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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: Would you date a girl that lives 2 hours away or wait? Would you date a girl that lives 2 hours away or wait? Here's the story: A girl had added me on myspace about 2 months ago that goes to my agency. She models there too Great looking girl and was giving me lots of interest.

I do think a 2-hour commute is a bit tough, especially when you don't have a lot of free time during the week. It means he can't casually drop in with Chinese food or go out for a sort date on weekdays, and that your dates will be limited to Saturday afternoons, evenings and Sunday mornings.

Jan 06,   I met a guy on a dating app who lives 2 hours ish away from me. I don't even know how we ended up matching, because I'm pretty sure my location radius is set to Author: Blueflames. Apr 06,   Dating a girl that lives 2 hours away? I really like and she likes me but she lives about 2 hours away via public transit. Im 16 and i'll be getting my drivers license in about 10 months and its only a 35 minute car ride. Apr 23,   I met a guy who lives 2 hours away from me when we were both out one weekend. We went on a date last night (he comes down here for work about once a week) and it went great! I actually like him more now than a guy I've been seeing here. At the end of the date he said "well let me know when you're in Newport again or Calabasas" jokingly, which is where he lives.

Of course, it's your decision, but I do think you're leaning to it not being worth it. I give you credit for being realistic because a lot of people write in about being in a "long-distance relationship" they've been in for years and never having met the person in the real life.

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It's not really a relationship. I wouldn't and my husband and I dated long distance for a few years but we'd dated in the past unless you can meet midway and it's practical to see each other at least once-twice a week. I've done it, twice.

I have experience with this. Unless you both drive or can make the effort, it can be doomed. I lived about 40 mins away. We saw each other only on weekends. She had a curfew so it sucked to get her, bring to my place, then drive her home again. It was about hours of driving per date! She was a bit younger, and she worked, so she couldn't. It lasted about 2 months. Maybe if he had a little more initiative to see me, it may have lasted longer. But if you really like this guy, and he really seems to like you, why not give it a shot? Two hours really isn't that bad. My best friend is in a relationship with a guy who lives miles away, and they never get to see each other. Good.

I am busy during the week and pretty independent. But even with that it does come to a head at some point for some. I know others that can do it, but it's pretty rare.

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You do get caught up in a perpetual honeymoon state for quite some time. As nice as that is and without the benefit of day to day life, the down side is it takes longer to really get to know the other person.

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It's a lot of time and effort invested and with no return in the end. I am a little biased. Again, I do know some success stories. But you both need commit to do the hard work, because it is hard.

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You both need to be independent spirits because there will be many times you wish you partner was there when they couldn't be and you need to be very trusting and trustworthy. AND you both need to be willing to move.

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Doesn't mean you do, but I would have preferred it if my partner truly thought the relationship was worth it do to so as well. I might have moved both times but felt resentful when my partner s true motivation was always to stay and expect me to compromise.

That would have been fair to tell me that up front and not pretend otherwise.

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The first relationship ended over an impasse, only for him to come back months later and agree to live in my home. We decided a trial run to start. He was there 3 days a week.

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Given what you've written are your priorities, and you've only had one date, you may want to consider other local options. Originally Posted by blueflames.

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I met a guy on a dating app who lives 2 hours ish away. It takes two people to be EQUALLY interested in each other otherwise one person will be doing all of the work which in my situation ended up being me who was doing all the work.

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I had the money and a reliable car so I offered to always come see her. She really liked me and the crazy thing is I fell in love with her because of how much I was doing for her.

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Because of how much I was doing for her I feel like that was why she lost interest. She slowly stopped caring to see me and we started fading apart. I feel like it was a lot harder on me because I was the one that put in most of the effort. Wasted so much time. Yes, I met my husband in a similar situation.

Dating a girl that lives 2 hours away

He lived 2 hours away. We spent every weekend together, and one of us would drive up there in the middle of the week if we could. That was about 6 years ago and was one of the best decisions I have ever made :. It's got its advantages if you like your independence.

I don't mean so you can date someone else behind his back.

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I mean personal time for yourself. Two hours is not a super long distance but it's not close either.

Women Who Want You But Live Far Away

I think he was letting you know in a nice way that if you guys do pursue something you are going to have to hold up your end and travel to meet him as well. We dated for two years and we were very happy the distance was not a very big issue at all. We broke up for reasons that had nothing to do with the distance. If you like this guy i say go for it.

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However that doesn't mean all long distance relationships don't work. As long as you put in the effort things will work out in the end. However the moment you see this guy as sort of "just being friends" with you, back out and really make it "a long distance friendship" because he's probably already sees you as just a friend and in his head hes thinking no way is a relationship going to work out like this so Ill just be cool friends with her.

My spouse and I lived 2 and a half hours away. It'll work if you want it to work. I think if the two of you are interested in perusing something then its worth trying. If you really feel that 'connection' happening, absolutely.

Nov 11,   goodness it's only 2 hours. meet half way. it's not like you have to be her boyfriend. you are single and can date whomever you want. so why is that even an issue. december is not that far away so if you end up liking her then you could get serious then but not before. i dont consider that internet dating when is kinda in your circle ie works. I think this falls into its own category, which I call "medium-distance relationships." When you're about two hours away from each other, you probably can't see each other every day. Depending on how busy you are and how much money you want to s. May 30,   According to online dating expert Julie Spira, this was the right move. "I think that singles have to cast a wide net and when it comes to love," she tells Bustle. "There shouldn't be any barriers.

Obviously, you won't get to see him as often as you may like, but that can be good too. If this turns out to be 'the one', you will be so happy you took a bit of a chance.

If it doesn't work out, you will have no regrets.

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You don't want to spend the rest of your life asking yourself "what if? Trending News. Actress Kelly Preston dies at 57 after cancer battle. Poll: Favorite replacement nicknames for 'Redskins'.

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