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You may want to try a similar strategy. Why is it good to break the news online or even over the phone? You have to be understanding of people when it comes to your chronic disease. Give them a minute or two to process. And let them have the ability to untangle this information before you sit down to your first date. People are going to follow your lead when it comes to the state of your disease.

Get to know my illness. This is a major way to support someone in a relationship with chronic illness because it is something that will be there forever.

Learning about my illness supports me because I know I can depend on you. I know if you put the effort into learning about my illness, you will be able to stand the complications that come later with it. I am not fragile.

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So please, do not baby your partner because they are ill. I want someone who will help push me to do what I can, and not treat me like a glass doll. For the reason that I can do whatever I want, and this being another way of support from a non-chronically ill person.

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This is greatly appreciated by someone with a chronic illness because the world often views us as being fragile. I will ask for help when I need it.

Yes, there will be times when I do need help with an assortment of things from basic tasks to injections, but let me ask for your help. By letting me ask for your help, that allows me to keep my independence and gives you the right opportunities to help me.

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Even down the line when you know your chronically ill partner very well, you will learn when they need help with out asking for it, which will be appreciated because I know you have learned and studied my personal illness so well that you know my body langue and when I need help.

Also, there is a misconception that a chronically ill person will not ask for help.

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Even though we trust you, we will ask for help even if it comes to the most basic tasks. Dealing with the side effects. Dating a chronically ill person does not just come with an illness and set parameters.

There will be side effects mentally, physically, and even from the medications.

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So when dating a chronically ill person, there will be more than just the illness at hand. Such as with me, where my physical illness has given me mental illness side effects such as depression and anxiety. To a non-chronically ill person these can be normal, but if they are a side effect from from a chronic illness they will manifest in a different light.

So please, partners, do not downgrade our side effects, and be ready for them because they can affect us as much as our original diagnosis at hand.

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The bad days. When dating someone with chronic illness, there will likely be bad days that will test your relationship. The bad days can be bad for me with such a extreme amounts of pain, needing help with everything, or a bad diagnosis. So as a partner, do not let these affect the relationship because the bad will pass. With these bad days it can make our relationship stronger, so I know if you can sit through this and be strong for me, then I know I can trust you.

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By being there when I get sick you can experience what it is like with my illness, and can help me through it. While helping support me, it can be easy and hard at the same time. But by making those priorities, as well as through my advocacy, I find myself better able to move forward and be proud of myself.

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One awkward part of having an invisible illness is that, looking at me, you cannot tell I have two forms of arthritis. Online dating has been the easiest for meeting people.

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Getting myself dolled up for a date brings even more challenges. Even on a low-pain day, trying on outfits to find something that is both comfortable and looks good allows that pesky fatigue to creep its way in - meaning that I have to worry about having enough energy for the date itself! Many times, I find myself ghosted immediately after they find out about my disability. But I refuse to ever hide who I am.

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Arthritis is a huge part of my life now. My illness may not be threatening my life any time soon, but it has most certainly given me a new perspective on life. And now it forces me to live life differently.

I desire a partner to live that life with, through my adversities and theirs. I just have to accept that dating will more than likely be a little rocky for me.

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After all, I already have my knight in shining armor - my son. Eileen Davidson is a Vancouver-based invisible illness advocate and an ambassador with the Arthritis Society.

Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. When you have RA, any object that gives you comfort or reduces your pain is something to be cherished.

Online dating has been the easiest for meeting people. As a single mother to a toddler, I'm barely able to stay up past 9 p.m. (and the bar scene isn't exactly where I want to find love - I. 10 Things to Know If You're Dating Someone With a Chronic Illness 1. Do not romanticize my illness. One of my biggest pet peeves is that I do not want someone who will find my illness 2. Get to know my illness. One of the biggest ways you can support your your lover is to get to know their. To the people who "can't handle" dating someone who's chronically ill: If you leave them, all I ask is that you do it in a way that they know they should never feel guilty, worthless, ashamed or like they aren't chronically ill folks have so many people leave us in utterly heartbreaking ways.

Here are a few things you should invest in. When you have rheumatoid arthritis, the last thing you may think you need in your life is a dog.

Dating someone chronically ill

But pets can help in all sorts of ways. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may want to try using essential oils to ease your joint pain. Here's 5 oil-based home remedies for arthritis. The drugs methotrexate and prednisone were effective in a 2-year study in reducing the fatigue that plagues many people with rheumatoid arthritis.

As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain

Connecting with others living with rheumatoid arthritis can provide invaluable support. Those living with RA know the pain can be exhausting and isolating.

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These blogs are at the top of their game to help you cope and connect with others. Anti-inflammatory foods may help manage the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis RA. Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season throughout the.


If you prefer a more natural approach to managing arthritis pain, plenty of herbal remedies are available. Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of RA, and it can be severe.

If your chronic illness defines you instead of just representing one part of you, don't think about dating. Even if you can no longer hold a regular job, you must have something going on in your life to attract a potential partner. So, for instance, pick a fun hobby or start a work-from-home business! Jun 06, It is your call if you want to disclose on a dating profile you have a chronic illness or you would rather share it in person. Being clear on your .

This infographic provides a guide to soothing the pain of RA in the main. Written by Eileen Davidson - ated on April 18,

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