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Need some help translating realtor talk? Photo Credit: Getty Images. Photo Credit: Lauren Kolyn Source: laurenkolyn. Real Estate Expectation vs. Real Estate.

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So when you are experiencing a bad moment during your date or in your relationship, remember that something similar has probably happened to lots of other couples as well - you might have just not be aware of it. If you want to have all the same experiences that you see in movies or on social media you should know that a lot of these things cost money. Going to the movies, buying dinner, playing mini golf, taking a cute little row boat out onto a pond with the swans.

Spending itself has become a standard - and a dangerous one to uphold while dating. What happens during hard times when the money is tight?

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No more experiences and nice things, basically. We are pretty non-materialistic and also appreciate free experiences like hikes or city wanders so we never really started out with this problem. We knew what the other person expected from dating it aligned with our passions and we went from there.


This one is also more about building a relationship but can also be applied to dating: they take effort. Growing with someone takes work - and both people have to be willing to put in the work.

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Getting to know someone deeply, coming to agreements, solving conflicts, making decisions - all these things take effort and work to get right the first few times. There are the guys who are wearing fedoras in their profile pictures and clearly cruise the MRA section of from time to time and vaguely insult me in their opening lines, there are the guys who manage to make a passing reference to my breasts in an otherwise complementary mail, there are the guys who seem to not quite understand whose profile they just looked at - and then there are the normals.

Asking the other person out is going to be easy as cake! Expectation: Who cares, dude?

Dating: Expectations vs Reality! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest. As teenagers, we're all living in the bubble that dating is all love and galore. Your mum was probably the one dropping you off to dates and you had no idea what you were really in for. The Most Great Expectation VS Reality Piece of Art Stories We Face in Everyday Life. Dating expectations vs reality can be higher than it is necessary, and they can lead to disappointment. 3. Expectation. You communicate only with one woman because you have serious intentions to create a family. You think that she does the same, and you are one and only with whom she spends her evenings on the Internet. Reality. Mar 19,   Expectations vs. Reality. A problem with expectations was made famous by the Charles Dickens novel, "Great Expectations." The main character, Pip, inherits money from a secret benefactor. He views this fortune as a stepping stone to marrying the girl of his dreams.

How could you know that after only two dates?!?! It was probably that girl with those professional-looking profile pictures Who puts headshots on a dating site? Enjoy your life, asshole.

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Reality: Okay, after a certain point, saying that you just randomly met someone while standing in line at a Starbucks is kind of a stretch - especially when pretty much everyone and their mother is on OKCupid trying to come up with a meet cute story.

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Do not make it contingent on their acceptance of you or their feelings for you. All that matters is that you are happy with the person you are becoming. Translation: "Get Ready to Reno".

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Real talk: space is limited in real estate listings, so if it's calling out a paint job They Say: "Lovingly Maintained". What you're thinking: it's sturdy, stable and will last forever.

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Translation: "It Has Walls". Good bones usually mean that the house lacks the meat to really impress you.

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They Say: "So Shabby Chic". What you're thinking: boho style can be beautiful and have some serious charm.

Scrolling through real estate listings can feel a lot like online dating: everything seems nice, but the over-the-top profiles make you wonder what's fact and what's fiction. Need some help translating realtor talk? Don't worry! Here's how to decode some of the most popular real estate listing euphemisms. Reality: So I do get a ton of messages, but 90 percent of them are horrifying! Basically, after I sift through the piles of incoherent requests for sex that seem to be spammed to anyone in the tri-state area with a vagina between the ages of 18 and freshly dead, there is not a lot to choose from. Dating Expectations vs Reality Can Be VERY Different. When it comes to dating and relationships, expectations can be very different from reality. You might be familiar with those memes showing the contrast between what we think happens versus what really happens in dating .

Translation: "So Shabby". Real talk: unfortunately, most of these listings are much more shabby than they are chic.

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Translation: "Totally Bizarre".

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