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Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Aug 23, 1. Messages: Hi, I have some Fender amp transformers that I no longer need.

The most common observation of Cybertronian romance is between a male and a female Transformer. [citation needed] Considering the general scarcity of female Transformers, and perhaps the absence of sexual reproduction, this is a rather interesting if odd to that are the number of noted relations between a Transformer and an organic, equally so almost solely between a. Aug 24, dating fender transformers Discussion in 'Amps/Cabs Tech Corner: Amplifier, Cab & Speakers' started by davestp1, Aug 23, Aug 23, #1. davestp1 Supporting Member. Messages: Joined: Sep 12, Location: Ottawa, Canada. Hi, I have some Fender amp transformers that I no longer need. I need to identify them properly so I can at some. dating fender transformers, speakers & potentiometers using eia codes EIA (Electronics Industry Association) Source-Date Codes: Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stamped with a date code, which indicates the manufacturer and the manufacturing date.

However, the IDW comics have a traditionally older audience. This led to the glass ceiling being shattered when More than Meets the Eye depicted Chromedome and Rewind in a millennia-long relationship, in which they were named as each other's "significant other" Cyclonus and Tailgate have also shared a close bond over the years that gradually evolved into a romantic relationship.

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Hasbro has been totally cool with IDW doing this. The Falling, Chapter 6: Unforgivable. And yes, there is the fact that IDW has previously established that Transformers are genderless in their continuity, but let's not kid ourselves about what we're seeing here.

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The hints are few and far between, but Transformers is not devoid of the possibility Transformers might engage in sexual activities for recreational purposes, usually. Kissing is a regularly observed sign of affection and in The Headmasters episode " Return of the Immortal Emperor ", Chromedome was rather thrilled he got to see Arcee transform. Nevertheless, Beast Wars was the first to pick up the subject in a more direct manner: in the episode " The Agenda Part 1 ", Rattrap offers to take Silverbolt to what sounds like a Cybertronian version of a strip club, and later slyly makes a double entendre regarding Silverbolt's suspected kinky activities with Blackarachnia.

Botanica also makes a lewd-sounding comment about him interfacing with a computer, which he retorts "is more fun than plowing your little field of dreams," followed by the two sharing a knowing smirk.

Dating transformer

Sexual assault euphemisms are commonly inserted in the Japanese dubs of Western Transformers programs for, uh"humor". The Japanese dub of " Maximal, No More " has Rattrap, thinking himself about to be stabbed by Dinobotask his attacker to penetrate him "gently, because I've heard the first time can hurt.

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References and innuendos have become increasingly more common in recent years. Scarlett and Bumblebee had a suggestive conversation about "riding" him in " Wolves ", and in " The Art of War issue 3 ", Arcee promised Bumblebee to "rotate his tires" if he could beat her, to which he responded with a most enthusiastic "Wooo-Hooo!

In the Dreamwave issue " Infestation ", one remark from Sunstreaker might suggest the existence of Transformer S.

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In the ever-questionable Kiss Players double-entendres ran rife, with one of the most disturbing involving Optimus Prime deriving pleasure from Marissa Faireborn polishing his stick shift and rubbing the rim of his gas tank, which are pretty clear metaphors for And that's about as far as we're going to broach the subject.

If you really want to know more on the matter of Transformer sex, an exciting world of fan fiction awaits you.

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Take note that doing so will be at your own risk, and TFWiki accepts no liability for any psychological trauma incurred. Most commonly, Transformers stick to their own kind when becoming romantically entangled.

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In at least one universe, a Transformer can designate another Transformer their Conjunx Enduraor significant other. Perhaps because reproduction does not seem to be a motivation for them to become romantically involved, or perhaps because finding a proper partner among their own kind is not always an easy task, more than one Transformer has made nice with an organic lifeform.

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However, virtually nothing is known about how the long-term cases worked out, what with physical differences such as size, lifespan and agingand cultural differences - even without the constant influence of the war. The reason why organic lifeforms sometimes go head-over-heels for giant mechanical beings is another matter.

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In the case of humans, several authoritative works have been written on relevant cts of their biology. Readers are advised to seek them out for further reference.

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He has the M PT. Exact numbers as you described except for the last 2 digits. Yours is 23 and his is It maybe a PT, but I also saw other 71 and 72 trannies and the serial numbers are different.

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So I would like to know when the M PTs were used and the exact date. Aug 24, 5.

Encantadia 2005: Full Episode 3

C EIA Aug 24, 6. Problem is I don't know the donor amps.

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The output transformer was installed in my tremolux back in when I blew the original, which has now been repaired. The apparently 71 vibrolux reverb I bought and used it in my tremolux to replace the Hammond I have listed in the first post.

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The Hammond was in the amp when I bought it in I have since obtained a 62 tremolux power transformer which makes the I think 71 surplus. The 66 I bought as a spare for my 66 bfvr because you don't see them that often and I got it for next to nothing so I figured I would take a chance, it appeared to be the correct one for my bfvr.

I don't know if I really need to keep it. I want to advertise them for sale but I don't want to mis-represent them. How can I find out when my Indonesian-made instrument was manufactured?

How can I find out when my acoustic instrument was manufactured? How can I find out how old my amplifier is?

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How can I find out how old my instrument is if it uses an odd or non-standard serial numbering scheme What can you tell me about the historical patent markings that appear on some of your products?

While dating Fender amps made before by serial number is all but impossible as records of these numbers were never keptall hope is not lost-the charts below should prove helpful in dating your Fender amp.

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First, it will be useful to you to understand the following five terms in order to choose the correct chart for dating your amp: SilverfaceBlackface and Brownface are slang terms used to identify Fender amplifiers based on the color of the control panel these terms are often misconstrued to refer to the color of the grille cloth.

Tolex is the textured vinyl material that covers the amp; offered in many different colors and textures over the years.

Who is your Transformers boyfriend? includes bumblebee, prime, drift, crosshairs, and hound. June 2, 6, takers. Love & Friendship Movies Transfromers Transformer Boyfriend Report. Add to library Discussion 65 Follow. Transgender dating sites can offer support to people in the trans community, including a college friend of mine who recently came out as a transgender woman. Over the past few years, the rowdy, raunchy frat boy we'd known in undergrad has grown into the poised, purple-haired woman who'd been hiding for all those years, and [ ]. dating fender amplifiers (including silverface and blackface amps) using transformer codes In general, Fender amps that don't have rubber-stamped tube sticker date codes have EIA numbers on their transformers that might enable determination of the production date.

Tweed refers to the two-tone woven fabric that covered many early amplifiers.

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