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Despite pickiness in who I message and high on-paper compatibility, all my dates so far about ten different women have been meh. This may be just a statistical fluke, but I suspect it's related to the meh-ness of life in general: I have dysthymia, aka constant mild depression, so am rarely very excited about anything, women included. I'm in therapy for this, and may be starting on meds soon, but meanwhile, what should my dating strategy be? Should I try for second and third dates with women who don't really interest me and hope I warm to them with time, or should I keep searching for that spark? So the ten or so women I've gone out with so far through OKCupid have all looked great for me on paper: common interests, similar values and attitudes to life, etc. The first dates have all gone fine, in the sense that there was chit-chat and occasional laughter and not too much awkward silence, but there's never what you'd call a spark, and in none of these cases have I particularly wanted to see the woman again. There was one exception, but that was mostly based on physical attraction, and in that case she wasn't interested in seeing me again.

Powell also has two contributing factors often found in dysthymia: a family history of depression and a personal history of childhood stress.

There is strong evidence that early stressors and adversity predispose dysthymic disorder, says Daniel Klein, PhD, a professor of clinical psychology at Stony Brook University in New York whose research includes a year study of people with dysthymia. For David, a year-old business consultant and financial planner from Memphis, Tennessee, early stressors include being abused as a boy. For David, dysthymia can feel like trying to get through molasses. Therapy helps him from slipping lower.

Still, people with dysthymia carry a different burden than people who experience acute or episodic depression, though both disorders have a similar range of symptoms and treatments. Although there is some disagreement among practitioners, sorting out dysthymic disorder and acute, episodic, or major depression can be visualized in a simple graph. One axis represents severity-how many symptoms are present.

The other axis is duration. In dysthymia, symptoms are of comparatively mild severity but last a long time.

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In acute depression, also called episodic depression, symptoms can be of varying severity but they erupt and then subside; they may or may not return. In double depression, someone with dysthymia begins experiencing enough additional symptoms that an episode of major depression is indicated.

To complicate matters, there is also a controversial diagnosis that identifies chronic pessimism, negativity, guilt and low-self-esteem as traits of a personality disorder, rather than symptoms of a mood disorder.

This line of research sees depressive personality disorder DPD as a risk factor for dysthymia and major depression. For dysthymia, she advocates talk therapy focused on changing thought and behavior patterns, perhaps supplemented with journaling and reading assignments between counseling sessions. The small body of research on dysthymia suggests that behavioral-based psychotherapy such as CBT and DBT and medications are effective treatments, either separately or in conjunction.

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A Swedish study published in BMC Journal in followed a small group of people with dysthymia for nine years. Sheila says she was in denial about her lifelong dysthymia until she completed some depression surveys a few years ago.

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She went in for a clinical evaluation and started talk therapy. After a few trials, she found medication that works for her. She now feels good enough to go back to school for library science.

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That includes not only a good relationship with your psychotherapist, but also with your prescribing physician as well. So that relationship is really the key. David, for example, will sometimes take time out to watch a TED talk or treat himself to a latte.

Powell finds it helpful to take time for others. The chronic nature of dysthymia can make it hard to tease apart symptoms from self.

It worked, opening his eyes to a different kind of life. Unfortunately for Petersen, his first medication stopped working after a few months.

Persistent depressive disorder, formerly known as dysthymia, is a form of chronic depression. Learn about its symptoms, causes, treatment, and more. Dysthymia, sometimes referred to as mild, chronic depression, is less severe and has fewer symptoms than major depression. With dysthymia, the depression symptoms can linger for a long period of. Apr 01,   Dysthymia may not be as well-known as its bully big brother, major depressive disorder, but it can be just as pernicious. Familiar symptoms of depression-low mood, listlessness, lack of enjoyment, low self-esteem, poor concentration-persist for years at a level significant enough to interfere with work and relationships, but low enough that.

He lost energy for all but the highest priority tasks, like earning a living. It got to the point, he says, that to an outsider his narrowed-in survival strategy looked like self-obsession.

He went to a specialist who worked with him to find the right drug and dosage. Petersen said it was something of an ordeal, with lots of trial and error, but he stuck with it. I have dysthymia, social anxiety, a mood disorder, and ADHD.

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I was a complete mess for six years straight. Hospitalizations, self harm, constant suicidal thoughts, the works. And then, you know what? It changed. I got on the right meds, I found friends who really understood me.

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The deep, pounding sadness is gone. I hope someone reads this and it gives them a little bit of hope that things can get better. I went through countless meds and therapists until I found something that worked.

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Never stop taking your medication as directed without speaking to your doctor first. Stopping treatment suddenly or missing several doses may cause withdrawal-like symptoms and make depressive symptoms worse. Talk therapy is a beneficial treatment option for many people with PDD. Seeing a therapist can help you learn how to:.

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Talk therapy can be done individually or in a group. Support groups are ideal for those who wish to share their feelings with others who are experiencing similar problems. Making certain lifestyle adjustments can complement medical treatments and help ease symptoms.

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These remedies include:. Since PDD is a chronic condition, some people never recover completely.

This may be just a statistical fluke, but I suspect it's related to the meh-ness of life in general: I have dysthymia, aka constant mild depression, so am rarely very excited about anything, women included. I'm in therapy for this, and may be starting on meds soon, but meanwhile, what should my dating .

Some people may continue to experience severe symptoms that interfere with their personal or professional lives. There are people available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to speak with you about any problem you may be having. You can also visit their website for additional help and resources. They may not react to good news or positive life events the way individuals without this disorder would react.

You should also encourage them to attend all of their doctor and therapist appointments and take their medications as prescribed.

Dysthymia, also known as persistent depressive disorder (PDD), is a mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical problems as depression, but with longer-lasting symptoms. The concept was coined by Robert Spitzer as a replacement for the term "depressive personality" in the late s. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , dysthymia is a serious state Causes: Genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Dysthymia is a chronic, muted form of depression that spreads a dark cloud of hopelessness, negativity, and pessimism. Your spouse may experience you as critical, unmotivated, chronically complaining, and perpetually exhausted. People diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder describe themselves as profoundly dissatisfied and pessimistic. Mar 18,   Dating means allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to risk disappointment and rejection. Two years later, she was diagnosed with major depression and a year later, in , with dysthymia (mild, chronic depression). "Depression made me insecure and self-conscious for the longest time," says Isa, who lives in Northern California where she.

A new study points to growing concern about the impact of depression on quality of life around the world. Drinking enough water can help you burn fat and increase your energy levels.

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This page explains exactly how much water you should drink in a day. Excess stress is a common problem for many people. Learn effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety with these 16 simple tips. If you are one of those who regularly suffers from headaches, here are 18 natural remedies to help you get rid of them. Happiness can feel impossible, but it's always within reach.

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We'll break down 25 science-backed habits to help you get you mood on track. Symptoms of Persistent Depressive Disorder. Causes of Persistent Depressive Disorder.

Dysthymia in Men: What you NEED to know!

Diagnosing Persistent Depressive Disorder. Treating Persistent Depressive Disorder. Q: How can I help someone with persistent depressive disorder?

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All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Read this next.


Depression: The Second Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide A new study points to growing concern about the impact of depression on quality of life around the world. Medically reviewed by Timothy J.

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