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A spinal cord injury SCI is damage to the spinal cord that causes temporary or permanent changes in its function. Symptoms may include loss of muscle function, sensation , or autonomic function in the parts of the body served by the spinal cord below the level of the injury. Injury can occur at any level of the spinal cord and can be complete injury , with a total loss of sensation and muscle function, or incomplete , meaning some nervous signals are able to travel past the injured area of the cord. Depending on the location and severity of damage, the symptoms vary, from numbness to paralysis to incontinence. Long term outcomes also range widely, from full recovery to permanent tetraplegia also called quadriplegia or paraplegia. Complications can include muscle atrophy , pressure sores , infections , and breathing problems. In the majority of cases the damage results from physical trauma such as car accidents , gunshot wounds , falls , or sports injuries , but it can also result from nontraumatic causes such as infection , insufficient blood flow , and tumors.

Compounded with insecurity and sensitivity because of the spinal injury, performance anxiety can be tremendous and some people may simply choose to avoid the whole situation.

Jun 29,   Dating After a Spinal Cord Injury Don't let your spinal cord injury tank your self-esteem. June 29, by David Miller Leave a Comment. Let's face it dating is tricky at the best of times, but this on top of adapting to a newly injured spinal cord and a society who still aren't completely accepting or educated about disability makes dating a challenge to say the least!! Nevertheless, at twenty nine years old and two years into my injury I . Dating After a Spinal Cord Injury. Published: June 29, | Source: Don't let your spinal cord injury tank your self-esteem. Forty-seven people get a spinal cord injury every day in the U.S. That's more than 17, new spinal cord injuries each year.

I have a history of taking things slowly. Maybe too slow to have gained real momentum at times but its important for both parties to understand that the physical thing is not the only thing.

I have been very fortunate to have had a few beautiful and very special girls in my life. I was still trying to figure the whole thing out and how I fit in. Wheelchair or not, I feel strongly about being financially secure, family oriented, good at managing independently and emotionally before entering into a serious relationship.

Most women admit to wanting unconditional love morning, night, bad hair, bad breath and all. With the condition of course that it comes from the man of their dreams.

Girls, granted. Its probably going to startle your parents a little to bring home a guy in a wheelchair but its got to be better than the blue hair punk rocker you dated in high school.

The girl I had been seeing at the time of my injury was very special and I respect her highly.

Jan 15,   Although each spinal cord injury has some commonalities, they are not the same for any two people. Those who suffer from an injury and anyone who's dating someone with spinal cord injury say the pain is very real. Some spinal cord injury patients still feel sensations, heaviness, cramps, and twitching. The twitching or movements are strictly. A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the spinal cord that causes temporary or permanent changes in its function. Symptoms may include loss of muscle function, sensation, or autonomic function in the parts of the body served by the spinal cord below the level of the injury. Injury can occur at any level of the spinal cord and can be complete injury, with a total loss of sensation and muscle.

Little did she realize that so much was possible and handicapped is more a state of mind. I am still learning every day that I set my limits. People use terms to describe people that can carry a negative connotation and invoke an image of helplessness.

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My goal is to live the best life I can full of adventure, responsibility, creativity, love and belonging. If after you truly know someone and you still see them as handicapped, then look to their state of mind and question if that person has simply given up.

The best compliment anyone can convey to someone in my situation is to forget the chair and see the person. Especially a loving, physical and mutually satisfying relationship. I really enjoy having a physical lifestyle of travel, cycling, riding four-wheelers, sport flying and all of those breathtaking things.

Dating spinal cord injury

What makes these things breathtaking are the people we share them with. You have to take everything you knew about living your life and thrown it out the window. You go from being able to walk around on your own and take care of yourself to entirely depending on someone else to take care of most of your basic needs. This can be a massive hit to your self-esteem, especially if you were independent before the accident. People start looking at you differently. When you get a spinal cord injury, your life turns upside-down overnight.

People will talk to you less or treat you differently-people who you thought would be there for you no matter what. Loss of bladder control and tingling sensations in your legs can also occur. You might feel like the things that are happening with your body are your fault. Right after you got your injury, you had to change your life to work around your new physical limitations.

You may have had to move to a new home, get a new job, and start seeing physical therapists more often.

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It affects more than your physical abilities. Being dependent on other people in this way is terrifying.

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Unless the person is flaccid quadriplegiameaning they are entirely dependent on help, then always be respectful and ask if there is anything you can do to help. Dealing with the public is just half the battle.

Some people are just silly.

They are going through a lot right now. Mind you, a lot of people are going to give you their two cents. There may be times when you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will want to quit, but be persistent.

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This is not the time to forsake a loved one. Keep trying. Being handicapped, their lives have changed.

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Not everyone believes in the power of prayer, but I do. If you do, too, then pray for understanding, guidance, and strength.

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Many of us just assume the person in the wheelchair wants us to hold the door open for them. However, you felt the need to come from across the room to open a door they could have opened themselves.

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Again, you thought you were being helpful, but they could open the door on their own. If you guys are serious about sticking to your relationship goals, now would be a good time to do review and carry out. The loss of income, plus the added expenses of spinal cord injury treatment can add up rather quickly.

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You will need to buy a vehicle specially equipped to handle the equipment. Chances of one person handling everything alone are not so great.

Come up with an agreement you both are comfortable with and do it. Their focus can be more about recovery.

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The road to recovery is a journey for more than the immediate family. There are plenty of professionals who walk the line with their patients every day.

Paralysis recovery specialists are the ones who help people with spinal cord injuries get back a part of their lives. Tony: Thanks for letting me be a voice for paralysis recovery, Mikki.

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Not only for the injured person but for their loved ones and immediate family. Having someone there for them when they leave therapy is always comforting compared to coming home to no one to love.

Dating After a Spinal Cord Injury. It's natural to initially feel less attractive after your spinal cord injury (SCI). Nurturing your self-esteem is vital to success in meeting new people, dating, and finding a partner. Get help with self-esteem issues after your spinal cord injury. Sep 7, - Pins showing dating can be positive and successful after a spinal cord injury. See more awesome videos at - 4,+ organized SCI videos! See it. Do it. See more ideas about Spinal cord injury, Dating, Spinal cord pins. The Spinal Cord Injury Zone website is a not-for-profit Spinal Cord Injury educational Knowledge Base. Recent Articles 'Cell pores' discovery gives hope to millions of brain and spinal cord injury .

In this ct, dating someone with spinal cord injury is comforting. I bet it can be mentally and physically draining. Tony: Based on the years of conversations, the husband or wife feels overwhelmed they feel anxiety, and they get very little sleep.

Because of this, they suffer from fatigue. Both parties experience mental anguish, feelings of disgust, low self-esteem, mood swings and anger. Another reason is, sadly, the SO or spouse no longer sees their love sexually appealing.

Recovering from a Spinal Injury: Anna's Story

It makes it difficult to want to cuddle with anyone in this condition. Situations like this make dating someone with a spinal cord injury challenging.

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Getting dressed and out the door now means a hour evolution to wash, put clothes on, and perform the morning routine just to arrive 14 minutes and 59 seconds too late to see the doctor. If you think that second matters, think again. Now, they must reschedule the appointment.

The sad part is they need medicine now and missing the appointment will add more stress to an already stressful situation.

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Are you equipped to handle any mental recovery at all? Of course, we encourage our patients not to give up on themselves. We provide some comfort to the injured couple while they attempt to understand what the future holds.

We emphasize focusing on the future and not on why this happened. It is vital a patient deals with the now. We aim to give hope to our patients.

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They know their presence with us is a step in the direction to change a permanent outcome.

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