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A Cancer man and a Capricorn woman are both traditional, hard-working, security seeking, career and family orientated individuals. Neither is quick to fall in love, and both want a lifelong commitment. However, these two don't fit s stereotypical man and woman. A Cancer man is a 21st Century man; he's a manly man with some feminine attributes. He's a hard worker who needs financial security but also has a sensitive, emotional, caregiving side. He tends to be a home body, who can cook and manage a home as well as most women.

This is a traditional relationship that you can expect from the traditional, conservative, and protective Capricorn and the nurturing Cancer.

Therefore, you and your partner have potential to make commitment and go together for a long term. Despite the high compatibility rate, of course the male and the female need to put much effort as well as build the string of mutual trust to strengthen the love bond. Remember to help out each other and you two can rule the world together.

Feel relief, right? The watery lady does not have many differences with the earthy guy? In general, he is the first choice if you want to start a family of your own.

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He is undoubtedly is the personification of success! On the other hand, as a Cancer female, you are going to be a perfect mother to your future children.

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Although Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs astrologically, they are neither compatible nor incompatible. Talking about points of conflict, how are Capricorn man and Cancer woman like when getting involved in an argument? As a couple, the guy will often tear down what he judges to be your idealistic illusions while you will become more optimistic.

His behaviors in love depend on not only his sun sign Capricorn but also other zodiac signs present in his birth chart.

Feb 14,   Cancer man, Capricorn woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. A Cancer man and Capricorn woman will be instantly drawn to each other. This is common for signs that are opposite each other. Opposites really do attract. It might be hard for them to interact with each other at first, though. A Cancer man tends to be rather shy in Author: Cynthia Thinnes. I get what you are explaining. The fear of unrequited love kills both Cancerian Woman and Capricorn man. Cancerian woman is a water sign and she is like a fluid, constantly need change, but doesn't want changes in her Capricorn man or her feelings for him or for their family or their values. I come from a very traditional Hindu Community. Feb 19,   Capricorn man, Cancer woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. There is an adage that "opposites attract," and this is certainly the case with a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman. They will be drawn to each other immediately. In many ways, they are each what the other is looking for in a Cynthia Thinnes.

Please note that Capricorn man tends to pull away often, so his partner needs to learn how to handle this matter. Before purchasing a full reading, you should take advantage of free minutes to ask a certain astrologer something. Their answer and the way they inform will let you know whether or not they are truly gifted and worth your investment. If he is a true Capricorn, he is sure to be a workaholic; and his career-oriented trait will surely create a rival for your romance: work.

In order to a Cancer female wants to keep him forever, you need to handle his devotion for his job. Once you two have committed to each other, he will naturally assume that you know and understand for what he is doing and that you already accept it. The thing is: no matter how much you think you can cope with this issue, there will come a day when it starts to bother you.

Very intuitive, the lady will soon notice that her Capricorn man gives her not enough the attention she always craves for.

Where Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman Are Alike. 7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Capricorn Man June 23rd, 5 Guidelines for Saying "I Love You" to a Capricorn Man June 16th, 6 Secret Ways a Capricorn Man Expresses Love June 9th, I'm an 18 year old Cancer woman dating a 21 year old Capricorn man. All I can say is that, it's interesting. There was an instant connection; I made the first move, which is very out of character for me. After I got his number, he did all the work from there. Capricorn Man Cancer Woman Relationship - Cons. There are certain flaws in the Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman friendship that they will have to understand about each other to avoid conflict. The Capricorn Man is a hard-working person and can usually because preoccupied with a project or Erica Garvin.

Because of that, she will gradually feel bored and disappointed when seeing he dedicates all of his time for his latest work projects and completely ignores you. Instead of making it up for you, he probably tells you to get yourself busy in a new plan of your own. Enjoy your preferences for your emotional happiness! Whether or not your Cappy lover pays attention to you, it is not a worry.

Personally, the most significant elements in a romantic relationship you should expect from the mate are: loyalty and dedication. Regrettably, the sexual life of this couple is not pretty good; together, they may experience a couple of conflicts within the bedroom.

On the pragmatic side, the guy is not the type prone to romantic or sensual gestures unless he is motivated in some ways.

Since he seems to be un-horny most times, luring or seducing him is really a challenge and may cause you frustrated. The moment he totally opens up to you, you will discover a very sultry and sexual man. These two individuals must concentrate mainly on the good part of the relationship. What I most impress about this love compatibility is: both know they can compliment for each other.

The male may not have the nurturing side, yet he feels happy and lucky as having Cancer woman as his partner. A Capricorn man is ambitious and hard-working. His career and his social standing are extremely important to him.

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He tends to spend a lot of time at his job, which usually makes him successful at whatever it is he does. A Capricorn man can be rather severe at times, and he can fall into becoming a miser if he is not careful.

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A Capricorn man is often quite conservative, and so he tends to look for a traditional relationship. He wants a woman who can take care of the house so that he can devote his time and energy to his career.

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Although a Capricorn man carefully considers matters like social status and economic stability when choosing a partner, he can and does fall in love and is deeply devoted to his partner and family. Cancer is the sign that is the most connected with home and hearth, and a Cancer woman is at her best when she is caring for a family.

She is deeply nurturing, and she loves children and pets. Because of this, it can be easy to underestimate her.

Capricorn man dating a cancer woman

Cancer is one of the Cardinal Signs, like her opposite sign, Capricorn. She is just as hard-working and just as capable of leadership as he is. It is only her motivation that is different. She may seem shy and retiring, but she can be quite formidable when she rises to the defense of one of her charges. In a partner, a Cancer woman looks for someone who will give her room to be as domestic as she likes.

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If she has to work outside the home to help support her family, she will, but, unless she is in a helping profession, this is not where her passion will be. Her true passion will be her home and those she is caring for.

A Capricorn woman excels at getting to the nitty gritty of any problem, which can benefit a Cancer man who often shies away from stressful situations. A Capricorn woman is a stable and dependable person who needs the nurturing, caring, and unconditional love a Cancer man will provide. A Cancer man can emotionally soften a Capricorn woman, while. DATING A CAPRICORN MAN - WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! Better get serious if you're dating a Capricorn man! Welcome to the most responsible, the most feet-on-the-ground and the most ambitious of all the Star Signs - the man least likely to give up at the first hurdle, most likely to tough it out to the end, and probably the biggest social climber of the entire Zodiac. The Capricorn Man. Capricorn combines the earth element with the cardinal quality. Cardinal earth is a force of substantial achievement. It gives the Capricorn man great endurance and the determination to work for long-term goals. This is a man who acts to secure a position of leadership and financial security in the outer world. He's also a man who has the wisdom and patience to endure.

They will be drawn to each other immediately. In many ways, they are each what the other is looking for in a partner. Regardless of what their actual politics are, both of them are quite conservative when it comes to relationships. They will want a traditional marriage, and in each other, they will find someone who understands them and accepts them for who they are. Despite this, it may take a little time for them to get together as a couple.

While a Capricorn man is a go-getter when it comes to his career, he tends to be a bit shy and awkward when it comes to dating.

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A Cancer woman is usually quite shy as well. Once they do start dating, she will want to move quickly towards marriage, but he will be a bit more cautious.

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He will want to make sure that it is a good match for practical reasons as well as emotional ones. He will also want to make sure that both of their finances are in order before they start their lives together. A Capricorn man and Cancer woman are well-matched in the bedroom. Even though he can seem cold and pragmatic, he will be quite passionate and sensual when it comes to sex. She will be tender and open with him, which will help them to bond emotionally as well as physically.

They will have a mutually satisfying sex life. A Capricorn man and a Cancer woman will have a very traditional marriage. He will be the breadwinner, and she will be the one who primarily takes care of the house and the children.

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This will be a happy arrangement for both of them because they will be doing what they love the most. A Capricorn man is likely to spend many late nights at the office, and she would prefer him to be home more.

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On the other hand, she will generally be able to tolerate that so long as he comes home every night. A Cancer woman needs security and closeness, but she is also an introvert.

Cancer Woman Capricorn Man Compatibility

She needs some time to herself if she is going to avoid becoming moody and irritable. Being a Cardinal sign, a Cancer woman also wants to be in control of the house. When he is gone, she will be able to do things her own way.

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The only real trouble they may have is if he loses his job or has some other setback in his career. Devoted to her family, she will do what she needs to in order to bring in extra income, but it will hurt his pride.

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Capricorn has a melancholy temperament, and this could send him into a depression if he is not careful. A Capricorn man and Cancer woman will be very traditional parents, as well.

A Capricorn man will love his children, but he may not spend as much time with them as he would like because of the demands of his career.

He will also know that his wife will be there for whatever the children need. Because of this, he will have less pressure to balance the needs of his children with the responsibilities of his job.

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Both Capricorn and Cancer are Cardinal signs, and usually, signs of the same mode Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable struggle when working together.

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