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Ever been benched? What about stashed, or breadcrumbed? If you've spent time in the online dating world and therefore met a jerk or 10 , it's likely you've been victim to at least one of these behaviours, even if you don't know what it's called. Being across the lingo isn't just about keeping up with the cool kids, it can also be healing and empowering to know what happened to you has a label - and that you're not alone. Brisbane's Phoebe Parsons recently had this revelation and she's been sharing her newfound understanding of dating terms in her podcast on dating. Get up to speed with our dating glossary to learn a little more about dating behaviours - whether it's for you or even your teenage kids.

Basically, it's a coward's way of ending a relationship. Kind of like ghosting, but the ghoster continues to watch the ghosted person's Instagram stories, or like their posts.

When you turn up to a date and realise the person's profile picture must be 10 years old, you've been kittenfished. Like catfishing, but a person painting a much prettier picture of themselves on dating apps than what they are in real life.

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Classic jerk behaviour. Someone reads a message, but doesn't reply. Possibly the dating world's most frustrating behaviour.

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Ah, the backhanded compliment with a sinister twist. This is what manipulators use to undermine your confidence and therefore increase your need for that person's approval.

7 People Define Modern Dating Terms

When someone lets a former fling know they are still interested by still liking their social media posts. Easier than picking up the phone or showing up on the doorstep with a dozen roses?

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Get our newsletter for the best of ABC Life each week. Like the critters hiding in your kitchen cupboard, this is when a romantic partner hides the fact they are dating around.

If you subjected yourself to last season of Married at First Sight, you'll know all about this term. Haven't met your beau's friends and family?

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No photos of you on their social pages? They could be stashing you and the relationship to keep their options open.

Sep 08,   With so many modern dating concepts out there, it can be hard to keep up. Here's a list of 11 of the most commonly used modern dating terms to help get you up to speed. Stashing. Aug 05,   The language of dating has been in a state of constant flux since the time of Adam and Eve! Conforming to that norm, modern dating comes with a list of terms that reflect both our dependence on technology and also our fear of commitment. Online dating compels us to take a note of the modern dating lexicon, even if we hate it from the core! A glossary of modern dating Get up to speed with our dating glossary to learn a little more about dating behaviours - whether it's for you or even your teenage kids. Benching.

Also known as pocketing. It's like ghosting, but when the person pops up again out of the blue acting like nothing ever happened. Just like a submarine.

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Someone gradually losing contact with you. Like ghosting, but a softer blow with more warning signs. When someone a person has swiped left on via Tinder finds them on Instagram and hits on them there.

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Also known as stalking, don't do this. This one's a dead giveaway. It's when your ex comes back from the grave to say "hi".

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A great example is when Drake tried to kiss Rihanna on stage at the VMAs award and she literally curved to give him the cheek. While curving is somewhat nicer than a lot of other items on this list, it's still often used as a way of keeping an option open even if you're not really that interested. Noticing a trend here? This is when one person has all of the power in an exchange. Someone who will text you but fail to respond when you text back.

Someone who will never make plans to see you but expect you to drop everything and come over when they happen to have an afternoon free. As the name implies, this is not a two way street. It's a firedoor. You can get out but you can't get back in. You'll see this one come up on threads a lot. It stands for "involuntarily celibate" and is usually used as a term of identity by people who feel entitled to sex but can't get any.

These people suck and, more often than not, are actually dangerous.

We've all heard of catfishing, in which someone pretends to be someone they're not in order to catch a potential mate. In "kittenfishing," however, someone isn't exorbitantly lying in their online dating profile, they're just stretching the truth.

Tinder is not responsible for the availability (or lack of availability) of such external websites or resources. If you choose to interact with the third parties made available through our Service, such party's terms will govern their relationship with you. Tinder is not responsible or liable for such third parties' terms . Sep 07,   With so many modern dating concepts out there, it can be hard to keep up. Here's a list of 11 of the most commonly used modern dating terms to help get you up to keitaiplus.com: Business Insider. Apr 04,   11 Modern Dating Terms That You Need To Know. By Chio Apr 4, You've heard of "ghosting", but there's now wayyyyy more modern dating terms that you need to know about! Play the game below and click HERE to see more! The Dating Term Game.

The most basic version of this involves posting old or heavily altered photos, or lying about weight or height, so that the person who walks into the bar only vaguely resembles the person you matched with.

But it could also involve saying that you're a "doctor" when you're really in Pre-Med.

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If someone says they are "pansexual," it mean that they are attracted to someone regardless of their gender. To learn more about how that differs from being bisexual, check out our helpful guide on what it mean to be pansexual.

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Being "poly," as it's known for short, means you can be in a relationship while enjoying relationships with other people. The key here is communication and honesty yay, finally!

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It's been around in some form as far back as ancient Rome, but it's experiencing a resurgence in popularity. To find out more about its terms, you can read what this pansexual, polyamorous man had to say about it.

Unlike the other terms on this list, there's nothing wrong about being pansexual or polyamorous as long as the person communicates that to you, but not everyone knows what they mean so they are handy terms to know.

If you find out your partner hasn't cheated on you but has been casually looking for someone else on the side, then shifts the blame by saying they didn't realize you were monogamous, they are roaching.

As the term implies, this is not a nice thing to do.

11 modern dating terms

Traditionally, a date is seen as an interview for sex. But, increasingly, some millennials are using sex as a determiner of whether or not they'd even want to bother getting to know the person in the first place. This is a "sex interview," and while it has some logic to it, it is, at the very least, unromantic.

Circling back to the fact that everyone these days is wildly commitment-phobic, a "situationship" is a sexual relationship that stops short of being a committed relationship. You're together but you're not together together.

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You're in a situation. This is the act of taking a condom off during sex without even letting your partner know you've done it. In addition to being emotionally traumatizing, this is straight up sexual assault. This is when someone breaks up with you or ghosts you and then just pops back into your life after a lengthy silence as though nothing had happened.

Torpedo that thing. Thanks to social media, the zombie might also try to get back into your life by following you and liking your posts on Instagram and Twitter. This technique is favoured by people who love the thrill of the chase.

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When you finally agree to the date, they immediately lose interest and seek out their next target. Read more: An old-school alternative to Tinder is making a big comeback - step inside the world of modern matchmaking.

They just like leaving you breadcrumbs, like a trail in Hansel and Gretel, to string you along.

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Instead of cutting loose, you prepare for the break-up by chatting and flirting with several other people, to cushion the blow when it happens. It has since become a hugely successful show on MTV, where people write in to ask hosts Nev and Max to track down people they are talking to online. They try and figure out whether the person is being catfished. It refers to when you present yourself in an unrealistically positive way on your dating apps - for example, by only using photos which are years out of date or heavily edited, or lying about your age, job, height, and hobbies.

First, they stop being as responsive to texts or calls, then they may cancel plans and be unwilling to arrange new ones. Eventually, the communication between the two of you dwindles into nothing without the decency of having a proper conversation.

How mature.

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