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She is actually in love with Densuke Mifune but accepts his affection towards Chiharu Shinonome. Nobody knows much about her but knows that she uses Densuke Mifune. Kirika is a tall woman with long purple hair tied in a ponytail, black eyes and huge breasts. She wears the Zashono Academy uniform, which has the usual green sweater and yellow vest, only difference being is that she sports a purple ribbon instead of a red one. Kirika is the one that forced Densuke Mifune to join the Eiken club because, according to her, he had no skill and lacks notice ability, and has tormented him often since; she has often used her breasts to tease him through either smothering, using his head to hold them up, hitting him with them or just deliberately giving him a peek. She has also been known to use her butt to hit Densuke with great force as well.

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Below are some of the interactions players will encounter. What do you want to eat?

Meat or Fish? What do you think would be good? He is quite friendly.

Jul 09,   All dates/night events for Kirika and her story ending As of September this channel earns zero ad revenue due to YouTube removing monetisation from our channel, Naughty Gaming is . Finally, go the dating spots he/she likes until the date ends. Walkthrough for the Endings. How to get all endings in Shining Resonance Refrain. Endings. Each Party Member has an ending if you are in Refrain Mode that includes Jinnis and Excella. Think Star Oceans, any of the Atelier games. Just trip the flags and you will eventually get there. (or are still story locked for Kirika). Also, after you start earning your day time dates, you still wont' get one every time you talk to the girls at night. Seems like I averaged 1 .

Would you like to pet him? Do you have a favorite season, Yuma?

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How long do you think it will take for me to use used to it? What do you think? It hard for me to tell. Do you want me to do an illusion of anything in particular? I can do almost anything.

Dating kirika

So what could that hourglass mean? What am I thinking, deep inside? What can I do?

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What would make you happiest? Yuma, say an enemy found you unarmed.

How would you deal with that? The years I spent there were so peaceful.

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What about you, Yuma? I picked up these apples just this afternoon. You want to eat together?

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I wonder why they were all together? You want to try playing it, Yuma?

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You want me to help you out! How are things? Have you gotten used to the city? Have you been training? If you skip one day, you regress three, so you have to practice every day. You can smell it every time you walk by, and then you basically have no choice but to stop by.

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What did you get? How about you try wearing armor too?

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User Info: darkphoenix User Info: Gen How I did it. This triggers a Night Event. If you get declined just move on and ask them again after a story event. Sometimes you'll have to answer question correctly.

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If you do that right the character will light up with hearts. If you mess up you can try the Night Event again, the character will repeat the question eventually.

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They will have a Heart icon over their head on minimap and the next time you choose the Invite option it will trigger the Date Event. Thanks Gen, that clears up my confusion.

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Atlus trolls like a boss. User Info: panforis.

Kirika I amsure he would be happy to teach you in the culnary arts, if you asked Yeah, maybe I will. No Change: I'd rather you teach me, Kirika. No Change: I just like eating. No Change: Time out. The only dating restriction is Kirika can't go out on dates till around chapter 4 I think, for story line reasons. If you don't know, your affection is maxed out if the female characters get a Heart trait and the male characters give you a House trait. User Info: rpgian. Jul 20,   D uring the story of Shining Resonance Refrain, as early as Op. 2, players can interact with certain NPCs and by selecting the proper response their bonds can be keitaiplus.coms can deepen or lessen their bonds so choose carefully! Keep the individual personality and behaviors of the NPC in mind when interacting with them.

You need to do this 5 times to lock an ending for a character you get a heart trait for them and the last date they say they love each other, for Sonia anyway. I've done at least 8 for Sonia and Kirika and gotten all their affection questions right and still haven't gone a single date with either of them. Meanwhile, I've gone on 2 with Jinas and Excella already. Is it just random and the game decides when it feels like you'll get a date?

My friend has gone on 2 with Sonia already and she's still at the start of the game. Official Aqua of the Kingdom Hearts 3 board. User Info: dark Im trying to figure out what triggers the dates. User Info: yagarnaut. Kirika is story locked. She'll talk to you at night, but she wont' ask you to hang out with her during the day, until somewhere in the middle of chapter 4. To raise their affection, use them in battle.

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Talk to them during the day when they have a question to ask, and answer it correctly. Talk to them at night in the inn, and answer their question correctly. Eventually, after you raise their affection enough, they will just naturally ask you to take them around town the next day while you're talking to them at night.

Shining Resonance Refrain: First Date with Kirika!

If they aren't asking you to do that, then you don't have enough affection yet. Also, after you start earning your day time dates, you still wont' get one every time you talk to the girls at night. Seems like I averaged 1 day time date for every night time talks. Now, the strangeness really starts for the day time dates. You basically will have your choice of date spots to take the girls during the day, usually 5 or 6 choices per date. But, there are like 10 total, or some where around that number.

So, the spots change from date to date. Also, you'll be able to take the girls to 3 per date. So, you have to choose which 3 you want to take her too. For the first few, no matter which spots I chose, I always got a unique add on scene at the end.

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