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Fender Tube amp codes: - look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp - the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the month. An amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture. These codes have nothing to do with the serial number that is stamped on the right rear of the chassis - Those numbers are posted below. These codes are for amps with the serial number beginning with a letter:. EIA numbers taken from the transformers may help you to determine the date of production on amps that fall between the different dating schemes.

Fender Bassmandating and stuff.

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Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. I recently picked up a Fender Bassman and started googling for it. As the topic states I'd very much like to find out what year is was made and if possible what kind of schematic it may have. From what I've seen from just lurking around a lot of those bassman posts there seems to be a lot of modifications possible to these oldies.

Sound-wise its absolutely never distorting by itself. I play it through a pretty new Laney 4x10 8ohm cab. I can push it hard and for long, so far no problems and the sound is crystal clear.

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That's a pretty good feature for an amplifier I guess but I really like it when the sound is cracking up a little bit like this other old Fender combo I tried. Sounds as if its really getting pushed although is doesn't overdrive I thinkI'd say it's the sweet spot! Anyone got suggestions on how to reach that cracking up part? So many questions!

I guess this will have to be the beginning of the discussion. Some pictures of it will follow! All pictures can be found here: Fender Bassman - Imgur. Tags: None. Jazz P Bass.

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Bassman T Schematic Fender Bassman -, the free encyclopedia The best thing that you could do for more grit is to stick a pedal in front of it.

Attached Files Bassman T. Comment Post Cancel. Chuck H. Yes, it's a SF amp.

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It's not that collectible. It's a good, loud amp. If it's not distorting with the knobs cranked and the guitar volume up there is something wrong with it or your guitar. It should distort at least a little.

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Tom Phillips. The Bassman is much like a Showman model without the tremolo feature.

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If you want to narrow down the year that your exact amp was made you can look for date codes on the pots and on the transformers. Google to learn how to interpret the codes or post them here and we will help.

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Last edited by Tom Phillips ;AM. Reason: Added Link. Thanks for answers guys! The schematic that I posted should be your amp.


The output load should be 4ohms, as stated on the schematic. This amp puts out watts, full tilt boogie.

Bassman 5F6, 5F6-A (tweed) BM to BM - BM to BM - BM to BM - BM to BM - Bassman 6G6, 6G6-A, 6G6-B (blonde) BP to BP - BP to BP - BP to BP - BP to BP - Bassman AA, AA, AB (blackface) A to A

You have not stated where you have the tone controls set. This is no different with published dating tables for vintage Fender guitars and basses. For better or worse, this concept is common to this endeavor.

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Bandmaster 5C7, 5D7 tweed. Bandmaster 5E7 tweed. S to S - Bandmaster 5G7, 6G7 brown. Bandmaster 6G7, 6G7-A blonde. Bandmaster AA, AB blackface.

A to A - Bandmaster AB, AC silverface. Bassman 5B6 tweed.

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Bassman 5D6, 5D6-A tweed. Bassman 5E6, 5E6-A tweed. BM to BM - Bassman 5F6, 5F6-A tweed.

Special thanks to Bassman specialist extraordinaire, Clarke Blanton for his assistance with ating the Bassman dating tables and providing other Bassman facts and figures. Not too many people know more about the Bassman than Clarke. Extra special thanks to co-researchers, Devin "The Tweed King" Riebe, Paul Linden, and the late Greg. New Listing Fender Bassman Tube Amp Head & Cover, All Tube & PTP wiring. $ Brand: Fender. $ shipping. or Best Offer. 10 watching. Watch. Custom Bill Krinard Mod Fender Bassman w Two Rock Eric Gales Spec Amp Head. No . Product Dating Find out exactly when your instrument or amplifier was manufactured.

BP to BP - Bassman 50 silverface. Bronco AB silverface.

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Champion tweed. Champion 5B1 tweed. Champ 5C1, 5D1 tweed. Champ 5E1, 5F1 tweed.

Bassman 100 dating

C to C - Champ AA blackface. Champ AA silverface. A to A - Concert 5G12, 6G12, 6GA brown. Concert AA, AB blackface. Model 26 Deluxe woodie.

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Deluxe 5A3, 5B3 tweed. Deluxe 5C3, 5D3 tweed. Deluxe 5E3 tweed.

Nov 14,   BFM translation - the code they gave you, is the EIA code for the transformer and can be used to date the part. is Shumacher (transformer maker), 6 is the year and would refer to for a Bassman , and 10 is the week of the year. There are some easy ways to find out when your vintage Fender was manufactured. First, to get a general idea,there's the appearance/style of the amp. There are some exceptions and some overlap, but the general idea is this: Tweeds (early 50's to very early 60s), Browns ( - ), Blondes ( - ), Blackface ( - ), and Silverface ( - ). Up until the end of. The warm tube sound was introduced in when the first Bassman model was designed for Fender Precision Bass guitars. Shortly thereafter, the Bassman would become the most sought after amplifier for country and rock guitar and bass players. Bassmans that were manufactured in the 50s and 60s are known to resell in the $10, to $15, range.

D to D - Deluxe 6G3, 6G3-A brown. Deluxe AA, AB blackface. B to B - Harvard 5F10 tweed. H to H - Musicmaster Bass CFA silverface. Princeton 5B2, 5C2, 5D2 tweed.

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Princeton 5E2 tweed. P to P - Princeton 5F2, 5F2-A tweed. Princeton 6G2, 6G2-A brown.

DATING EARLY FENDER AMPLIFIERS Dating early Fender amplifiers is sometimes quite challenging. While dating Fender amps made before by serial number is all but impossible (as records of these numbers were never kept), all hope is not lost-the charts below should prove helpful in dating . Jul 14,   Fender Bassman , dating and stuff. , PM. I recently picked up a Fender Bassman and started googling for it. I found out that it probably (I'm not sure) is a silverface model, please correct me if I'm wrong. As the topic states I'd very much like to find out what year is was made and if possible what kind of schematic. Fender Tube amp codes: - (look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp)- the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. of Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture.

Princeton AA blackface. Princeton AA silverface. This sticker is a chart that shows the types of tube types used and the order of their physical location in the amplifier, and may be rubber-stamped with two-letter date codes that denote the year first letter and month second letter of production.

These stamped letters may appear in various positions on the chart. If three digits are present, the first digit refers to the year i. If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year i. The last two digits refer to the week of the year i. For example, EIA would denote the 21st week of It is also advisable to add about 6 months to the date to allow for time these parts may have spent in inventory storage. Several excellent books are available that contain reliable and invaluable information on the history of Fender amplifiers.

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