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Adam explains why lobbying makes filing your taxes so complicated, and why the economic numbers we focus on don't provide the whole story. Plus, American manufacturing can't come back because it was a fluke to begin with. Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories. Adam Ruins Spa Day. Pricey "detoxifying" treatments cleanse you of cash and may do more harm than goo while MSG's scary reputation is undeserved. Plus, the placebo effect is way more powerful than you think!

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Adam Ruins Halloween. Adam reveals why you have nothing to fear from strangers with candy and how the "panic" over Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast was the clickbait of the s. And, mediums and s? Adam Ruins Science. Testing mice means wasted resources because what works on them often fails on humans. Scarce funding stops scientists from seeking cures, and there's no money in reproducing results, even though it's essential in proving findings.

Adam Ruins the Future. Adam explains that unregulated food expiration dates lead to waste and that your k won't be enough to support your retirement.

Plus, Adam's girlfriend Melinda proves that even with research, the future is ukeitaiplus.comedictable. Check out a sneak peek of Adam Ruins Everything, Vol.

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I really appreciate the sources so that we can look things up. As a historian, yes, you have changed my mind on alot of things. We are taught, history is set in stone, it doesn't change, and only one storyline that of the victorbut often things, or pieces don't seem to fit. Most of that information seemed lost in the past. Thank you for bringing it to light, even if it makes people mad or uncomfortable.

I'd personally wondered why did the Norse "vikings" leave Scandinavia? They weren't over populated, no history of famine, and we're very used to and equipped for the cold. Always fun and informative, albeit a little cheesy.

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This season has a new break down segment with some of the experts in between what would normally be the commercial breaks. Which should be noted, I enjoy them but is different compared to the last two seasons.

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My 12 year old loves this show. I am so happy she does. We sometimes watch together, and this has been great for discussing sources and ways to find real information when so much is out there as "fact" on the internet. We look up provided sources, have the opportunity to look into the facts behind the show, come up with our own ideas, and even branch out into other cts of science.

These actors appear in featured roles, often as historical figures that help illustrate the origins of the ideas that Adam scrutinizes. Adam Ruins Everything has received positive reviews from critics. Reviewing the series premiere, The New York Times reviewer Neil Genzlinger wrote, "Adam Conover's new television series isn't the first dedicated to the fine art of debunking, but it's one of the most entertaining.

But he owns it. Which makes his quasi-educational comedy series so goofily endearing. They appreciate his approach. Reviews have praised Adam Ruins Everything' s ability to encourage critical thinking and change its minds using comedy and facts, even when viewers have strongly-held beliefs to the contrary.

Writing in the Pacific Standar Andy Dehnart said:. While one show may not singlehandedly slow society's metastasizing ignorance or save critical thinking, it does offer a highly effective model for overcoming the roadblocks between our brains and reality There is so much resistance to having our ideological and filter bubbles popped that we protect them and fight off any perceived threats. But instead of coming at our bubbles with sharp swords of facts and judgment, Adam Conover sidles up in his own bubble, tells us a story, mocks himself, and lays out some facts.

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He's humble, informed, and human. With that combination, he's demonstrating a formula we might all use to attract, not repel, each other. Adam Ruins Everything has found use by educators in the classroom. In a paper entitled "Adam Ruins Everything, Except Economics", Pennsylvania State University lecturers Jadrien Wooten and James Tierney wrote that "Adam Ruins Everything touches on many economics topics that are relevant to introductory-level courses" and went on to describe how segments from the show could be used to teach concepts in economics.

He wrote:. When Conover makes this crucial argument in the video, he cites a piece written by Slate ' s senior technology writer Will Oremus in -a piece that's more about the difficulty of parsing all this information than it is about how electric cars might be dirty.

Adam Ruins Everything is an American educational comedy television series starring Adam Conover that debuted on September 29, , with a episode season on series aims to debunk misconceptions that pervade U.S. society. On January 7, , it was announced that the show had been picked up for 14 additional episodes to air starting on August 23, Adam Ruins Dating. By Adam Conover | Jul 30 | Share: In this episode, Adam swipes right on knowledge to expose the flaws in dating sites, reveal why alpha males don't really exist and explain how personality tests are a total failure. Fall in love with his sources. S3 | E3 Adam Ruins Everything 24 min Expires September 30 Adam hits pause on the myth that connects video games to real-life violence, and reveals that Monopoly was a .

What's more, Oremus spends a large chunk of his article explaining that how 'clean' your electric car is will vary depending on where you live, because different parts of the country use different percentages of these fuel sources to generate electricity. A similar argument against the episode was leveled by Fred Lambert of the pro-EV publication Electrek.

Unfortunately, while the rise of EVs is an encouraging trend, the evidence shows that in many cases replacing an efficient working car with an EV like a Tesla will actually increase your carbon footprint. O'Kane's piece presents no evidence that refutes this. In fact, behind the strong words, O'Kane affirms nearly every major point from our segment, and he argues against points we do not actually make.

The episode "Emily Ruins Adam Ruins Everything", functioned as a "corrections" episode, in which Conover and Axford revealed and discussed factual errors the show made over the preceding season.

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In this episode, Conover stood by the facts presented in the "Going Green" episode but argued that the presentation could have been clearer, stating, "If that many people misread our argument, we should have done a better job explaining it.

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kima chemist and science journalist working for Germany 's public broadcastingcriticized a portion of the episode "Adam Ruins Science" about animal testing for making what she called misleading claims about scientists and misquoting sources. In Canada, the series premiered on January 12, on Much. This episode featured the first appearance of Haley as Emily's friend. Guest star : John Michael Higgins as sommelier. Adam invades Haley's bathroom as she prepares to go on a date.

It elucidates that halitosis was a scare tactic, the irony of flushable wipesand why running water is one of the greatest achievements of modern times. Adam elucidates why the Electoral College is undemocratic, that the founding fathers did not want most Americans to vote, and how candidates can use gerrymandering to rig elections in their favor. This episode explains why the hour work week hinders productivity, why unpaid internships are exploitative, why freelancing is illegal, and why open disclosure of salaries is beneficial.

Adam reveals that summer vacation inhibits learning, how a rodent destroyed creativityand the unfair biased nature of video games for women.

Conover later appeared in a debate on The Rebel Media 's YouTube channel when one of its hosts, Lauren Southerndisputed this episode's gender equality claims. Adam elucidates that circumcision is common in the United States due to fear of masturbation, that Herpes is not as scary as the media makes it seem, and how most people do not truly understand the hymen. It also argues that the worst problem with sex is people feeling ashamed of it.

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Adam shows why vitamin supplements are not healthful, that sugar outweighs the "balanced breakfast" scale, and that most nutritional science quoted by the media is unscientific.

Adam goes on a date with Haley, but Emily is hit by a truck in a freak accident. Adam discusses several failed attempts at terrestrial immortality, and reveals the American funeral industry's exploitative tactics, such as embalming and the price of coffins. The episode also points to the importance to have a plan for last rites, as many do not notify their last ones about their preferences in case of a funeral or long-term life support and burden their families. After Haley dies in a freak accident, Emily consoles Adam as he concedes that grappling with death's uncertainty can be just as healthy as clear-cut answers.

Adam reveals that everything celebrities wear is an advertisement, that movie awards are won not by talent but by bribery, the inconsistencies of MPAA ratings, and how "reality" shows are fake. Adam reveals the truth about the NFL Playoffsthe supposed dangers and exaggerated fear of dehydration, and concussions. At the end of the episode, Adam's sister Rhea makes her debut. Adam attends Emily's wedding to Murph, causing the groom grief by elucidating the capitalist traditions behind modern ceremonies, how the feelings of newlyweds are susceptible to change, and that divorce can be empowering in most cases.

Shafer as Ray. Adam and Emily make a trip to the mall where Adam elucidates the origins of the modern enclosed shopping mall, the real difference between "outlet" and normal clothing stores, and the largely-unregulated supplement market.

Emily in turn elucidates Luxottica 's near-stranglehold on the entire vision care industry. Adam's sister appears at the beginning and end of the episode. Adam explains how purebred dogs are genetically abnormal, how stray cats are dangerous, and how monetizing the demand for trophy hunting can help animals.

Adam elucidates to a Mexican-American student and her grandmother over how increasing national border security does not deter illegal immigration, how the immigration courts are severely broken, and explores America's history with mass deportation. Adam discusses how buying a house is worse than renting one, how Airbnb enables crooks to run illegal hotels, and that building houses for homeless people can actually save money.

The former is about tax breaks and the latter is about the Hollywood Sign.

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In this episode, Adam exposes why cannabis incarcerates thousands of innocent minorities, how D. E actually increased drug use, and how legal drugs are just as dangerous as illegal ones leading to opioid epidemic.

Emily is arrested at the end of the episode due to the many drugs she confiscated from her students.

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Adam visits Emily in prison. In this episode, Adam reveals that private prisons and the Corrections Corporation of America monetize inmates, why Solitary confinement should be banned, and why prison keeps setting people up to fail.

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Emily is cleared of all charges, and promises to help her cellmate Kendra out. This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?

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In this episode, Adam talks about how the modern image of the cowboy is wrong, how women shaped the wild west, and how the west's true hero was not even a person. In this episode, Adam discusses how the internet has been underrated for nearly all of history, why cable companies are to blame for slow internet, and how "free" websites that claim to protect privacy, like Facebook and Googleare total hypocrites.

Adam Ruins Dating. August 1, 25min. TV Subtitles. Subtitles. English [CC] Audio languages. Audio languages. English. Adam swipes right on knowledge by exposing the major flaws in dating sites. Plus, infamous alpha males - and the wolves that inspired them - don't really exist, and personality tests are a total failure. "Adam Ruins Dating" August 1, TBA: Adam participates in a date and swipes right on knowledge to expose the flaws in dating sites, reveal why alpha males do not really exist and explain how personality tests are a total failure. Adam ruins dating cast - Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Join the leader in relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, rapport can provide.

Rhea, who works as a public defender, brings Kendra to court to clear her charges. In this episode, Adam talks about the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit 's false interperetation, why trial by jury is rigged with bias, and how public defenders are in a difficult line of work.

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Rhea and Adam attempt to prepare for the Conover parents to visit. In this episode, Adam reveals that Christians hijacked a Pagan holiday to create Christmaswhy gift giving makes no economic sense, and Santa Claus ' true history. In this episode, Adam talks about how big companies shifted the blame of littering onto people, [31] how electric cars can actually hurt the environment, and what to do now that climate change is happening. On December 7,truTV announced that Adam Ruins Everything would return for another season with sixteen episodes.

The season premiered on July 11, An additional six episodes, animated and dubbed Reanimated Historypremiered on March 20, In this episode, Adam talks to Emily about the myth of being pregnant after 35, if breastfeeding is better or worse than formula, and postpartum depression.

Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha Males Do Not Exist - truTV

In this episode, Adam discusses the irony of low-fat diets, why counting calories is a waste of time and why extreme weight loss shows are totally fraudulent.

In this episode, Adam diagnoses a hypochondriac over how arbitrarily inflated hospital costs created an entirely unaffordable and unfair system, reveals how misuse of antibiotics could ruin modern medicine, and elucidates why mammograms might not be as helpful as commonly thought. Adam participates in a date and swipes right on knowledge to expose the flaws in dating sites, reveal why alpha males do not really exist and explain how personality tests are a total failure.

In this episode, Adam asks an art student on what makes art great by illustrating why certain pieces are considered classics regardless of meritexposing that nothing is "original" and revealing how today's fine art market is primarily a tax dodge for the wealthy. In his first fully animated episode, Adam teaches an cartoon teacher and her class that Christopher Columbus was a genocidal imbecile, King Tut was insignificant, and grammar rules are very flexible.

This episode's "Tell Me More" segment is an interview with Dr.

Anne Curzana professor of English at University of Michigan. Class is in session as Adam elucidates the unfavorable chances of becoming a dropout billionaire, why "top college" lists are rigged with bias and why the once groundbreaking student loan system has created trillions of dollars in debt and ruined the lives of billions of graduates.

Adam's world gets turned on its head when Emily takes over to "ruin" him, pointing out where a few of his facts fall short. She debunks the idea that IQ tests measure intelligence and reveals their racist history, then does a rapid-fire battle against information that Adam has gotten wrong in previous episodes. Plus, she explains the "backfire effect," and why proving someone wrong, even with hard evidence, will not necessarily convince them to change their mind.

Adam promises to be better with his facts in the future, and ends up meeting Melinda. When he and Melinda decide to go on vacation, Adam shows to be bad at relaxing as he reveals the surprising history behind Mount Rushmoreexplain how Las Vegas slot machines are deliberately engineered addictions and uncover the strange story of Hawaiian statehood. Adam elucidates to a family man how the idealized lawn is an unnatural monstrosity, that the design of the cul-de-sac suburbs slowly kills people and how redlining led to today's institutionalized segregation in schools.

Adam exposes why filing taxes is hard, why the economic numbers that people focus on do not provide the whole story, and the possibility of a return of American manufacturing is now unachievable. Adam debunks Melinda's notions of the fake moon landing theory, her insistence to believe causing him to discuss the Satanic Panic of the s and how to spot a false theory.

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