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Long known as the classic student camera, the venerable K is a world-class manual SLR that is worth now as much as it ever was and takes marvelous pictures. When I say manual I mean it, manual everything. What a great camera this is, to learn on, to use. The K series evolved from the classic Spotmatic, in fact the K itself is essentially a Spotmatic with a bayonet mount. I read this somewhere and thought, OK, many cameras can trace their lineage back through cameras that came before them. But I acquired a nice blue-black velvet-lined leather Spotmatic case with an Argus C4 inside and, well, the case fits the K like a glove. So there ya go.

Dead simple; cheap; and impressive image quality.

The Pentax K (originally marked the Asahi Pentax K) is an interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, manufactured by Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. from to , originally in Japan. The K's extraordinary longevity makes it a historically significant camera. The K's inexpensive simplicity was a great virtue and earned it an unrivaled popularity as a basic Lens mount: Pentax K bayonet mount. Pentax K 35mm SLR Film Camera with Pentax A 50 mm f/2 lens New Light Seals $ Pentax K 35mm SLR Film Camera SMC Pentax-A Zoom Lens K Jul 21,   The K was designed for mercury batteries, but features a bridge circuit, allowing the use of volt silver oxide batteries. The K is compatible with Pentax K-mount bayonet lenses, of which there are literally hundreds. Pentax also made an adapter for using the earlier m42 lenses, though it required the use manual stop-down metering.

This body has immense customizability with Pentax's multitude of interchangeable lenses. About Pentax K Achieve the perfect focus every time.

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Runs without batteries for long shoots. Easy-to-navigate manual operation.

Jul 16,   Pentax K They say that if you see one mouse in the house there many more ready to come out. Same with the Pentax K It is in a good company of the AE1 and the Olympus Trip, not to mention the Polaroids that pop out of any nook and cranny. It seems that by law each family had to own one of these cameras, for sure in the US. Pentax K SE with SMC Pentax-A 50mm f/2. enlarge. Read Pentax' K User's Manual. Battery Check: Set ISO and BULB. If the needle is up, you're OK. Before you go shooting, be sure to compare the K's meter to a good light meter. Feel free to use the meter in another camera, or use the Pocket Light Meter on your iPod. Our lives are marked by firsts. First love, first car, first marriage, first kid, first heartbreak, and first camera. For many photographers of my generation, earlier generations, and younger generations, there are legions who can say that their first "real camera" was the Pentax K With a production run spanning more than two decades , more than three million.

Learn the basics of photography. Each interval represents a 15 day period.

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Pentax K and lenses. As a budget camera, the K has fewer features than other mids SLRs. In particular it lacks a self timer, which can limit its appeal to family users.

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The sparse information in the viewfinder can make taking photos a little ponderous, as the camera might need to be removed from the eye to check settings, on top of which the meter is slow to respond, even by standards. The K is a completely manual camera, requiring more expertise in use than some of its contemporaries. The K gained popularity because of its low cost, and then for the reputation it won for ruggedness and reliability.

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Its spartan lack of certain features are regarded by some as a good feature in itself. In addition, for many years it was the camera recommended or mandated to students starting art or photography courses, because its manual controls forced users to learn about exposure - even after better and even cheaper manual cameras came along.

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Today, good used versions fetch higher prices than its originally more costly and better featured K Series siblings, partly because those others, made in far fewer numbers, are overlooked or have been forgotten. They continued the successful Spotmatics' general style and handling but with the use of a new bayonet mount, the K Mount, in place of the previous M42 screw mount.

The KM in particular was otherwise identical to the old Spotmatic F model apart from some top plate styling. These three original K-Series cameras had relatively short production lives, because at that time the market trend was towards much smaller cameras, led by the Olympus OM-1, and away from heavy mechanical cameras - robust and reliable though they were.

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At the same time electronics was beginning to revolutionise camera design, and buyers were increasingly expecting automation in place of or in addition to manual metering. But, to salvage something from the K-Series, Asahi added features to the K2 to create the professional grade K2-DMD, and removed features from the KM to create the K aimed at the lower end of the market; in both these markets the fashion for smallness was of less concern.

The K was thus a Spotmatic F with a K mount, but with the self-timer, depth of field preview, film reminder dial, and the FP flash socket by now redundant removed.

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In creating it, Asahi achieved their aim of making the cheapest big-brand 35mm SLR on the market, on its introduction at least. The "" in the K's name was a reflection of the camera's fastest shutter speed. Production continued until when manufacturing costs of its older design and supply of its mechanical and electronic parts especially precision analogue microgalvanometers for the light meter finally became untenable. Production of the largely hand assembled camera was moved from Japan, first to Hong Kong in and then to China into keep labor costs down.

The "Asahi" name and "AOCo" logo was removed from the pentaprism cover to de-emphasize the company name in keeping with the rest of the "Pentax" line. The K was designed for mercury batteries, but features a bridge circuitallowing the use of 1. The K is compatible with Pentax K-mount bayonet lenses, of which there are literally hundreds. Pentax also made an adapter for using the earlier m42 lenses, though it required the use manual stop-down metering.

The shutter button is threaded for a release cable. The viewfinder features 0. The light meter uses two CdS cells and is fully coupled to the aperture.

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You can select film speed from ASA 20 to ASA by lifting and turning the outer ring of the shutter speed knob, located on the top cover to the right of the pentaprism. The frame counter on the film advance lever resets automatically when the back is opened, and will count up to 37 frames. The advance lever is ratcheting, which means it can safely be operated in a single stroke, or in multiple shorter strokes.

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The bottom cover features the take-up spool release button, the battery cover and a standard tripod socket. Loading and unloading are as basic as can be. The K is a no-frills camera of the highest caliber. There is no self-timer, no mirror lock-up, no exposure compensation, and no depth-of-field preview.

Pentax K 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm F Lens & F:4 Pentax Lens 5 out of 5 stars product ratings product ratings - Pentax K 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm F Lens & F:4 Pentax Lens. Jun 26,   Have an extremely clean Pentax K and would like to know how old it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. S/N As Adam mentioned you can narrow the date down if let us know where the s/n is located on your K and where it was made. Phil.

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