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Originally posted by aestheticsprouse. Thanks in advance! Note From Author: Thank you so much for requesting, Anon! I loved doing this, Jughead is literally bae, so I hope you enjoy it! All imagines, one shots, would includes, etc. This blog, xxxriverdaleimaginesxxx, will soon be deleted, so if you want to continue reading my writing please go to the blog listed above!

Being really heartbroken when your best friend Betty admits that she has feelings for him after you begin dating. You feel awful about hurting her, but you know what you and Archie have is real and special and that nothing will ever change that. Having songs written about you.

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Almost breaking up with him when you find out about Grundy. Protective Archie. Being really good friends with Reggie and trying to force them to get along. Makeout sessions. Study nights that always turn into the two of you just sitting on the front porch steps talking about life. Being teased about how short you are compared to him.

Daily milkshakes after school. Him always walking you to all of your classes. Being in love with your best friend.

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Thanks for everything, and I hope to see some familiar faces on my other blog soon! Here you are, Anon! I hope you like them! Anonymous asked: Could you do making out with Archie would include Hope you like it! Running your hands up his arms and squeezing his biceps. Being pressed against the nearest surface he could find. Fighting over dominance even though you know he always wins.

Open mouthed kisses. Wrapping your arms around his waist and lightly pressing your nails into his back. Him tangling his hands into your hair.

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Cupping his jaw. Teasing you by lightly trailing his tongue across your bottom lip before pulling away right as you give him permission. Soft moans. Long, endearing conversations. Lighthouse adventures.

Him unable to stop bragging about you. Obsessing over literature and Star Wars. Him being a stubborn butt during social gatherings, and you having to pull him out of his comfort zone. Sneaking around the campus after school hours. You distracting him by being so unbearably cute. Soft touches. Cleaning up his work space whenever it gets too messy. Falling asleep with him on his old, worn-down mattress. Forehead kisses. Dating Jughead Jones Would Include:. Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include Honestly, with you he would melt away his touch jock exterior and treat you as his damn princess.

Forehead was his way of showing he was there and how much he cared when people were around. He was certainly a fan of PDA but these gentle kisses meant more than all of that.

Making each other smile Reggie did everything he could to see you smile but all he needed to do was turn up and you were the happiest girl there could be. The simplest things could make Reggie smile, your smile would light up his world and your laugh made him grin like he Cheshire cat especially when he was the reason behind it.

Tight hugs and cuddles Reggie was a big toughie but his cuddles were the comfiest and safest you had ever known. He was, deep down, a little insecure and you were his anchor to reality. He loved nothing more than when going to sleep, holding you in his arms tightly and burying his face in your neck keeping you as close as possible.

Whenever you felt panicked, all you had to do was look into them an you were instantly calmed. He was so, so sweet and every night, before falling asleep beside you he would gaze into your eyes, calming himself down and once again anchoring himself down. Puppy dog eyes You were a little stubborn with Reggie you had to admit, he was a little too used to getting what he wanted so you liked to tease him a little, saying no on purpose just for him to pull out the puppy dog eyes and completely melt your heart meaning in the end, once again getting his own way very easily.

Always holding hands Reggie liked to show off that you were his and that meant waltzing into school every morning holding your hand and smiling proudly. Lots of sex Okay so, Reggie is just another sex god.

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Lets face it, Reggie would know everything about how to pleasure you entirely. Just saying, Reggie would be able to work wonders with his tongue.

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He could easily leave you begging and panting, gripping the sheets. The worst is when he would turn you on in school, normally pulling you into the empty boys locker room and having his way with you just enough to leave him flustered. Making you blush Reggie had a habit of embarrassing you on occasion. Another time is when he would be on the football field and will remove his shirt winking at you and pulling you into him, often kissing you in the process and showing you off. Tracing his abs Whether in the shower, or just cuddling or after sex, you loved tracing your fingers over his abs.

He found it funny how it chilled you out and it would normally end in him taking your hand carefully and placing light kisses to it.

You found it hilarious when every so often you would tickle him, making him laugh and try and gently smack your hand away. Dating Jughead Jones would include.

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Dating Jughead Jones Would Include Dating Jughead Jones would include:. Fries are off limits! Him often singing you to sleep. Being there at every football game, cheering him on. Rough car sex?

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Sneaky music room kisses. Him always having to touch you, Arms around shoulder, waist, lips. Walking to school every morning. Him often surprising you at work. Always getting into trouble with him.

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Writing songs about you. Having known him and Juggie since you were kids. Being absolute smartasses with each other. Him reading his novel or newsletter entries to you. Playing with his hair whilst he writes. Kissing always, PDA even at its minimalist. Finding out Juggie is asexual and loving him just the same.

Him living with you and your parents. Your parents absolutely adoring him and his quirky attitude.

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Movie marathons. Conspiracy Theory marathons that leave you two talking to each other in the early hours of the morning. Sarcasm wars?

A lot of kissing in public. Meeting her through Archie and instantly clicking.

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Her being hella kinky. So much roleplay. Helping her cope with her relationship with her parents. Being there for her when Polly gives birth. Not being afraid to get into a fistfight when people from school make comments about your relationship.

The two of you constantly pranking Archie or Juggie. Being River Vixens and the team being supportive of you two. Not being afraid to speak your mind when her parents are being out of line. Your parents adoring Betty. Shopping for lingerie together. Spoiling each other.

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Making sure everyone knew you two were an item. Hermione loving you just as much as Ronnie. Supporting her during her fights with her mom. Supporting her with problems regarding her dad. Calling her Ronald to annoy her. Shopping sprees. Sex in the change rooms.

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Flirting nonstop. Sexual tension always. Ronnie being very jealous of any girl or guy that gets too friendly with you. Cheesy Pick up lines.

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Surprising you with flowers. Getting into fights with people who make inappropriate comments. Being the Power couple of Riverdale. Aggressively protective over you. Being best friends with Jason.

Dating jughead would include tumblr

Her getting her red lipstick stains all over your skin and clothes. Helping her deal with her parents. If dead Being the three musketeers with her and Jason.

Fancy dinners. Sleepovers but not a lot of sleep. Talking about your future together almost every night. Getting possessive when girls get too close to her. Dates by Sweetwater river.

Read Dating Jughead would include from the story Riverdale Imagines by ellasfood (???ella???) with 10, reads. , archie, jugheadjones. You guys should ch. Warnings:None Masterlist Authors note:I fell in love with Riverdale in SECONDS + with Jughead also, so i decided to write a "Dating * would include " imagine. I did not added any sexual things cuz as far as I know is Jughead in the comic asexual but I don?t have a clue if this is also going to be like that in the show. PS: It?s a little bit short cuz 2 episodes weren?t enough to. Being a Jones and Dating Sweet Pea Would Include A/N: hello all. Hope everyone is having a great day and I hope this post just brightens it up even more. Originally posted by stelenna. you and Sweets had become close the second you and Jughead moved to Southside High; even though you hated the sexist initiation, you had become a Serpent.

Running the Maple business with her once her dad passes it over. Constantly laughing together over the littlest things.

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Your parents being weary at first about your relationship due to her family. Your parents slowly accepting Cheryl and vice versa. Sometimes he made it obvious, picking fights for no reason or sometimes, only you could see it so to reassure him, you would walk over to him and kiss him hard in front of everyone. Often winding him up a little to the point where when you would get home it was an interesting night.

He would often laugh at people, not with them so when you made him laugh - truly laugh, everyone was confused. Not even Archie had managed that and they were best friends so you truly shocked everyone. Of course, you never gave away your secrets which frustrated the group to all ends.

Being together most of the time You would very, very rarely be seen apart. Sure, it meant him sneaking in through your window every night and it would always be a little awkward but you managed it. You could trust each other with absolutely everything and it was what your relation was based off.

Love, trust and your late night conversations. Your parents not liking him at first but when they get to know him they love him Your parents were a little weary of you dating someone with Southside roots but he proved them so, so wrong.

He was always such a gentleman to you, especially around your parents. After they warmed up to him they were utterly smitten with the two of you.

They were always inviting him round for dinner and soon they were more open to him staying round, meaning less fumbles getting him through the window everynight.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include So I am not too happy with this i am sorry but i have had a bit going on personally at the moment. Requested by a few people. Masterlist. Originally posted by feeltheweirdeness. PDA when he's jealous. Jughead Jones got jealous a damn lot. Dating Jughead Jones Would Include: Borrowing' his beanie and wearing it always. Being absolute smartasses with each other. Him reading his novel or newsletter entries to you. Playing with his hair whilst he writes. Kissing always, PDA even at its minimalist. Finding out Juggie is .

You meat more to him then anything and he wanted you safe and away from all the horrors of Riverdale. He knew you could look after yourself but he just wanted you safe and would do anything to make sure of it. There was so many times that Jughead would put himself in some pretty dangerous situations to keep you safe, having no regard really for his life when it came to yours.

Most of your late night conversations involved him planning to run away with you as soon as he could, making you happy and having you all to himself away from your hectic and dangerous pasts. Him falling asleep in your arms, allowing you to play with his hair Jugheads hair was the softest thing ever but only you would know that.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include ^ helping them find out who killed Jason blossom ^ reading his book every time he ates ^ him not liking you around the Serpents ^ having mixed feelings. Read Dating jughead would include from the story Riverdale Imagines by sweetpeaslut with 24, reads. betty, imagines, jughead. By riverdale-imagines-asf. Originally posted by jughead-thethird. Request: "Dating Archie would include?" Requested by: Anonymous. Requests are: Open (I do NOT own the gif) ^^^^^ Going to all of his football games. Wearing his letterman. Being the first person he calls whenever he writes a new song. Being mad at him for ditching Jughead over 4th of July weekend.

You were a very cuddly person and so, surprisingly was Jughead when it came to you. After a really hard day Jughead would just curl up in your arms, allowing you to run your hands through his hair gently and letting him fall into a light sleep with no questions asked.

The only solution was a really long walk with no real destination. Seeing each other cry You were both sensitive people on the inside but hated showing it on the outside, except for each other. Jughead hurt so much when he saw you cry so did everything to try and prevent it and would happily offer to go and knock out whoever made you cry as he got advice on his right hook but he would just pull you into his arms and the world would melt away. You would freak when Jughead cried, immediately assuming the worst but soon comforting him and thing would all be okay-ish again.

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