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These best friends have been dating on and off for over three years. These purveyors of Goth pride themselves on keeping Louisville "weird. The most difficult part of the Race will undoubtedly be keeping up their daily "make up" routine. Fashion is a passion for these two. Vyxsin claims that the biggest difference between the two is that she is very emotional while he is more reserved. She has been trying to get him to open up more and express his true feelings which she claims she's having success doing.

There is no way I am letting her anywhere near our race fanny pack and passports! What would you do if you won the million dollars? Go on a vacation! We are going to focus more mentally. He burnt the clutch in our vehicle in Italy, which turned out to be a one-way ticket to last place.

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He does not enjoy getting dirty! He looked like a miserable wet kitten as he crawled out of that ditch in his ruined outfit. We have suffered the loss of a loved one since our first race. We need an uplifting experience at this point in our lives. We have moved to Los Angeles to pursue our love of fashion, club life and new adventures. What are you passionate about? Dancing, my teammate and my family. I love to cook vegan food. We carry way too much with us. We need to pack lighter.

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I am constantly chasing him away from my make-up bag. If I won the million dollars I would take both of our families on a long vacation. Kynt: I don't think that's accurate because they never saw us when cameras weren't around. We were followed by a camera crew 24 hours a day. Vyxsin: And I would say that of the other teams, too.

We never saw any of them not being filmed. I don't feel like we really know the other teams very well outside of the context of The Amazing Race.

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Kynt: Actually not. Because we were so close to the end, they took us to the ending destination. You didn't win anything and you missed out on the resort part.

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Vyxsin: But I wouldn't have traded India and Italy for anything. Kynt even threatened to jump out of the car at one point. Vyxsin: And I don't blame him. We got super lost.

When we got to the [accident on the highway] we decided to go on this insane mountain road. So I drove all night long on these tiny, hairpin turns up and down these crazy, super narrow, dark mountain roads. I couldn't even blink. We had no food, no water.

The contestants on The Amazing Race (divided into teams of two) Mistakes are what make up the bulk of the screen time for the neon-and-black-clad "dating goths" Kent and Vyxsin. And to his great credit, Kent maintains a mostly positive outlook despite Vyxsin's repeated errors. "That little pink kitten is trying her best," he says.

And there was no way to get water. And no gas stations. I was pretty much delirious. Honestly, I shouldn't have been driving. No one who's been awake for a few days should be driving. It's just not smart. Kynt: It was our one bad moment in The Amazing Raceand it was quick. Vyxsin, how often does he threaten to injure himself to get his way?

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Kynt: I'm like, "Vyxsin, gimme that powder or I'm going to stab myself in the eye. It's not so bad. What else would people be surprised to learn about you?

Vyxsin: That I'm very domestic. I love to cook and to do little house stuff like decorate.

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Kynt and I have these s gender roles. Even though he's very cute and small and prissy, he's also very much a leader and he was very much the leader of the team. You made it seem like your gender roles were reversed. Vyxsin: They sort of bounce back and forth. What happened to the clunky shoes? I thought I saw you wearing some. Or did I hallucinate? Kynt: You might have seen us wearing some toward the beginning. But they had to get left behind - as in, in the garbage in the airport before we went to Ireland.

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When we got to that first airport, we did some purging. After that, whenever we went to a pit stop, we'd try to lighten our load so that as we approached the end, we'd be sleeker and faster.

Kynt: Well, when we started, we had a lot more of everything - a lot of warm clothes, more makeup, 17 or 20 powder compacts. By the end, we had just what we needed to survive. Vyxsin: But Kynt's flatiron did make it all the way to the end. That was never added to the trash list. Kynt: The flatiron made it around the world! Get the exclusive scoop on the seventh season of American Idol in the new issue ofon newsstands now. Plus: Can Dr. Phil save Britney?

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Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign - Over/Under

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Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist. Recommendations Discover Listings News. Slice 1. See more streaming content on Hulu Sign Up. The sequestered teams met up with the decoy teams in the final destination city to cheer on the final three teams as they crossed the Finish Line. CBS posted short videos on its website after each episode aired in the Pacific time zonewhich showed the eliminated teams interacting at the villa.

In Hoist It, teams had to use a traditional rope-and-pulley system to hoist five pieces of furniture up to a typical Amsterdam apartment before receiving their next clue from the head tenant.

In Hunt It, teams made their way on foot several blocks to the Fietsflat bicycle parking lot to search through thousands of bicycles for two bikes tagged with a specific color designated in their clue. After finding these bikes, teams had to ride them five miles to an attendant who would give them their next clue.

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In the Roadblock for this leg, one team member had to play a sport called fierljeppen. This required completing a foot 3. Once the vault was completed correctly, they had to pick up their clue and vault back to their partner.

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This task would reappear in Season 21 as a Switchback. In this Roadblock, in an area inhabited by Tuareg people, one team member had to milk a dromedary and collect the camel milk in a dried gourd bowl.

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After they reached a marked line and showed it to a local for approval, they then had to drink all the milk to receive their next clue. If a team member was unable to obtain enough milk from their chosen camel, he or she had to wait until another team had completed the Roadblock; they could then try milking that camel for the remainder. In Teach It, teams had to teach schoolchildren who did not speak English to memorize ten words of English.

When a local teacher was satisfied that the children could recite the words, teams would receive the next clue. In Learn It, teams had to learn from the local schoolchildren ten words in the More language. Teams were then tested by a local teacher, until the teacher was satisfied and gave them their next clue.

In Shake Your Booty, teams had to learn a traditional local dance and perform it with Winiama masked dancers for a crowd of locals. Teams only had one attempt, and if three local celebrity judges felt a team lacked creativity or had a bad performance, the team would incur a minute penalty.

Dating goths amazing race

After successfully performing the dance or waiting out the penalty, teams would receive their next clue. In this Roadblock, one team member had to ride a bicycle and deliver a large amount of cumbersome goods, including a small goat, to a specific person stated in their clue at a nearby market to receive their next clue.

Applications for The Amazing Race 12 were due on January 16, Semi-finalist interviews were held in February or March and final casting interviews took place in April This season's 11 teams included married lesbian ministers, dating Goths, and keitaiplus.comal network: CBS. Host Your Own Amazing Race Game. My husband and I LOVE to travel so when we first watched the reality show The Amazing Race, it quickly became one of our favorites!First, we love seeing all of the different countries and then came the challenges that matched the various cultures and we were hooked. Jan 10,   The Amazing Race's Dating Goths Stay Upbeat to the End. By Rochell D Thomas Jan 10, AM EST. Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala, The Amazing Race.

In this Roadblock, one team member had to choose a local Lithuanian woman working in Nautilus courtyard, who would give them a package and tell them where to take it. Then, traveling on foot through the confusing streets of the Vilnius Old Town, team members had to deliver the package to the correct person in Vilnius University Courtyard.

When the delivery was made to the correct location, they received their next clue. In Count Down, teams made their way through the traditional Mid-Summer's Festival to a marked section of picket fence. Once there, they had to count every picket in the fence and give their count to a villager. If they were correct, they would receive their next clue. In Step Up, teams had to stilt-walk along a marked course to the finish line.

If a person fell before reaching the end, they had to start over. When they completed the course without falling, they would receive their next clue. There was a Fast Forward which went unaired. In a post-show interview, Shana and Jennifer revealed that the Fast Forward was present in a portion of the leg at Trakai Island Castle; however, the objective was unknown. At the Roadblock, one team member had to find one of eight stones out of that could into the rock wall at the fort being rebuilt from the Croatian War of Independence to receive their next clue from the stonemason.

Then, they had to make their way on foot a longer distance through the confusing old-quarter streets, to find their next clue. When they reached a flagged area, they then had to make their way on foot a shorter distance through the streets, to find their next clue.

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When each team member had their tattoo completed, they would win the Fast Forward award. At the Roadblock, one team member had to fly over Tuscany in an ultralightand scan a six-mile 9. If team members thought they spotted the hint, they had to signal their pilot who would then bring them back down. Once on the ground, they would tell the instructor the location and, if correct, the pilot would hand them their next clue.

There was a thirty-minute time limit per flight, to allow for refueling. At the Detour, teams had a choice between Invention or Tradition. In Invention, teams made their way to a nearby courtyard and chose a replica of a centuries-old crane designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

They then had to place a mirror underneath and read a clue printed on the bottom of the stone.

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