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Stars-they're just like us: They can't help who they fall in love with. Every so often, that results in an A-lister taking the hand of a non-famous person in holy matrimony. And sometimes, that non-famous person turns out to be a fan. They might meet at a musician's concert, a talk show host's live taping, or through genuine fan encounters. No matter how they connect, though, these unlikely meetings can turn into real love stories. We've pulled together a handful of such tales-however improbable they may seem-for our list of 17 celebrities who married fans. Katie Holmes used to tell her Dawson's Creek castmates about her crush on the Top Gun movie star , noting that she even had a poster of Tom Cruise on her wall.

Corey broke his cardinal relationship rules- never dating a fan or anyone he met in a nightclub-when he married Susie. The couple separated inand finalized their divorce in Though the two didn't start dating then, the backstage interaction left Billie Joe with a crush. Later, after an unsuccessful attempt at a long distance relationship and some time apart, the two eventually reconnected and wed in For example, Rose once posted an Instagram photo of her man with the caption " MCM this was the first picture I ever saw of this handsome guy.

Now he's all mine! It turns out he was also manifesting the future. When Paltrow later attended a Coldplay show, Martin's assistant asked her to come backstage after to finally make introductions.

The two mutual fans hit it off and eventually married, and they have two children together, Apple and Moses. The couple dated for three years while Bonaduce finalized his divorce with his second wife, finally marrying in Their romance worked fast to make up for lost time, and they moved in together three months after their first date, marrying in Fergie, well aware of his pining, approached the actor on set and kicked off the relationship that would lead to their eventual marriage in After having a child, weathering and recovering from a cheating scandal, and almost a decade together, the couple finalized their divorce in Comedian and Family Feud host Steve Harvey first saw his future wife in the front row of a Memphis comedy show where he was performing.

They married two years later and have been happily wed ever since. After seeing a picture of Kim Kardashian with her friend Paris HiltonKanye West was smitten and asked a friend if he'd ever heard of this "Kim Kar-dijon" woman. Some time later inwith both of their careers now at even higher points, the two began dating while Kim was still with Kris Humphries and married in Today, they remain together, have four children, and West still regards Kardashian as his dream girl.

They married two years later and have two children together.

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She had just seen the actor perform in the matinee of a play he was doing, and decided to approach him in a deli. They got married that year, and have been together ever since. Jessica's current relationship was already on the rocks and she was a fan of Jerry's show, so the two began dating in secret.

After Jessica's husband caught wind of the adultery through paparazzi shots, the two got divorced-and Jerry swooped in to marry Jessica at the end of ' Of all the fans who've landed a celebrity spouse, it's hard to think of any more impressive than the woman who nabbed a Beatle.

Every so often, she'd have to fend off attacks from other fans who caught wind of their tryst. But after Starr was hospitalized with a fever and tonsillitis, Starkey Tigrett stayed by his bedside while he convalesced.

The two made their relationship official after that and married in when it became clear she was pregnant.

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They had two other children before they divorced in American Idol winner Ruben Studdard was signing CDs at a Walmart in when he first met the woman he would later marry. Less than two years after putting his signature on Surata Zuri McCants' album, he was putting it on their marriage certificate.

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Learn about your celebrity by reading or watching her interviews. Learn about your celebrity by reading her website.

Find out what you and your celebrity may have in common. Enter a contest.

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Try to win a date with your celebrity by entering a contest. Try to find contests on your celebrity's website and other trustworthy websites.

Aug 08,   I was new on Instagram I looked up Channing Tatum being a big fan I hearted his pics and made some comments next thing I knew I was getting private message from Channing saying thank you for the comments, likes and support and Im anytime im a big fan this went on for a few weeks next thing I know he is asking me if had a thing called hangout chat i told him no, i enjoyed are talks but . Dec 11,   It's any obsessive fan's dream to marry their ultimate celebrity crush. Look at how many people were disappointed when Ryan Gosling had a baby with Eva Author: Kaitlin Reilly. Nov 30,   No it is not wrong but you should be aware of a view things: 1. The relationship might be unbalanced since the celebrity will be subject to intense attention while the fan not so much 2. The fan is in a position of adoration while the celebrity h.

Try to also find contests in magazines. Method 2 of Try to live near a lot of celebrities. Increase your chances of running into a celebrity by living in an area with lots of celebrities. Hang around places where your celebrity spends her time.

Research your celebrity online to find out where your celebrity likes to go. Try to see if you can run into your celebrity at one of these places: Awards shows Charity events Your celebrity's college, if she attends one. Parties thrown by celebrities.

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Bars and clubs where celebrities hang out. Restaurants where your celebrity likes to eat. Stores where your celebrity shops. Get a job working with celebrities.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Dated Their Fans

Consider working at one of these jobs: Actor or actress Musician Journalist Model Photographer Make-up artist Any job working on a movie, on a television show, or in the music industry.

Doctor with celebrity patients. Lawyer with celebrity clients. Housekeeper or babysitter for a celebrity. Become famous. Be aware that most celebrities date other famous people, but not always in the same industry.

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Method 3 of Attract a celebrity in the same way you would attract someone who wasn't famous. Try following this general advice for getting a date with anyone: Be confident. Be yourself.

Celebrity dating a fan

Be approachable. Be thoughtful and kind.

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Talk normally. Make yourself look attractive. Find out things that you two have in common. Make her happy. Be a good friend.

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Don't appear desperate. Don't ever stalk a celebrity.

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Stalking is not attractive to anyone. Don't contact her constantly. Don't make any sexual advances or mention any part of her anatomy. Don't stare or hover.

Be prepared for rejection. Remember that you always run the risk of rejection when ask someone on a date.

Could you last dating a celebrity? Take this test to find out!! Take this quiz! You and you celebrity gf/bf are at a dance club, when a big group of photographers and interviewers walk in. You You and your date are going to walk down the red carpet. You Your date is performing live. Near the end, they ask you to come out for the crowd. 4 Ways to Date a Celebrity - Jun 17,   Unlikely Celebrity Couples Read article The fan took to Twitter on Tuesday, June 16, to share a photo that Horan, 26, recently posted on his Instagram Stories before going on a bike Nicholas Hautman.

Keep these things in mind: Be prepared for competition-a lot of people want to date celebrities. Be aware that some celebrities might be wary about dating a fan. Try to date someone else famous if a celebrity rejects you. Try again with another celebrity. Try to date someone less famous.

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Remember that you'll be up against enormous competition if you try to date one of the most famous celebrities. Method 4 of Remember that a date with a celebrity different from a normal date.

Remember that people will probably gossip about you and your relationship with celebrity. Expect that most of this gossip will not be true. Don't gossip to the media about your relationship with a celebrity.

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Don't break her trust in you if you want to keep dating. Consider going somewhere discrete where you're less likely to draw the attention of the public. Keep your date interested in you. Make sure to act confident even if you're nervous about dating a celebrity.

Remember that you've caught the attention of a celebrity if she chooses to go on a date with you. Try to find common interests.

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Focus on things that you share. Be positive.

Don't complain about things that are wrong with your life. Be humorous.

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Laughing and telling jokes can help to lighten the mood. Don't exaggerate, boast or lie-even if you're nervous and intimidated by your celebrity date.

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Show your date that you're interested. Concentrate on your date. Don't give the impression that you are dating her just because she is a celebrity.

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