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The phrase became a trending topic on social media when LaVar Ball told reporter Kristine Leahy to "stay in yo lane" on The Herd Live when she criticized Ball's clothing brand.

Mar 15,   Stay in your lane is a phrase similar to "mind your own business" (MYOB) that is used to tell a person to only talk about or do what he is good at. The phrase comes from lanes on a road that guide traffic and keep drivers from going where they shouldn't. The phrase is often used by someone who is annoyed by the actions of another person. Stay in your lane is a metaphor. It uses driving lanes, the lines of which drivers typically stay between for safety's sake, to paint a mental picture. The origins of the phrase are unknown, but it vaulted to the top of headlines in when LaVar Ball-founder and CEO of sports apparel company Big Baller Brand-told Fox Sports 1 host Kristine Leahy to "stay in your lane" during an appearance on the Colin Cowherd . The phrase 'stay in your lane' is a term of admonishment used against those one views as not having enough knowledge about or ability in a particular subject. Early use of the phrase comes from football, where it's used to talk about focusing on one assigned task.

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Apr 22,   Should you "stay in your lane" when dating? I am pretty sure it is only a matter of time before I start developing serious feelings for this girl and inevitably get crushed. At the same time maybe she does actually like me for the person I am and I am just way more cynical than I thought. , AM #2. STAY IN YOUR LANE To stay cooped up at home at night (typically on the weekends) and to wallow in either homework, TV shows or takeout food instead of going out with mates and partying all night long. Sally decided to stay in on Saturday instead of hanging out with her boyfriend because she needed to complete her assignment. 77 May 19,   When you get out of your lane, you increase the likelihood of communicating something hurtful or harmful. If you feel compelled to say something, at least take the necessary time to articulate it in a responsible way. 6. Respect the Differences of Others.

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One way this is expressed is by staying in our own lane. There are two life forces that will draw us towards and away from one another and from our selves. A helpful idea in the process of living and relationships is to stay in our own lane. Stay in your lane 1) what you say to someone who is below your league in terms of attractiveness and tries to hit on you. 2) what you say to someone who tries to talk about a sector they are not an .

There are two life forces that will draw us towards and away from one another and from our selves. A helpful idea in the process of living and relationships is to stay in our own lane.

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This can range from mildly annoying, to inconveniencing, to downright disruptive. How, then, do we get clear on where we end and our partner begins?

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Free to let our partner make mistakes and figure out how to clean up the mess, free to move toward them and feel warm and connected, free to be curious about what we want for our own life. I want to say something that plenty of you will disagree with, so just try to calm down your inner voice that might chatter against this and hear me out.

One of the best outcomes I see with parents who are free to be themselves and are being responsible and mature but different from their partner is that I see how it teaches children adaptability and freedom.

What does tend to pay off is to send your kiddos to work out their issues in the relationship in which the tension developed.

LaVar Ball tells Kristine Leahy to \

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