will take you to an application page. There are no fees for the searches, but some of the jobs listed may not be legitimate work, so make sure to do a review search to protect yourself from scams.

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You pay a monthly fee to post your photos of anything and everything to this website. It works more like a microstock than an actual job board. Instead of receiving assignments, you shoot the type of subject that you are most comfortable with.

Shoot lots of images of those subjects. Some ideas of things to shoot are local places of interest, or groups of people doing things like dining, shopping, or dancing at a nightclub. Then, upload your photos to the site.

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If the type of images you shoot are in demand, then you have a higher chance of people choosing them to download. Payments are pretty low, but the luck of the draw will sometimes land you a decent payout.

Purchase a monthly subscription and then browse the posted jobs.

Hiring a photographer for dating profile pictures [26M] Have any of you hired professional photographers for the express purpose of posting their work on any sort of dating profile? Though I'm tempted to do so out of desperation to have a picture of myself I wouldn't be disgusted by, it is an expensive investment. May 23,   Dating apps are all about photos, and some women are finding better success by using professional photographers to take their pics. Here, we talk to dating . We're big proponents of hiring a professional photographer for those who are serious about online dating and finding love (and who have the financial means). An article on says this is one of the best ways to take your profile to the next level.

The opportunities are very focused, which is nice. Primarily listing jobs in the U.

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Everything from making images of exotic cars for ad campaigns to taking headshots for business cards. One thing this site offers more than some other sites is job postings for videography and other projects related to filmmaking. The only real downside is that it is still a relatively limited job site, and you will be competing with people who are mainly well-established talents.

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Bring your A game, present yourself well, and give it a shot. Photojournalism is a fairly specialized niche, not every photographer will enjoy photojournalism, and oftentimes employers ask for college degrees in journalism. Signing up for Journalism Jobs gives you access to photography projects that are solely in the journalistic fields. Besides searching jobs, you can also upload a resume and let the employers find you.

With both free and premium services, if you want to work on cruise ships in any capacity, this site has the opportunities for you.

As a cruise ship photographer, you would do many jobs - events, portraits, and even accompanying tourists on trips inland. You would also be doing most of the sales and post-processing. If that sounds like your dream job, climb aboard! As with general job search sites, you search with keywords for the job description you desire.

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When you see something you like, follow the prompts to complete an application. Companies differ slightly in how they handle online applications, but you may be required to provide credentials such as professional certificates or licenses. The premium service lets you see more jobs then what are listed on the basic free account. A stock image site, Shutterstock holds your uploaded image and video files and people and companies come to the site to buy rights to use your images.

With multiple images numbering into the hundreds of thousands, buyers have a lot to choose from.

Hiring a photographer for online dating

If they choose one of yours, you get paid. Individual payments with most stock agencies are relatively low, but they can add up over time. The fun thing for you as a photographer is that you can shoot whatever you like. Stock Image sites will generally have tools for photographers to use to see what type of image is in demand. This changes constantly, so make it part of your job to ate your images as needed. Images that are technically perfect stand out better than lesser quality images.

Online dating is normal now. most people don't end up hiring a photographer. she said, that she is looking into hiring more writers. Everyone Dates OnlineIt's time to get over your. Oct 05,   Hiring one is easier than learning about this yourself. You can spend 30 minutes to an hour with a photographer and have dozens of photos to choose from (assuming you choose a photographer that gives you all the photos from your session - see "cons" below). Dec 27,   The dawn of dating apps has spawned many new businesses, but perhaps one of the most interesting niches is the dating profile photographer. As anyone who occasionally frequents a dating app will.

Good exposure, sharp focus, pleasing composition - all of these things are important. Stay on top of current trends and submit high-quality images. If you do that, your images have a better chance of making you some money. This is one of the first online stock image sites and it has a huge number of customers. There are a huge number of images available, too, so the chances of your images getting purchased are relatively low per image.

However, the right portfolio of high-quality and unique photos can result in a steady extra income for you. A stock image site like Getty lets you concentrate on the style and genre you prefer, which is a plus.

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But the competition is always there in the same room with you, as it were. Keeping track of current trends and offering a variety of similarly themed images are strategies that can help maximize your earnings. This a contracted position that is basically real estate photography of staged locations. Airbnb is fairly particular about the quality of the images used to showcase the places offered for rent.

If you get hired on, work will be limited to host locations within your mile radius area. To apply, you go to the website and see if they are accepting applications in your area. You will need to show a strong portfolio on your website in order to be considered. Then you will be asked to do a sample job on your own to show you can work with their specifications.

If you live in a popular tourist area, work can be plentiful.

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Otherwise, it will be somewhat limited. Airbnb also expects a high-standard of post-processing.

One of the largest real estate photography companies in the U. You apply for the position, submit a portfolio, interview, and do a series of test shoots at a real location, then you get hired on as a contributing contractor.

Depending on the size and vibrancy of your local real estate market, how many photographers are in the area, and what kind of relationship your account manager has with area agents, Obeo can vary from a very part time situation with only a few jobs once in a while to virtually full-time work. There is a lot of work involved for contracting photographers. In addition to the principle photography, you may be required to do post-processing, floor plan mapping, and scheduling your location shoots.

Pay is decent, but you could definitely make more per job on your own. However, having the resources of Obeo will generally result in a greater volume of work. On the plus side, if you are good at realty photography, this could be an extremely lucrative vocation. A real estate imaging company, Stilio works on a similar model as Obeo, just with a slightly different group of packages.

When you work for Stilio, you are a contracted photographer for them. Stilio books a client and assigns them to you.

When you get the assignment, you set up the photoshoot and follow through. The pay scale is decent, but jobs will depend on how busy your local agents are. Stilio handles all the monetary arrangements, and you get paid your contracted amount upon job completion. Oyster is a company that contracts writers, photographers, and other professionals.

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As a contracted photographer, you will go to hotels in your assigned area, sometimes as a mystery shopper type guest, sometimes as a scheduled photographer. If you are able to sign on as a contractor, the pay structure is attractive and the work is rewarding. Ambassadors, as Everyscape photographers are called, are contracted to do a very specialized type of photography work - panoramic virtual tours. As a contracted photographer in your area, you get assigned places to shoot, you set up the schedule, and then you upload the files.

A fisheye lens, a nodal panoramic mount, and a DSLR are the equipment requirements. Excellent photo skills and a professional demeanor are the contractor requirements. While the pay scale is attractive, the type of photography means that jobs may be few and far between, depending on your assigned area. Locations tend to be hotels, offices, and other businesses. Formerly known as Dating Headshots, this is a portrait photography freelancing job opportunity. Online dating is a huge business, so if you get accepted as a contractor, you could find yourself with a fair amount of extra work.

You can work out of your own photo studio or you can do on-location environmental photography.

Dating profile photographer Talib Contractor, left, and one of his clients, Andy Hoang. (Joana Draghici/CBC) Toronto entrepreneur Andy Hoang only gets a few swipes right in his online dating . May 12,   In New York, similar online dating experiences led Charlie Grosso, an advertising and editorial photographer, to launch Tinder Photography last October. She sees it . With almost million bios for weddings, information about hiring an online dating profile picture is the dawn of photographer photography. And be professional not to over-light yourself: Philadelphia suggests avoiding harsh midday light if bios and photographer lights indoors, since no one looks good when every facial pore is highlighted and.

A person wanting their portrait taken chooses a photographer from the website, pays online ahead of time and arranges for a suggested time and place to do the shoot which the photographer confirms. After the photoshoot, you upload the images.

After the client approves, you get your cut released and paid.

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