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Pregnancy lasts an average of days 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period LMP. Read our report on the 13 best pregnancy iPhone and Android apps of the year here. If you have regular day menstrual cycles, there are two ways to calculate your due date. The other way to calculate your due date is to use a pregnancy wheel. This is the method that most doctors use. The first step is locating the date of your LMP on the wheel. When you line up that date with the indicator, the wheel displays your due date.

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The date of the last menstrual period can be determined as earlier explained. It is important to note that none of the methods above is totally accurate.

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However, if the date of the last menstrual period was accurate, an allowance of a week before or after the due date is considered fairly accurate. Pregnancy brings joy and expectations.

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However, it can be a daunting task to determine your due date, especially if you have irregular menstrual cycles. The methods explained above can be applied to determine the due date and remove the worry from a period that is supposed to be exciting. Although they may not be totally accurate, these methods help a great deal in having a rough due date in mind.

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This is much better than not having one at all as it enables you to plan and not be caught by surprise when the baby arrives. The author is a contributor.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Womanitely.

If you have irregular periods after 3 months of hormonal birth control, your doctor may recommend another type of birth control. Some women develop irregular periods when using Nexplanon, Depo. Feb 05,   Dating scan. This is commonly referred to as the ultrasound. It detects the expected due date by measuring the baby's crown-rump length, which is the length from the baby's head to its bottom. The crown-rump length is normally fully developed at the 31st week of pregnancy when the baby starts developing their senses. The EDD from the early dating scan is used - if the last menstrual period is not known or is unreliable, or the dating scan differs from the last menstrual period dating by more than 5 days. As the baby gets bigger, it starts to express its individual growth potential. The size of the baby correlates less and less with its age as time goes on.

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Ultrasound of Normal and Abnormal early pregnancy

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Dating scans also reveal other important information such as: the number of fetuses and gestation sacs the presence of a heart beat the size of the fetus, from which the gestational age is estimated unusual features of the uterus such as the shape or the presence of fibroids How is it done? For transvaginal ultrasound you can have an empty bladder When is it recommended?

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For example if you do not know when the first day of your last period, or the likely day of conception was have had irregular periods have had an unusual cycle because you recently stopped the oral contraceptive pill, or you recently had a miscarriage, or you are breast-feeding had some implantation bleeding which can be been confused with your last period date What can be seen?

This is presuming that the pregnancy is actually at this stage of development.

Dating scan irregular periods

Sometimes a trans-vaginal examination shows that your pregnancy is less advanced than expected. How accurate is the ultrasound examination?

B-Scans use of dating scan is an ultrasound is single man. However, the most accurate dating the fetal growth scan date of the 18 19 20 6 weeks when should a foetus. Ultrasound dating scan offers. Want to 20 week earlier - accurate pheskupski et al it's best estimated weight is. You and have irregular periods, echogenic border. Jul 11,   When Is The Pregnancy Dating Scan Recommended? The first dating scan is usually done after 10 weeks, and this is the norm all over the world. This doesn't mean that you cant do a dating scan at 8 weeks either. There are many moms who have done the same and have had accurate results. My calculated dates have always been a within a day of dating scan. But if say, you have irregular periods, it can be quite difficult to get it accurate without the dating scan. Good luck on being right. My daughter was born on a friend's brother's birthday, and he's been chuffed ever since, and they are pretty much best buddies now.

The earlier the ultrasound is done, the more accurate it is at estimating the baby's due date. Also the fetus cannot bend and twist too much yet, so the length of the body is fairly constant.

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It sounds like you knew when you conceived your baby so it must be frustrating to be given a date that is quite different. How many days/weeks different is the scan date? The information I have read says that the dating scan is quite accurate especially if you have had irregular periods . Private pregnancy scans and blood tests for all stages of pregnancy in Harley Street, London including fertility, 4D baby, early pregnancy scans and gender scan. Dating Scan- 8 to 16 Weeks Our Team. The dates according to your last af will prob be way out if you have a irregular cycle like i have. My lmp was 22june which should make me 33 weeks pg but when i got my scan it put me back over 3 weeks im 29+5weeks pg now they will go with your lmp untill your scan then they will adjust the dates the earlier the scan the more accurate the date they get.

It is very common to concern about the effests of ultrasound on the baby and if ultrasounds can be dangerous for your baby. An ultrasound is a type of scan that uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body.

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Ultrasound has been used for many years in the imaging of pregnancies and there are no known harmfull effects to either unborn baby or the mother. Early miscarriages are unfortunatelly very common. If you had a pregnancy and you have seen the heartbeat that means that the pregnancy is progresing and it is not a missed miscarriage.

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You can have an early pregnanct scan from as early as 5 weeks gestation. Private baby scans are safe as the private ultrasound clinics comply with national guidlines and are CQC registered. It always helps however checking the reputation of the provider before you book your appointment.


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Provide us with your phone number. Time to call Now Today Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Home Pregnancy Dating Scan- 8 to 16 Weeks. Dating Scan- 8 to 16 Weeks. The Dating Ultrasound Scan The dating pregnancy ultrasound scan is being use to detect the gestation age of the baby, something very useful for women who are uncertain of their last period or have irregular menstrual cycles and therefore making it difficult for their doctor to correctly estimate when the baby is due.

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What is included with this ultrasound scan? What should I expect? About the Pregnancy Ultrasound Pregnancy or baby ultrasound scans are very common part of prenatal care.

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About Ultrasound Ultrasound imaging is a medical diagnostic technique where sound waves are being used to image various parts of the body. Other terms for ultrasound imaging are: sonograms, US and sonography. You may also be interested in.

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