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He knew you could feel the pressure they caused against your lower half. That this was him. One of your free hands moved up your body causing Namjoon to shiver, he loved this exploration of your body. The feeling of your lips pressed gently against his fingertips as if he was actually there, he did the same and felt you smile.

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His mouth fell open in silent gasp that got stuck in his throat but rumbled through his chest as a quiet moan. You had cheekily took your fingers in your mouth and he felt the warmth and the pressure, you were creating. The whole experience was amazing your bodies shared half the pain but what he found out was they shared double the pleasure. He could feel the coil winding tighter and tighter deep in your stomach.

He could feel you. Every touch, every sensation, pushing him to the edge and he was ready. He saw white spots as he shuddered body trembling from the intensity of the escapade which you shared. He slowly seemed to calm down enough to realize he would have to get changed. I hope you like Bish xxx. God, Namjoon and I would be a mess of a couple. Summary: What happens when two destructive and clumsy people enter into a relationship need I say more? Originally posted by officialmonstaxmemes.

Originally posted by namjoon-fangirl The aroma of popcorn wafted through the apartment comfortingly. I nestled into the corner of the couch, the warm bowl rested on my lap. With some pondering, I settled on a show to watch.

As the intro blared I heard the familiar footsteps of Namjoon coming up the stairs. I unintentionally began fixing my hair and straightened my posture. He appeared in the doorway, sweat slicking his body from his morning jog.

His muscular arms were completely on display, due to the white tank top that hung about his frame. The sweatpants he wore had started sliding down on his hips teasingly showing his stomach and v-line. I felt my eyes trailing his body, quickly darting away as he looked over at me. I faked a smile and pressed the bowl tighter to my lap, anticipating a boner.

He disappeared down the small hallway and I heard the door click behind him. I bit my lip trying to ignore the rush of heat in my blood.

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I scooped some buttery popcorn into my mouth and downed some water. However, the more I tried to ignore my boner the harder I seemed to get. Originally posted by nyoomjjoon.

This is my first published fanfic so if you like it let me know! There were several things wrong with this picture. First of all, Namjoon was asking way too many questions. Pointed questions, at that; like he already knew the answer but wanted you to say them out loud. Second of all, half of his friends seemed to be in on it.

The other half just thought it was fun to play along as though they had no idea what was going on. Third of all, you were suddenly hyperaware of the fact that you were sitting in the window seat.

You glance in their direction and the thought must have been written across your forehead because all three seemed to be silently daring you to try. You loosed a breath through your nose, increasingly agitated at yourself for agreeing to go out with them. Your head whipped back to the platinum blonde man who so cleverly pulled you into a ridiculous game of twenty questions.

And also none of your business. Pairing : Namjoon x reader [Series Masterlist]. The only hitch? Will today be the day you finally get a kiss? Lemme know if anyone gets it!

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Jimin doubles over, tinkly laughter sprouting from his tiny body. Yoongi takes your hand in his, leading you both a few steps away from the brawl. Jungkook and Hoseok flank Jin in an attempt to restrain him, but the ladder is too busy flailing and swiping at the hanging stuffed animals lining the inside of the booth to notice.

Finally, Jungkook utilizes his rippling muscles for good by picking up Jin and in turn, Taehyung and depositing them next to the Make Your Own Bath Bomb station.

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You should be proud. Those games are designed for people to lose. You stroll past rows of colorful food stands, the lines in front of them stretching along the path as street vendors struggle to keep up with the rush. The smell of cotton candy, funnel cakes, and corn dogs mingles with the smell of cherry blossoms, now in full bloom above the street lamps. You spot the Ferris wheel in the distance as well as the Merry-Mixer, the Pirate Ship, and a few moderately thrilling roller coasters. A chill Korean song, its lyrics happy and bright, plays over the loudspeakers:.

Your friends and you saunter past the array of booths in search of anything that catches your interest. Jimin announces that he really needs to pee.

To you though, these gripes fall on deaf ears. Today, the only thing that matters is finding your best friend.

Dating namjoon would include tumblr

Hoseok gives you a knowing look. Who wants to kiss a bunch of random people all day? Sure, Namjoon was forced into manning the kissing booth by Mr. It all started when you were seven. After sharing his box of Crayola crayons with you Namjoon had the highly coveted 96 packhe enlightened you on the ways of the world.

He told you that everything we experience in life is an illusion, that is, unless we write, draw, or sing our experiences. That the only way to bring our ideas to life is to feel them wholeheartedly yes, even as a seven year old, Kim Namjoon was wise beyond his years. To this day, you keep the drawing hidden in your bedside table as a reminder. You wanted to be with him for real, not just in your dreams and unrealistic fantasies.

Jimin points across the way to a line of booths that are staffed by students. And oh, do you see him. His skin, the color of honey, glistened under the sun.

His hair, a muted grey and swooped to one side, just barely grazed his collar. After his latest customer walks away with a satisfied smile, Namjoon lets out a sigh and rests his forearms on the counter of the booth. His biceps are defined and very noticeable despite him wearing a shirt two sizes too big for him.

Jungkook leans his elbows on the counter. Any of them cute? My type? Namjoon flicks his eyes to you and laughs awkwardly.

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Namjoon pulls a water bottle out from underneath the counter and takes a long glug. When he gets his fill, he wipes his mouth and meets your eyes. You look away. I heard three kids have already thrown up on the Demonator.

keitaiplus.com is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Check out my other versions of 'Dating - would include' Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook!! Gif not mine, credit to owner!! (also, my requests for imagines/texts/reactions are open!) this guyyyyyy; when he asked you out, he'd be super nervous because he . Dating namjoon would include keitaiplus.com - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman.

Your friends say their goodbyes to Namjoon, promising to visit again at the end of the night. You pull a crisp dollar bill out of your back pocket and smooth it out in your hands. Is he angry? All the money is going towards the music program right? Oh no. This was a mistake. You know these words.

Dating Namjoon would include so much blushing bc he has a massive crush on you those smiles he does where he smiles then gets all shy invites you to the studio and shows you songs as a way your local kpop trash. Request! Stray Kids Seventeen. Dating Namjoon Would Include Pt Him not ever letting anything hurt you; Not anything because you both are clumsy asf #what even lol #how did he #what on earth #bts #dating #dating bts #namjoon #kim #kim namjoon #dating rap monster #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #taehyung #jungkook #jeon #min #bangtan #boys #beyong the scene #how the. tags: min yoongi bts bangtan sonyeondan bangtan boys dating bangtan boyfriend suga suga beyond the scenes bangtan bangtan scenarios bangtan imagines bts scenarios bts imagines boyfriend yoongi dating bts dating suga dating yoongi bts fanfic bts fluff bts fic yoongi.

These are the words that played in your nightmares over and over again when you confessed to your best friend.

The words of rejection. He walks around the booth and takes you by the wrist. After stumbling around the park in a daze for twenty minutes, you managed to find an elevated alcove surrounded by trees and canopied in cherry blossoms.

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From your spot on the lone bench, you can view the park in its entirety. You hear people wooping in the distance as the Super Slingshot catapults a group of boys four hundred feet into the air and roller coasters make their steady incline towards the sunset.

A breeze kicks up, making you shiver. You always thought it looked warm and soft, not to mention that it must smell distinctly like Namjoon. You often found yourself thinking that if you had one wish besides the obviousit would be to wear that hoodie.

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You cross your arms. Damn you, Kim Namjoon. He does, and as you pull it over your head, an intoxicating smell, woodsy and clean, overtakes you. The smell of Namjoon. Neither of you say anything for a few minutes as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. All you can hear is the squeals of students and the whirring of rides. Your bodies are only a few inches apart, your hands even less so.

If you moved your pinkie ever so slightly, you could just.

right! seems excellent

Thanks for that by the way. You recall all the memories you and Namjoon have made over the years. All because you tried and failed to make a move on your best friend? Your body goes still. Namjoon takes your hands in his and this time, you let him.

You can feel your heartbeat in your stomach and tears well up in your eyes. You know me. Namjoon laces his fingers with yours. Namjoon once told you that you have to feel your experiences to make them real. You needed to prove to yourself that this is real. Namjoon wastes no time. His lips are soft yet firm and also kind of salty from sweating.

The street lamps have been turned on, illuminating the park with their miniature moons. You watch the rides shut down and groups of kids begin to disperse.

Rm doesn't deny bts dating and jokes about it instead (LA interview 2018 vkook taekook analysis)

Namjoon raises his eyebrows and joins you in a standing position. You rest your hand on your hip as Namjoon approaches you, nearly a foot taller. His lips touch yours, a whisper of a kiss compared to what you were doing before. The sun has gone to sleep and the moonlight glints off his face. He was so charming. Everything about him was amazing and marvelous, yet people would warn you and say such nasty stuff about him. Why would they ever? Aside from that guy that asked me if you were home.

Gosh, why are people so annoying! You smile as you watch him do equations with ease, pulling out the calculator rarely which used to surprise you to no end, but no longer surprises you but makes you smile. You feel him shrug, kissing the back of your neck again. You were fairly innocent to say the least, not knowing the secret life that your cute but somehow mysterious boyfriend had no matter how many times people have warned you.

Or possibly something happens to you that will scare you away, or lead you closer to him! Small bits of masturbation female and male. Oral female receiving. Unsafe sex. Orgasm denial. Cum play. Little bit of fluff at the end. If you want to read part one first you should! His teeth pulled on your bottom lip and you barely contained the whine that left your lips. It seemed he was just as addicted to the taste of you as you were to the taste of him. His hand cupped your jaw, tilting your head to deepen the kiss.

And maybe it was the wine but you felt braver with every touch of his lips to yours. You let your nails drag their way down his stomach and he shuddered. The soft feeling of the white cotton sheets, calling you back to a peaceful slumber, away from whatever mess Taehyung has gotten involved in.

Taehyung moved away from you and towards the lamp on the bedside table. Yellow light bathed the darkroom, burning your eyes. You blinked a few times. He moved towards the cabinet and pulled out the black lockbox.

Aug 28,   Dating Kim Namjoon Would Include / Salir con Kim Namjoon seria: Originally posted by bangdulce. English: Arriving home after a long and exhausting day, craving for one of the comforting hugs of Namjoon. Hear you welcome by him before you can say anything, the sound of his voice is something that soothes you after so much stress. Dating Namjoon (RM) includes i feel like namjoon is the type to straight up ask for what he wants after some heavy thinking tho y'all would be such a fashionable couple but not all the time . May 15,   Dating Kim Namjoon Would Include: Shy Namjoon at first He'd want to touch you so badly But he didn't want to make you uncomfortable Once he gets comfortable tho oh,boy He'd be so touchy He's like a big fluff ball Lot's of back hugs Loves to snuggle with you on the couch Of course he'd be the big spoon.

Knowing precisely what was in there, you threw the covers off of your body and went to the closet to do as he said. The match must not have ended the way you had hoped it to. Truth or dare for Namjoon. Truth: do you feel better jacking off to porn or thoughts of me? Dare: I dare you to fill up every hole in me.

words... super

He knew that someday this topic will come up. Yeah, I have to admit that I click on some porn videos quite requently. Because I jack off to you, Baby.

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But sometimes, I just need something to listen to, to be able to get fully into the scene in my head. Porn is my last option when my Darling is too shy to record their moans for me while they play with themself and their beloved toys around.

Already so greedy to get stuffed? Take that as your punishment. You had no idea why you agreed to sit in the scalding hot sun for 2 hours to watch your brother practice.

He just wanted you to bring food for him, why else would your brother want to see you on a boiling hot tuesday afternoon during football practice?

You sighed and checked your phone for the hundredth time, counting the minutes to when practice would end. You watched as Jungkook sped through the field, legs moving like the flash as he ran to catch the ball. You saw him leap up high to gracefully pull the ball into his embrace and land onto the grass with a thud so loud you heard it from miles away. You could say that you pretty much hit jackpot. He was tall, muscular, handsome, hair as soft as cotton candy, built like a god damn greek god.

Your brother was pretty well-known around campus and he had tons of friends who loved to party. Usually he never let you attend, saying that it was too unsafe for you, but the moment you entered college you demanded that he let you go. And man was that the best decision of your entire life. It was there that you met Jungkook. He was in his white t-shirt that displayed his broad chest, and his jeans so ripped it was pointless wearing them. But it worked, because he still looked dazzling.

That one was you. You saw him walk towards you so effortlessly through the mushed-up bodies on the dance floor. He made small-talk, and it was the first time you heard his voice. Jimin can go to hell for even trying to keep you from such a catch. So that was what happened when you first met Jeon Jungkook.

You slept with him. The two of you were too afraid to reach out to each other. And if you did face him, what the heck were you going to say? It bummed you out sometimes when you thought about how you were just a one time thing, but it was true.

That also kept you from trying to talk to him. You got to see Jungkook being all sporty. You flushed red and resisted the urge to smack his arm only because it was sweaty and gross.

Jimin laughed and bit into his burger, strands of lettuce falling out of his mouth and sticking to his sweaty chin. My friends are off-limits. You rolled your eyes, staring ahead of you. You sighed and leaned back against your seat, fanning yourself with a notebook that you had pulled out of your bag. You knew you looked like a mess right now, and sometimes you wondered how, although sweaty and not at all composed, that your brother could still manage to avoid looking like a melted snowman.

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Of course it was Jeon Jungkook. You gulped, shifting in your seat and trying not to make eye contact. Come, let me give you a hug. You squealed and protested as Jimin laughed evilly. You had to get away from the sweaty beast you called your brother. She brought you lunch, I wish I had someone to do that for me. He sat back in his seat making you release a sigh of relief. Would your sister like to join us? He was smart not to use your name. I asked you if you wanted to join, remember? The team has been wanting to meet you for a really long time but Jimin-hyung never allowed it.

What do you think your date will say when she sees you walking with another pretty girl? You stepped past Jimin and came face to face with Jungkook.

Jungkook frowned and watched as you exited the field and then turned to Jimin. Jungkook nodded and pulled out his phone to open the notes app. There was a visible frown on her face as she typed her order into his phone. In the meantime, you sat there as awkward as a potato.

Jimin never told me he had such a beautiful sister. He was really cute, and he had cheeks that you wished you could pinch but sadly that was very inappropriate. You blushed slightly and looked at Taehyung. Taehyung laughed and took your hand in his.

Everyone laughed, except Jungkook. The matcha latte is nice. We can share. Hear you welcome by him before you can say anything, the sound of his voice is something that soothes you after so much stress. You find him sitting on the sofa reading a book, with a face of concentration but smiling knowing that you are already here.

When you sit in his lap he surround you with his arms, kisses your hair. His hands starts to caress your back. Instead of telling him the bad day and ruining the moment you give him a kiss wrapping your arms around his neck.

Each time his lips ask for more contact giving small bites in these. He helps you to get into the hot water. You sit between his legs with his arms on your shoulders.

Giving you little kisses on the cheek.

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