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Comments: The speaker jack and fuse 1A are located under chassis. Fender switched back to the blackface era cosmetics in Champs produced in have a black control panel and silver sparkle grill cloth. Just got one of these. Great amp!

Messages: 14, The article in vintage is worth reading. Feb 20, 6.

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JoeyHarleyFeb 20, Feb 20, 7. Messages: 8, That's the serial number, and according to it, the amp should be from No such thing as Silverface in '64, though.

Dating silverface champ

KmazFeb 20, Feb 20, 8. Assuming everything is original a dubious assumption in many casesthen getting the chassis SN should be very close to correct.

Jun 13, Dating Fender Amps. - Tube chart on the inside of the amp is stamped with two letters (A - Q): Vibro Champ AA (silverface) A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - Unfortunately, good dating information for silverface amps from the s is still lacking and that's why there isn't much new information for amps made from For some reason, folks are willing to poke their head into tweed, blonde, brown and blackface amps, but not into silverface amps. For example, if your silverface super reverb has transformer codes all from , it was made in ! Let's say the weeks are 27, 29, 33, Based on the last number (45), it's safe to say it was made in late Many silverface and some blackface amps have .

However, in some cases people have put different chassis in different cabinets or sometimes put different face plates on them. So you really do need to check a lot of date codes to figure out what you have. It's a remote possibility you have a with a silverface face plate stuck on it, but I've never seen that before there's always a first time. Now that we're all curious, posting some pics would be fun.

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Feb 20, 9. Feb 20, For instance, the serial numbers for tweed Bandmaster 3x10 run from S to S Remember, this model shares a chassis with the narrow panel tweed Pro and Super.

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Therefore, the only thing we can infer is that there were 3, tweed Bandmasters, Pros, and Supers made in total. DATING The tables are pretty much self-explanatory, but here are some guidelines to keep in mind when using the tables to date your amp.

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First, the tables should be used as a guide only. Large overlaps in years may be due to lack of sufficient data late s to mid s or simply that the stamped chassis were used way out sequence mid s to early s.

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Thankfully, these aberrations are pretty rare. Some serial numbers have a letter prefix plus 4-digits instead of the usual 5- or 6-digits. Likewise there are some serial numbers with an extra digit usually a zero after the letter prefix.

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Again, these are rare and exceptions to the norm. Same goes for Princetons made after Case in point; we have documented two factory-original non-reverb blackface Deluxe Amps from January The model was supposedly discontinued in Note, there is enough data for B-series Twin Reverbs and variants to differentiate between and These are listed in the dating table. Bandmaster 6G7, 6G7-A blonde to - to - to - to - Concert 5G12, 6G12, 6GA brown to - to - to - to - Pro 5G5, 6G5, 6G5-A brown to - to - to - to - Super incl.

Super 5G4, 6G4, 6G4-A brown to - to - to - to - Sadly, these tables do not mean that our research is finished. Need the dimensions for this amp to order a vinyl slipcover - mine is in the shop right now being fixed.

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I purchased one Fender Silverface Champ! Good amp!

Feb 20, and from what i read, they started making the Silverface's in late and in part 3 or 4 of the dating fender amps article there's excerpts from an interview with a fender tech from back then talking about how there were these bins of parts and you would just go grab what you needed and the dates for when the parts were from was all over the. Vibro Champ AA (blackface) A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - Vibro Champ AA (silverface) A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - dating fender amplifiers (including silverface and blackface amps) using transformer codes In general, Fender amps that don't have rubber-stamped tube sticker date codes have EIA numbers on their transformers that might enable determination of the production date.

Treb is ok. Does any one made the same experience?

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Yes, Daniel Kremer. I have a s silverface and the bass knob is not very responsive at lower volumes.

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Once you turn the volume up to 4 or higher, the bass knob has a more notable affect. As I am celebrating this month 40 years of playing electric guitar, I pulled out my first amp, a Champ, and what an appropriate name! Does anyone know if The Vibro Champ has more power or more distortion than a regular Champ?

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Dating On the inside of the cabinets of Fender amplifiers that were built after and before , a sticker is generally attached. This indicates the type of the tubes used and their location on the chassis. There are a number of amplifiers from '68 and '69 announced, including the Vibro Champ and Bassman, which also had a. I have recently acquired a Fender Champ, it fits almost all of the information given here. Except my preamp tube is a 12ax7. My speaker code says it's a 76 model. It's a silverface with orange black and silver grillcloth that's factory. The fender logo is tailess. I need the schematic for this amp. Champ AA (silverface) A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - A to A - DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS & POTENTIOMETERS USING EIA CODES EIA (Electronics Industry Association).
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