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The Hermle clock company, like many of the well-known American clock companies, such as Durfee , E. Welch owed its existence to one clockmaker who had the desire to build quality clocks, Franz Hermle. Amazingly, at a time when the world economy was plummeting into the Great Depression and American clock companies were struggling to avoid bankruptcy, the new German company prospered. While other clock companies were using nineteenth century methods, Franz Hermle had an eye for efficiency and used the latest modern techniques for producing clock movements. Like other master clockmakers, Franz Hermle passed on his clockmaking expertise to his four sons: Gebhard, Alfred, Hans and Heinrich, changing the name of the company to Franz Hermle and Sohn. Continuing the success story, Franz Hermle and his sons prospered after the devastation of Germany from World War II, at a time when many of the major American companies could not recapture their former status as world leaders in clockmaking and were soon to disappear from the scene.

Beautiful rare Vintage Hermle walnut laterndlurh Vienna wall clock with rare day, date month dials

German Quartz, triple chime Harmonic movement plays your choice of full Quarter hour Westminster or Ave Maria chimes or Bim Bam chimes with strike on the hour.

Westminster chime switch for strike on the hour only. Night-time shutoff switch will silence the clock between PM - AM. Operates on 2 "C" Duracell Batteries. Assembled in Virginia. Three Year Warranty and Free Shipping. Authentic German made brass ships bell clock. Traditional brass ship's bell striking clock with a polished brass case. The 8-day key wound movement has an 11 jewel platform escapement. The dial is white with Roman numerals and spade hands.

The hinged bezel has a beveled glass lens and screw-down fastener. Fast-slow adjustment and strike-silent levers through the dial. Ship's Bell strike is only loud enough to be heard within the same room.

Dating franz hermle clocks

Three Year warranty and Free Shipping. Hermle Hamburg satin gold-tone, all metal antiqued wall clock features a wrought iron case with side columns.

Hermle North America is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of beautifully crafted clocks to home decor retailers and clock shops. FREE Franz Hermle Clocks Sale Prices, Values & Valuation. See TODAY's Franz Hermle Clocks for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, FREE price guide, values, wish list and more - FIND + Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value! Apr 23,   Actually, Hermle started dating their movements prior to In , they began using a letter of the alphabet to denote the year of manufacture, beginning with A for , etc. Prior to that, they used a numeric designation, e.g., 77 would mean

White Roman numeral dial with a gold rim. Gold-tone bell. The German 8-day weight driven passing bell strike movement strikes once on every hour. Matching antique style weight and pendulum.

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Made in Germany. Three year warranty and free shipping. Hermle Lester wall clock with a skeleton movement. This all metal antiqued wall clock features a wrought iron case with twisted columns. Pewter-tone bell. The 8-day weight driven passing bell strike movement strikes once at the top of each hour. Premium Hermle passing bell strike movement found in more expensive clocks. Hermle Antique Dial antiqued wall clock features a wrought iron case.

The German 8-day weight driven Premium passing bell strike movement The 8-day weight driven passing bell strike movement strikes once at the top of each hour.

Nov 11,   In Hermle movements changed from a 2 digit date code to an alphabetic code for the date. You will find the date code by the movement number on the back plate of the clock. Please refer to an earlier post for understanding all of the numbers stamped in the back plate of your Hermle Movment Letter Date of Manufacture A How old? Hermle Movement Date Codes. Dating a Hermle clock movement by decoding the date code stamp. This is to know when the movement was made and decide if the clock has lived its life and is time for a new one. After finding the Hermle movement date code, it can be figured out how old the clock movement is with the below chart. If the clock. Hermle movements are the most used mechanical clock movements used in Grandfather clocks, as well as other wall and mantle clocks. We will show you how to identify if your movement is in fact a Hermle or another brand. On the bottom of this page, we have given you information on the history of Hermle.

Made in Germany Three year warranty and Free Shipping. This Chiming Oak Tambour mantel clock is in an Oak finish and rich in details.

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A beaded dentil molding surrounds the base, accenting the carved side scrolls and burl veneered front panel. Beneath a convex glass crystal, the aged dial offers black Arabic numerals, spaded hour and minute hands. Quartz, dual chime movement plays Westminster or German style Bim Bam chimes and features volume control.

Programmable automatic nighttime chime shut-off option for any 8 hour period. Size: Height. Hermle Barrister keywound chiming mantel clock.

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Elegant Barrister-style case made from select hardwoods and veneers in a rich mahogany finish. The front panel features fluted columns and exquisite inlaid marquetry. The ivory colored dial has Arabic numerals and serpentine hands behind the brass bezel with convex glass. Elegant Barrister style mantle clock made from select hardwoods in a rich Cherry finish from Hermle mantel clocks.

An ivory dial, bold numerals and filigree hands are easy to read behind the convex glass lens. The front panel features fluted columns and exquisite inlaid marquetry of four species of different woods. Hinged brass bezel allows clock face to be opened. Night shut-off option. Quartz, triple chime movement plays Westminster, Ave Maria and Bim-Bam and also features a volume control. The Hermle Galahad is an antiqued style table - mantel clock featuring a wrought iron case with twisted columns and a Roman numeral dial.

The German day passing bell strike movement has a polished bell to accent the polished brass feet.

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One strike on the hour for each hour. The 14 day movement needs to be wound twice a month. Three year warranty and Free Shipping. Hermle Clocks Hermle Clocks Nearly one hundred years ago, Franz Hermle began manufacturing and selling mechanical clocks. Hermle Clocks Hermle Clocks is one of the world's oldest clock makers who built the first factory in Germany in Result pages: 1 2. Clock will Cuckoo on the hour with a digital recording complete with the echo of the mountains.

Traditionally styled tambour Cherry chiming mantel clock has a wide and slender profile.

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Off white dial has Arabic numerals and old style serpentine hands. Hinged front bezel is milled brass with a convex glass lens and is hinged to allow access to the hands. Quartz, triple chime Harmonic movement plays your choice of full Quarter hour Westminster or Ave Maria chimes or Bim Bam chimes with strike on the hour.

The embossed metal dial has black Arabic numerals and serpentine hands behind the hinged front door. Nighttime chime off switch. The valley has traditionally been the home of several factories engaged in the production of precision machinery and small mechanical components, so there is an abundance of skilled labor available.

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Even though some of these factories have grown to a considerable size, the valley has never taken on an urban character and still maintains a quiet village atmosphere that is ideally suited for clock making and precision manufacturing.

This quiet way of life has not impeded the progress of the factories in the area. Most of them are as modern as one would expect to find in any of the major industrially developed countries of the world. All of them have had to automate their operations to the maximum extent possible so they can remain competitive in their respective markets. Franz Hermle and Sohn is no exception in this regard. They have constructed a factory complex which is one of the most modern and efficient facilities in the world for manufacturing both mechanical and electronic clock movements.

Hermle mechanical clocks start their existence in the Reichenbach plant, which produces almost all of the component parts that are found in the wide range of mechanical movements the company manufactures. Several semi-automatic machines that have traditionally been associated with the production of mechanical clock parts have been upgraded with computerized control mechanisms to increase the number and type of functions they can handle.

Almost every operation in the Reichenbach plant has been automated and very few workers are required to produce a sizeable quantity of parts for the Hermle assembly lines and spare parts stocks. These continued innovations have helped to reduce the greatest cost factor in any precision manufacturing operation - the cost of labor.

In most cases these changes have not been made at the expense of Hermle employees, as those displaced by automation have been relocated to other production activities in another part of the factory system.

One of the most recent investments in machinery has been in the procurement of precision equipment to finish the pivots on each clock arbor after all the rust preventive plating materials have been removed.

These machines place a polished finish on the pivots and careful checks are then carried out to ensure that rigid quality control standards are maintained. This improvement should extend the lives of new Hermle movements considerably. Even those operations that still have to be accomplished by hand have been automated to the maximum extent possible. The drums that operate the hammers on chiming movements are still assembled by hand but every effort has been made to make the parts available to the assembler in a fast and efficient manner.

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Other operations such as the assembly of automatic beat setting services are best accomplished by it but automated machinery that can sense the correct tension on the spring is used so the operation can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The clock plates for mechanical movement are prepared on the lower level of the main Gosheim plant. After being stamped from a roll of sheet brass each plate is brought to a perfectly flat state and the decorative designs are placed on it.

Great care is taken in drilling the holes in the plate that will accommodate the wheels and other components. The plate is prepared for finishing and is given a coat of baked lacquer before it is sent on its way to become part of a mechanical clock movement in the assembly facility. The assembly of mechanical movements is accomplished on the upper levels of the main plant building in Gosheim.

Wheels are placed between the plates and the movement starts its journey down the assembly line on a conveyor belt. At each station employees add additional parts to the movement and place it back on the conveyor.

This process is continued until the movement is completed and moves to the inspection station.

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All Hermle mechanical movements are test-run for one winding cycle on racks adjacent to the assembly facility. The company devotes a respectable amount of its staff and their time to quality control operations.

Hermle was founded in Your clock has Foreign on the dial.

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So, your clock is postat any rate. The style itself is suggestive of the 's, for which I have no good information to support. Not much help, I'm afraid.

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Thank you Steve There appears to be no definitive way to date but I was thinking 's and that's close enough. I've seen lots of clocks with "Foreign" on the dials I wonder if we had a similar tariff or import requirement to the British?

At any rate, a lot of antiques and vintage items sent to England eventually made their way to the U. Again, many thanks! I suppose it is also possible that the movement, or specific features of the movement, might provide some clue, but I am not the one to know the "yea" or the "nay" of it. The late D. Willie X Registered User.

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Feb 9, 12, I agree with others but would suppose that it could posibably be post WWII. Willie X.

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The "Foreign" requirement was disbanded by the British before WW 2. By that time, most countries had already agreed to the international "country of origin" term "Made in XYZ".

Hermle Clocks Nearly one hundred years ago, Franz Hermle began manufacturing and selling mechanical clocks. In , Franz Hermle founded the Franz Hermle Clock Company in Gosheim/Wuerttemberg, Germany. Within ten years the company became known as one of the most modern and efficient manufacturers of clock movements in the clock industry. Small striking clocks often have a Series movement with circular plates and floating balance (Image 5). Dating Hermle movements is easy if you look closely at the back plate. Up until , they simply added the last two numbers of the year of make - so 77 indicates The Hermle clock company, like many of the well-known American clock companies, such as Durfee, E. Howard, Seth Thomas, Ingraham, Kroeber, and E.N. Welch owed its existence to one clockmaker who had the desire to build quality clocks, Franz Hermle. While the major American clock companies trace their roots to the early 's, the Hermle Company is a twentieth century success story.

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