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We're supposed to follow our bliss, but that's not the best approach when it comes to certain foods. The bliss point is the optimal point of various taste sensations - think sugar, salt and fat - that compel you to go back for more and more of a certain food. It's essentially that "just right" that Goldilocks was striving for as she tried the three bears' porridge. Food companies spend millions of dollars and hours trying to create a bliss point that results in us consuming more of their foods. The bliss point is a concept developed by psychologist and market researcher Howard Moskowitz. He graduated from Harvard in with a Ph. One of the first projects he tackled was getting U.

It meant the soldiers weren't getting the calories they needed.

Jul 26,   Bliss Point Food Michael Moss' bestselling book Salt, Sugar and Fat talks about how the food corporations have tricked their consumers into getting addicted to their products. Their market researchers and food engineers are trying to figure out the exact amount of an ingredient, such as salt, sugar, or fat, that would optimize palatability. A bliss point is the amount of consumption that maximizes a customer's satisfaction for a particular good or service. For example, the bliss point of ice cream might be one small bowl and the bliss point for travel might be one trip a month. A customer who exceeds their bliss point may feel stressed, unsatisfied or . Mar 20,   The bliss point is a concept developed by psychologist and market researcher Howard Moskowitz. He graduated from Harvard in with a Ph.D. in experimental Noel Kirkpatrick.

On the other hand, mundane foods like white bread would never get them too excited, but they could eat lots and lots of it without feeling they'd had enough. Many people enjoy and crave big, bold flavors but their brains will depress the desire for them if they get too much of them.

Bliss Point is associated with maximizing desires and wants in the absence of any cost or spending constraints - such that beyond some point where desires and wants have been satisfied, consumption and pleasure becomes less and less fulfilled and eventually becomes boring. Bliss point is not a term exclusively reserved to economics though. Nov 29,   The Bliss Point. In food, the bliss point is the optimal point between sweet and salty that keeps people from being full, that keeps them wanting more. In a relationship or during communication, the bliss point is the optimal level of passiveness and aggression when communicating your standards. Be honest and genuine when expressing your feelings.

It's why the soldiers loved turkey tetrazzini for a while and then went back to eating white bread. The goal of the bliss point is to find the just right amount of flavors or tastes.

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If a food balances some two- or three-part combination of sweetness, saltiness and fat in just the right way, we'll keep going back for more of it. That right combination triggers the rewards centers in our brain, giving us a little dopamine kick, which keeps the cycle going.

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To that end, food manufacturers test products to find their bliss point. It's not just with chips and cookies and soda, though.

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If you buy something in a grocery story that isn't fresh produce, it likely went through long stages of testing to find its bliss point, with the ultimate goal of consumers buying it again and again. Moskowitz has done extensive work in the field, helping companies find the bliss point for new products.

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It took a long while to get the formula for that soda just right, but it was wildly successful. Of course, the more we consume of something that triggers the reward center of brain, the more used to it we get.

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So then we need to consume more of it just to reach the baseline rush of dopamine we experienced the first time we ate it. This is especially true of sugar, which is a big part of a lot of bliss points in foods we buy.

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Writing for CNNDr. Darria Long Gillespie, an emergency physician, has a few tips on how to resist foods' bliss points so you can find your own bliss.

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Look for the sugar. Finding the sugar in your food can be tricky, especially when it hides under one of more than 60 names. Be honest and genuine when expressing your feelings.

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For example, when asked to spend the night after a first date, express that there is a part of you that may find the option tempting, as you are genuinely interested in him and do find him attractive. This creates a spark in him, it gets him excited. Lastly, open the door for other options.

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Invite him to do something later in the week. He will be intrigued and go away unsatisfied.

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He wants more, in this case, another date. Through his online programs, viral internet broadcasts, sell-out seminars, NYT Bestselling book, and his roster of private clients, he has been able to pass on his insights and strategies to countless people.

Hussey is the new international guru of the dating and relationship-coaching scene.

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