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I was wondering how to go about dating when you have IC. I am single and haven't dated or had a relationship in 5 years. I want to get out and start dating again but am afraid to because of IC. I don't want to scare some guy off with telling him. How do I explain this? Also if we decide to get intimate I have heard other people say that sex is painful.

Issues Is it really ic? What other brands of aloe are effective for IC?

I feel your pain. I'm only 25 with IC and obviously would someday like to get married, maybe have some kids. I definitely worry how IC will impact that. I was diagnosed in May so I'm still trying to get a handle on the disease myself so I'm miserable company for a date right now.

But I definitely think its best to be open about IC.

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic bladder condition resulting in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder or surrounding pelvic region. People with IC usually have inflamed or irritated bladder walls which can cause scarring and stiffening of the bladder. Dating with IC - Interstitial cystitis. dolph (Inactive) August 12, at pm; 2 replies; TODO: Email modal placeholder. I was wondering how to go about dating when you have IC. I am single and haven't dated or had a relationship in 5 years. I want to get out and start dating . Interstitial cystitis (IC), often called painful bladder syndrome, is a tricky condition. It's tough to diagnose, and though treatments can make life with it better, there's no cure.

When you go out to a resturant and have to excuse yourself 5x to go to the bathroom before your meal even gets to the table he's going to figure out there's an issue anyway. Most likely your potential partner will have no idea what IC is for it to scare him off.

Its not like your saying you have an STD or something contagious!

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And honestly if he can't handle your illness then he's not really the guy for you! And just the thought of having to explain having IC to a guy before we can TRY to be intimate makes me want to avoid dating all together which I've basically done since being diagnosed July !

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As if being single these days wasn't hard enough, I had to go ahead and develop IC! If anyone has dating with IC tips please share :.

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Just curious if anyone has any feedback on dating with IC? Im ready to begin dating Hi I'm a 49yo male Firefighter in Adelaide Australia.

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About 2 months ago I hurt my back at work and then about a month later I developed intense Hello, I have had IC for over 10 years and searched for a good doctor to treat it. So far, my PCP and Gastro have given me different treatments I was recently diagnosed with IC by my new urologist.

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Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here, I occasionally read through posts but figured it was time to make my own to ask for the best recommendations Has anyone on her used medicinal marajuana for ic pain and symptoms. Also anxiety and stress related to IC I was just diagnosed with IC this week.

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Does anyone have advice on choosing an urologist for cystitis? Went back and forth with gyno and urologist with pain for years.

I have Interstitial Cystitis

Finally reported So I'm newly dating at my age, divorced, had a boyfriend for 3 months developed a uti, on antibiotics, got side effects, was off it. I kept Just diagnosed after Urologist did a cystoscope.

Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a complex condition that is identified by chronic inflammation of the bladder muscle layers, which produces the following symptoms. pelvic and abdominal pain and Author: Maureen Donohue. No research links certain foods or drinks to interstitial cystitis, although healthy eating is important for your overall health, including bladder health. However, some people with IC find that certain foods or drinks trigger or worsen their symptoms. Coffee, soda, alcohol, tomatoes, hot and spicy foods, chocolate, caffeinated beverages. Interstitial cystitis is a chronic inflammation of the bladder that causes people to urinate - sometimes painfully - as often as 40, 50, or 60 times a day. Their quality of life, research suggests, resembles that of a person on kidney dialysis or suffering from chronic cancer pain.

It may cause a burning sensation during and after instillation and can cause a garlicky odor on the skin and breath for up to three days following treatment. DMSO is sometimes combined with other medications.

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No single treatment alleviates all symptoms, and some may stop working over time, so finding what works is often a matter of trial and error. In a procedure called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENSpain pathways are modified by a device worn on the body. The device produces electrical impulses, which pass through electrodes that are attached to the body with small adherent pads.

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Patients can adjust the level of electrical stimulation themselves. Good results have been reported in about one-quarter of those using TENS.

An implantable device called InterStim directly stimulates the sacral nerve in the lower back.

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Already approved for treating bladder control problems, it's under study as a potential treatment for interstitial cystitis pain. Some people report that stress reduction, exercise, biofeedback, or warm tub baths improve their symptoms, but no research has evaluated the effectiveness of these strategies.

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Bladder training - that is, learning to urinate only at specific times despite the urge to go - can help reduce urinary frequency. There's no scientific evidence linking diet to interstitial cystitis, but many people believe that their symptoms are made worse by tomatoes, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and beverages that acidify the urine, such as cranberry juice.

Surgery is usually a last resort and undertaken only when the pain is crippling. The surgical procedure typically involves removal of the bladder and the creation of a new one a neobladder using intestinal tissue.

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Most people need to catheterize the neobladder themselves in order to empty it. Scientists seeking a diagnostic test have begun to identify substances unique to the urine of interstitial cystitis patients.

They've also found that certain factors required for healthy cell growth appear to be missing from the urine, a discovery that could lead to a new therapy.

Dating with interstitial cystitis

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No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. Treating interstitial cystitis ated: January 23, Published: January, Don't get stuck on daily "regularity".

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