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We're Here to Help As an essential healthcare provider, We are open and supporting those in need of addiction treatment at all locations. Learn More. From creating attractive online dating profiles to attempting to decipher all the different signals someone is sending your way, dating is a dizzying experience. But then, you meet someone you connect with almost instantly. You like the same hobbies, have similar senses of humor and talk for hours at a time.

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Knowing what those practices are and understanding them can make dating a recovering addict a far richer, healthier, and fulfilling experience. Triggers refer to those situations, places, or emotional issues in response to which a recovering person can feel more vulnerable to using substances.

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It can be times of the year like holidays or particular emotions like grief. This is another area in which communication is key and often something those in recovery are quite good at.

Most people who have battled an addiction have become more introspective in the process and are able to more comfortably communicate about their feelings and needs. Learning from past experiences and mistakes can allow a sober individual to be a healthier partner in future relationships.

For some, attendance at a support group like Al-Anon can be a helpful way of keeping the focus on themselves and not becoming lost in their partner and the relationship which is a concern in relationships that do not include a recovering partner as well.

After evaluating all of the pros and cons, the real question isn't whether you should date a recovering addict, but whether this particular person has the qualities you want in a romantic partner. Mar 18,   Knowing recovering drug addict personality traits is important for those already in relationships as well. For instance, being supportive can be helpful in almost any relationship, but especially when dating someone in recovery. If your partner has problems, hear them out. Help them solve their problems and provide emotional support.

Additionally, finding or maintaining personal interests and hobbies as well as remaining connected to friends and family allow for a more balanced life that does not focus completely on the relationship. Sharing beloved activities hiking, biking, traveling, movies can be a bonding experience for a couple. If you are considering dating someone then having these interests in common is a positive indicator that you may be compatible.

The benefits are multiplied when dating a recovering addict who uses such activities as their self-care techniques. There are risks and benefits in any dating relationship.

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Dating someone in addiction recovery may seem concerning at first but often connecting with someone who has done the work that is necessary to free themselves from active addiction can be highly rewarding. Honesty, good communication skills, and balance are hallmarks of a person living a healthy sober life and are each integral components of a successful interpersonal relationship.

Feb 12,   Dating a drug addict, as with dating anyone, comes with pros and cons. Con: Lack of trust Drug addicts, even if they have been clean for months or years, are difficult to Tatiana Baez. Oct 05,   Recovering alcoholics and recovering addicts know the key to relationships is honesty and openness. Use the early stages of your relationship to get to know one another, discuss triggers, and even Mccarton Ackerman. May 04,   Dating a Recovering Addict Honesty, good communication skills, and balance are hallmarks of a person living a healthy sober life. Many questions and concerns can arise when someone is considering dating a recovering addict. For those who have not had the experience of addiction, lack of knowledge can be the greatest challenge.

Remember me Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information. Dating a recovering addict may involve unique challenges such as scheduling dinner plans around addiction support group meetings.

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The support of loved ones can significantly reduce the risks of relapse. Former addicts often have a lot of baggage.

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Dating a recovering addict can entail dating a person who has debt, broken family ties, legal difficulties, and more. If the relationship is long term, these problems will have to be discussed at some point.

It can be tempting for a former addict to use the recovery process as a reason to act inappropriately. From time to time, a partner may slip back into old habits, such as telling lies, especially during stressful situations.

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Learn to recognize the signs and how to respond to warnings of a potential relapse. Meeting the demands of being in a relationship with a recovering addict can be tiring, so be sure to take care of yourself.

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Many people in recovery go to regular support meetings and spend a lot of time trying to better themselves.

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