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Collector Bookstore is a retailer of new books located in Leavenworth, Kansas. We specialize in price guides and reference books for the antiques and collectibles industry. A comprehensive introduction to the vast range of tribal sculpture from Africa is presented in this photographic survey. Ashanti fertility dolls, Bambara dance headpieces, Bachokwe staff heads, and Bakuba boxes are included in works from Senegal to the Congo regions, Mali to Sierra Leone. This book provides a tremendous opportunity for Africans and non-Africans alike to view the diversity, expressive quality, and sheer evocative power of African art, and to gain a better understanding of one of the great heritages of mankind.

It's a rare item: I propose it as a sculpture. I found it in the desert. Dm A beautiful contemporary collector piece of Makonde ebony Tree of Life art carving with unbelievable detailed wood carving. H 16 in. This is a vintage Gabonese Punu mask. An African, tropical hardwood decorative tribal mask, dating to the 20th century, circa Fascinating detail and visual appeal Displays Ashanti Acua'ba Fertility Doll. Disc-headed Acua'ba figures such as this one served an important role in Ashanti society.

They began as a promise for a beautiful child, and in the event that the child disappeared, Ashanti Ghana African Art Sculpture. Exceptional, and extremely rare Monumental wooden African sculpture depicting a maternity, but a very unusual H 37 in. D 12 in.


From the Ivory Coast. Mask height without fabric: Category 20th Century Liberian Figurative Sculptures. H 31 in.

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Studded Bambara Figure by Brian Stanziale. In an exclusive collaboration with pagoda red, Chicago artist the bms. Guided by its geometric line H 38 in.

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A sculptural and decorative African circular wood lip disc carved with a geometric pattern resembling a Maltese cross, elegantly mounted on a beautifully crafted, weighted brass Stan The Luba people of Zaire believed that ancestors visited them through dreams. This belief led to elaborately worked headrests, known as "seats of dreams.

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African wood ladder, Dogon culture, Mali Evident from the softly worn patina, this ladder was originally used indoors to access grain storage. Carved from a naturally forked tree, H 63 in.

The Africa Rock Art Archive includes African Rock Art carvings & paintings from Niger, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Gabon, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo. As more rock art is discovered, and dating techniques become more sophisticated, greater light is shed on the thoughts, beliefs, joys and fears of our African ancestors.

W 12 in. Nkcokocha Mountain Peak is a monumental, mixed-media sculpture by international renowned ceramicist Andile Dyalvane measuring 1,5 metres tall. The lower half is a geometric base sc H 59 in. W 39 in.

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D 31 in. Idladla Silo is a monumental, mixed-media sculpture by international renowned ceramicist Andile Dyalvane measuring 1,44 metres tall.

The lower half is a geometric base sculpted fro Truly unique piece from Egypt discovered recently that makes for an excellent foot stool. The carved wood wishbone legs of the saddle includes brass details, embossed brass toppers w H 19 in. D 19 in. Atang Tshikare is a multidisciplinary creative based in Cape Town, who has specialised in sculptural furniture since Born in Bloemfontein inhe has been drawing for as lo H 74 in.

W 51 in. D 47 in. Figurative Wooden Sculpture. Highly rare and decorative elegant scene in wood of a man making respectfully advances to a lady, with female servants bringing food.

Made in Congo in the 20th century, and offered b Standing 80 inches tall this is a example of one of the largest of all African mask types. This Nafana Bedu style mask features a large decorated plank with natural earth colors and H 80 in. W 27 in. A 19th century Dogon ladder carved from a single piece of wood with beautifully worn treads and mounted on a custom base.

Ladders like this were used to climb in and out of homes and Fon Legba Phallus. This carved-wood phallus, called a Legba, was among many placed outside dwellings and in the fields of the Fon people of West Africa to ensure fertility and bountiful harvests. H 17 in.

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African Hemba So'o Passport Mask. This mask, with its pointed nose and menacing wide grin, was intended to frighten and unnerve its viewers.

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Known as "so'o", these masks are carved to resemble a "chimpanzee-human" an Hand carved primitive figurine or sculpture of man and woman. It may have been made as a testimony of love or a celebration of marriage.

African Dan Wunkirmian Ladle Figure. This unusual ladle, carved with a pair of legs in place of a handle, is a ceremonial figure used by the Dan people of Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire, commonly referred to as wunkirmian or W 23 in.

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This Jeppestown bench is made from Wenge, a dark hardwood indigenous to South Africa, strung with leather "riempies" Afrikaans for 'thongs' that were traditionally used to make sea W D Set of three primitive teak camel bells used by herdsmen in Africa.

Camels are held in the highest regard and these were sometimes given as gifts as well as for practical purposes.

African Namji Fertility Figure. Doted on like an actual child, this carved doll was once owned by a young girl among the Namji people of northwest Cameroon. Carted around by its owner wherever she went and lovingly Decorated Heavy Old Wood Pestle. This old wood pestle of the Dogon people situated in Mali has acquired an exceptional patina from years of use.

Exceptional hand wood carving of a woman probably African queen, beautiful face showing grace and resolute looking forward, white color finish and clear wax restoration. H 34 in. African Mende Helmet Mask. This helmet mask created by the Mende people of Sierra Leone was made for the women of their tribe to wear while dancing. Commissioned by women for their initiation ceremonies, the m H 15 in. D 10 in. The Yoruba religious world recognizes a pantheon of deities called orisha, whose identities and attributes are embodied in ritual objects.

Priests and adherents of the widespread cul An early colonial carving from Kenya. There is a rich tradition of carving colonial figures for sale to European colonists throughout Africa. Many of these master carvers carved f H 12 in.

A large 19th-early 20th century North Nguni carving of a bull. The ancestors of Nguni cattle were brought by the Xhosa, Zulu and Swazi people, during their migration to Southern W 17 in. Bambara Mask, Mali, 20th Century. Bambara mask is an original wooden mask, realized in Mali, from wood, metal and textile. In good condition, except for some sign of time and oxidation. Provenance: Italian priv Yoruba Wooden Mask.

Yoruba wooden mask, is an original wooden mask from Nigeria, realized by the Yoruba people in West-Africa.

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The Mask is painted, with an animal up-side the mask. African Bronzes.

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Microscopic and macro photographic tests on patinas, corrosion and casting core The enlarged ct of an authentic and antique surface. Remains of casting core. The core proves the uniqueness of the object. Corrosion layers of the excavated bronze horse red cuprite and green malachite. All the wooden objects on exhibit have been dated using the IR spectroscopic method.

Main contents of the book The round or natural style is the most ancient Black African art style, whilst a style hailed as primitive " abstract " could be directed at the Western market and lovers of modern painting. Figures - Facial expressions on masks and figures, The development of Dogon art, Baule spirit spouses, Man, Woman and their different social status, Couples, Ibeji twin figures. The cult - The fertility cult, The funeral and divination cults. Beauty and Authenticity in African Art.

Beauty can be neither explained nor experienced through words. For this reason the author has intentionally reduced text and comments to a minimum, illustrating the beauty of African art in over two hundred large colour photographs of valuable items belonging to the renowned Matthaes collection, now conserved and exhibited in five rooms of the Museo d'Arte e Scienza in Milan.

At the end ofthe Management of the Museo d'Arte e Scienza decided to assemble a catalogue also for the African section, which was to include both an assessment of the beauty and an evaluation of the authenticity of the objects. The idea was to capitalize on the long personal experience gained over the years and the results obtained by the Museum's scientific laboratory, using the finest equipment and most advanced analytical methods for the determination of authenticity.

Initially intended to be published in two volumes, the work was united in a single volume of pages with over objects dated using the IR spectroscopic method and illustrated in as many artistic colour photographs.

For information and orders please email info museoartescienza. R equests may be sent, as always, directly to the Milan laboratory at the following address:. Sella 4 - Milano Tel. Subjects treated in room The cult - oracles, divining plates, mouse oracles, the priest and the diviner - the funeral cult, funerary statues, memorial heads, shrines some views of the rooms.

Room 18 Man's world. Basis of judgment: the situation in Italy where the Museum is located The prime institution for the fight against forgery and imitations is the Guardia di Finanza or Financial Police. Judicial proceedings.

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The probatory value of the spectroscopic dating method is crucial to the outcome of civil and penal judgments involving the determination of the actual age of art works. The numerous advantages of the collector of African art.

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African art is as yet not subject to the limitations of international law. A collector is absolutely free to buy whatever he wants wherever he pleases, on trips, at markets, in art galleries or at auction sales. His chief advantage respecting collectors of other types of art consists however in the fact that he can verify scientifically, in a safe and simple manner, the authenticity of his new purchase something which is unthinkable, for example, for items in glass or porcelain, or graphic art, etc.

The peaks of an IR spectrum reveal the truth about the type and quality of the material from which an item is made and, increasingly, its age. The African art collector has made a good buy with good future prospects. Abstract in English language Comments and answers of Dr. Determination of their authenticity through analysis of colours, binders, pigments and other organic substances.

Prices for most african carved wooden figures on 1stdibs are negotiable. You'll see a "Make an Offer" button on the item details page, indicating that the seller is willing to consider a lower price. It's not uncommon for customers to get off the list price after negotiating. See our tips for negotiating like a . African statues African wood carving Shona sculpture Animal carvings Black figurines Ebony carving; Contemporary African sculpture Ousmane Sow, b Senegal. Born in Dakar in , Sow moved to Paris in and returned to Senegal 20 years later. A petroglyph (/ ? p ? t r ? ? l ? f / or / ? p ? t r o? ? l ? f /) is an image created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock keitaiplus.come North America, scholars often use terms such as "carving", "engraving", or other .

Matthaes Foundation from the opening of the painting school in Dresden in up to the "Museo d'Arte e Scienza" in Milan. The ascertainment of the age of wooden African art objects at the laboratory of the Museo d'Arte e Scienza Dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating methods present severe limitations when applied to African objects.

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Instructions on how to take wood samples for dating African objects For dating purposes a sample of only a few milligrams of wood dust is needed, which has to be taken fairly deep in the wood and after having removed the first mm of the surface. Today gallery owners and art dealers are, in fact, in a position to complement their expert opinions with accurate scientific certificates, thus providing a more dependable guarantee of safer and fairer purchases than the large auction houses.

African art objects as an investment Tribal art occupies a decidedly special position respecting other fields of antiques. T he evaluation of African art collections The scientific laboratory of the Museo d'Arte e Scienza of Milan receives orders from all over the world for the dating of African art objects from a wide range of collections and dealers.

Spectrographic tests for the identification of the material ivory horn bone.

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Microscopic tests for examination of the surface, patina and wear Sinceall types of ivory can in fact be dated by spectroscopy. Excavated African pottery.

Cave paintings are a type of parietal art (which category also includes petroglyphs, or engravings), found on the wall or ceilings of term usually implies prehistoric origin, but cave paintings can also be of recent production: In the Gabarnmung cave of northern Australia, the oldest paintings certainly predate 28, years ago, while the most recent ones were made less than a. From Africa to the world, African hand carved arts, crafts, game skins & skulls / horns. If you are a supplier of any African arts, Crafts, game skins and horn products, anything African click here. We accept most major cards on this website. SSL Secure Server - Safe shopping website. African art - African art - Sculpture and associated arts: Although wood is the best-known medium of African sculpture, many others are employed: copper alloys, iron, ivory, pottery, unfired clay, and, infrequently, stone. Unfired clay is-and probably always was-the most widely used medium in the whole continent, but, partly because it is so fragile and therefore difficult to collect, it.

Beauty and Authenticity in African Art Beauty can be neither explained nor experienced through words. The Museo d'Arte e Scienza and its scientific laboratory.

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A section of the laboratory. Instructions on how to take wood samples for dating African objects. For dating purposes a sample of only a few milligrams of wood dust is needed, which has to be taken fairly deep in the wood and after having removed the first mm of the surface.

The value of art expertise in the scientific age. African art objects as an investment.

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Tribal art occupies a decidedly special position respecting other fields of antiques. Average age in years. Number of items from private collections.

It is a well-known fact that African artists carved their masks and figures out of wood cut from freshly-felled trees. Determining the age of the wood therefore permits us to establish an item's age. A very valid method used for ascertaining the age of a wooden object is IR spectroscopy. for dating African . Antique Jade Collectors ID Dating Guide Carving Chinese Dragon. $ + $ shipping. Ukrainian folk art Art Metal ware Wood Carving Rare Album $ Free shipping. AFRICAN GHANA ETHNIC ASHANTI HAND CARVED DARK WOOD BEADED FACE MASK SCULPTURE. $ + shipping. African Fertility Doll-Africa Asante Ashanti akua ba sculpture Seller Rating: positive. The Sahara, located in northern Africa, was the home of many complex human settlements dating from the Neolithic period. The region has a long history of climate change, and the desert area of today was once a savanna. Images carved and painted on natural rocks depict vibrant and vivid scenes from the Neolithic Subpluvial period.

Number of items from galleries etc. Before Total Pfifferfeld Collection fake.

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