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Guys, make sure you dress well. Carry cash at all times. She loves jewelery and perfume. Get used to being exposed to about different perfumes a month and many handfuls of gold, diamonds, fine gems, and ornaments. She was raised to love beautiful things, plus no one likes a woman who only smells like Ivory soap or nothing at all and wears 10K Gold. Wait a minute?

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Yes, Balkan women still do most of the housework along with working a day job. There are two important takeaways from this:. Balkan women throughout the region are all very emancipated.

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Online dating is a great alternative. Your mom is a bit of a taboo.

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Romanian women differ in a couple of key characteristics. While most other Balkan girls are classic beauties, Romanian women have a bit more character.

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The culture is quite similar in all non-Muslim counties, though. There is a lot of drinking, you dress up and act to impress others Balkan women love showing offand barbecued delicacies are key to any successful dinner party.

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They have a darker complexion, thick black hair, and a lot more prominent features. Though Greek girls are not as vain as most of their Slavic counterparts I say that with all the love I have for Slavic womenpersonal grooming is still important to them.

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But the biggest difference between Greeks and other Balkan women is the Mediterranean influence. Their cuisine reflects that perfectly.

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There is no better place for seafood on the Balkans. Well, Turkish people might disagree, but I stand by that. The adjective has a bit of a negative connotation.

Mar 04,   Learning this made me have a greater appreciation for their music, especially since my family is also from the Balkans. When it comes to dating, I'm convinced that women from the Balkans are a different breed, one that you will be lucky to land, as long as you don't mind having a strong woman by your side. When you're starting to fall for her. Single Balkan Women. Single Balkan Women is online dating site, specializing in dating with women from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia as well as women from other Balkan countries. Looking for a real woman? Register now and meet single ladies from Balkan. How to date a Balkan woman By Danijela Simrak - Meet the types of women you will meet, and the rules to treating them right. Want to know how complicated Balkan women are? Let's say Mourihno takes over Barcelona and Guardiola, Real Madrid. Messi becomes a forward for Real and Cristiano Ronaldo takes his spot in Barcelona.

Economically, Greece is not doing so great. There is a visible difference in the quality of life. Though Greece is not super rich right now, it definitely still looks and feels wealthier.

All of the Balkanic countries have a Muslim minority. Culturally, they are a lot different from Orthodox Christian Slavs.

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In Kosovo and Bosnia especially, people have an extremely strong sense of identity. Communities are tightly knit and dating outside of them is sometimes seen as shameful for a girl.

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Are you religious or not? Do you want kids?

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Are you willing to relocate? What about converting? The answers to some of these questions may be deal-breakers for her.

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Accept that and move on. Balkan women make some of the best girlfriends. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Online dating site Single Balkan women manually checks and approves all profiles.

Dating balkan woman

Only people with real intentions are welcome on our site. Staying up to date with the latest trends, our site members can access the site from their mobile devices and always keep in touch, even on the go.

We are professional dating agency for online dating.


Many members join our community from all over the world, daily. Create a profile for free, post your photos and set up your profile, and soon you will be communicating with all those beautiful, intelligent and single women from Balkan. Single women from Balkan are very smart and beautiful who often speak more than one foreign language.

The smaller the places she comes from, the more TLC you'll get. Of course, the downside is that small town Balkan women are hard to find - there is sometimes a language barrier, and even without it, you'd have to get into a tighter knit community. Online dating is a great alternative. Here's a site we really love. Dec 05,   When dating women from the Balkans, you have to spend money - not big money - but enough to give your date an enjoyable experience. Don't expect her to go dutch either because, to a Balkan woman and pretty much majority of the women from Europe, that's just plain rude. Jealousy. Balkan women do not do jealousy (period)!

Ladies from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and other Balkan countries are waiting for you to contact them but you can also expect to be contacted by themselves. Are you ready to find your lifemate?

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