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I have a passion for wilderness skills and encouraging others to go into the woods, to experience nature through the lens of bushcraft. I do sometimes fear, though, people may be put off from experiencing nature in this way. If this is the case, then I see it as a great shame as bushcraft is so beneficial and enriching. It seems some are given the impression of bushcraft as an activity that necessitates heading out to the woods with nothing but a knife, having to sleep out in an improvised shelter and forage for your dinner. While these things are all possible with sufficient skills in different cts of bushcraft, this combination is daunting for someone who has limited or no experience of even camping out.

A version of this article was first published in Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. Hi Paul, As the weather gets colder, I really appreciate all of these articles! I have my base camp built, an LLbean Pine Tent. But I will be trying tarp camping in November. My problem has always been that I bring too much.

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So your articles are very helpful. I am working hard to reduce. I use a Bio-lite stove, which is light weight, and practical for me. I can cook all my meals on it without using a lot of fuel. I particularly like your idea about the bivy bag for my sleeping bag, as that always gets dirty fast and I have to have it cleaned often.

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A saw is also a good idea. Thanks and keep writing! Warm regards, Shawn. Hi Paul. Great article and right on the money as usual. One thing I would add to a basic set of items is a notebook or journal for sketching and recording events, objects and findings in.

BDU Imports Ltd & The Bushcraft Store, Culver Nurseries, Cattlegate Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 9DS, UK Opening hours from June 15th - 7 Days a week. This is subject to change without notice depending on the situation regarding COVID 19 (for extended opening hours simply telephone) | [email protected] Bushcraft Fire Lighting and Coffee in the Woods - Duration: 10 minutes, 20 seconds. Girl Outdoors. 30, views; 2 years ago; Making a Bushcraft Tripod - Duration: 13 minutes, 2 seconds. Beaver Bushcraft's online shop, allowing access to all of the quality, plus, handmade, traditional items and leather goods we have to offer.

I have gone up market and invested in a hard cover A5 notebook and made a canvas slip for it that is treated with wax to protect it from rain and moisture. Keep the great content coming. We all really appreciate the time and effort you put in for us to enjoy and learn from.

Kind regards PR. So, the rest of my limited kit is just stuff I had from years of rambling, my sons old Dof E stuff and a folding pruning saw I found in my shed. As a beginner, there are two things I now never leave the house without; my pocket guide to identifying British trees and a couple of coffee bags like teabags, only with fresh coffee in them, both of which I would highly recommend to anyone.

Keep banging the drum Paul, the message still needs to be put out there judging by the numerous Bushcraft cough cough youtube videos and websites out there. Very interesting article. Back when I was first interested in bushcraft I was initially put off by the expensive kit deemed necessary by most of the so-called experts on the Internet, namely YouTube. Hi Paul, High quality and considered article as always.

I was thinking as I read WRT muted clothing and colours. These are great to blend in and see more wildlife. Equally though we should consider if things do go wrong for whatever reason, the muted colours will make you harder to find by any rescue team.

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As such, perhaps people may want to consider packing something high- contrast coloured against the background to allow them to be located more easily. Yet another great article. One thing I have noticed is that your articles never mention bears. Bears are a big deal where I practice bushcraft. You did mention map and compass. The biggest reason people end up in survival situations is that they have become lost.

Lost proof yourself, learn to use a map and compass. That aside, bushcraft is not intended to be a survival ordeal when going out into the wilds of wherever we live. Bushcraft by definition is the skill of living in the wild. If you are comfortable heading out with nothing but a pair of shorts and a hat, then do that.

Most of us, however, require a few more tools and gear. Hi Paul, another excellent piece. With the exception of the morakniv, this is my basic kit. Unfortunately I was seduced by one of the bg knives by Gerber, sturdy but slightly large although this makes it excellent for batonning. I do usually use a tent, but thanks to you am progressing to the tarp and bivvy very nicely. I use a Bushbox xl for cooking, for 2 reasons. And 2, I find it helps me practice my fire skills and I have greatly improved since I started using it.

Have you tried it yourself? I like to have a large bandana. An make the into a pouch, a sling, etc. I usually have an orange one to address the visibility issue the gentleman above mentioned. Great article as always. My own studies have benefitted no end from carrying a small camera.

Usually I just use my cell phone camera.

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This may not sound too bushcrafty, but I also keep a bunch of field guides, track ID apps, bird song recordings e. Excellent Paul. I used tin cans to cook in when I was young and have survived to tell the tale, although nowadays, the cans are mostly coated with plastics and vinyls, yuk.

But a cheap container bought at a dollar store or thrift shoppe will serve well to start. And it cannot be overstated that correct seasonal clothing is essential as your first shelter. The trick is to use what equipment you got and use it well. Work with nature, never against it.

Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Hello Paul, What a great article, excellent. A question I have a grantors brut axe, would the pocket whetstone be good for this and what would you recommend Many thanks and keep those articles coming. First of all great and valuable article. Nobody said that read this and that and buy this list and go out in the middle of wild 3 months of walking far from civilization.

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You can practice your skills in most of the cases in less than 10 km from the house or in your backyard. So get a few things, go out, experience what is best fitted to you and adapt the further equipment on your personal needs.

Hopefully I did not get anyone mad, this is my personal opinion.

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I did not care what kind of knife I take with me when I went out to a week of camping I was not alone and not so far from civilization that my life depend on it sometime it get broken, most of the cases from my fault but the learning and persevering in knowledge should be stuffed in our bag, not the last high tech equipment. Hi Paul, I would suggest taking a compass and relevant map of the area you are in.

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The knowledge of how to use both also!! Regards Peter Australia. This is a nice article, I like the fact that you are more focused on the reasons why you carry something than the stuff itself. A few extra things I always carry in the woods are. Marking your olive green kit with something bright can be helpful for a beginner until you can get into the good habit of putting it away in the same place when not using it.

A little peep into an (almost) off-grid lifestyle in the UK today By Leshy of BCUK Introduction When I was asked by Tony, if I could write a small article about what it's like living on a boat, blade bushcraft camping carving clothing Cooking dave budd Fire firelighting knife review sheath Stove survival tinder tool walking water wood. Jul 02,   UK About Youtuber Thanks for checking out my channel! My outdoors based channel includes wild camping, bushcraft so,lo wild camping, cooking outdoors, historical places, day hikes and sometimes i like to visit reputedly haunted locations. I also do Gear reviews on outdoors equipment, tents, cooking items and other outdoors products that i use.

Hey Paul, Great article as always. As far as I can tell, you covered the basic tools and equipment to get started in the woods. I would add a good compass and food. So many bushcraft videos forget to mention food. A good practice, I think, is to put together your own daily food rations.

Talk about good timing! Hi Paul, great article as always. I like to take a neck tube to keep the cold from my neck and I really feel the benefit. Also to keep you warm take a Maisie with you, my border collie she is like a hot water bottle.

As a kid, I just wanted and needed whatever kit would work so that I could get into the jungles and explore, forage, and learn how to get along in the wilds, whether alone or with friends. It is the skills you teach that open our hearts and minds to the wildness and beauty of our natural world. Greetings, Fine article. As it is aimed at beginners, perhaps showing photos of fires built directly on vegetation is a problem. If one is in temperate lands, wood that is down and dead is all one ought to burn.

Perhaps bigger logs are the standard in arctic and sub-arctic conditions. Thanks for yet another handy, informative sharing of experience and knowledge. I would be torn between, a map and compass combination, something to do after dark in the winter or a friend to share the experience with. I always enjoyed practicing with friends, I appreciate that some people might rather acquire the skills alone if self conscious. However i think that for a total novice knowing that they are not alone could be a good thing in the dark of a wood or forest at night.

Where you will be going and when they should expect you back by. Thanks again Paul, keep safe, and please keep your brilliant blog. All the best, Dave. Great work Mr Kirtly. Being a newcomer to bushcraft, I was also led to believe the expensive equipment was what you should have.

Before running across your videos I purchased a set. An alcohol stove and pot set for two. It burns various forms of alcohol, mainly Mentholated spirits. And it comes in handy if the power goes out to! I boiled a pan of water and made a large pot of tea for my wife and me.

As I do not know the rules on wild camping here in Ireland I would not light a fire unless I knew for a fact that I was not breaking the law, as ignorance is not a defense! I do recall that you yourself suffer from back pain, and prefer to sleep on the ground. So I was thinking of trying sleeping on the ground first, and if that is not for me I could get a hammock, and see how that goes!

Well, I have kept you for too long already!

Jul 03,   About Blog Paul Kirtley's Blog provides articles, videos and podcasts to help improve your wilderness bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor keitaiplus.comncy 18 posts / year Since Nov Also in UK Survival Blogs Blog Facebook fans K ? Twitter followers K ? Instagram Followers K ? Social Engagement ? ? Domain Authority 41 ? ? Alexa Rank M. Oct 12,   The basic tools needed to explore bushcraft skills will take you a long way. LOTS more detail below. Photo: Paul Kirtley. I have a passion for wilderness skills and encouraging others to go into the woods, to experience nature through the lens of bushcraft. I do sometimes fear, though, people may be put off from experiencing nature in this keitaiplus.comh Year: Jun 11,   Videos on Basic Bushcraft & Survival Skills, Fire lighting, Shelter building, Foraging for Wild Food and the Bushcraft Camp ate Series!

Have a good on! Thanks Paul for a straight forward article. The problem with YouTube is many of the contributors have hugely different motivations for their videos and what they want to get out of being outdoors differs hugely.

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Hi Paul, love watching your vids etc. You mentioned firelighting as a main skill but only mentioned firesteels and rods for starting them. A cheap gas lighter is worth its weight in gold not just for fires but things like sealing the ends of paracord.

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Love your blog, and this was another great article. After reading this article, I had the thought to search for an agenda for a bushcraft excursion, both a day trip and an overnight trip. What I mean is a checklist of things to accomplish, like one might get from a class in order to demonstrate what has been learned. Could you write a post or two - day trip and overnight trip that provide such an agenda?

CAMPOUT DURING LOCKDOWN? ABANDONED SHELTER Camping Solo With My Dog - Bushcraft - Cooking \u0026 Foraging

My thought was to find one and then plan a trip nearby to test my skills. Hi Paulwell done! Personally for safe I always have a bic lighter with me.

Bushcraft dating uk

Thanks for your feedback. So i will write here what you should look for, if you are living in Germany. You should look at a free market, where people sell used things, for equipment that you need. Often you get a knife, a simple steel spoon, a military pot, a rucksack or a summer sleeping bag very cheap at markets like that, especially, if you tell the people, that you do not have so much money and want to go with your friend for a bit camping in your local forest.

The people, who sell that old things will normally give it you very cheap, especially if you are young. If you buy a sleeping bag second hand, you have to take one with synthetic filling, so that you can wash it in your washing mashine, and in mummy form, so that it is not so heavy like a camping sleeping bag in blanket form. You also get the mummy form much better in your rucksack, than a sleeping bag in blanket form.

If you find different offers you should buy the smallest they offer, because you will start in the summer, and for that a small one kilogramm or one and a half kilogramm sleeping bag is for you better than a bigger one.

You should inform yourself about the sizes of sleeping bags around one kilogramm in a shop, before you look at the free markets, so that you know, what you have to look for. For your first steps in the forest you do not need so much. I will write here a longer list, but you can take each day you go in the forest the next peace with you, so the first day you go with one peace, the second day with the second and so on, so you have enough time, to learn every thing about each part of your equipment step by step, and you habe enough time in the weekends, to look for used equipment at the markets, you can ask everybody if he has something for you, you have on your list and you can slowly collect your pocket money for the more expensive parts of your equipment.

As a beginner you have so much to learn, that at first you do not ned a lot of equipment. You should learn for every thing the correct use, before you go out with the next thing. You should start with the first things I write down here, and than going down on the list, you can take more and more with you. At first you need a knife and some cordage.

Every pocket knife is ok for the beginning and every knife with a fix blade in a leather or plastic sheath too. If you have an old one, you have to look for somebody, who can sharpen it for you or can teach you how to sharpen it, what of course is better. You find old men, who have time for you in garden colonies for examples, you can just ask the people at a sunday, who is able to sharpen knifes.

Farmers, joiners, carpenters and buchers know professional how to sharpen a knife too. If you can ask a farmer, you can use the chance, and ask him, if he allowes you to practise your outdoor skills on his land, somewhere next to a forest. If you want to make a fire in Germany, the landowner has to allow it to you, and you have to keep a distance of meters to the next forest.

That is a law, which protects people from burning the whole forest down. But you will find in that distance a nice corner with some bushes or a hedge, where you can put your little camp. If in the beginning you do not know a farmer, that is not so important, because you can go in a forest or a place between some fields and practice your outdoor skills, theoreticly you are not allowed to build a nature shelter or a tent in the forest, only on farmers land if it is allowed, but so long you do not make fire, do not dig large holes in the earth and use only dead wood, laying on the ground and leave not to much cordage in the nature, and build only a small natural shelter or poncho or tarp tent, nobody will say anything angainst you.

If you build your shelter in a distance of meters to the forest you will also see the most wild animals, if you are quiet an well hidden in a natural shelter.

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You should at first ask the farmer at the beginning of the summer, if he allowes you to construct a natural shelter and a small tent and to watch out for wild animals. And from time to time to sleep there. Later in autum, if it starts to become cold and rainy, you can ask him for the fire, when it is not so dangerous for the forest. People who own a few horses or rabbits can give you some strong cordage for free, if they feed the animals with hay in rectangular bundles.

On your way into the forest you will find them. In Germany you do not burn toilet paper in the summer, like they do it in Britain.

German forests are to dry, the risk to burn them down is to high! The next tool you need is an expensive one. Do not take a cheaper one, they all are rubbish, it must be the fiskars, which is made for professional gardeners use. You need somebody who teaches you the use of that. You will learn that in a garden colonie or on a farm, if you do not know somebody else, who can do that. That axe is much smaller than the small forest axe from Paul Kirtley, but for the wood you will find in the german forest the small one is better.

And so long people find you with that small axe and the small saw in the forest, they will think, that you are playing there, if they find you with an larger axe and a long bow saw, they will think, you want to steel fire wood they could sell, keep that in mind! But before you need that axe, you need a lot more before that, only if there would be the chance that an oncle pays for you, you should try to get this Bauhaus or Fiskars knife, saw and axe in one rush! And a pair of leather working gloves with cotton textile, not synthetic, to protect your hands, if you are starting to use the saw.

Later you will need them also, if you want to take your cooking pot from the fire.

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Because of this use, do not take anything with synthetic textile! They are good, but the batteries are very expensive! As a beginner you should buy a head lamp with normal and cheap batteries. The small ones are good for far distance hiking in the holydays, but to use them is very expensive because the batteries are expensive. Unfortunatly the 2 x 3 meter tarp you need they sell in the moment only in white colour for 6 euro. The smallest they offer in green is 5 x 3 meters, and that is to large for you.

It will fly away in the next wind. You can use this as a raincoat,what is in the german summer better than a goretexjacket with trousers. You can use the militaryponcho also as a tarp or tent. That smaller size than the british military tarp is for Germany the better option, because it is lighter, as a raincoat more flexible and you can hide it better, because it is smaller, when you go later for wild camping tours, where you change every night your camp in the holidays.

It is well known, that it is raining in britain a lot, so there the larger tarp is better, but in Germany we have normally very dry summers, so you do not really live inder your tarp, the Bundeswehr is the better option for Germany. With the poncho you need two grey plastic bags people normally use for rubbish to sit on them under your poncho if it rains, if you want to do them under your sleeping bag, you cut and open them, so that they get the form of an insolation matress.

An insulation matress you do not need in Germany in the summer, if it is cold or hard you can put a jacket under your sleeping bag. That rucksack allowes you to do all tours, you wants to do in germany and summer tours trough europe too.

So if you buy that and treat it well, you do not need tobuy a second one in your life. Bushcraft Youtube Channels Joe Robinet Ontario Canada About Youtuber This channel is mainly bushcraft style camping trips, sometimes I build a natural shelter, sometimes I sleep in a tent, under a tarp, or in the snow.

About Youtuber From the lore of bushcraft to all things related to self-sustainability, the Pathfinder vision is to pass on the knowledge of outdoor self-reliance. Providing basic to advanced self-reliance training and survival gear, our goal is to offer both practical knowledge and survival gear that will stand the test of time. From emergency preparedness to sustainability, the Pathfinder way is to share and educate. About Youtuber Here at Far North Bushcraft And Survival you will learn about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen.

Come along and sit with me by the campfire as I delve into these subjects in a way that you can easily learn to then do yourself. Netherlands About Youtuber Dutch Bushcraft Knives is all about knives, steels, gear, bushcraft and the outdoors. We love to share what we do and know. Germany About Youtuber Follow to enjoy the videos related to bushcraft, camping, outdoor, comedy.

It would be an honor for me if you would come for the ride! I got saved in and I have dedicated my life and this channel to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. It creates family friendly environment where we can learn together.

These videos will take you through the basic survival Priorities Shelter, Fire, Water, food and Tools step by step at a basic level and then build from there.

He has operated The Native Survival School providing woodland living and bushcraft classes sincehe's a craftsman and outdoor gear designer; his gear shop offers bushcraft and survival items he's designed. Sweden About Youtuber Wilderness Painting - Adventure - Bushcraft - Plein air painting adventures, wilderness canoe trips - backpacking.

I record my trips through painting and filming hoping to inspire others to get out there as well or for those that can't, to enjoy nature from the comfort of their homes. I also have a lot of free painting lessons and demos on my channel for those interested in learning how to paint. Since Apr Channel youtube.

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About Youtuber Bushcraft, Long Term Sustainability, Short Term Sustainability, wilderness survival, pioneering skills, and everything in between this channel will provide. Understanding self preservation is important during any situation and it is something many individuals overlook and fail to make part of their daily lives. This channel focuses specifically in self preservation and the means to provide for yourself, family, and friends.

Denmark About Youtuber This is a channel about bushcraft and outdoor life. I want to make high quality videos and with enlightening and exciting content I live in Denmark close to the largest forest we have in this country: Rold forest.

But in the future, I am planning to travel to our neighboring countries: Norway and Sweden and practice my bushcraft hobby there, and document them on my YouTube channel. About Youtuber Paul Kirtley is a professional bushcraft instructor. He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. Enjoy the videos related to Bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor safety with professional instructor Paul Kirtley. United Kingdom About Youtuber I love being in the the woods and outdoors practicing my bushcraft and survival skills, There is always something to learn and discover around every corner.

Norway About Youtuber This channel is mainly for sharing small adventures and tips in close relation to bushcraft, survival and wilderness skills. About Youtuber This channel consists of videos related to bushcraft camping survival. Whether its canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping, simulated survival, hiking, or just plain walking in the woods, I love all activities that have to do with exploring this beautiful world which we live in. About Youtuber My channel is all about Bushcraft, Camping and being prepared in the outdoors.

I have been a volunteer Search and Rescue Team Leader for more then 10 years and I take skills and preparation seriously. Ontario, Canada About Youtuber This channel is mainly focused on bushcraft topics, canoe and kayak building and wilderness camping trips. In my videos, I try to make learning bushcraft real. To me bushcraft and wilderness skills includes how to build a canoe or kayak, how to tie knots, how to set up a camp whether a natural shelter, a tent, under a tarp, or in the snowhow to navigate and how to survive.

Since Dec Channel youtube. Greece About Youtuber My name is Sotiris. This channel is all about wilderness adventures, bushcraft, camping, cooking, hiking, fishing and many more! About Youtuber A place to share ideas relating to bushcraft, woodscraft, camping, backpacking, and the great outdoors. About Youtuber Channel is to promote self reliance, bushcraft, and my projects.

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About Youtuber This channel is mainly about bushcraft and building shelters. I like to sleep with a hammock under a tarp. I practice all forms of fire lighting and survival techniques and spend a lot of time in the woods.

About Youtuber On my channel I take you along on our Bushcraft adventures and present the gear and skills I use. United States About Youtuber I developed a strong affection for the woods as a child and this passion continues to grow with each passing day. I've been backpacking and wilderness camping since the late '80s. I developed my rock climbing and rappelling skills as a younger man, and within the last decade learned about canoeing and kayaking.

The military taught me the tactical side of life, but Bushcraft has been my most recently discovered life skill. I hope to encourage, inspire and help others through my videos. I'm a construction worker and father of 3 and I absolutely love making YouTube videos in my spare time Make sure you subscribe to my channel for lots of hunting, fishing, trapping, bushcraft, survival, camping, hiking, and even some log cabin building Having the tools, knowledge and skills to survive off the grid is important in these uncertain times But is it enough?

United Kingdom About Youtuber This channel is basically about me and my son getting out and doing some bushcraft and hammock bashin!! Farnham, England About Youtuber Wild camping, Learning and testing bushcraft skills, enjoying the outdoor life, whatever else floats my boat at the time. I'll try to keep it interesting.

Several unsuccessful years later, inI nearly gave up but due to some great and Godly encouragement I doubled down and made my content waaaay better. Then, a year after that I found my next cast member, and life companion Ashley, she made the content way more fun. My name is Matt and I have a love for the outdoors and have set up this channel to document my adventures.

I'm no expert, just a guy enjoying his time in the outdoors, hoping to inspire others to do the same.

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