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And no, we're not insinuating that he broke up with you because of the way your hair frizzes up in the summer, or because you're always leaving Cheez-it crumbs in bed, or even because you sexted his mom by accident. What's really weighing you down, and effing up your love life, is all that emotional baggage. Trust us. We've been there. And no, we're not projecting. Here are five signs you have emotional baggage and how carrying it over into your relationship may end in a breakup. Those who have emotional baggage can oftentimes be riddled with self-doubt.

Imagine the freedom of not having to hide everything and still being liked. Does he have problems going back to the restaurant where the woman he thought loved him was caught cheating?

You have your own set of issues, too.

Give me a guy with a past of his own. You know what baggage really means? It hurt, but now you have a deeper appreciation for love.

Dating someone with emotional baggage

You might try to hide it, but those with baggage always love deeper and harder than those without it. You know yourselves better. The more you go through in life, the more you understand yourself. When you know yourself, you accept who you are. It also makes it easier to accept others.

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They understand what they want. Along with self-awareness, you also learn what you really want from life, including relationships. This means those with baggage are less likely to date just for the heck of it.

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They know what they want in a person and a relationship. If you want someone to commit, look for someone with baggage. I always felt self conscious.

Do not pressure them into telling you.

Dating Damaged Men - 7 dating rules for handling emotionally unavailable men

It can be hard for someone who has been hurt in any way to open up about their wounds. It can take one conversation or to finally open up, its all about trust! When you do open up try to listen with no judgment, no criticism and no comments.

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Wait until their story is over and comfort them as much as they need. Help ease their anxiety or hurt by acknowledging you understand. Simple words, phrases or actions can trigger some unpleasant memories for people. If your partner or friend has told you about what triggers sadness, anger or fear it is best to try and remember.

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Even if the two of you are fighting it is never wise to do or say anything that can seriously hurt them. If they have trusted you with their fears about relationships, being alone, or even spiders, it is never wise to throw it in their face especially the spidersnever. The triggers are never your fault!

They are a manifestation of an awful memory from the past. I believe in you!

If you're dating someone with baggage, you not only get love, but someone to help you work through your issues. You both get a shoulder to cry on and a best friend to help you overcome your past. They've learned from their mistakes. Let's face it: We've all had the oh-so-delightful experience of dating someone who had too much emotional baggage. Unfortunately, it's often not until you're knee-deep in a relationship that you realize just how much baggage he or she has. Wouldn't it be nice if you could train yourself to spot emotional baggage sooner so that . Mar 15,   Most people carry some kind of wound from their past. "Baggage" is a part of life-the natural reaction to heartbreak, loss, trauma, and abuse. But baggage doesn't necessarily mean a relationship is destined for catastrophe-if you deal with it in a healthy way. It's not a bad thing to take a chance on someone who has "issues.".

You can do it! Of course someone who has been hurt from the past can experience random mood swings.

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Some days your partner or friend might want to be in control of everything. Other days they might have no input.

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This all depends on how they are feeling so the best way to do that is ask. Step back. Read their body language.

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Are they happy? Do they look closed off? Talk to them.

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A few moments of deduction and conversation can really make the difference between a good and bad day. Sometimes after a long day or work or school it is hard to be considerate of your partner.

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But there has to be balance," Chlipala says. Sometimes, what may appear to be red flags for emotional baggage are just false alarms. Everyone's bound to get insecure or upset at some point. But other times, red flags are indeed exactly that: Red flags.

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If you notice that your partner is always picking fights with you or constantly bringing up one particular ex, consider bringing it up and having a serious conversation about it. Identifying interaction patterns in your relationship could be the first step toward addressing any emotional baggage, according to Chlipala.

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And even then, " one person's interpretations of what their partner does or says could be rooted in their baggage, and then the couple gets caught up in a no-win cycle," she says.

All of us are doing the best we can to become a better version of ourselves. The next time you're talking about something that you know is difficult for your partner, make sure you're intentionally listening to what they have to say and vice versa. If you don't, you may accidentally push each other's buttons without even meaning to, Chlipala says. Know that cultivating a healthy relationship takes time.

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Love is more than just about saying three words, sharing a smoothie, and buying gifts. It's about showing genuine respect for one another and being supportive on both good days and bad days - no matter what.

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There's a reason why people say that " honesty is the best policy. For instance, if you learn that your partner once cheated on another person and if that makes you uncomfortable, say so. The fact that he or she cheated on someone else doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is over, but you should talk about any concerns you may have or details you'd like to know about the situation. You want to see if compromise is possible where both people feel respected and honored.

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It's important to set aside time for real talk, but don't forget to focus on the good parts of your relationship, too. I mean, you got together hopefully because you make each other happy, right?

And the truth is that everyone has baggage to some degree, Chlipala points out.

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