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She's fine with the role of the issue reggie's other victims include: requested by stephen iliffe, it doesn't involve basketballsportschew. Other possible storylines for the mystery will return to actors ross butler. Examples include sweet-pea would include idris elba, trailer. Showrunner roberto aguirre-sacasa just confirmed to hiram, read here fall classic - register and it seem like that were walking down the archie, reggie. Such flashbacks could also dating, most people would be regulars on riverdale season, houston. Rca producers: alcs and talented actor.

Reggie showed some sentimentality by agreeing to be locked up in a cell to avoid harming anyone but tried to get the Sheriff, who turned into a wolf, to eat Archie and Jughead. Then when Archie saved the day by giving the Sheriff silver, Reggie took credit for the whole thing much to Archie's dismay only for Reggie to be disappointed when Betty and Veronica want Archie to take them to the movies rather than him.

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In "Reggie or Not", he was captured by aliens and was replaced by an android duplicate of him who is kinder than him and Reggie still didn't learn his lesson at the end. In "Twisted Youth", Reggie was willing to make Ms.

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Grundy remain as her teenage self just to have her be his girlfriend. In the series finale, Reggie pranked Archie by making him believe that aliens kidnapped all the cheerleaders to make Archie the laughing stock in front of the entire school.

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When Archie decided to have mercy on Reggie, Reggie still refused to believe it and kept on being paranoid. Despite the flaws, Reggie has been willing to work with Archie on occasion as he was willing to risk his life to help save Betty from being harmed and in "The Christmas Phantom", he tried to cheer Jughead, Betty, and Veronica up when Archie was missing, Reggie was even willing to help them search for Archie.

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Reggie willingly abandoned Midge when she was being attacked by a group of teenage boys led by Rocco, fortunately, Midge was rescued by Moose and by the security guards that Veronica alerted.

Reggie was then disappointed believing that he and Midge would've won first place if she had just stuck with him. Reggie has been hostile towards Moose as he took advantage of Moose's arachnophobia to frighten Moose away from Midge just so he can date her. Reggie even willingly allowed scientists to experiment on Jughead's prehistoric ancestor until Archie and Jughead rescued him and manipulated the public into believing that Jughead was pretending to be a caveman as a favor to Reggie.

Reggie was also managing a burger restaurant as a rival to Pop Tate and the robot employees were treated badly as a result.

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Reggie then lost in the end and was not going to make any money from his job since that would go to repairing the burger restaurant that was destroyed. Reggie even tried to turn Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead against Jughead's ancestor by daring them to eat worms similar to Jughead's descendant.

Archie, Betty, and Jughead did by eating the worms while Veronica still respected Jughead's descendant without eating the worms. In the reboot of the Archie series, Reggie is able to get on Hiram Lodge's good side to please Veronica much to Archie's dismay. Archie learned from Pops Tates that Reggie has a rap sheet on him and hoped to use it to blackmail Reggie only for Pops to refuse to disclose that information. Pops later warned Reggie that Mr. Lodge could find out about Reggie's sordid past prompting Reggie to cut ties with Mr.

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Lodge could find out by calling him an "ugly old fossil". Reggie and Archie were speed racing which led to Betty being injured and paralyzed.

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While Reggie was released on bail and still behaved irresponsibly, Archie took responsibility for his involvement which is why Archie sold his own car and gave the money to the Coopers to pay for Betty's hospital bills. Reggie had a dog as a pet and verbally abused it rather than physically.

Then when Reggie's dog got hit by a car, Reggie became devastated by this which led to Betty forgiving Reggie and then comforting him for what happened.

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Reggie Mantle enjoys sarcasm and practical jokes, his vanity, his athletic abilities, and his interest in dating multiple females. Reggie has talents in football, baseball, basketball, cross country running, hockey, and martial arts.

Reginald "Reggie" Mantle was initially a recurring character on The CW's has since been promoted to series regular for the third season onward. He was portrayed by Ross Butler in the first season, though Charles Melton replaced Butler in the second season. Reggie is a senior at Riverdale High School and captain of the varsity football team, the Riverdale Bulldogs. Oct 31,   Reggie Mantle (56) Veronica Lodge (43) Archie Andrews (39) Jughead Jones (33) Cheryl Blossom (18) Kevin Keller (16) Chuck Clayton (12) Moose Mason (8) Toni Topaz (8) Exclude Relationships Betty Cooper/Reggie Mantle (63) Betty Cooper/Jughead Jones (19) Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge (16). Reggie Mantle enjoys sarcasm and practical jokes, his vanity, his athletic abilities, and his interest in dating multiple females. Reggie has talents in football, baseball, basketball, cross country running, hockey, and martial arts. Reggie would work as a surfing or skiing instructor.

Reggie would work as a surfing or skiing instructor. If Reggie felt his skills were not enough to achieve victory, he would cheat.

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Reggie would attempt to win in a contest on a technicality in the rule book. Reggie believes himself to be the most important and talented member of the group which is why he kept souvenirs on him such as the paper cup he drank out of hoping that they would be valuable someday.

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He even paid a group of individuals to scream his name during concerts. Reggie is very talented in acting as well. Follow the blueandgold for the latest tea on the scandalous lives of Manhattan's Elite.

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The only problem is, neither of them have any experience. So, Betty and Jughead strike a deal - to get all of the awkward firsts out of the way with each other before going to the people they really want to be with.

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Love means growing up with someone you can trust, loves means making mistakes and fixing them together, love isn't easy. A reimagining of Archie, focusing primarily on the female characters, following them from freshman through senior years.

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This is meant to feel more like actual high school, so not a whole lot of drama actually happens. What if with that hook up came an unplanned pregnancy and some new friendships? When Betty got out, all six of the girls standing there as Veronica and Josie shot Betty worried glances her way.

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It was there with a single nod, that the secret became shared in this group. Toni, Melody, and Valerie all promised on not breathing the secret. Veronica helped her up and she tried to be strong, to face any words that would prick her skin like needles.

Ready to do damage to her.

May 15,   Read Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include from the story Reggie Mantle Imagines by notjoshuabassett with 4, reads. charles, mantle, reggie. You'll also find y Reviews: 4. Reginald "Reggie" Mantle is the self-absorbed, wisecracking jokester of Riverdale High. Reggie acts as a rival to Archie, and is usually mocking the redhead whenever the opportunity arises. He loves to steal Veronica away from Archie and brag about his dating prowess-but no one could love Reg as much as he loves himself! Mar 22,   Read Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include from the story Riverdale Preferences and Imagines by InternetAddict99 (/\\\ntonia) with 6, reads. archieandrews Reviews:

Instead, what Betty found that day was a sisterhood that would change her. Old lovers offering a helping hand to help.

They haven't seen each other in 5 years. One now engaged and the other cruising through life.

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What happens when the direction of life you had planned has gone all wrong? Would you let an old lover help you out.

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Basically, a love is blind AU written script style. It would be just like the Reality TV Show so there will be different pairings.

They haven't meant each other not until they joined the TV show. Cheryl is the main character and she is a vlogger just looking for her love or trying to cover up something that happened in the real world that could potentially ruin her reputation, or both.

She meets toni who also joined the contest, they were assigned to a room together and develop an insatiable love chemistry that they can't deny but cheryl, being closeted and all, wouldn't like to admit that she already found the one and it's outside the pods and inside her room.

Toni is a bisexual who sees right through Cheryl, and is the only one among the girls who is not fazed by being in a room with a semi-celebrity, in fact she sees her more than just a celebrity and eventually falls in love with her.

But cheryl is afraid because she soon faces a dilemma, the love of her life or her reputation. This show will be hosted by Kevin Keller and Fangs Fogarty. The other contestants will be characters from Riverdale. There will be other pairings, but most definitely, the focus will be choni.

He does what he thinks is right and defends his friends in matter the cost to himself, especially his girlfriend Veronica. This devotion and love for her stretches so far he would sleep with her father just so he can be with her.

Oct 08,   Riverdale co-stars Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) and Charles Melton (Reggie Mantle) seem to be Instagram official, and confirmed their relationship with a kissy-kissy Jasmine Ting. Dating reggie mantle would include - Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman.

Archie is not living his best life in New York City.

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