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According to online matchmakers Parship, a third of women admit that they would love to date a younger man and four out of 10 would like a lasting romance with a toy boy. And a poll of 4, single women, it was also revealed those in their 40s and 50s are keen to date a man who is five years younger or more. Sally joined a dating website for cougar women - www. I remember driving home feeling really good about myself. It was hysterical. The worst date she ever had was with year-old photographer Chris, who took her to a heavy metal gig. One bloke I dated wore his jeans so low I kept wanting to pull them up!

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Confessions of a dating cougar

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Anyhoo after not dating for 20 years it was astounding when I found Internet dating sites. The last time I'd dated there weren't even cell phones and no computers in our homes either.

May 28, † Confessions From A Post-Divorce 'Cougar' It made for a fun, cozy weekend, and I loved seeing myself and other something women dating after divorce represented on TV as the focus of a show. As much as I enjoyed it, some details in the storylines are still bugging me. And that pretty much sums up the sordid cougar tale of every Author: Yourtango. Inside the lives of women who love younger men. The first whisper reads, "I'm a cougar and slept with my sons freshman college roommate last night. is typically seen as a breeding ground for confessions by various types of people, from hotel maids to fast food workers. It's no surprise that cougars post lengthy comments in threads. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of this new dating trend and see what a cougar could offer you. 12 Mother Figure.

The icing on the cake is that I have a huge pool of men to have fun with. I look young for my age. I'm healthy and in decent shape.

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If I feel like going out for a drink and want company I just put an ad on Craigslist and boom I get dozens of offers. And that's in the platonic only section! Every guy I've met has been a gentleman. Of course I'm experienced enough with men to spot the douchebags right away so I weed them out fast.

These startling confessions will explain everything. The folks at secret-sharing app Whisper shared 17 secrets women shared about the passion of the cougar. Show Page Dating Advice Dating Author: Alex Manley. Sep 21, † Confession # 09/21/ Every year, I go to school for labs. I am an online student, 31, married, and have 2 kids. 2 years ago on the plane I was sitting next to this gorgeous older woman. She specifically talked about how she enjoyed the cougar lifestyle, and she could care less about anyone else's opinion. "I LOVE being a cougar! If the guy is an adult, there's no harm in it. Men do it ALL the time! It shouldn't be such a taboo for women dating younger .

I have met some super hot men. I've met a lot of men who wanted a serious relationship but I'm not ready to go there yet. Horny men can be sooooo much fun. I feel so lucky to be a girl. She wrote, "Something about that Jessica rabbit seductive control. You feel like the younger guys look at you like roger rabbit with their eyes poppin' out.

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They appreciate the tricks you do 10x more since it's something they may not have experienced before making you feel even more like a prowess.

Hey, I like when people show some gratitude. They do more for you. You just feel very sexy. I'd love to have a little one in my lap right now. Doesn't even always have to evoke a dirty image. I'd like to just rest their head in my lap and stroke their hair.

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As much as it is control, I think there are also traces of wanting to take care of someone too? I don't know.

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It maybe should be thrown in their that I also have a predilection for the unconventional. Sometimes, older women are simply more appealing to younger men, and that's perfectly fine. People might think that he's her son, but when that happens, they should just look at each other and laugh. A user wrote, "I'm a cougar.

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My guys tell me girls their own age are flaky, always on their phones and can't hold a conversation. We take turns. There's an unleashing of cougars in pop culture, which is a growing phenomenon. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of this new dating trend and see what a cougar could offer you. After an anonymous older woman started a thread saying how she feels powerful when she pounces onto older men, another user wrote, "I am actually finding a lot of interesting things with this post.

Here's a secret I'm actually only so I'm not even a legit cougar cougar, but I DO find it VERY interesting that our age bracket has some deep desires to be "mommied" or be the mami. Born in the late 80's She also mentioned how she has spotted a reoccurring trend in the ages of those younger men messaging her.

She questioned herself, saying it can't be a strange coincidence, but who knows? Well, at least the lads are getting her gears grinding because that's basically what she's looking for. A user admitted that she has hooked up with two younger guys while disguised as a year-old and loved it.

She also admitted to having a fetish for being a cougar. She wrote, "Just before you suspect I might be a pedo, hear me out. I will not touch underaged boys nor do I want to. Just to get that straight. I'm a 19 year-old female. I tried having relationships with older guys, with guys my age I could have a relationship with boys younger than me, but 14 year-olds are not what I want and it's wrong like hell, seeing I'm going be 20 soon. I had a hobby of making myself look much older with make-up.

I spent hell lots of money on professional make-up tools just to achieve the effect And so I made my fantasy alive a few times by having one-night stands with guys my age, but they thought I was twice their age Of course these were very rare occasions as I know it's a terrible thing to do, and not a secure one either But that's when I realized it's possible.

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On those nights I got exactly with the kind of guys I wanted and it was perfect. A male user said, "It's not like it's easy for an year old to land an older woman. Our favorite night to go out to the bars wasn't college night but was lady's night since we knew there would be year old women fresh from a divorce or long term break up who would enjoy an 18 year-old boy toy that came with no strings attached.

I knew multiple college boys who "worked" their way through college being the boy toy for some divorcee who wanted to show off or piss off their ex.

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It just goes to show that steamy young ladies aren't the only ones in rebound relationships, there are also handsome young men who serve as boy toys. She wrote, "Divorced mom ready to date again so I make a dating profile where I post lots of pics and have quite a few geeky references.

I was stunned by the amount of guys in their twenties and early thirties who contact me even though I'm 42!

Cubs \u0026 Cougars

They're very sweet and complimentary and keep me distracted. It makes me incredibly hot to know that I turn them on. I can tell that they are looking to be overwhelmed by femininity and womanhood.

I also know I could do that quite easily for them. So far I haven't acted further than flirting.

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I'm not sure why not. Some older women prefer younger men, but of course, there's a line a cougar shouldn't cross when it comes to looking for a cub. They have to be at least 18 years-old, and in some states, just It's not worth getting in trouble to fulfill one of your fantasies. The purpose behind statutory rape laws is to accordingly punish adults for taking advantage of minors in a sexual manner.

A user wrote, "They have a lot of energy and can be really discreet.

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The rule is always leave them in better condition than you found them in, or something that Saint Dan Savage said. But not jail bait age of course.

Intelligence is one of the biggest turn ons. A user wrote, "I wouldn't say I'm a MILF, but 2 of my daughter's friends have hit on me and her boyfriend of 3 years tried to kiss me.

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She added, "The most desperate was the boyfriend. We had gone on vacation for my daughter's 21st birthday to a small town with hot springs. While my daughter, her boyfriend and her friends camped nearby, I chose to stay in a hotel to give the young people their privacy. We all went together for a soak one evening but my daughter wasn't feeling well and stayed at the Campground.

After the soak, the boyfriend was quite drunk so I gave him a ride back to the campsite. When we arrived, he started professing his undying love for me, said my name 3 times in his most serious attempt at a sexy voice and leaned in for a kiss. He never saw my fist, but felt it land squarely in his sternum.

It made for an awkward morning. He confessed to my daughter the next day and she laughed hysterically at his ridiculousness. They broke up not long after.

Jun 06, † Confessions of a cougar: The divorcee who loves dating much younger men just like Melanie Sykes Sally joined a dating website for cougar women - keitaiplus.com-two . Oct 05, † Society is obsessed with age gap relationships, and especially it seems, cougars. Here, men who dated older woman explain what it's really like to be a 'toy boy'. Confessions of a Dirty Old Woman. but I guess you could say I'm a cougar. I was dating younger men exclusively, long before there was a label for women like me. making him more astute for the next woman he encounters. Plus, as a woman in her forties dating a younger man, I get to have the type of sex most people might only dream of. I.

You can even make a Brady Bunch -style organization that's capable of such a thing like a little chart on the refrigerator dividing up the chores based on which one makes you want to kill yourselves. A user wrote, "My husband is 26 and I am My husband's friend is also 26 and he used to walk around in his underwear looking at me while he fluffed his package he lived with us.

Then one night he licked the whole length of a chalupa while staring at me intently.

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I have never laughed so hard in my life. The bedroom is a place to sleep. The bedroom is a place to wake up and get dressed.

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There are a lot of other things a bedroom can be used for.

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