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Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Woof Woof Woof! I've only ever dated men with a higher level education. How about you? Would you date someone who had a lesser education than you, or no?

That to me is pretty impressive. I wouldn't say the actual "sheep skin" is a requirement. I have a friend who has no college degree and he implemented the first software programs to IBM. He was their main guy who wrote their software in the beginning I think 70s!!

Dating People With NO AMBITION

He is smart academically and in the common sense arena- I have another friend who has a college degree and he is about as stupid as a rock. He thinks he's smart when he actual knows very little of any subject. College education is overrated sometimes yes, i do have a college degree. I mean wasn't Ted Bundy, the serial killer really smart?

Studying Law I believe. Originally Posted by anggrace. Last Jump to page:. They Fear Divorce. Relationships During Quarantine.

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How To Overcome A Divorce. The split is especially stark among white men. By contrast, income for white men in the same age bracket who are college graduates jumped 23 percent. Long after the recession ended, many young college graduates struggled to find well-paying jobs in a slowly recovering economy, and stories about graduates working as coffee shop baristas abounded. But data collected by the New York Federal Reserve suggests that trend has faded as the economy has improved. Yet few experts think the solution is simply to send more students to four-year colleges.

Already, four in every 10 college students drop out before graduating - often with debt loads they will struggle to repay without a degree. Rather, labor economists say, many high school grads would benefit from a more comprehensive approach to obtaining skillsespecially involving technology, that are increasingly in demand. All of this contributed to a sharp political split in the presidential election. College graduates favored Hillary Clinton by 9 percentage points.

Non-college grads chose Donald Trump by 8 points, according to exit polls. That was the largest disparity between the two groups on record sinceaccording to the Pew Research Center. The gap is most pronounced among whites: Nearly two-thirds of white non-college grads voted for Trump, compared with just 45 percent of whites with college degrees.

Some of these trends might eventually reverse themselves if more high school grads acquire the skills needed for higher-paying work.

Dating a man with no college education

Labor experts say the U. If they know where to look, high school graduates can choose from among numerous options for vocational skills training - from two-year programs to online courses to for-profit schools. Joseph Fuller, a professor at Harvard Business School, said counselors increasingly focus on things like substance abuse, discipline and standardized testing, rather than on career advice. Further, I have found that some of the densest, irrational, inflexible, obdurate and unstable people to possess advanced degrees.

In addition, she assumes that a woman who has a degree would never cheat on the man, or would not rape him in divorce court, given the chance.

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I would like to see the research that backs up that wild claim. Did I date them to feel superior to men? I am better than no one.

I always wanted an education. It has made me able to stand on my own two feet as a single parent. Absolutely true. I love to rant and rave about hypergamic women and women who chase Chads. But equally as tragic are the men who pursue women based on their looks with almost reckless disregard for their moral character and intelligence. This needs to stop.

Jul 30,   Would you date someone who didn't have a college degree?, Relationships, replies The six girls you'll date in college, Relationships, 11 replies at what age are you too old to date college guys?, Relationships, 76 replies Dating people who have no college education. Sep 03,   I have a friend who has no college degree and he implemented the first software programs to IBM. He was their main guy who wrote their software in the beginning (I think 70s!!) He is smart academically and in the common sense arena- I have another friend who has a college degree and he is about as stupid as a rock. Honestly the lack of motivation is more concerning than the lack of college. Plenty of people do reasonably well enough without college. Plus you don't know if they have plans to eventually go one day, but if they don't have motivation and you do, that could be a serious relationship issue later on.

What do you think!? Not in the northeast and Midwest!

Oct 23,   Dating prospects are obviously a small factor (if one at all) in choosing a career, and the advice on college ratios is not just about finding a boyfriend, but also about getting away from hookup. Jul 20,   A misconception I had in dating a man with less formal education was that he would be less financially stable. But Greg is ambitious and financially savvy. In addition to working in security, he. After years of fruitless dating since my divorce, and thanks in no small part to Evan's advice on this matter, I have now met a wonderful man who I am happily in love with, who wants to marry me. He earns less than I do, has little formal education beyond school and works in farming, so in that respect he perhaps falls into the category of.

Take a look around there!!! Many of those things are not a predictor or whether the man will be a good man, good husband, or good friend for life.

The reality is that you have bought into the marketing for colleges. To increase enrollment, they sold everyone on the idea that to be somebody, you have to have a diploma.

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The truth is, there are a whole lot of people who have degrees, and nothing but debt to show for their time in school.

You are very very worried about your friends and family liking and approving of your man.

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You fear that without a degree, they will see him as a loser. Well, the reality is, more women earn degrees than men do.

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So, you can hold out for a man with a degree, and possibly end up with 50 cats instead, or stop seeing that as a litmus test for whether a man could be a good life partner, and maybe find the love of your life in the process. Congratulations Helene, I am pleased that you have found what you are looking for.

Aug 17,   Mentioning your education in you profile can be a big help. Talking about college or any kind of education in your dating profile helps you get more replies to your messages. Those who use the word college in their profile get up to 64more replies compared to the average. Dating A Man With No College Education, totally free populer colombiain dating sites, dating girl in college after i graduated, dating site las vegas nm. Anzeige aus der Kategorie: Erotik. Klicke hier und wechsle in die Kategorie Erotik, um diese Anzeige zu sehen! / Apr 22,   However, whether I am dating somebody with a college degree or without one, I have a hard time relating to people who don't prioritize learning and have no intellectual curiosity.

All the very best with it. But is that really true? Men do what they want and then often convince themselves that a sincere and loving woman is too good to be true. Never ever lose yourself in a man. He maintains his individuality even while in a relationship. Women who lose their individuality in a relationship kills the spark in that relationship. And there is a fine line between being an individual and being independent.

A woman who knows how to navigate that line keeps the relationship strong and something that the man wants to stay in. I have been in a relationship with a man one generation older than me and i am the happiest woman in the world, i am so grateful God sent me this wonderful man!!!

My man is smart and generous. His knowledge of art has taught me so much about the beauty of life, nature, and human beings and his approach to life, as a whole, is extremely inspiring. He has got integrity and he treats me wonderfully when you encounter sb like this, who care if he does not have a PhD or a masters, or a BA? Take time to really meet and get to know the person behind the labels!!!

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Again Soul, I am glad that you found what you were looking for. I think however that I am better judge of what is good for me than anyone else is. TranslationI am stubborn and not open to change. I would prefer to remain unhappy with my unrealistic checklist.

Not to mention the fact that even if a guy who meets your expectations comes along, Mr. Wonderful just might end up having an affair with his secretary. Heyvery accomplished men often feel they are of high value and deserve whatever they want also, and often that is his secretary in his bed.

Meanwhile, a great guys are trying to get your attention. Hey lady, this is Stop listening to your biological programming that was not aware of what was going to be like.

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Your biological programming is geared for a time when a woman would be totally dependent on a man for her safety, material wealth, etc That is no longer the case. Your biological programming is no longer working in your favor and is the root of your unhappiness. Good luck, you are going to need it. While I certainly prefer college-educated men, I have dated numerous men with only high school diplomas.

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The outcome was the same: they looked to me to be the provider. We had absolutely zero intellectual compatibility. A relationship is likely to last longer if there are shared experiences. A dishwasher with a high school education is not going to be able to relate to any of your experiences in college. Easier said than done, but well stated. Mein Gott, Fiona.

No one should make you feel bad or guilty for having your own set of preferences or requirements for who you date. Sounds like a typical double standard to me. No double standards. Evidently, everyone has to make compromises. The question is whether your compromises are reasonable or unreasonable. People who end up alone because of their refusal to compromise are pretty unreasonable, given that million people at a time are able to make the compromises necessary to get married.

Jan 13,   Workers with no college degree fall further behind than ever is the largest such gap in EPI's figures dating to the country along a fault line demarcated by college education.

If you were a great judge of what is good for you, you would probably not be asking the question. Most of us are very poor choosers until we get it right. He was critical, arrogant, condescending, and bossy.

And for all the head knowledge this man had, he had no wisdom.

Apologise, but, dating a man with no college education topic simply

Later, I dated a fellow who worked in construction; I felt much more comfortable and able to be myself.

Why that one ended I still do not know and probably never will. Your article fails to recognise what higher education does to change critical thinking.

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For some, incompatibility in this area can lead to incompatibility in partnerships. Of course, as with all things in life there are exceptions to rules. However, most men I have dated have a lower education than I do and repeatedly this is one of the key factors that leads to our ultimate incompatibility.

Quite the contrary actually. Kathy 4: I agree with you! Men are plenty superficial when they are just looking to casually date, which is the norm for them.

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Actually, and ironically, it was the DOCTOR who showed up at a speed-dating event not really looking to date anyone who told Fiona not to dismiss the manual laborers. It really depends on the person and their interests and curiosity about the world. But, that goes for everyone. We all get what we deserve when we try to go against what really works.

If a 60 year old man thinks he is going to find love in an 18 year old girl, he gets what he deserves when 5 years later she leaves and takes him to the cleaners in the divorce, if it takes that long. We could go on and on with that but what he was saying is that if the woman creates an unrealistic checklist, one that excludes the majority of men, then they have only themselves to blame when they are 45 to 50, no marriage, no kids, etc.

The truth is, there are many books and self help seminars for women that are downright damaging to women. I have seen some that actually encourage women to create lists and be so picky that they will never be able to find a man that fits the bill. Here is a gem from Good Will Hunting. It has to do with the fact that none of us are perfect, but that the imperfections are the gems that make relationships memorable.

Hey Rusty, It is posts like yours that make me so grateful that I have chosen to exit the market at Face it, you guys need us much more than we need you. I take care of people all day long in my job as a health care professional. Just because men are such losers does not mean we should settle for you. I never had kids my choice but I know many women who chose to go to a sperm bank because the quality of men in America is so woefully low. I applaud their choice.

Men do not have a clue in this country. If my post above yours made you that mad, thank you for doing the men of America a favor by removing yourself from the dating pool. So long before you were glad you chose to opt out, I had already opted out of marrying unrealistic, ungrateful American woman.

I like better odds.

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Oh, and I have to correct you. We were raised to do our own laundry, cook our own food, clean our own homes, etc. So there is only one thing we actually need you forprocreation. Not in a relationship anyway.

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Yeah for women giving it away for free. We can get that from friends and family. In exchange for rejecting you women, we now no longer have to worry that all of that work we put into it will one day be enjoyed by some other man as she divorces, and uses the kids to rape the man, taking his house, and a huge chunk of his money. Nobody complaining because we want to do what we want to do. We can play a video game with some friends.

We can go hunting, We can go to the races. We can go mountain biking and actually do the fun tails that offer a bit of scarey to get our adrenaline going.

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We can sleep in on a weekend as long as we want. No honey-do list that we are made to feel guilty about while her honey-do list has seen even less movement. Face it, so long as women keep giving up sex before marriage, what incentive do men have to get married?

Oh hey! No thanks. Wishing all of us good things. Margaret, I find your response to be disproportionate to the point Rusty was attempting to make. Perhaps the wrong words, but to verbally assault men as losers-how bitter, how sad, how ill-informed. Bitter, angry men could make the same assertion about women, for many men feel that women make no effort anymore.

Both Margaret and Rusty have issues with the opposite sex. Both are angry. I wish you both healing on this issue. Based on your attitude toward men, rather than having exited the market, you likely submitted to your failure at attracting and retaining quality men. Or were you unable to attract and retain them too? Your comment speaks more of your failures than those of men.

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