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Stretch marks , also called striae distensae or striae gravidarum, look like indented streaks in your skin. They may be red, purple, or silver in appearance. Stretch marks most often appear on the:. Some people are more susceptible to them. Stretch marks can happen when your skin pulls apart quickly due to rapid weight gain.

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Gotu kola. Natural Medicines.

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Related Stretch marks in pregnancy Stretch marks on arm Widespread stretch marks. Stretch marks most often appear on the:.

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Some people are more susceptible to them. Stretch marks can happen when your skin pulls apart quickly due to rapid weight gain. You may also notice stretch marks after rapid weight loss. Some people develop stretch marks during growth spurts, such as during puberty.

Other people, like bodybuilders, notice them after big gains from working out or using steroids. Working to control body changes from happening too quickly may be your best bet. Eat a healthy diet and exercise to help you manage your weight. If you do notice rapid weight gain or weight loss, it may be a good idea to visit your doctor to find out why.

Dating again with stretch marks

Drinking enough water may help keep your skin hydrated and soft. Drinking caffeinated beverages, like coffee, may actually increase your risk of developing stretch marks. Stretch marks may also occur if you lack nutrition in certain areas. Eating foods that boost skin health may help. Make sure your diet includes foods rich in:. For example, a breakfast of eggs, whole wheat toast, and mixed berries adds many colors to your plate while packing in a variety of nutrients.

Mar 16,   This Mom Embraced Her C-Section Scar and Stretch Marks in an Inspiring Instagram Post Beauty blogger Ruth Lee wants other new moms to love their bodies, and know they're not alone. Stretch marks are more common in women, especially during pregnancy. As your tummy grows to make room for a baby, your skin stretches. Hormones that surge when you're pregnant may also weaken Author: Susan Bernstein. Jul 09,   Stretch marks look like indented streaks in your skin. They may be red, purple, or silver in appearance. They're common in pregnancy, but anyone can develop stretch marks in any phase of life.

Collagen plays a role in keeping your skin strong and elastic. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it may also be important for preventing stretch marks.

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Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the development of collagen. Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and vegetables.

Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are especially good sources of vitamin C. One study found a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and the incidence of stretch marks. More research is needed, but results suggest that maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D may reduce your risk of stretch marks.

The easiest way to get vitamin D is through exposure to the sun. The vitamin is also commonly added to bread, cereal, and dairy products like milk or yogurt. Zinc is an important nutrient for skin health. It helps reduce inflammation and plays a role in the wound healing process. There is very little evidence to date of a connection between zinc and stretch marks, but including zinc-rich foods in your diet, such as nuts and fish, may help keep your skin healthy.

Make an appointment with your doctor or a dermatologist to discuss your options if you have fresh stretch marks. Your doctor can help determine what is causing your marks, and they may be able to suggest treatment options that work best on new stretch marks. Pregnancy is one of the most common times when women notice stretch marks. So, are pregnancy stretch marks different from the ones that other people get? Some experts believe that hormones during pregnancy may make you more prone to stretch marks.

The hormones may bring more water into the skin, relaxing it and making it easier to tear when stretched. This idea is up for some debate.

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Regardless, a good number of pregnant women will notice stretch marks starting in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. In recent study published by BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth78 percent of respondents used a product to prevent stretch marks.

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Of these women, a third of them said they tried two or more products, with Bio-Oil being the most frequently used. Still, That said, the best way for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks is to gain pregnancy weight slowly and steadily. You can work with your healthcare provider to find a diet and exercise plan that will help you avoid gaining too much while also giving you the nutrition you need to nourish yourself and your baby.

If you do develop stretch marks during pregnancy, you may be glad to know that they will eventually fade.

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Over time, the red or pink color will mature into a pale silver or white color. Preventing stretch marks may be difficult, but there are many treatments that may lessen their appearance. Retinoid cream is a topical medication that comes from vitamin A. The appearance of your skin may improve after applying retinoids, especially if your stretch marks are relatively fresh. The cream helps rebuild the collagen in your skin and makes the marks look more like the rest of your skin.

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Speak with your doctor about this treatment if you are pregnant or nursing, as most physicians agree that topical retinoids should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing because their risk-benefit ratio remains questionable.

Laser therapy is another option for reducing stretch marks. The lasers can help stimulate collagen or elastin in your skin to grow. There are various types of laser therapy, and your doctor can help you choose the kind that is right for you.

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