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I dated a classmate during M1-M2.

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Too much jealousy and competition over pre-clinical grades for that to ever work. And that ended poorly. It was awkward navigating our overlapping social circles for a few months after the break up.

Plus all the unavoidable run ins with school. Not ideal for trying to move past a relationship. Then I dated someone outside of medicine during M3. It was great to really be able to disconnect from medicine with that person as opposed to the other relationship, which focused significantly on medical school.

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That ended as well because of the looming expiration date with the match. Now I have a casual thing going with another classmate. Tl;dr dating in med school can be complicated. Depends on the individual.

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Nah, idk man. I truly hope things start to move in a positive direction for you.

If you ever want to talk about it, shoot me a message. I literally wasn't allowed to talk about school because it sent them in a panic. God forbid I accidentally mentioned something tangentially related to medicine - they actually got mad at me about it, even though med school is obviously a huge part of both our lives. In the end they cheated on me and the whole class found out has been really supportive of me Still super awkward that we have class together everyday though.

Just say no.

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Check the webpage to see if your vote registered! It's like intraoffice romances. Spend enough time around someone and anyone will look relatively good.

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I seriously expected it to turn into a dumpster fireand it still hasn't! We've been dating for a little over a year, starting middle of MS2.

Dating a med student meme

This is my first real relationship, so I had a lot of fear about starting something like this in med school I felt so inexperienced and like I don't know how to 'play the game' etc etc etc.

I also grew up around a lot of dysfunction, so I don't really know what a healthy relationship looks like per se. But, so far so good. It's turned out well for us.

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I've never felt love like this for another person before. He's such a positive presence in my life, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to have a relationship with him. That being said, a lot of the anxiety I've experienced in regard to this relationship has been my fear of expiration dates.

After STEP 1, after rotations, before starting residency applications These are all perfect times for him to break up with me, and I'd be lying if I said thinking about this shit hasn't made me cry on multiple occasions.

Mar 07,   The toughest part of dating a doctor would be how they're always 45 mins late for dates because the 7 dates they had before yours went long. PM - 16 Feb Reply Retweet Favorite. Med school doesnt make a big difference to dating except that you have to be a bit more efficient with your time. Everything else is the same. PS just a heads up the dating scene has become absolutely whack in the last 10 years. If you're an average looking dude get ready to have your soul crushed a . Oct 03,   18 Truths About Dating A Lawyer. You could furnish a whole entire flat with all of the free mugs and pens. by Ben White. BuzzFeed Fellow. 1. They can .

It's all added stress on top of already stressful med school. Whether or not it's worth it is entirely dependent on the person and if you can see a future with them. The long distance, the uncertainty, the stress I think my guy is worth it, so I deal with it and keep going.

Honestly depends on the person, but dating a classmate has some nice upsides specifically because they are a fellow med student: understands my schedule Downsides: Her stress over step 1 or exams can be transferred to me, she is a surgery Gunner I don't see her much as I want to :.

It's like anybody else only a date somehow turns into a discussion about how horrified you are that step 1 is so close. Tried dating a girl in a different class, was not fun, the schedules did not sync up at all. At least one of was super stressed at any given time. All the good things people have said in this thread are true.

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It has been an amazing three years. You see what a perfect life you could have together and then it all ends with no chance of being together again. Not worth the emotional pain.

I doubt professional doctors know everything as well. And, you MUST listen. Worst comes to worst in the relationship, there will be times often that you will feel taken for granted.

May 27, - After a tough day at med school, you need a meme or two. See more ideas about School humor, Humor, Med school pins. Jun 25,   Whether you're a medical student, hospital worker, nurse, doctor, or physical therapist, working in the health care industry is a constant challenge. Having a funny name for your medical team can help you bond with your coworkers, boost overall morale, and even get through your day with a smile. Being in a relationship with a med student is really complicated and it is not easy. It may never be. But that doesn't mean it is impossible. You just have to be tough. You both have to. As the non-med folk in the relationship, you have to be mindful of a few key things: 1. Never make them feel guilty.

As early as now, I am telling you to drop it. Just imagine how toxic their life is right now, with tons of reports, exam weeks and rotations all at the same time. It takes a lot of time on an ongoing basis to keep up with their materials, their tranxes and past-evaluations. You must be thankful enough for the limited time that they can offer. You should also pursue your OWN career while being supportive.

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You cannot expect them as well to be there all the time to do stuff with you. You HAVE to have your own friends, hobbies and interests. You have to save your own sanity. Learn to suffice yourself. Doing so would cause too much despair on your part. Remember that your relationship is unique. Yes, it may seem like too much work on your end, but you should also recollect the efforts and sacrifices that your medical student partner is doing to keep the relationship on the ground.

Honestly, I once doubted our relationship. It was exhausting and everything suddenly felt like it was about to shatter. If you can feasibly fit in a weekend trip and there's no chance they have to be on call, you're going!

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Grey's for the unrealistic situations and hot doctors, Scrubs for the feels, and House for the puzzles. And your S.

Third year here, been dating another med student for about a year. It's been amazing for me. We help one another, support one another, and understand each other's stresses. Sometimes it can be hard because you can't help but compare yourself and your grades to theirs, but if you're emotionally competent you should be able to deal with it. Jan 23,   14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Med Student | Couple Reacts - Duration: MDprospect Recommended for you. Girls Try Cosmo Flirting Tips On Real Guys Nurses work in a high-pressure environment that can be stressful. To cope with this, nurses most of the time resort to humor which is a powerful tool to help nurses be more happy and avoid has a lot of benefits, studies have shown that humor can ease the tension in a situation and generates a feeling of wellbeing. In nursing school, humor used through teaching methods help.

Which isn't entirely true. View this photo on Instagram.

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If they're working the night shift, you'll be lucky to see them for dinner before they head out. View this post on. They're always going to be busier than you, no matter what you have going on.

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