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A carte de visite can usually be dated to within two years through an understanding of it's features. Gallery operators replenished their supply of card stock about every six months and card manufacturers encouraged this demand by brining out a new line of decorative cards each year. Because of this constant change, a card mount offers the best clue to when a carte de visite image was made. Note that dating the mount does not necessarily date the image. The photographer may have been using up old card stock. Many photographers advertised their copying services.

Cabinet cards remained popular into the early 20th century, when Kodak introduced the Brownie camera and home snapshot photography became a mass phenomenon. The carte de visite photograph proved to be a very popular item during the American Civil War.

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Soldiers, friends and family members would have a means of inexpensively obtaining photographs and sending them to loved ones in small envelopes. Photos of Abraham LincolnUlysses S.

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Grantand other celebrities of the era became instant hits in the North. People were not only buying photographs of themselves, but also collecting photographs of celebrities. Two photographs taken during the American Civil War. Each soldier shown here served with the 77th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Sojourner Truth. She sold these to raise money see inscription. Sim D. Kehoe, who brought Indian-club exercising to the United States from England. Gordon, an enslaved manreproduced by Mathew Brady.

A chair presented by Kinman to Abraham Lincoln. Kinman sold CdVs in the U. An early cat macro by British portrait photographer Harry Pointerc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each mounted photograph was made in limited numbers. If you find an cabinet card of the Harvard baseball team or imperial cabinet card showing a high school class there will be no more than a handful of other original copies and it often is unique.

The following looks at the different kinds of mounted photographs, including how to judge their age. The kinds are ordered as follows: cartes de visite aka CDVcabinet cards, stereoviews and miscellaneous mounted photos.

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Carte de visite is the singular. Carte s de visite is the plural. Also popularly referred to as CDV and carte. Duration : s to early s.

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Popular ss. Cartes de visite, often nicknamed cartes and CDVsis French for visiting card, as this was a popular early use of these small picture cards. A woman might hand out or mail a carte with her picture on it to friends and relatives.

In the United States cartes became popular at the beginning of the Civil War.

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They were used for many purposes, including as identification cards for soldiers, trade cards for businesses and as family photos. Cartes of popular subjects could be bought at local stores. Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln and famous theatres actors were popular subjects.

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Collecting cartes and putting them into specially made albums was a popular hobby, and many of these albums exist today. Cartes come in many photographic and mount styles.

Some are plain, while others are ornate. Along with the subject in the image style of uniforms, type of equipment, identifiable athlete, etccartes can be dated by the style of the mount, as this changed over time. The following describes the general trends.

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Exceptions to these trends will be found. Albumen prints were regularly used until the early to mid s. Most s cartes will have gelatin-silver prints with more black and white images. Examples with carbon prints and cyanotypes bright blue images are rare but can be found.

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The mount corners are square. A square cornered CDV is reliably dated the s or s. While often there is the studio name printed on back, there usually is no printed text on the front.

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Unusually small vignetted images oval images date to this period example pictured on next page. Starting in the early s the mounts had rounded corners and came in more colors.

By the mid s gold gilded, beveled edges were used. By the s dark colors were common and the mount often had scalloped edges.

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The mount thickness changed over time, with the earlier ones being thinner than the later ones. The s mounts are typically thinner than the s mounts which are typically thinner than the s and later mounts.

Having inexpensive examples from different years on hand will help judge thickness. In the s the logo was relatively small and with conservative font.

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As the years went by the design became larger and more ornate, sometimes taking up the entire back. Note that s and early s CDVs that were used as trade cards give away cards advertising a product or service can have larger advertisements on back.

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Large ornate studio names on the bottom front of the mount are typical of late s cartes. The early studio backgrounds in the images were typically plain. By the late s backgrounds were often busy and garish.

Tax stamps on the back of CDVs help give a date. From August 1 st to August 1 st the US government required that tax stamps be put on photographs. A later amendment allowed for 1 cent stamps to be used.

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CDVs with a 1 cent stamp date between March and August Blue stamps are from the summer of The stamps often have a cancellation date. However, if everything else looks consistent with the era, a tax stamp is a great bonus and will usually raise the value.

Dating cdv photographs. Assembling a collection of family photographs became a popular tradition. However, the CDV (as it has come to be known) process was the first to employ a glass are several carte de visite features which make dating the majority of them relatively easy. The carte de visite (French: [ka?t d? vizit], visiting card), abbreviated CdV, was a type of small photograph which was patented in Paris by photographer Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi in , although first used by Louis Dodero. Each photograph was the size of a visiting card, and such photograph cards were commonly traded among friends and visitors in the s. Albums for the . Dating the Carte de Visite ( to ) February 20, miphs. Page 1 / Zoom %. Article and photographs courtesy of MiPHS ranking member Bill Christen. Filed under: carte de visite, historical, michigan, michigan photographic historical society, miphs, photographic, society. Connect on Facebook.

Typical to the era, the front has square corners and plain white borders. The back has a small photography studio text and a 2 cent tax stamp. Also notice that there is little in the background behind the young soldier.

Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball team.

Note that dating the mount does not necessarily date the image. The photographer may have been using up old card stock. Many photographers advertised their copying services. This carte de visite is typical of the s illustrating the double gilt rules and square corners characteristic of the period. The card is plain, lightweight Bristol board. Jun 27,   About cartes de visite. A carte de visite is a photograph mounted on a piece of card the size of a formal visiting card-hence the name. The format was patented by the French photographer Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi (-) in Cdv dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find single woman in the US with online dating. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you.

On the right is a late s example with a large, busy text and design. Duration : ss. Most popular ss. The cabinet card is a larger version of the carte de visite, which it replaced in popularity. It received its name because it was popular to display the mounted photograph in a cabinet. Cabinets depict a wide variety of subjects, including normal families, Presidents and celebrities, animals, buildings, nature and school classes.

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High end cabinet cards depicting famous athletes regularly sell for hundreds of dollars and more. Dating the Cabinet Card. Along with the subject in the image, the mount style is helpful in giving an approximate date.

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