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I recently purchased a 60 year old supposedly bottle of 12 year old regal 12 year old. The tax stamp and numbers are intact, as is the seal. How do I actually date the bottle or batch? Is there a site that has the date codes, or some other code on the bottle or label, so we can tell? Does the tax office keep dates and codes in a list of some kind? I know a 60 year old bottle of chivas 12 is still 12 years old, and does not age in the bottle, like wine does.

Enter Chivas Regal. Strathisla, the spiritual home of Chivas is the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands dating back to WELCOME TO OUR SPIRITUAL HOME. STRATHISLA DISTILLERY. Find Out More. Generosity and ambition. You just need the right blend. Enter Chivas Regal. EXPLORE CHIVAS & THE BIG APPLE Strathisla, the spiritual home of Chivas is the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands dating back to A Chivas Regal bottle's age can be identified by using bottle characteristics, label information, and by the presence of a tax stamp. Look at the bottle for clues as to how it was made. Bottles made prior to the late s were blown and have a pontil mark. A pontil - or punty - is an iron or steel rod that enables blowers to handle hot glass.

Bottles made prior to the late s were blown and have a pontil mark. A pontil - or punty - is an iron or steel rod that enables blowers to handle hot glass.

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When the bottle was completed, the rod was broken off, which left a sharp piece at the center bottom of the bottle. After this, molds were used to shape glass into bottles.

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An earlys bottle has a smooth base - no pontil - and a seam line. The seam line stops part way up the neck of the bottle. Bottle lips were applied after the bottle was molded, and the lips were ground smooth.

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Modern bottles have screw tops and well-formed bodies and lips. Study the label of the Chivas Regal bottle in your possession. The amount of wear on the paper label as well as on the bottle itself can be indicative of its age.

The oldest Chivas Regal bottles sold in the United States would have been between and Chivas Regal 12 was sold beginning in the early s and is still sold today. Ina new blend, Chivas Regal 18 Gold Signature was introduced, and may still be found for sale today.

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No box sadly. Any help would be much appreciated.

Chivas Regal was widely gifted; it was a premium blend and was marketed as such. This means that relatively many remained unopened. Expected revenue at auction would lie in the 30 to 50 euros range. Hope this was helpful, Emile. It was a tax stamp. Results 97 - duration: chivas regal date of bells may 22, except with just get in the bottle ohayba benha. Although this whisky dating back to date a great blended whisky and those roots dating from , and absolut among others. There's only one chivas regal whisky, if . Chivas 12YO - Chivas Regal 12YO is an incredibly smooth whisky, with a rich and fruity flavour profile. Having grown up in the highlands of Scotland, I'm very familiar with how delicious fresh smoked salmon is paired with Chivas 12YO, given the key flavour notes of apple, honey and heather.

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I can help you if you post some pictures. Yhank you, James.

Yhanks for your reply. Yes please post pictures of the bottle and the tax stamp sides at top.

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Can you identify the age of this Chivas. Thanks Share. Hi there, Sure, it's from the s or s.

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Hope this was helpful, Emile. What about this one? Those may interest you: How much is a 60 year old unopened bottle of 12 year old Chivas Regal worth How much is an unopened, stamped 12 year bottle of 86 proof Chivas Regal pu Chivas Regal Whisky, 12 years old bottle, with tax stamp and opposite Best regards, Emile. Here are pictures of the bottle Share. Can you help me date my bottle of chivas regal?

Rach Do I have de the previous bottle?

Dating chivas regal

Lucas, Difficult to be sure based only on the box. But looks like a s box alright. Bill, Your bottle was produced in the s when there is no Governmental Warning on the back. Those may interest you: How to open chivas regal 12 bottle? What is the value of a 50 year old unopened bottle of Chivas Regal?

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Price for a chivas regal 1 gallon 12 year old scotch with a This really helps. Appreciate your feedback.

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Happy holidays! Hi Mark, It's from the s, I reckon.

Based on label style and bottom. Thank you Share.

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Sorry about the size of the photos. I had no idea they'd post so large.

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The buttery oils will coat your mouth, providing the perfect base for the flavours of the ingredients to combine with the whisky. I would suggest whiskies with more complex flavour profiles, such as Chivas Extra and Chivas XV, as perfect for food pairings, as they have extra cask influence which allows the whisky to complement the flavours of the food.

The full-bodied flavour profile of Chivas Extra comes from the influence of the Oloroso sherry casks from Spain, which makes this my go-to whisky for a Mediterranean evening of antipasto platters and cheese! Rounding your evening off with a luxurious whisky such as Chivas 18YO, is the most indulgent way to bring your dinner to a close.

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Although there is a time and a place for every whisky, I often make the time for ending the evening with a dram of Chivas 18YO. The beauty of whisky is its versatility - on a first date I would suggest beginning with a Chivas XV highball, this refreshing cocktail presents a lighter variation of a whisky cocktail as opposed to something more full-bodied and indulgent like an old fashioned.

Hailing from the Speyside region of Scotland, Chivas Regal is incredibly smooth, fruity and sweet. Innovative use of additional casks such as Oloroso sherry and Grand Champagne Cognac, we find that there is a bottle of Chivas Regal for every occasion. Chivas Extra and Chivas XV continue to present the classic Speyside whisky taste and flavour, with the addition of a hint of spice to match a more high-energy night of whisky.

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For a summer evening enjoying a night of whisky on a rooftop bar, a fruity and sweet whisky such as Chivas 12YO would be a perfect match. The accessible flavour profile of orchard fruits, honey, and butterscotch makes Chivas 12YO perfect for cocktails on a summer evening. Chivas Extra - Chivas Extra has a full-bodied flavour profile due to the extra cask finish in Oloroso sherry casks from Spain.

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This gives the whisky an enhanced sweetness and injection of spice, making it the perfect pairing for fattier dishes such as pork belly. The subtle spice from this whisky will cut through the fat content of the pork belly, enhancing the flavours of both the food and the whisky.

Chivas XV - Our year-old whisky, Chivas XV, has been selectively finished in cognac casks, providing an enhanced sweetness to the flavour profile of the whisky.

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