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But believe it or not, that wasn't always the case.

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Thanks to the scientists at Copenhagen University, we now know that somewhere between 6, to 10, years ago, everyone had brown eyes, according to Science Daily. Specifically, this mutation essentially acted like a "switch" and "turned off" people's ability to produce brown eyes.

The Truth About Blue Eyes

Thus blue eyes were born! Not only did the team at the university identify the mutation that created blue eyes, but they also discovered that everyone with blue eyes has something in common.

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If you are the lucky owner of a set of cobalt peepers, chances are you've noticed that your eyes appear to change color, sometimes looking bluer or grayer - or even lighter or darker.

That was certainly the case with the famous movie actress Elizabeth Taylorwhose bright blue eyes could look violet when the light hit them just right. There's a reason blue eyes appear to change color, which is related to why they look blue in the first place. Additionally, the color of the eye can look different depending on the color of clothing that a person wears, as well as the color and style of makeup that's applied around the eye.

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To be fair, people with green and hazel eyes are also prone to seemingly color-changing irises as well, so this isn't unique to blue-eyed folks. But it's notable nonetheless. If you're a parent, or are close to someone who's had a babyyou might have had the experience of watching the eyes of an infant change color from bright blue to green or brown. That's why you can't know what someone's eye color will be when they grow up until about the six-month mark, according to an article published by McGill University.

The reason that many babies are born with blue eyes that can later change to brown is, once again, due to the way melanin functions in the human body.

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When a baby is born, melanin hasn't yet been fully deposited into the iris of the child's eye, which results in the iris being blue. But after a certain period, the genetics kick in and melanin production either ramps up, changing the color of the baby's eye, or doesn't, rendering the color of the iris blue for life.

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It's just one more way that the human body is truly a mystery. So if you happen to be the bearer of big blue eyes, shouldn't your wee one also inherit them? Conversely, if both you and your partner are of the brown-eyed persuasion, wouldn't it logically follow that your children will be too? Of course, given the complexity of genetics, it's not that simple.

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Surprisingly, two brown-eyed parents can have a child with blue eyes, according to an article published by the University of Delaware. Additionally, two blue-eyed parents can give birth to a brown-eyed baby. So what's the reasoning? In a nutshell, eye color is not determined by one single allele or recessive gene.

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Rather, it's determined by several different genes, as well as the interplay between them. Everyone needs vitamin D in their bodies, according to a journal article in Environmental Health Perspectivesso it's important to get a little sunlight on a regular basis.

A blue eyes woman is often: Kind and patient. She knows that silence and the ability to wait calmly are the best tools for successful and emotionally satisfying future. Gentle and sensitive. It's not hard to offend a person like this. Nevertheless, a beautiful blue-eyed woman with light shades of blue doesn't like to bear a grudge for too long. However, blue-eyed men rated the girls with blue eyes as more attractive than the brown-eyed ones. The study interpreted the preference in terms of "specific mate selective choice of blue-eyed men, reflecting strategies for reducing paternity uncertainty." What this means is that blue-eyed men prefer women with blue eyes because it's one. Jan 31,   Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor Date: January 31, Source: University of Copenhagen Summary: New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor.

But depending on the color of your skin, you have to be varying degrees of careful when you step outside, lest you wind up with a sunburn, according to the American Cancer Society. So if you're light-skinned, you're more at risk, though everyone should take precautions when they go out, regardless of skin color.

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Just as you have to be careful with your skin when you're outside, you also have to protect your eyes accordingly, especially if they're light-colored. Although having blue eyes or light-colored eyes is considered quite beautifulthere is one disadvantage that comes along with this phenotype. Specifically, fair-eyed folks are more at risk of developing melanoma of the uvea that's the middle layer of your eye than their brown-eyed counterparts.

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Fortunately, there's a pretty simple way to protect your precious peepers from harmful UV rays, according to ophthalmologist Dr. These people are considered sensual, emotional, and passionate when it comes to relationships. They get attached very fast, and it will be hard to get rid of this person's attention if you manage to charm her.

That's the reason why almost every blue-eyed woman is persistent. She knows how to:. Beautiful women with crystal blue eye colour have angelic looks but often turn out to be cruel and arrogant when it comes to unwanted arguments and forced conversations.

Vladislava, Alisa, Alina, Diana, 18 new. Yulia, Nataliya, Natalia, Valeria, Victoriya, Alexandra, Kristina, Oksana, Ludmila, Anastasia, Victoria, Yeah, probably that's the reason why gentlemen prefer blondes with blue eyes looking and behaving like Marilyn Monroe.

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We are all different, and our preferences in people's appearances are different. It's almost impossible to systemize information like this and use it as a guide to successful matchmaking.

Blue eyed dating

No, beautiful blue eyes cannot be the instrument of creating your happy-ever-after. There's a list of factors you should take into consideration: education, historical background, and cultural peculiarities.

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Make sure you choose wisely. Nevertheless, statistics say that blue-eyed women are:.

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In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus, also known as a Wadjet pendant, was buried with pharaohs to protect them in the afterlife Credit: Alamy. In essence, the curse of the evil eye is not a complicated concept; it stems from the belief that someone who achieves great success or recognition also attracts the envy of those around them.

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That envy in turn manifests itself as a curse that will undo their good fortune. Elworthy explores instances of the symbol in a number of cultures; from the petrifying gaze of Greek gorgons to Irish folktales of men able to bewitch horses with a single stare, virtually every culture has a legend related to the evil eye.

The eye symbol is so deeply embedded in culture that, in spite of its potentially pagan connotations, it even finds a place within religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran.

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Belief in the evil eye has transcended mere superstition, with a number of celebrated thinkers attesting to its veracity. One of the most notable examples was the Greek philosopher Plutarch, who in his Symposiacs suggested a scientific explanation: that the human eye had the power of releasing invisible rays of energy that were in some cases potent enough to kill children or small animals.

More often than not, those said to be most adept at delivering the curse are blue-eyed, likely due to the fact that this is a genetic rarity in the Mediterranean area.

Jul 30,   Another fun fact about blue eyes has to do with men and their dating and relationship preferences. According to a study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, blue-eyed men find blue-eyed women more attractive than women with any other eye color. That wasn't the case for blue-eyed women, who didn't demonstrate a specific Author: Cat Lafuente. Russian Women with blue eyes - Browse s of Russian Dating profiles for free at by joining today. Sep 09,   Blue-eyed people are more attractive. Whether it is natural or if the many Hollywood productions involving blue-eyed actors had something to do with this, we do not know. What we do know is that people with blue eyes are generally considered more attractive than people with dark colored eyes. Many studies have been performed and they all.

The ancient Phoenicians put eye symbols on beads they strung together as necklaces Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Though the theory that some possess a more potent glare capable of inflicting harm is quite common in the lore of the evil eye, not all correlate the power with an inherent ill will.

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Some cultures view the ability to bestow the curse as an unfortunate burden, a curse in itself.

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