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It was founded by immigrant Adolph Kastor. The company has produced many collectible sets of knives honoring various celebrities and presidents. It shipped millions of knives for use by soldiers and allies. These included knives used in demolition kits, medical kits, aviators' kits as well as electrician's kits. The company eventually filed for bankruptcy in and finally closed for good in February of Open your knife and determine how many blades it contains. You should be able to pull out each blade from its compartment.

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Feb 08, There is an illustration titled "Camillus Knives - that went to war!" on page / of The Standard Knife Collectors Guide 4th Edn. by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stuart. Another excellent book, full of colour prints is Pocket Knives of the United States Military by Michael W. Silvey this shows knives from many manufacturers. Camillus Cutlery is a manufacturer of folding knives, which include their collectible vintage folding knives available in styles like the buck knife, the army knife, and marine knife. The knives are further categorized into features like the blade coating, the blade thickness, the blade edge, and more. This stamp has was used on Camillus knives for a very short time. The company quit referencing the date after , but started back up in its later days preceding bankruptcy. The tang stamp shown here is known as Camillus' three line straight stamp. I believe this stamp to have been used on knives manufactured from to the early s.

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The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to The Company produced millions of knives until it filed for bankruptcy in Its brand name and intellectual property rights were purchased by Acme United Corporation, which re-launched the Camillus brand in May using modern materials. Dec 17, I have 2 Camillus Knives that are similar but different. Hoping to try and date them but I am finding conflicting information. Hoping you guys can help. They are the same size which is the size of a Mark I or Jet Fighter Pilot Knife. Both have dark what I believe is blued blades. Both marked CAMI. Camillus. Since , Camillus Cutlery has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative and quality-made knives that have survived the true test of time. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers, Camillus Cutlery has always answered the call for quality and will continue to do so with our hunting, fishing, sporting and tactical knives.

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Member Introductions. The similarities to Mark I knives are obvious, but they were procured and manufactured under different contracts and specifications. Charlie I happen to agree with your take here. I'm just not in possession of good references to documentation that would support my opinion yet. Heres a link to Frank Trzaska's Note on the subject.

Once you open the link you can either scroll about have way down and look for the title "bright blades", or put it into the find function and let the machine do the work. The OP had such and an easy question, one would think.

But so many times the answer can be quite complicated. There are many variables to take into consideration and a general genealogy of dating can be made with Mark 1 knives. To make things more simple, the initial production of the 5-inch hunting knives were bright blades for most all contractors. What had occurred was corrosion issues, through the second half ofthere was a lot of discussion from the BuOrd and contractors to remediate the issue.

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By the close ofa satisfactory method was applied. Going intotreatment of the blades became more prevalent in the manufacture. Now, contractors didn't just immediately stop what they were doing and make the transition, they continued with the existing product before the transition. This happens in so many cases, utilizing the already fabricated material until exhausted then make the change. Because of this, an exact dating system is impossible.

Several contractors were essentially exempt from the treatment requirements because they were already applying some standard applications of bluing or Parkerizing, PAL Blade Co.

Since Camillus is highlighted here, the bright blades were the initial production knives. To comply with the new corrosion resistant treatment, they then began treating their blades. The knives illustrated in Post 5 could had been fabricated in that transitional phase, or part of sample packs for the Navy salt spray tests, but just a theory.

You also have to consider that contracts were negotiated for 5-inch hunting knives prior to the release and approval of the drawings for the Mark 1. This initial fabrication met the basic outlined requirements what the Navy wanted, with the approval of the drawing, we then begin to see the application of the applied property marks which are simply USN on the ricasso. Bright blade no property mark initial production referred to as a 5-inch hunting knife, bright blade USN now referred to as the Mark 1, USN ricasso stamped with parked blade corrosion resistant treatment compliancelate procurements with applied MARK 1 ricasso stampings.

Dating camillus knives

The fun thing is that you also date the scabbards. We can go down the list for all the contractors. They is a lot more ingredients to the batch of pudding for these knives. The topic got side tracked here a little bit with the USAAC hunting knives, those with the fuller blade. Dustin- Great information!

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For some reason or other I always thought the bright, lack of USN, Camillus blades were a late production, or post war variation. Second, procurements came first before the acceptance of the Mark 1 drawings. More formal details weren't adopted until the close ofthis leaves at least 6 months of production and ordering of materials from contractors. In this early production from the spring of through to the middle of is where you'll find all the variables or variations with in the Mark 1 knives.

Late production through till contracts were completed or cancelled inyou find those knives more alike or much more similar characteristics.

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Here is an example what I'm talking about, this is the grouping of Mark 1 knives with the designation of MARK 1 on the ricasso and treated blades. They all now have similar appearances, a conformity if you will. Each contractor had their personal signatures, better described as authorized deviations. An interesting fact was that in the BuOrd wanted all the contractors to switch to the pommel to that provided on the PAL knives, it created a big stink because it required all sorts of adjustments on the assembly line and extra pressure on those existing contractors that actually made the pommel.

Camillus Knives. Camillus Knives of WWII (Art & Tom) Flyers. Camillus Blue Print of Knives and Springs - Tom Williams 1st CD of info from the 's. Undated Items (need help!) Beckers Internet Catalog of Beckers Review of the Machax Collection of new and older Beckers by Guyon A few of Bladite's Beckers Ethan Becker Joins K-Bar. For more than a century, Camillus knives has represented quality and dependability. Now the new-look company is once again honing its edges with fresh ideas. These knives still carry the same old-school Camillus craftsmanship and reliability, but the designs are sleeker and more innovative. Camillus Knives were first made in by a company named Camillus Cutlery, located in Camullus, New York. It was founded by immigrant Adolph Kastor. The company has produced many collectible sets of knives honoring various celebrities and presidents. It also produced knives to be used in World War I and World War.

In the end, it proved to be a logistical nightmare, however, Robeson did make the switch. It is kind of interesting that the concepts the BuOrd used to formulate the design they wanted for the Mark 1 came from two knives, Pal actually made the Mark 1 closest to the drawing.

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Once this number is identified, the exact kind of blade can be determined. For example, blade number one corresponds with a pruning and utility knife Blade number four means your knife is a switchback knife.

Though they are both one-blade knives they serve different purposes. There are also a variety of blade types and knife patterns produced by the company. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications journalism with a minor in sport management.

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