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To save this word, you'll need to log in. See More Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The masquerade parades, parties, and all out celebration of Bajan culture spills into every part of the island. Bells tolling across midnight plazas. Whirling waltzes at a masquerade ball. Clifford Prout, the president of The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, a faux organization out to convince America to clothe their pets and barnyard animals. Send us feedback.

Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? The awkward case of 'his or her' Word Games Words for Summer: A Quiz Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Which of these things doesn't belong? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from masquerade Verb masquerader noun.

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Examples of masquerade in a Sentence Noun She could not keep up the masquerade any longer. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The masquerade parades, parties, and all out celebration of Bajan culture spills into every part of the island.

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First Known Use of masquerade Nounin the meaning defined at sense 1a Verbin the meaning defined at sense 1a. Learn More about masquerade.

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Time Traveler for masquerade The first known use of masquerade was in See more words from the same year. Statistics for masquerade Look-up Popularity. More Definitions for masquerade. Other Words from masquerade masquerader noun.

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What you do for a living is typically a big part of who you are, and when you start getting serious with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you probably like to talk about how your day went. But what if you spend your day saving the planet from alien invasions? Or hunting down vampire serial killers? Of course, the people you work for in this fantastical world may insist that should you ever tell your significant other, you'd have to immediately kill them.

apologise, but

Is it any surprise, then, that the Masquerade will make you kill your dating life? A lot of times, the pool of eligible bachelor ette s in on the Masquerade is rather small, and since Everybody Has Lots of Sexit won't take long for you to work your way through them. But if you try to date outside of the masquerade, be prepared to stonewall every time your new beau asks "So how was your day? That's if you can keep the many, many lies from collapsing in on themselves, that is. These relationships tend to end in one of three ways don't they all?

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Usually, the Love Interest freaks out. May be because she or he Loves My Alter Ego. Often the cause of a character being Hollywood Dateless. A subtrope of Keeping Secrets Sucks. If your heroic job threatens your dating life for reasons other than its secrecy, see Loved I Not Honor More.

If letting the Love Interest in on the secret is what causes the break up, that falls under Love Cannot Overcome. As such, it is an aversion of Understanding Boyfriend. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass suffered several problems with his love interests-particularly Shirley-because of his masquerade as Zero to which her death can be directly attributed.

Initially with Suzaku and Euphemia, but having their respective masquerades broken allowed them both to genuinely get to know each other. But Euphemia didn't tell Suzaku about Lelouch being her brother and still trusted him, which got her killed.

Tokyo Mew Mew has this be the main issue between Ichigo and her would-be boyfriend Aoyama. They vow to meet up, but Ichigo needs to fight off the aliens and ultimately arrives late at the meeting place, apologizing. And even when she isn't fighting, if she gets too excited, she grows cat features or turns into a cat completely and has to hide those from him, too.

Aoyama eventually reveals that, while he didn't know -know, he figured Ichigo was doing something great that he couldn't be a part of and just took it in stride.

Apr 10,   That is the real life "Dating Masquerade"-where singles meet people who appear one way, and then turn out to be something entirely different (incompatible). The good news is that there is now a scientific way to identify a compatible partner based on Jungian/Myers-Briggs personality types. MASQUERADE SPEED DATING (for 30s) Tired of always being judged by looks alone? Let's add some real-world anonymity to speed dating. At this event, we want people to fall for personalities rather than looks. The standard rules apply: a seven minute chat, then partners are switched. At the end, there will be a big 'reveal' to let. Masquerade Dating. Share with Friends Spread This! Network it. ehind The Mask a dating experience for those that want more. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, take this opportunity to enjoy a fun and exciting dating event like no other. Behind The Mask will create an environment where it is easy to find your dream date, leading to.

Then he creates a split-personality of the Blue Knight, who fights alongside Ichigo. And then he turns out to be the Big Bad. This is a common theme of Codename: Sailor Vin which Minako's love life is forever ruined by her duty.

In the very first issue, she crushes on a boy who suggests she wear a red ribbon in her hair said ribbon being an iconic accessory of the character. He turns out to be an agent of the Dark Kingdom and she is forced to kill him. Throughout the series, various one-shot crushes come in and out of her life, forever chased off in some fashion by the consequences of her job.

Finally, she seems to be getting somewhere when her Mysterious ProtectorKaitou Ace, finally gets close to her Upon her killing him, he leaves her with an accurate prediction that she will never find love because she will always put her duty first. Gunslinger Girl : Something like this happened to one of the handlers. His girlfriend even pointed out about how he always smell like gunpowder despite supposedly working for "a social welfare agency". A literal version occurs with cyborg girl Rico, who finds herself attracted to a boy she meets while doing her recon.

When she runs into the boy during the hit, the brainwashed girl obeys her handler's instructions and shoots him dead. He breaks up with his first girlfriend, Yurikobecause he simply can't handle lying to her and can't see any other way to keep her safe, then does it again when the first one doesn't quite take; the second, Reiko, turns out to be one of his targets, so that doesn't end at all well either.

Unsurprisingly, by Gluhen he seems to have given up dating entirely. Puella Magi Madoka Magica : More social life than dating life, but that the Magical Girls have little spare time and few people they can bond with is a major theme.

Special mention goes to Sayaka, who is never able to tell the boy she loves about being a Magical Girl because it also made her a lich. This ends badly. Comic Books. Spider-Man : If this trope had an Anthropomorphic PersonificationPeter Parker would punch it so hard the blue highlights would fly out of its hair.

Gwen Stacy is an infamous example. She hated Spider-Man because she blamed him for her father's death despite being a former police chief, which would already put a target on his back and it's much later revealed she found out soon before her death that Peter was Spidey. And of course, she died from dating him via the Green Goblin. Mary Jane, although he did marry her, but the number of times his crime fighting got in the way of dates, it's an exception.

Plus, in One More Daywith his identity discovered by the whole wide world and everyone in danger because of it, he opts to lose his marriage by having a general amnesia imposed upon the world in order to resume the masquerade all over again. However, in they got back together after MJ decided she was okay with this part of Peter's life.

His first love interesting, Betty Brant was a straight type-A. His superheroing however does bring tension and she thinks he is being a bad boy. They end up becoming close friends later. Liz Allen and Debbie Whitman might qualify as well Ultimate Spider-Man isn't exempt from this either.

Masquerade definition is - a social gathering of persons wearing masks and often fantastic costumes. How to use masquerade in a sentence. Lazy Masquerade's Girlfriend. Lazy Masquerade is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Lazy had at least 1 relationship in the past. Lazy Masquerade has not been previously engaged. He is from London, England. His YouTube name derives from the production company he created with his friends because they refused to show their faces on camera. ehind The Mask a dating experience for those that want more. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, take this opportunity to enjoy a fun and exciting dating event like no other. Behind The Mask will create an.

Mary Jane originally breaks up him after she begins having nightmares about him dying, coupled by the fact that she suspects Gwen Stacy has feelings for him. Gwen briefly dates Peter, but dumps him when he's replaced by Chameleon. Turns out having the alter-ego of a 30 year old man will destroy your chances with the 16 year old. To clarify: Stargirl knew that Billy was 16, and that Billy was Captain Marvel, and that it was still Billy's basic personality when he was in Captain Marvel mode.

But the rest of the Justice Society, mostly made up of elder statesmen of the superhero crowd, did not know about Captain Marvel's secret teenaged identity, which made the relationship look highly improper. Jay Garrick, the Flash, flatly told Captain Marvel to break it off, and he did so rather than reveal his identity to the older members of the team. Batman : Bruce Wayne, of all peopleadmits this to Vicki Vale when he realizes this is why she's deduced his secret identity, thus why Ra's al Ghul wants her dead.

Tim Drake, the 3rd Robinhas a fondness for dating civilians Arianna, Zoanne, Tam in comparison to the other Robins. These relationships always end up going south, unsurprisingly. With Arianna and Zoanne, they have no clue of his secret identity, and with Tam, she managed to keep his secret AND dodge all death threats at her for being associated with him fairly well, but broke up anyways.

KPOP Dating Game -Masquerade Ball Edition-

Even with his longest relationship, Stephanie Brown Spoilerthey were dating as superheroes and not civilians because he couldn't give away his real identity. They had problems due to Robin's secretiveness and only patched things up when Batman, who was the one who had forbidden Tim from telling her in the first place, forcefully revealed Robin's real name to her without discussing it with Tim.

Superman : Pre-Crisis Clark Kent avoided romantic relationships because he feared that his enemies would target his love interest. Strangely, he didn't seem to realize that Lois Lane, and occassionaly Lana Lang, were often targeted, anyway, both due to their occupation and the fact that everyone knew they were close despite not being official couples. In Krypton No More he is having lunch with Lois when he realizes he has to help his cousin fight an alien army, and he shoves Lois out of his apartment.

Supergirl : It happened to Pre-Crisis Supergirl all the time. She never could keep a steady boyfriend for long because she was prone to unexplained absences or ditch the guy abruptly because her Super Senses picked up on something. Post-Flashpoint Supergirl was dating a nice guy called Michael when her powers faded and, in order to recover them and keep performing her duties, she had to break up with him and move to another city.

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In Go Go Power RangersKimberly is seen dating a teen named Matt and is constantly having to leave him to go save the day. When they get caught up in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid storyline, he ends up finding out their identities and begs them to confirm it to him to stop the lies. They can't because of Zordon's three rules and he walks out on Kimberly and the others.

Bombshell, of many Ultimate Marvel comics.

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As soon as her boyfriend found out about the incident between her and the Cloak and Dagger duo, he immediately broke up with her on the phone after she pleaded with him to stay at his place.

Even Miles and Jessica felt awkward for her. One of her ex-boyfriends, Sid, finally gets revealed in the second issue of Cataclysmwhere she acted abrasive, probably due to a previous incident. Of course, before anything is fleshed out about him, a car drops on top of him. In the first issue of the All-New Ultimates, Lana deliberately sets up time with her Poey and she comes back from a hot date rather disappointed and let down.

And then her boyfriend Poey is offed by Diamondback and her gang as revenge for screwing up a drug operation. The Simpsons : The Superman example is parodied with the Radioactive Man comics, where the hero thinks this is what's happening Gloria Grant really can't stand his alter-ego of Claude Kane the Third.

Dating masquerade

In another instance, she mentions that despite having gotten married to Radioactive Man no less than three times, they've never actually dated. Inverted in Precocious CrushMindy and Dave's secret life as heroes seems to be Mindy's only hope of attracting Dave's attention. Though, granted, this is exclusively because the only guy Mindy is interested in is Dave.

Boys her own age are certainly interested though. After a becoming a Sailor Scout, she gains a boyfriend in the boy she tutors, Ranma. Who perfectly understands about fights causing one to miss dates and would lend a hand in battle. In i'm giving you a nightcallEd ended up dumping Roy when the latter shot him and was put in charge of arresting him. Even before that, Ed had to leave in the middle of dates for Fullmetal business. In the Detective Conan fanfic DominoesRan is a superheroine-in-training under the tutelage of her boyfriend Shinichi's superhero father.

Except said boyfriend is deliberately kept ignorant of all of this, to the point where some pretty intense power abuse is used to keep him ignorant and obedient, up to and including Ran herself habitually becoming accustomed to shaming him when he steps out of the behavioral lines she and her team drew for him without honest engagement or consent.

Though Ran is in denial of the fact, their relationship is already all but officially over when Shinichi inevitably finds out, and when he does, it isn't the actual secret that hurts Shinichi but what it confirms about how his father and girlfriend actually see him as a person: Ran was perfectly content in letting The Masquerade isolate Shinichi from any genuine, trust-reciprocating friendships and in pressuring Shinichi to give up his dreams of investigating crime because it's "too dangerous" for him-all for the sake of "keeping him safe.

Despite expressing deep love for Shinichi and a sincere desire to work through their relationship issues, Ran's accidental confirmation of her condescending view towards "protecting" her boyfriend while trying to explain why she she hid all this is the final straw; Shinichi dumps her and feels "relief" after doing so. This trope comes into play in the version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy when Peter Guillam is forced to break up with his boyfriend in case the Circus starts investigating him.

He is unable to explain his true reasons for wanting the break-up - his boyfriend says "If there's someone else, you can tell me," to which Guillam just shakes his head - and he is left sobbing as a man he clearly loved walks out. The Sorcerer's Apprentice has this as well, with the main character having to hide his newfound magical powers.

In True Lies Schwarzenegger's character, a secret agent, pretends to his wife that he is an exceptionally dull computer salesman.

This nearly kills his marriage. The irony is that she nearly cheats on him with a car salesman pretending to be a spy to get her in bed. At the end, the couple is Happily Married again, working together on assignments. Chase Meridian She gets her wish, and Bruce still almost would've kept his Masquerade in force In Men in Black there's a third type: inductees are to sever all ties with their old life - including loved ones. One scene shows Agent Kay pining over a lost love and is later reunited with her, but only after he leaves MIB and has his memory wiped.

Come the sequelshe's left him, in a pseudo-Type 1a situation. Played for laughs in Mr. Smith Both are Elite Spies of different and competing agencies who both live an elaborate lie similar to Schwarzenegger's in True Lies.

It all goes south when they are on the same job.

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Classical Type 3 situation In fact, the point is for the "broken masquerade" to scare his girlfriend away. In Point of No Return an American remake of La Femme Nikitathe lead is incredibly happy with her newfound boyfriend but can't take all the lying on top of being forced to kill people.

Since she can't just drop out of the secret agency that recruited her, she runs away.

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In My Super Ex-Girlfrien it's a central theme. Jenny gets called to destroy a missile while on a date, and over the course of the film you learn how messed up a super hero's love life can be. Hannah : Why did G-Girl throw a shark at us? The Masquerade killed Harry Dresden 's dating life: The only girlfriend he's ever had as an adult, that is got herself turned into a half-vampire while attempting to interview a bunch of vampires out for Harry's head. And eventually, Harry was forced to kill her in Changes.

Or the time a demon interrupted one of their dates. Wizards live longer than muggles. Some of the more venerable wizards know their great-great-great-great-grandkids, and sometimes further. Elaine, his teenage girlfriend.

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Harry killed their adoptive father Justin DuMorne in self defense, and Elaine disappeared in the property damage. Note - they were both adopted and fairly late in life at that, so there shouldn't be any Squick involved in their relationship. Karrin Murphy, a vanilla mortal, has deep feelings for Harry and he has them back, but as she knows he can live for centuries and she will only live for one at most, she and he never get together, not even casually because Harry wouldn't do things by halves.

As of Skin Game the two are making significant progress towards a relationship. He probably would have told his wife the truth had he not been led to believe she was a sympathizer for the other side just a few hours after the wedding. The lies and miscommunications that followed drive the plot of the book. Comes up in the first three books of Marie Brennan's Onyx Court series. In the first book, Lune and Deven fall in love while Lune is posing as a mortal to uncover secrets in Queen Elizabeth's court.

Lune spends much time angsting about how he can never know what she truly is. Initially ends in a type 1B, but becomes a type 2B once Deven gets into terrible trouble trying to find her again.

In the second book, Antony refuses to tell his wife, Kate, about the Onyx Court, and she calls him on keeping secrets more than once. Unusually, nothing ends up changing.

The third book also plays with this trope: while The Masquerade has clearly not limited Galen's dating life, society dictates that he must marry outside it. Galen agonizes for months about whether and how to tell his fiancee, Delphia. Subverted when he does decide to tell her and her reaction, after a brief initial shock, is pretty much, "Faeries living under London?

In the sequel her only love interest turned out to be a case of Dating Catwoman. Spike and Cindy from the Thursday Next series are a subversion as they're happy together and Spike manages to fail to understand when Cindy subtly tells him. Referenced in The Laundry Files. People in the Laundry are both legally and magically compelled not to speak of their work with anyone not cleared to know about magic and the occult, so Bob reflects on the difficulties this situation creates for one's social life when you're not permitted to explain a single thing about one's work.

Bob and others in the Laundry are basically forced to only date within the agency, which for Bob meant a very restricted dating pool of one delusional narcissist his age until Mo joined up. Everyone is almost entirely cut off from their families for the same reasons-all Bob's parents know is that he's a civil servant. Discussed in How to Be a Superhero as an inevitable side effect of having a Secret Keeper ; no matter how well-meaning your significant other is, she's not going to understand superheroic issues like cleaning alien hell-slime off your costume.

In Beautiful Creaturesthe Caster community keeps to itself. This makes dating nearly impossible for Lena, once she starts becoming interested in the mortal Ethan. In Shaman Blues ' backstory, the Masquerade managed to kill Witkacy's dating life even when he didn't know about it - his shamanic heritage pushed him to try stronger and stronger drugs, while Konstancja's watered-down supernatural sense had her see something around him, driving her away. Sort-of in Super Powereds.

However, a number of Heroes have managed to start families, provided they find a spouse willing to accept this life. Families typically know the Hero's secret identity, so the secrecy isn't an issue, although they do have to keep it a secret from everyone else.

In his heyday, Titan was known as a family man and always spoke of how much they meant to him. Then he got caught having sex with another man and fled the resulting scandal instead of confronting it. Him abandoning his family killed his family life more than being forced out of the closet, and his sons have never forgiven him. Live-Action TV.

Become a patron of Masquerade Games today: Read posts by Masquerade Games and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators. Divine Adventure is a story driven Dating Sim/Visual Novel parody in development set loosely in the massive Dragon Ball universe. Following. Online dating 4, straight, but there are a private, dating site april free dating can sometimes be a free online since 4. Make online dating site and single out the app. Dational is a success story from a free messaging. Best disabled dating websites, social environment, in a night out the most popular round-up of dating. The Masquerade killed Harry Dresden's dating life: The only girlfriend he's ever had (as an adult, that is) got herself turned into a half-vampire while attempting to .

One of Reluctant Sidekick Mark's biggest issues with Ace Lightning is losing girlfriends who think he's an insensitive jerk whenever he stands them up to go help Ace save the world. Two series on one of them is still bitter.

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