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There is much buzz around E. James' book Fifty Shades of Grey. I have read the trilogy, and I think that men can learn a few lessons from it. The main character, Christian Grey, is a young, sexy and attractive billionaire who has a passion for sex. Regardless of their financial situtations, men all over the country can be just like Christian Grey.

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He puts her pleasure before his own. Be knowledgeable about sex. Women are happy to surrender themselves to a sexual partner who knows what he is doing in the bedroom. Yes, there is missionary-style sex and it definitely has a place in the lovemaking arena.

Dating someone like christian grey

However, women are willing to experiment with sex provided that the anticipated pleasure is shared. The problem is many men are interested in experimenting for their own pleasure, but do not stop to create pleasure for their mate.

Take time to educate yourself. I just googled "how to satisfy a woman sexually" and found 1, results. There is no shortage of information.

Some will work, while others may not. When you want to try something new, ask your partner for permission.

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Learn her likes and dislikes. Repeat her likes often and discontinue her dislikes.

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Make her the center of your universe. You do not have to be a billionaire to pull this tip off. A woman likes to know that your sun rises and sets on her.

Apr 20,   Don't Date If You Are Dependent on Someone for Things Only God Can Provide If I could get on my knees and beg you to follow one of these principles, it would be this one. Dating and marriage are not for those who rely on another person for joy, peace, and purpose. Co-dependent dating leads to co-dependent marriages. Jun 12,   The main character, Christian Grey, is a young, sexy and attractive billionaire who has a passion for sex. Regardless of their financial situtations, men all over the country can be just like.

She wants to be your everything. Do not allow distractions to come between the two of you during your quality time together. Constantly create opportunities for you to honor and appreciate one another.

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Put the kids to bed and display your gratitude to the woman who loves you madly, forsakes all others, contributes to the family income, keeps the home in order, bears your children and generally puts up with all of your idiosyncrasies. Her presence in your life is a miracle.

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Take the time to appreciate that wonder and let her know how important she is and she will be stripping her clothes off in no time. Despite bra burning and the womens equality movement, most women still want to be possessed and protected by a strong man.

It is a feral instinct. But there is a fine line between possession for a woman's safety and possession for control. No woman wants to be controlled by a man, but we will welcome his possession on two conditions.

A young single man who desired someday to be married came to our recent Annual Conference and asked about the biblical view of dating, courtship and finding a spouse. He shared that many of his professing Christian friends and peers had already gotten married and had played the dating game until they "hit the jackpot" and found their spouse. Feb 28,   I continued dating the Christian Grey guy for a few months, and the entire time I was EXHAUSTED 24/7 before it came to an end. I've been single . Dec 21,   Expensive gifts, dominant sex and pressure to compete, one writer reveals what it's really like to date a real life Christian Grey. I never imagined I'd be the kind of woman who would fall for a.

The first condition is that he is possessing her because the thought of losing her is unbearable. He needs to keep a woman safe and protect her.

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The second condition is that the ownership goes both ways. This is no time for double standards.

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If a man is going to possess a woman, he must also concede that she possesses him as well. The fine art of negotiation. LOVE the point about getting comfortable having tough conversations.

Real Life Couples of Fifty Shades

As someone who completely steered clear of these convos for the first 36 years of my life, it feels SO empowering to have them and take more control over relationships with friends and family. And it really is true that the more you practice, the easier they get.

I gave too many men this benefit of the doubt over the years. When I met my husband, there was zero grey area. It was an instant connection and we always had the next date on calendar.

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You deserve that, and I recommend holding out for it. Thank you so much! Googling, I honestly did not know if this grey area was real! I feel so stuck in it, and want so much to move out of it!

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It was like you wrote my heart into paper! Thank you again for giving me a way to look forward! Skip to content.

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She dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb as she doesbut the one that really stuck with me was the following: One of the biggest barriers to courageous leadership is tough conversations. Your first few dates have been great but the days in between are agonizing. Get ahead of the anxiety and discomfort altogether by setting expectations from the get go.

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I learn something new about dating every time I read your posts, Clara! Yes, compassion, always! Clara Artschwager says 4. Olga says 4. A says 4. Margeaux says 4. Lisa Autumn says 4.

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Oh I loved this post! Theodora says 4. Tabitha says 5.

Because the grey area of dating is the absolute worst. When you like someone but aren't sure if they like you back, when you want to have a talk but don't want to "scare them" away, and so on and so forth. As always, Clara delivers beautiful, thoughtful advice that I . May 05,   I'm dating a woman and I really like her. However, she's not a Christian, but I am. She's an incredible person who teaches me so much and is kind and everything you'd hope for in a mate, but she just doesn't buy into Jesus. So here's the question, what do you make of a Christian dating a non-Christian? - Henry. Henry, my man. Mar 26,   ? Christian Grey From the series that has sold over million copies worldwide and has been translated into 52 languages comes the movie "50 Shades Of Grey." Although some critics have slandered the movie, there is no doubt in my mind that millions of women are drawn to the powerful and seemingly psychotic main character, Christian Grey.

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