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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more. Relationships can be tricky enough when both partners are neurotypical. But imagine the complexities that are part of the relationship when one of the people has Borderline Personality Disorder. The mood swings, impulsive behavior, dis-inhibition, depression, anger, outbursts and the constantly-changing life goalsit can be exhausting.

Shattered, was her immediately after it happened. She would squeeze herself in the tightest space around, cry, mumble, and just stare forward. Angel was my girlfriend before it happened; happy and very catholic. Emo, Doll, and Night were created during middle school.

Her family moved to the south. Around two years of that created Emo.

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He shared a particularly devastating account of how sexual abuse caused the woman to retreat into other fragments of her mind:. Everything changed though when she made a friend, lets call him Joffery. When Joffery learned about her past and her multiple personality disorder he decided to take advantage of it.

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He manipulated her into creating Night to act as his hooker for him to pimp out, and Doll so his friends could have a living sex toy.

He programmed her to switch to Night and do one particular thing when she heard a specific song. His girlfriend was removed from this manipulative influence but her DID remained:.

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Thankfully for high school her family moved back up north. By the time freshman year had started she had conditioned herself into that shy insecure girl I first met. The only reason I know most of this is due to Robot sometimes showing up. Robot had no emotion, and always told the truth.

[ENG SUB] When you date someone with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES

In the end, the brave woman learned to control the fragments of her identity, the or said:. Thankfully by the end Real was there to stay. As for Netherlander, that was her only knowing Dutch and thinking she was in the Netherlands. Method 3 of Help a person with DID avoid triggers. Trauma is common among people with DID, and dissociation is generally associated with severe emotional stress. This means intense emotions may trigger "switching. If you see an encounter is becoming emotionally charged, it is best not to make a big deal of it.

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Drugs and alcohol may also trigger "switching," so discourage use. Avoid asking questions of other alters if the person does switch because this could be dangerous.

Introduce yourself. If you are present when an alter presents the alter may or may not know you. In the event an alter does not know you, the person may be confused or frightened.

If the person with DID happens to be a spouse, you may want to avoid introducing yourself as a husband or wife with some altars. For example, a child alter may be respond as very confused and an alter of a different gender may become upset by the implications of sexual identification.

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Encourage treatment compliance. Treatment for DID typically includes regular counseling and lifestyle changes.

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Treatment must be followed to be effective, so support the persons efforts to comply. Encourage the person to attend counseling by offering to go with them. Lifestyle changes usually involve eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

You can encourage adherence to these lifestyle changes by adopting them yourself, at least while you are with the person being treated. Suggest the person set an alarm to remind them to take medication as directed.

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If the person indicates they are non-compliant or is thinking about becoming noncompliant, urge them to speak to them doctor about treatment options.

Take them home immediately. Call Remain calm and in control. Encourage them to visit the hospital. How can I get information for support groups and doctors who treat this disorder? Not Helpful 0 Helpful Yes, as long as you communicate clearly with the host and the most prominent alternate identities, and know that each situation can vary.

Sometimes a whole system all of the alters will date one person, other times they won't want to share or will have conflicting sexual orientations. Sometimes, only the host will date the significant other and everyone else can just be friends. Not Helpful 6 Helpful How should a loved one respond when being verbally attacked by someone with DID? Try to remain calm. Realize an emotional trigger has caused the DID person to become upset.

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Listen to the verbal attack. Try to reassure them and ask calm caring questions like "I'm sorry you're upset, how can I help make this right?

Get professional help and a trauma therapist to assist. Not Helpful 7 Helpful What if one of the alternative personalities cheats on me and the host does not know? That possibility should be something you discuss with the personality you are involved with beforehand. The other alters most likely won't consider themselves in a relationship with you, so in their opinion they are not cheating if they start a relationship with someone else.

It's very odd that all the alters in a given system would share the same name, let alone anything else, but it's possible.

Dating someone with multiple personality disorder

However, DID is not the only dissociative disorder that exists and can overlap or be misdiagnosed as another. Behave like you would towards someone without Dissociative Identity Disorder. Be mindful of their condition, but treat them as normally as possible. Altered treatment could isolate and exacerbate their disorder. Not Helpful 3 Helpful When in doubt, simply respecting the person for who they are, staying calm in stressful situations, and showing them that you are always there if they need you is a good place to start.

On that note, it is important to realize that you alone cannot "cure" the person of this issue. That requires a lot of professional therapy and a system of support.

You can, however, be part of that system if the person afflicted chooses to go through therapy. Not Helpful 5 Helpful How can I approach someone with D.

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That depends entirely on the alter that has come out when he switches. Ever alternate is different and needs to be handled in a different manner. Calmly and politely ask the violent identity to have a talk with you about why he does those things and whether or not he knows its wrong.

Be respectful and encourage cooperation, but do not try to force it. If this does not work, I suggest obtaining professional advice from a local psychologist. Not Helpful 4 Helpful If a person already has DID, they use dissociation as a way of coping, so it's possible for them to create new personalities in adulthood when faced with a new trauma.

It's possible. Talk to that person about their alters and what triggers them. You may be able to learn how to ease them out of an episode by identifying and avoiding those triggers. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Mar 13,   My girlfriend in high school had Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). I know a lot of people think it's fake, I can't blame you, but I can verify it does Francesca Donovan. Jul 03,   The majority of people with this disorder are in relationships, so clearly they are capable of forming loving bonds with others. Let's delve into the world of dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder and see what this universe looks like. Borderline personality disorder . Jun 13,   Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition that affects the way a person processes everyday emotions and reactions. People with BPD are often impulsive and emotionally unstable. They may.

Physical health contributes to mental health, so encourage a healthy diet and regular exercise. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Suddenly stopping some medications may be dangerous.

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Encourage anyone considering stopping medication to consult their physician first. Helpful 31 Not Helpful 4. Recreational drugs and alcohol may increase frequency and severity of symptoms and should be avoided. Helpful 26 Not Helpful 5.

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If you are concerned the person may harm themselves or others, get help immediately. People with BPD also tend to show signs of unstable relationships, emotional instability, outbursts of anger and violence, and impulsive behavior.

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They also may threaten or attempt suicide or self-harmso it's incredibly important to seek help for them immediately when or if that happens. Everyone has that one friend who has to be in the center of attentionand it can be kind of charming. But if his or her attention-seeking behavior constantly pours over into dramatics, it could be a sign of histrionic personality disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Other signs include being excessively emotional, dramatic, or sexually provocative to gain attention; speaking dramatically with strong opinions, but few facts to back them up; being easily influenced by others; shallow, rapidly changing emotions; thinking friends are closer to them than they really are; and excessive concern with physical appearance.

It can be exhausting, but remember it's not their fault.

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In the same vein as above is narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder would describe that friend of yours who has a long-standing pattern of grandiosityan overwhelming need for admiration, and a complete lack of empathy toward others, according to Steve Bressert, Ph. This person may also feel like they are the single most important person in everyone's lives.

You probably don't hang out with someone who really struggles with rejection. Because if they do, it may be they have avoidant personality disorder, and therefore struggle with maintaining relationships. Avoidant personality disorder causes significant problems that affect the ability to interact with others and maintain relationships in day-to-day life," noted an article on Webmd.

So if you have a long-lost friend, or super shy uncle, this could be what's going on. You might think it's cute that your roommate is orderly to a fault, but if he or she gets overly upset when something is out of order, it could be a sign of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, it's defined by a preoccupation with details, orderliness, and rules. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder symptoms also include extreme perfectionism, resulting in dysfunction and distress; a desire to control people; a neglect of friends and enjoyable activities because of a commitment to work or a project; and inflexibility about mortality, ethics, or values.

Definitely not a charming or desirable problem to deal with. Again, this one may seem sweet to being with.

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But keep an eye on people who are overly clingy, to the point of desperation, as it could be dependent personality disorder DPD. As noted in an article on WebMD, "People with DPD become emotionally dependent on other people and spend great effort trying to please others.

It's truly a difficult feeling to live with.

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